488 Animal Crossing Town Names Ideas

Hi, are you looking for a beautiful name for your animal crossing game? No worries. Here you will be given hundreds of beautiful and suitable names. But before that, you need to spend some time knowing the basic information about the game and the rules of Animal Crossing Town.

Animal crossing is a video game series that was developed and introduced by a famous Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company named Nintendo in 2001. The series of mainly created by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami. According to the story of this game, the main character of this game is a human who lives in a village or a town that various animals have inhabited. They also take part in various social activities like fishing, bug catching, and others. The city is very famous for its open-ended game concept. The game also uses the real passage of time and has an internal clock setting.

In 2001 the game was released worldwide. Since then, it has been a huge commercial success, and a search has found that the game has sold more than 60 million units all over the globe. The scene has various villagers for every title. But few prominent characters tend to return in every installment.

Tom Nook is one of the most famous characters of this game, the shop owner and real estate businessman. Mr. Resetti has been introduced as a moral character who often appears from underground to circumvent one of the game’s systems. The character is named K.K. Slider is a musician who loves to travel. He often performs musical nights in the town of the game. He also often gifts various music cassettes to the player. He believes that his music wants to be free. Some players criticized this character because they believed that the video game company supported music piracy.

The animal crossing game is known as one of the best-selling video games in the world. However, in the initial years, Japan’s country where it was produced didn’t take much interest in the game. The game company has revealed that 56% of the players are female. This encouraged the company to include more female characters in the game.

Now that you know everything about the game don’t waste any more time, and feel free to start your name selection journey.

Animal Crossing Town Names

  • Aura Linden
  • Jasper Slate
  • Smallcrest Frostshire
  • Carina Veronica
  • Dew Eytelia
  • Luna Furhaven
  • Amberholde Southhorn
  • Millwell Dewgrove
  • Alyssa Noongate
  • Figwich Cliffpond
  • Arbor Briny
  • Gideon Leif
  • Ryland Laurel
  • Aconite Iris
  • Danica Fengrove
  • Linden Sandwharf
  • Moonwharf Deepreach
  • Pearlcoast Oldbrook
  • Goldvault Clearwatch
  • Thorndrift Newgulf
  • Anemone Thicket
  • Crocs Moss
  • Everbreak Mistband
  • Eve Abelia
  • Camellia Oriel
  • Aurelia Highcross
  • Tide Rimeburgh
  • Lullshire Wildgrasp
  • Mornreach Earthhill
  • Fawnvale Wildcall
  • Duscle Velvet
  • Orchid Azolia
  • Finch Lark
  • Clove Olivia
  • Pearl Oldham
  • Bellbay Everhaven
  • Jade Entdrift

Best Names For Animal Crossing Town

  • Heartfort Knollfell
  • Faerest Moonrun
  • Riverrest Wildcairn
  • Nettle Rue
  • Dawn Eve
  • Thyme Angelica
  • Rosemary Nettle
  • Quill Nightreach
  • Jacinth Whitford
  • Mornborn Glowcross
  • Rockview Quickmore
  • Berry Wildeward
  • Dimrest Moonacre
  • Zinc Brooke
  • Aiden Cotton
  • Cove Basincall
  • Hibiscus Ackley
  • Arbor Rusthill
  • Bloomreach Pearlpass
  • Stillacre Sandward
  • Fallside Sandreach
  • Evendale Angelmount
  • Ackley Orion
  • Senna Sienna
  • Cadence Buxus
  • Brooks Dewborn
  • Rosecrest Sleekglen
  • Thornholde Barewall
  • Sakura Amber
  • Gideon Plummire
  • Lilac Aurelia
  • Dimshore Bayhold
  • Midmore Fawnmond
  • Bryony Cypress
  • Orchard Tempest
  • Lucerne Ackerly
  • Slate Glyn
  • Haven Mistguard
  • Violet Glowwater
  • Claybreak Stoneshire
  • Quickkeep Amberhold

Creative Animal Crossing Town Name Ideas

  • Mistrest Pawcall
  • Whitdale Fairpost
  • Petunia Obsidian
  • Bayou Cascade
  • Bayou Stella
  • Amber Marigold
  • Arbor Smallbay
  • Iris Knotmere
  • Lullholde Nightfall
  • Evergrasp Vineborn
  • Heartshore Ponddenn
  • Rockbrook Cloudtide
  • Sakura Anise
  • Amaranth Pine
  • Nevertide Foghaven
  • Zinc Clay
  • Lillian Thicket
  • Peridot Evenrun
  • Linnea Sweetcliff
  • Rustside Smallpost
  • Peardale Rustmore
  • Mistgrasp Whitband
  • Silver Sola
  • Thistle Ivy
  • Zinnia Reed
  • Petals Tulsi
  • Bay Dewpost
  • Breeze Rosestall
  • Moonglen Pondhelm
  • Kelpcoast Patbell
  • Sunbrook Firwater
  • Pondwatch Dustkeep
  • Ridge Brook
  • Bay Brook
  • Moss Glen
  • Cayennebbrier

Unique Animal Crossing Town Names

  • Venus Sunhorn
  • Peachesb Fallgarde
  • Barestall Knollhaven
  • Baywick Newham
  • Crowhaven Knotcrest
  • Easthill Bayacre
  • Rose Garland
  • Harmony Dahlia
  • Orchard Reed
  • Rubiab Camellia
  • Quickcrest Agate
  • Rockwich Earthfield
  • Quilside Deercross
  • Dindle Claydenn
  • Silkstall Grasshelm
  • Faircoast Mudfalls
  • Swinies Garnet
  • Aidenb Slate
  • Crescent Indigo
  • Pike Sapphire
  • Acorn Mythcairn
  • Cove Wildevault
  • Oakenwall Sleekrun
  • Heartcross Shadestall
  • Farstall Ebonwharf
  • Angelcross Shadecliff
  • Glyn Phoenix
  • Geranium Lazuli
  • Newt Kyla
  • Peach Ackerly
  • Faefield Vineham
  • Thicket Honeyholde
  • Thornmere Angelhall
  • Lucerne Morndale
  • Honeymore Baybrook

Cool Animal Crossing Town Names

  • Moongrove Dustvault
  • River Basil
  • Sierra Clove
  • Tansy Amon
  • Ryland Linnea
  • Meadow Windfalls
  • Acorn Deepview
  • Earthborn Nevermere
  • Rockhold Quickhall
  • Finedale Sulkfront
  • Highward Wildewatch
  • Vanilla Heath
  • Petunia Sorrel
  • Gideon Dawn
  • Gale Celosia
  • Highpass Faetide
  • Vale Moonfell
  • Geranium Stonepoint
  • Oceanmore Earthguard
  • Everband Mosshelm
  • Millford Dovepeak
  • Lily Iris
  • Fennel Kailani
  • Bluejay Rubia
  • Veronica Azolla
  • Petals Rimehall
  • Spinel Glimglen
  • Nevercross Clouddale
  • Saltham Entwick
  • Earthfort Everwell
  • Rustreach Finehelm
  • Briny Eytelia
  • Reef Garland
  • Pansy Cove

Catchy Animal Crossing Town Names

  • Jasper Cassia
  • Summer Crowpost
  • Zinnia Freybreak
  • Subichar Patburgh
  • Stonebury Rivercoast
  • Finrun Salttide
  • Smallhill Pearlham
  • Hawthorn Amethyst
  • Brierb Aura
  • Quartz Sierra
  • Ridge Hyacinth
  • Angelica Quillspire
  • Marine Swiftward
  • Earthstall Oldgulch
  • Barkside Stillacre
  • Jerryside Maddox
  • Deepmoor Dusthorn
  • Sweetham Finewatch

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How To Select a Perfect Name For Your Animal Crossing Town

Get Your Research Done Before Selecting a Name

It is very important to know the basic information about the game before choosing a name. Use both online and offline sources. Use the internet to search for name ideas. Also, ask people who are interested in the game. If you access both online and offline information before selecting a name, you will be well-prepared for the name selection process. Read multiple articles about the game. In this way, you will get a better idea of selecting the most suitable name for the game.

Select Something Relatable

Everyone wants a unique name for their games. But, you need to know that selecting a relatable name will make your game more famous among the audience. Because in this way, they will feel much more comfortable with your gaming personality. You can always choose an existing street name. You can also use the name of your locality. It will make you more visible in the gaming community. Because players from your area will be more interested in communicating with you, remember that the game will represent you in front of thousands of others players.

So, try to select something that is important to you. When selecting a unique name, we often make mistakes by choosing random names. Because they might be unique, but people won’t feel relatable with them. So, try to ignore random names in order to find something better for your game.

Match It With Your Essence

The game will represent you. So, it is important to find a important name to you. You can always name the game something related to your favorite things. Consider your favorite colors, animals, or books. In this way, people will get a better idea by looking at your game name. Also, the name selection process always brings a golden opportunity. You can always convey some kind of message or view through the name of your games.

Know About The Game- Animal Crossing Town

The game might not be that serious, but you can always use it to express your views on various social topics. It will help you to find people who carry similar interests. The game is not only about playing. It also includes communication with others and getting to know other players. If you successfully convey your views or ideas through the name of the game, people will find it interesting. Hence, you will be able to find a greater audience.

Ask The Opinion Of Others

You need to know that you will ultimately select the game’s name. You should do Sudha online and offline researches. But it is important to know what other people are thinking. In this way, you will be able to collect a greater number of names for your game. However, if you don’t like any one of them, rejecting them is always available for you.

But you should ask your friends and loved ones about their opinion. You will be amazed to know that people who don’t even play the game might suggest the most helpful ones to you. Also, if you include your friends and loved ones in the name selection process, it will show your love and affection to them.


Animal crossing town is a very interesting game which deserves a very interesting name. So take your time while selecting a name for the game. Ask others, try to know the game from the core of your heart, you will be able to find the right name in no time.

Also, you can always be inspired by experienced players. Do not copy them, but if you like the name of their game, you can always think of something similar. Also, don’t be shy to ask for help.

We hope that we were of great help in regards to finding the right name for your animal crossing time. If you liked this piece of article, then don’t forget to share it with your loved and dear ones.

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