280+ Best Black Dragon Names Ideas To Inspire You

In search of some really cool black dragon names? Then you are at the right place because we are here to provide you with some amazingly cool black dragon names.

It is always a nice idea to do some research about the topic before you search for its name. The more you know, the easier is the process of exploring the name. Black Dragons are popularly known as skull dragons. They had a very cruel nature. They were wild and cruel. They were the meanest of all chromatic dragons. They dwell in the swamps mostly. They also used to stay in the marshlands around Toril.

Black Dragons also used to dwell around the flooded forest located in Sembia or in the jungles of Chult. They had very different physical features. They were wiry. Their identification mark is their thrones. They appeared from the sides of their heads. It wraps around their head and has a forward projection. They had a large frill around the upper part of their neck. They used to smell like foul water or something which is in the stage of rotting. They weighed around 160000 pounds. They were of humungous size.

Black Dragons are solitary in nature. They avoid forming clans. They only create a clan when under extremely tough and challenging situations. Black Dragons generally avoid straightforward fights. They go for ambushes. They used their breath as their weapon. They breathed acid through their breath. They had excellent swimming skills. They used the water’s darkness to hide and attack their target.

Black Dragons had a specific diet. They were basically dependent on meat, and they fed themselves on fish. Sometimes they also used to consume mollusks and aquatic critters. They also used to drink red meats. They were the service provider to the dark Chultan demigod Eshowdow.

If you are thinking of some name for your Black Dragon character but you cannot find one, then we have got you. When you are searching for your character’s name, you need to do an intense search because you want to make your black dragon character understandable to your audience.

You should go for the names that are relatable to your character or make no sense. To make that thing happen, you need to do some long research which will take a huge amount of time. We help you save your time by providing you with an amazing list of names that will help you find yourself a perfect name. We have also provided you with some tips so that if you are thinking to make a black dragon name on your own, you can do it hustle-free.

So, what are we waiting for? Without wasting any further time, let’s get started.

Black Dragon Names

These are collections of cool and best black dragon names and name ideas.

  • Bomris
  • Bryddris
  • Remobrath
  • Grymre
  • Starblaze
  • Dart
  • Snowfall
  • Drachenstein
  • Sirrush
  • Chrysophylax
  • Choryth
  • Unniass
  • Eitorir
  • Archion
  • Bazziot
  • Zysyss
  • Bullet
  • Abeloth
  • Ancestialian
  • Jergintarth
  • Lavlu
  • Etag
  • Watdeesea
  • Jommed
  • Gobias

Catchy Black Dragon Names

Here are some catchy and unique black dragon names.

  • Watbluver
  • Thuthrrld
  • Inciwinest
  • Pasoalilth
  • Iciwinest
  • Pasoalilth
  • Julunggul
  • Pasoalilth
  • Ocebluver
  • Rivsplsea
  • Piper
  • Cutter
  • Terget
  • Marc
  • Calaun
  • Soncolern
  • Treearood
  • Renn
  • Little Feather
  • Deadarine
  • Horus
  • Etephyr
  • Clofluoud
  • Antoinette
  • Muncher

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Best Black Dragon Names

These are collections of best and creative names for a dragon.

  • Halvaziar
  • Iltessian
  • Neranion
  • Emarion
  • Vyrtelian
  • Vyrtimes
  • Amisses
  • Nafalian
  • Adevar
  • Lalfaziar
  • Marezian
  • Ymerian
  • Melvasion
  • Sefenian
  • Vetrivion
  • Ebezion
  • Ylvanion
  • Vagtirrian
  • Lefyvion
  • Nelvemian
  • Artyzian
  • Eldalion
  • Zahellion
  • Nydridion
  • Zadenar

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Unique Black Dragon Names

Here are some unique and catchy black dragon names and name ideas.

  • Lefyvion
  • Sildyrian
  • Rivselria
  • Faxrarry
  • Mishyca
  • Haxrarsa
  • Maxosta
  • Novekra
  • Lixrare
  • Sashyntria
  • Zolterria
  • Fothekry
  • Hastindria
  • Avsicia
  • Nixykse
  • Soroltria
  • Lenthistra
  • Hixraxa
  • Elygria
  • Lortentrya
  • Avrodria
  • Nelorstra
  • Ovesria
  • Sythiltra
  • Zathersria

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Creative Black Dragon Names

Here we collect these collections of creative and unique names for a dragon.

  • Lolthoria
  • Ronidra
  • Hitrarion
  • Oldirian
  • Ziravion
  • Hylfenion
  • Zegtelian
  • Irazion
  • Ygtazes
  • Abamian
  • Limerion
  • Ilfylion
  • Hufision
  • Vugtylian
  • Ihission
  • Sedymar
  • Logtesian
  • Arman
  • Saphira
  • Falkor
  • Dagahra
  • Draco
  • Darksmoke
  • Dragonite
  • Mushu

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Cool Black Dragon Names

These are collections of cool and unique black dragon names and name ideas.

  • Toothless
  • Diaval
  • Puff
  • Eborsisk
  • Scrubb
  • Smaug
  • Elliot
  • Errol
  • Askook
  • Apalala
  • Katla
  • Ghidorah
  • Haku
  • Apep
  • Apophis
  • Chua
  • Leviathan
  • Maleficent
  • Lockheed
  • Astarot
  • Drakon
  • Rhaegal
  • Uruloki
  • Coatl
  • Thron

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Amazing Black Dragon Names

These are collections of amazing and cool black dragon names.

  • Dracul
  • Glaurung
  • Viserion
  • Belindo
  • Ehecatl
  • Fafnir
  • Drake
  • Brantley
  • Knucker
  • Herensuge
  • Cadmus
  • Brenton
  • Jormugand
  • Nidhogg
  • Ladon
  • Longwei
  • Kai
  • Nithe
  • Ormr
  • Ormarr
  • Pendragon
  • Tyson
  • Nilakanta
  • Tatsuya

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Awesome Black Dragon Names

These are collections of awesome and unique black dragon names.

  • Hyperion
  • Orochi
  • Pythios
  • Aine
  • Alina
  • Brenna
  • Shesha
  • Samael
  • Chumana
  • Hydra
  • Shesha
  • Edna
  • Tatsuo
  • Kaida
  • Kayda
  • Uruloki
  • Uther
  • Vasuki
  • Mindy
  • Khaleesi
  • Volos
  • Nuri
  • Ryoko
  • Scylla
  • Belinda

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How To Choose a Black Dragon Name

It can happen that you are thinking to name your black dragon on your own. Then fear not because we are here to help you out. Sometimes people want to do something different, and it’s okay to do so, but you need to follow some guidelines so that the work is done correctly. In order to make your naming process a success, we are offering you some tips and tricks that will help you think of a name for your black dragon character easily.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get through the points we have listed down for you.

Go For Some Short Names

When you think of a name for your character, always make sure that you are going for a short name. Short names are best when it comes to some fictional character. Short names can be memorized easily, and when you are giving a name to your character, you obviously want people to remember it, or else what is the use of giving the name to your character. If you go for some big names, then it can happen that the audience you have targeted has failed to remember the name of your character, and finally, your character will be unrecognized, then what will be the use of giving the name to your personality. Try some names which are easy and simple to memorize by your audience.

Make The Name Unique and Catchy

Making the name unique should be your first target. It would help if you always tried to go off the mainstream because this will only attract the audience. Your audience is your target. It would be best if you always tried to win their attention. The only way to win their attention is by showing your creativity. It would help if you always used your creativity so that you could come up with a beautiful idea because creativity is the key to a successful name. Try to avoid going for some name that is already existing from beforehand. It will create confusion for your audience to differentiate between the two characters. Unique names are always cool and interesting. It drives the attention of the public towards you.

You Can Use Historical References

Black Dragons are historic creatures, so you should always take some historical reference while you are thinking of a name. There is always a well-known dragon among all the black dragons. Many dragons have different skills, which shows their ability and power. You can take their name also a reference. If your black dragon character is strong, go for the strongest black dragon that existed in the past. People will also be able to understand your black dragon character type. Make the name understandable to your audience because your audience is your main target. You can refer to some books from where you can get the authentic information.

Try To Keep The Name Easy

Black Dragons are tough characters, but that doesn’t mean you will go for some tough name for your black dragon character. Always aim to go for some easy name that people will find hustle free to pronounce. If people pronounce your character name wrongly, then what is the use of keeping the name. Make sure to keep the name easy so that people will pronounce it correctly, or else it will make no sense. It is very necessary to make your name sensible, or else the name will be bogus.

Seek Help From The Public

It can happen that you are finding it difficult to choose a name among so many names. Obviously, when you are thinking of a name, you will come across thousands of names. You might feel confused if you are not finding any way out what you can do is you can go and seek help from the public. The social media platform is a place where you can find a large number of people who are always ready to help you. You can ask them for suggestions as well as seek their reviews. This will also help to advertise your character indirectly.


That was all the information that we could give you about black dragons. We are sure that you will be able to find a perfect name from the above list we have provided you. If you cannot find it out till now, you can go with the guidance we have provided you and make your own black dragon’s name. Don’t feel disheartened if you are not able to find a name for your black dragon character till now. Good things take time.

Don’t forget to share this article if you like it. We will again meet you with some new name ideas. Till then, goodbye.

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