448 Animation Studio Name Ideas and Suggestions

In a world where the virtual is becoming the next big thing, animation studios perhaps will reshape the entire course of our human civilization in the next couple of decades. If you are planning to start an animation studio, this is probably the best time to start in that regard.

Naming a business/production house is difficult, but the intensity of it increases when it comes to animation studios as this market is heavily monopolized by big giants like Pixar and Disney in the West and by the Anime Industries of the East. Thus coming up with a unique name is perhaps the best way to establish yourself in this line of business which requires you to be very creative and vigilant about your market at the same time.

Most people who start animation production houses lose their sense of purpose midway through the initial years of their career as they haste on picking a name. No matter how good your production and marketing team is, they will be unable to deliver if you, as the founder, lose confidence in the purpose of your production house. Naming a production house can seem to be a herculean task however once you are done with this article it will all seem very easy and maybe you will even out do us, all we ask is for you to remember us.

However, lucky for you, we have got your back as we have prepared a handpicked list of great names that can help you narrow down your choice of naming your business within seconds and help you find the true purpose of your calling for a higher cause.

Without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into this magnanimous list of Animation Studio Names.

Best Animation Studio Names

This is the list of best name ideas for your animation studio.

  • Art Industry’s Best Animators
  • Whiteboard Wizards Of California
  • Digital Peanuts And Hazelnuts
  • Logical Production For Elites
  • The Filmmaker From Kabul
  • Polar Expressway Production House
  • Inspired Image Of The Devine
  • Acting Redesigned By Artists
  • Production Limited
  • Ace Productions
  • Pentscenes Studios
  • Airbag Productions
  • David Marcus Films
  • Kinetic Media
  • Animation Study
  • Three Dimension Films
  • Wilderbeast Production
  • Quality Film And Video
  • Half Moon Entertainment
  • Mutual Film
  • Forward Media
  • Smart Studio
  • Supporting Wall Films
  • Visual Animator
  • Toon Builders
  • Auteur Productions
  • Castle Rock Entertainment
  • The Cow Company
  • Best Animator

Unique Animation Studio Name Ideas

Here are some unique and catchy animation studio names.

  • Cradlebridge Studios
  • Ad Campaign
  • Thrive 3D In a Liquid World
  • Unveil Developers
  • Fantasy Life
  • Digital Tape
  • Filmy Cube
  • Tlc Film Productions
  • Drawing Movie
  • All For One Theater
  • Nineteen Twenty Post
  • Stop Go Graphics
  • Clever Creations
  • Charlie Uniform Tango
  • Reality Check Systems
  • Global Store
  • Fullbloom Pictures
  • Ozone Productions
  • Beyond International
  • Mangusta Productions
  • Sandstone Films
  • Warped Films
  • Digital Ink
  • Creative School
  • Guardian Media Group
  • Brainy Skills
  • Animation Zing
  • Anime Tutorial
  • Bluevalley Animations
  • Giggle Animation Studio
  • Video Animation
  • Granted Graphics
  • Lumos Known For Animation
  • Bad Robot Production
  • Neptune Post
  • Rusty Yankie Productions
  • Humor Spirits

Cool Animation Studio Names

These are some cool names for your animation studio.

  • Animated Images
  • The Continental Players
  • South Coast Film & Video
  • Sketch Pep
  • Virtual Loop
  • Grand Studio
  • Boom Cartoons
  • Creative Cartoons
  • Cineast Productions
  • Feature Presentation
  • Black Screen
  • Retroanimate
  • Shadow Pond Films
  • Flash Animation
  • White Bright
  • Moving Image
  • Vapor Film Company
  • Fresher World
  • Fresh Lime Soda
  • Sequence Animation
  • Animation Station
  • Professional Value
  • April Sky Studios
  • Laser Studios
  • Advance Drive
  • Next Scene
  • The Brown Eagle
  • Clever Cartoons

Creative Animation Studio Name Ideas

These are creative names for your animation studio.

  • Animated Storytelling
  • Animation Talks
  • Fantastic Fictionalization
  • Jolly Media
  • Supporting Wall Films
  • The Venom Creations
  • Renewed Cartoon Collective
  • Generated For The Wise Men
  • Smart Studio For Geeks
  • Impulsive On The Sight
  • Aniskils For u And For Me
  • Angel Animation
  • Gannett Company
  • Disapproved By God Of Logic
  • Entire Spiritedness Co
  • Homely Animations
  • Humor Spirits
  • Shadow Pond Films
  • Art Passion For Amateurs
  • Length In Papers
  • Heirloom Cartoon
  • The Reductive Life
  • Art Of Death And Beauty
  • Limited Spiritedness Co

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Catchy Animation Studio Names

Here are some catchy and cool animation studio names and name ideas.

  • Second Animated Cartoon
  • Pixel Toons
  • Conventional
  • Great Cartoon Trading Co
  • Cloud Nine Production House
  • A World Apart Films
  • Cosmic World
  • In The End Of The Tunnel
  • The Sport Which Every One Dreams
  • Cartoon Creationz
  • Creative Cartoonists
  • Vivid Aliveness Pro
  • Fresh Lime Soda
  • Fresh Animation
  • The Weekly Dose Of Cartoons For Teenagers
  • Toon Time In Noon Time
  • Animono Production House
  • Accurate Animation
  • Game Developer
  • Toon Doodlers
  • Passionate Path
  • Ifilms
  • American Family Publishers
  • Black Mountain Films
  • Moving Picture
  • Dupree Film Production
  • Art Portrait
  • Create Animate
  • Motion Masters
  • Stick Figures
  • Digital Designs
  • Fly Animation
  • Key Frame
  • Pixeldragom Studios
  • Four Times Film
  • Digital Footprint
  • Banana Two Productions
  • Golden Thread Productions
  • Digital Entertainment
  • Fairyland Creations
  • Action Animation
  • Stick Figure Guys
  • Photo Actors
  • Image Story
  • The Animated Pixel

Cool Animation Company Names

  • Moving Pixels
  • Motion Record
  • Animation Resource
  • Broadcast Media
  • Digital Distinction
  • Creative Movie
  • Inventive Graphics
  • Fortnight Pictures
  • Art Passion
  • Sequence Studios
  • Champion Entertainment
  • Drawing Life
  • Solar Superstorm Productions
  • Embed Code
  • Antique Animate
  • Create & Animate
  • Providd
  • Wordcrawl Productions
  • True 2 Life Animations
  • Tech Illusion
  • Double Down Design
  • Green Street Films
  • Boss Media
  • Foray Visions
  • Stunt Plan
  • Dream Watching
  • Cartoon Break
  • Flash Imagery
  • Creative Splash
  • Animation Adventures
  • Data Goals
  • A World Apart Films
  • Fine Film Production
  • Big Yellow Duck
  • Playground Entertainment
  • E-Learning Bits
  • Comic Life
  • Architect Factor

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Amazing Animation Studio Names

Here are these collections of amazing animation studio name ideas.

  • Off Book Productions
  • Bird House Productions Inc.
  • Cinema Mode
  • Animotion
  • Film Projector
  • Tomahawk Theatre Company
  • Fremantle Media
  • Imaginative Character
  • Tech Punch
  • Jerico Pictures
  • Electronic Media
  • Image Sequence
  • Presentation Record
  • Automated Animation
  • Story Board
  • Mad FX Studio
  • Puppet Model
  • Design Hip
  • Thinking Bird
  • Gifter Animator
  • CBS Sports
  • Mini Moves
  • 51 Minds Entertainment House
  • Cloud Zee Production Limited
  • Artistic Animate
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Vivaanimations Magic
  • Life Givers Group
  • Think Big Productions

Animation Company Names

These are some name ideas for your animation company.

  • Film Frame
  • Global Art
  • Doodle Moves
  • 44 Blue Productions
  • Creative Design
  • Gannett Company
  • Artistic Image
  • Apple Tree Productions
  • Computer Imagery
  • Motion Imagery
  • Paperbag Productions
  • Lonely Planet
  • Dynamic Aliveness
  • Giggly Studios
  • Afterlife Films
  • Angel Animation
  • Green Land Animation
  • The Scale
  • Animation Masters
  • The Skeletal Vivifying
  • Convenient Literature
  • Cheap Story
  • Reductive Cartoon
  • Skeletal Vitality
  • Considerable Liveliness
  • The Good Anvil
  • Spiritual Living
  • Bold Animation
  • Usual Vivifying
  • Great Liveliness
  • Drawn Liveliness
  • The Entire
  • The Feverish Cartoon
  • Netflix Animation
  • Colorful Animation

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Tips To Name Your Animation Studio

Simple And Unique Names Is The Key

The people you will present your work to are interested in animation and are thus highly creative minds. Thus a dull name would not entertain them; instead, they would not even consider it if it did not seem entertaining enough.

The biggest mistake that creators make while naming an animation studio is that they go overboard with the naming process, and hence they end up choosing a name that is so difficult to comprehend and relate to that it becomes just another name that dies out in the vast market, names that are difficult are hard to remember and even harder to spread a good word about them, and thus people do not find it entertaining enough to remember them. Keeping it simple yet unique is the catch to establishing a successful animation studio.

Do Your Own Research

Before getting into the world of animation studios and production, it is essential to do extensive research on the market and the kind of names that already prevail in this segment. Right now, the animation market is completely taken over by the Japanese Anime production houses to compete with that Disney is also coming up with its own Marvel Animation series amidst all this, Pixar seems to be losing a footing, but the parent company Apple is a multi-billionaire company, and it would be easy for them to invest heavily into the production and make a strong comeback.

Amidst all this, it is a good and healthy habit to keep a close eye on the stocks of the said production house as it sets the tone for their upcoming projects. Keeping multiple names in hand can also be useful as they help you make a comeback if the first name you come up with already turns out to be patented and trademark registered.

The word that you pick should be fresh, and you should file for a patent for it as soon as possible as it helps you avoid lawsuits that harm the studio’s reputation. Names that other big companies inspire do not stand much in the market as it looks like cheap copies of more prominent names. Thus, avoiding them and choosing a fresh name is the right way to go about it.

Use Internet For Help

In today’s fast and fitting world, it’s critical to use social media marketing skills on the internet to promote and market your work since it allows you to reach a larger audience and helps you grow a healthy fan base for your cause.

Another important approach for promoting your animation production house is to place ads on search engines such as Google and Yahoo so that they push popups to people who search for similar titles on the internet, which will allow more people to view your talk show’s banner and website, creating a buzz among the netizens.

Take Feedback

If you are unable to settle for a name, rely on your teammates and people who are building your business with you. Relying on internet polls is very effective. However, nothing beats the feedback of your friends and family. Have conversations with people who can help you build a sustainable animation studio and learn to appreciate the people who make the company along with you.

Be Adaptable To Changes

Different forms and genres of animation are well-known and acceptable in different regions of the world; therefore, if you want to start an animation production studio with a global audience, you should name it so that it seems all-inclusive and diversified its approach.

When you name it after a specified genre or kind, your target audience shrinks by half, limiting your expansion options. As you will see, kindness and diversity will become the sole pillars of the success of your business. Thus, promoting yourself as a beacon for both is essential as it helps you hit the right emotions amidst your audience, which ultimately allows you to grow at a magnanimous speed and numbers.

Final Words

Thank you for your time. This article was solely created to help you set up an animation studio that will someday be able to rival the lights of some of the biggest names in the industry. While naming an animation studio house, you should always be aware of what it represents and name it in such a way that it helps you find your true purpose for existing.

Your valuable time that was spent with us makes us eternally grateful to you and your ultimate cause. This article was handcrafted just for your cause so that u can build a properly functioning animation studio. From the looks of it, it seems you are already on the right track, as you are already here.

We would personally urge you to brainstorm more ideas and put them in the comments below to help the next person who comes here in search of inspiration. If this article helped you, help us, in turn, to grow by spreading the good word about us amidst everyone you know. The Whatsapp shares and Facebook link referrals also go a long way.

Always remember the folks who helped you set up your animation studio business, and remember to eventually give back what you receive in this world as we are all here for each other’s cause and calling.

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