Ben 10 Alien Names: All Ben 10 Alien Names In One List

Were you a dire fan of the fictional cartoon series Ben 10 and were always fascinated about the aliens that Ben could turn into? Then read this article till the end to discover and know more fascinating facts about the boy and his journey as a mutant.

Ben 10 was originally made by the studio named Man of Action, an American Media Franchise group, and Cartoon Network Studios produced the series. This series received immense love and appreciation from people of all age groups as it is exciting and interesting to watch the creativity that was incorporated in the writing and making of it. As the story unfolds, the audience can identify Ben Tennyson, his sister named Gwendolyn, more commonly known as Gwen, and their grandfather named Max as the show’s main protagonists. Ben, a then 10-year-old kid, acquired an alien watch-like device called Omnitrix that was able to change and mutate him into various aliens with supernatural abilities.

The Ben 10 series primarily contained only ten types of aliens, relating to the show’s name, “Ben 10,” but soon after, Ben started being able to transform into other different aliens by adding their DNA to his Omnitrix. Ben 10 series had five television series before releasing four of their films. The entire series was the longest-running show on the Cartoon Network channel, and it managed to gross over six billion dollars throughout.

The series finale that served as a crossover was released in April of 2021. The three episodes were 44 minutes long and were released as Ben 10,010, Ben Gen 10, and Alien X-Tinction. If you want to explore more about the various aliens that Ben could transform into, then do not forget to browse the list below:0

Ben 10 Alien Names

Ghostfreak: It is a single-eyed alien from Anur Phaetos that has his skull upside down, a tail with stripes on it, and pointy claws.

Alien X: an alien from the universe unknown, of the celestialsapien race.

Four Arms: This alien is a tetramand, meaning four-armed in Greek. He is from the planet named Khoros and features big muscles with skin that looks like an armour.

Armodrillo: Armodrillo first debuted in the series Hero Time and its name comes from the animal Armadillo as it resembles it. This alien is of the Talpaedan type and belongs from the planet Terraexcava.

Eyeguy: This is an alien who has his upper half body filled with eyes and is an opticoid by race who belongs from the planet named Singhtra.

Benmummy: One of the original aliens that the Ben 10 series featured is Benmummy which is based on the popular character known as the Mummy.

Echo Echo: This alien belonging from the planet of Sonorosia, thus known to be a Sonorosian, is one of the mighty aliens Ben could transform into. It was first introduced in the series Alien Force.

Benvicktor: It is a transylian alien as it belongs from the Anur Transyl.

Ditto: This alien belonging from the planet of Hathor, known as a Splixson, has a special ability to create innumerable clones.

Benwolf: This character resembles the werewolves from the horror movies of the 20th century.

Diamondhead: This alien’s resistant and impenetrable body made from crystal gives it its name and it belongs from the planet of Petropia, thus known as a Petrosapien.

Big Chill: It is one of the aliens that has been seen in various episodes and it looks like that of a moth. It is known to be of the Necrofriggian race belonging from the planet of Kylmyys.

Grey Matter: This alien does justice to its name by having extreme calculative skills, it is galvanic by appearance and is of average height.

Wildmutt: This particular alien is known for its animal alike speed and strength.

Heatblast: Ben accidentally activated this alien from Pyros.

Waybig: This alien is known to be Ben’s alien collection’s tallest one as it has a height of 100 feet.

Humungousaur: A humungousaur is a humanoid type of alien that resembles a dinosaur as it has thick skin and an initial height of 12 feet.

Water Hazard: This alien belongs from the Andromeda galaxy and is of the Orishan race.

Ripjaws: This alien is from the artificial water planet, Piscciss.

Upgrade: It is also another alien possessing galvanic features and thus is able to change its body shape.

Upchuck: This alien belongs to the planet named Peptos XI.

Spitter: This alien is of the Spheroid belonging from the Scalpasc.

Swampfire: This alien belongs from the planet Methanos and has abilities like being able to shoot bombs of fire.

Wildvine: An alien from the planet named Flors Verdance which appeared in the original series.

Spider Monkey: This alien is a hybrid between a spider and a monkey, so the name is.

Bloxx: This alien was first seen in the episode “the more things change”, and after that it suddenly disappeared from the metaverse.

Shocksquatch: This particular alien was seen in the crossover episode between Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex, and became the viewer’s favorite for while.

Buzzshock is also an alien seen in the crossover episode between Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Generator Rex.

Rath: This alien was first seen in the episode named “The con of Rath”.

Clockwork: An alien that was first seen in the episode “Ben 10,000 Returns”.

AmpFibian: An alien from the episode Fused in the series Ultimate Alien.

Nanomech: This alien is from the episode Video Games from the Ultimate Alien series.

Articguana: This alien is from the episode named Hot Stretch of the series Ben 10: Omniverse.

Lodestar: An alien from the Simple episode.

Chromastone: An alien from the Ben 10: Alien Force.

Eatle: This alien can be seen in the episode “A Knight to Remember”.

Jury Jigg: An alien that was seen in the episode “An Eggman Cometh”.

Fasttrack: An alien from the episode “A Basic Training”.

Jetray: This alien is from the episode named “Everybody Talks About the Weather.”

Goop: This alien debuted in the episode “The Gauntlet”.

Terraspin: An alien from the episode “Reflected Glory”.

Walkatrout: The alien that is from the episode named, “Outbreak”.

Astrodactyl: This alien is a new addition to the Omniverse.

Snakepit: An alien that Ken Tennyson primarily introduced.

Toepick: Another new alien that Ken Tennyson first introduced.

Kickin Hawk: An alien from the episode Outbreak.

Ball Weevil: This alien is from the episode named, “Of Predators and Prey”

Molestache: An alien from the episode Outbreak.

ChamAlien: This alien is a Merlinisapien by race and is from the series Ultimate Alien.

Pesky Dust: An alien from the episode named Outbreak.

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