Baby Names That Mean Star (With Meanings) For Girls and Boys

Baby Names That Mean Star: Having a baby is the most destined and beautiful gift to have given from God himself. Some parents want to name their child after God, Star, universe, or any other heavenly bodies just as a sense of gratitude, while some get motivated by the names that celebrities give their babies. Taking care of a baby is a difficult task to perform, but picking out one perfect name that suits the baby in the present and has significant meaning in the future is one kind of a strenuous task to even opt for.

For hundreds and thousands of years, people have looked up in the sky and pondered over different things happening in their life and don’t get shocked when we say to do the same while choosing a name for your baby. Yes! You heard it right. There are so many names that reflect the universe, night sky, morning sky, and stars in their meanings. You get a positive point that the universe is full of stars, and you will never run out of names, whatsoever.

The baby names that mean Star are very inspiring for parents. Parents associate the word that means Star as very special to their children. They feel that their babies will grow up and shine like stars in the future. Names that mean Star depicts shine and coolness. The baby names that mean Star have the softness to them. Parents want the names of their babies to be sweet, catchy, and attractive to society. They feel that names that mean Star can add that shine to their child’s life.

Parents take advice and suggestions from different people regarding names for their babies. Nowadays, they also take help from websites or blogs. They use the internet to search for the names of babies.

Choosing a baby name can be a difficult decision. But here we provide a list of baby names that mean ‘star’ so you can easily pick a name that perfectly suits your baby. So let’s dive into it.

Baby Names That Mean Star For Girls

If astronomy and stargazing have always amazed you, then why not pick a name similar to stars. Popularized mainly by celebrities, naming a child after heavenly bodies are the current trend every parent wants to follow.

Give your baby girl a twinkling name that would resemble the meaning star. Here’s a complete list of baby girl names meaning star; we have compiled a comprehensive set of star-related names for your baby girl-

  • Astra

Meaning: This Latin origin name, which means “of the stars,” is also attached to a famous comic book character. 

  •     Atria

Meaning: Alpha Trianguli Australis, aka Atria, is the brightest Star in the southern constellation.

  •     Bellatrix

Meaning: Third brightest Star in the constellation. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this name was used to reckon the most potent antagonist.

  •     Andromeda

Meaning: The name Andromeda is a Greek origin name meaning “advising like a man.” 

  •     Aster

Meaning: The name Aster is a Greek origin name meaning a “star.” It is a fresh new addition to the botanical list and is a beautiful name. 

  •     Asteria

Meaning: The name Asteria is a Greek origin name meaning a “star.”Asteria is also the name of the goddess of justice and innocence.

  •     Calytrix

Meaning: The name Calytrix is of Latin origin, meaning “star-flower (English name).” This name means flower as well as a star.

  •     Cassiopeia

Meaning: A mythological mother who became a stellar constellation was then called Cassiopeia. This name symbolizes strength but a soft side. 

  •     Celestial

Meaning: The name Celestial is a name meaning “of the heavens, planets or stars.”It is a unique name to give your child—a beautiful and almost unique name for your baby girl.

  •     Danica

Meaning: The name Danica is a name of Slavic origin meaning “Morning Star.”Danica also means very delicate and unique.

  •     Danique

Meaning: The name Danique is a name of French origin, which means “morning star.”This name means bright as a beautiful morning and shines like a star. 

  •     Este

Meaning: The name Este is a unique name that originates from Hebrew and Persian origin, meaning “star.”

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  • Estella

Meaning: The name Estella is a Latin origin name meaning a “star.”It is an elegant name to give to your child. An elegant, stylish, sophisticated, and unique name for your child.

  •     Estelle

Meaning: The name Estelle is a name of French origin that originally means “star.” The French touch to this name gives a little bit more elegance.

  •     Esther

Meaning: The name Esther is derived initially from a Persian origin meaning “Star.

  •     Selina

Meaning: It is a Greek word for a “Star in the sky.” Such a beautiful gesture of blessing your child with a bright future.

  •     Seren

Meaning: It is a Welsh originated name that means a star. The pronunciation would sound serene, which means pleasant.

  •     Sidra

Meaning: It is an Arabic origin name which means “like a star.” Your baby girl is just like a star, and so deserves this name. 

  •     Star

Meaning: The word Star signifies its meaning- Star. A beautiful and out of the galaxy name for your child. 

  •     Starla

Meaning: This name is an American origin name for “a star.” Give your baby girl this beautiful name and watch her grow like a star.

  •     Stellaluna

Meaning: It is a Latin origin name which means Star and moon. Because your child means moon and Star to you.

  •     Tara

Meaning: It is an Indian origin name, which means a star. Tara also gives a shining touch to your English surname.

  •     Tana

Meaning: This word has a Greek origin, and this name means “fire or star god.” Bless your child with a fierce yet bright future.

  • Twila

Meaning: This word is formed from the word Twilight means a soft glowing light in the sky.

  •     Twilight

Meaning: This word means dusk and is associated with the night sky. Twilight also represents the silver lining of the night sky.

  •     Vega

Meaning: It is a word that is a Latin origin, which means a “Falling Star.” Falling stars are believed to fulfill your long due dreams.

  •     Vanessa

Meaning: This word is Hebrew for the Star. Vanessa gives a sense of classy, traditional, and yet sophisticated touch to your baby’s name.

  •     Kiara

Meaning: This name with a Korean origin means “the first ray of sun.” Since the sun is also a star, this name would mean sun and Star. Let your little Star be savage like the sun.

  •     Maribelle

Meaning: It is a Latin originated name for the beautiful Star of the sea. The Star casts a beautiful reflection at sea during the night. 

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  •     Maristela

Meaning: Derived from the Spanish word, this name means”Star of the Sea.”

  •     Mina

Meaning: It is an Arabic originated word which symbolizes a star-like embodiment.

  • Nova

Meaning: Nova is a name for a bright star shining high in the sky. 

  •     Réaltín

Meaning: It is an Irish name, which means a little star just like your baby.

  •     Roxana

Meaning: It is a Persian word which means “Dawn” or “Little Star.”

  •     Ice

Meaning: It is a Slavian origin word which means morning star.

  •     Dara

Meaning: It is a Khmer originated name which means Star. 

  •     Elanna

Meaning: It is a Christian origin name which means “Star sun and a Majestic being.”

  •     Electra/Elektra

Meaning: It is a Greek origin name which means bright and shining, which also depicts a star.

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  •     Estella

Meaning: It is a Spanish origin word which means a star.

  •     Desdemona

Meaning: The name Desdemona is a name of Greek origin meaning “ill-starred.”

  •     Estrella

Meaning: The name Estrella is a name of Spanish origin meaning “star.” Give your baby a unique and bright name like Estrella.

  •     Etoile

Meaning: Originated from French, this name, which means ‘star’ sounds exotic to hear and gives a classic feeling to the name owner. 

  •     Hespera

Meaning: The name Hesper is a name meaning “evening/evening star.” Calm like an evening and agile like a star.

  •     Hesperia

Meaning: The name Hesperia is a name meaning “evening/evening star.”Daughter of the evening or evening star.

  •     Hester

Meaning: The name Hester is a name that means a “star.”

  • Hoshi

Meaning: The name Hoshi is a name of Japanese origin, meaning a “star.”Short and catchy form of traditional Asian names.

  • Esther

Meaning: It is a Hebrew name which means a star.

  • Genesis

Meaning: It is a Biblical name that means “origin.”

  • Haley

MeaningIt is a Hebrew name that means “Wise One.”

  • Izar

Meaning: It is a Basque name, which means a star.

  • Lyra

Meaning: It is a name for the Lyra musical instrument, which is also the name of a constellation.

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  • Lulana

Meaning: It is an African origin name for “Shining moon.

  • Andromeda

Meaning: It is a Greek name for “Advising like a man” and also the name of a constellation.

  • Altaira

Meaning: It is an Arabic origin name for “Bird.”

  • Amara

Meaning: It is an Arabic origin word which means “Eternal beauty.”

  • Ara

Meaning: It is an Arabic and Egyptian name for rain bringer and a constellation name.

  • Aster

Meaning: It is a Greek origin name for the Star.

  • Astra

Meaning: It is a Latin origin name meaning “of the stars.”

  • Asteria

Meaning: It is a Greek origin name for the Star.

  • Carina

Meaning: It is an Italian name meaning dear or beloved.

  • Celeste

Meaning: It is a French word for Heavenly.

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Baby Names That Mean Star For Boys

So, name your baby by thinking about the impact it would give to the baby, and as a parent, you would want your baby to be blessed with brightness and shine. People incline their likings upon the word ‘star’ because it symbolizes specialness and a bright future. Gift your little one with a powerful, unique, beautiful, and one of a kind name.

These are the names of baby boys that mean a star. Here’s a complete list of names with their meaning:

  • Altair

Meaning: The eleventh brightest Star in the sky Altair is a name of Arabic origin.

  • Asta

Meaning: The name Asta is a name so beautiful name and it is from Greek origin meaning “divine strength.”

  • Archer

Meaning: It is a Greek name for ‘Strength and power.’

  • Altair

MeaningIt is an Arabic name meaning “falcon.”

  • Archer

Meaning: It is a Greek name for ‘Strength and power.’

  • Castor

Meaning: The brightest Star in the Gemini constellation is called the Castor. 

  • Itri

Meaning: It is a Tamazight origin name that resembles Star. Give your baby this name and notice the twinkle in his eyes. 

  • Orion

Meaning: the brightest constellation in the sky is known as Orion. This is a Greek originated name for babies.

  • Sirius

Meaning: It is a Latin originated name for the brightest stars visible from Earth.

  • Sol

Meaning: A Hebrew name for boys which symbolizes the fierce Star in the universe- the sun.

  • Sterling

Meaning: It is an English name for pure; starling, little Star.

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  • Sutara

Meaning: originated from India, this name means holy Star.

  • Sirius

Meaning: It is a Latin word for “Brightest Star. ” Bestow this name upon your boy and bless him with the brightest future.

  • Tarak

Meaning: It is a Sanskrit name for the Star. This name also stands for those who stand tight as a protector.

  • Zeke

Meaning: It is an Arabic name meaning “Shooting star.” Your baby is in your life to fulfill your dreams, just like a shooting star.

  • Izar

Meaning: The name Izar is a name of Basque origin meaning “star.”A popular European name for boys. 

  • Lintang

Meaning: Originated from Indonesia, Lintang means Star and symbolizes calm light. 

  • Astrophel

Meaning: 16th-century English poet Sir Philip Sidney invented this name for the hero of his sonnet sequence, and this name symbolizes star lover

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These Baby Names Meaning Star can be used for baby boys and girls. These are a set of names with their meaning that parents can use to name their newborn babies. A star would be perfect, which means bright, calm, and shining. If you are sure that you want to name your child after stars for the sake of their bright and shiny future, then this article is the perfect destination to choose a name from.

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