442 Burger Restaurant Name Ideas and Suggestions

Are you questioning if being confused, trying to find, and not finding the most suitable and perfect name for your burger restaurant that you have decided to open is weird? Well, no. It is not. Every entrepreneur struggles with this question and process when they decide to open their own business. Hence, it is normal and common to be finding ways to choose a name.

Well, let us tell you that you have come to the right place to find the name of your burger restaurant. In this article, we have diligently prepared a list of names to choose from that are sure to blow your mind and your consumers’ minds.

Ready to achieve your dream of opening your own burger joint/ before proceeding to the names, we would like to remind you what is important for opening your restaurant. It is essential to choose a concept and specialization for you, but you must already have done that step because you are determined to open a burger restaurant. Now that that has been done make sure you come up with what is known as a business foundation which simply means jotting down a plan according to which you will function. Include things like industry analysis, market analysis, geographic analysis, sample menu in your case, and also a financial plan.

After this has been done, you can move on to get funding for your restaurant. To do this, you need first to estimate how much investment is needed for your restaurant and who will invest in your restaurant. It can be your own savings, hereditary property, or a bank loan. If you are confused about the funding, you may always consult an investor who will explain everything conveniently.

With all this completed, you can get yourself the necessary permits and licenses required to open a restaurant. Since yours is a food restaurant business, make sure you go through all the food regulations and laws associated with food businesses and health departments. Lastly, you can now start ordering the equipment you need to cook for your restaurant and get the right staff hired.

Proceeding to the names, here is the list to choose from:

Best Burger Restaurant Names

These are collections of best-name ideas for burger restaurants.

  • Nacho Average Burger
  • Grilled Steak Burger Club
  • Backyard Bbq Burger Shop
  • Big Bertha Hamburger Shack
  • Burgess Burger
  • Sandwich Bar
  • Chewy Chew-Toonie Burger
  • Hobo Nomad
  • Gypsy Soul
  • Burgers and More Burgers
  • Boulevard Burger
  • Chili Shack
  • All American Burger
  • Bar and Grill
  • Burger Junction
  • Peter Pan Fries
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Burgers
  • Rollie’s Original
  • Burger Basket
  • Bites by Nestor Burger
  • The Honest Burger Company
  • Chai Tea Company
  • The Paddy Wagon
  • The Shady Corner
  • Chomp-A-Bundle
  • Burger Company and Culture
  • Cheesy Boys Burger House
  • Peter Pan Burgers and Fries
  • Patio, Sandwiches & Burgers!
  • The British Bulldog Burger
  • The Juicy Double
  • Cheeseburger House
  • Good Burgers for Good People
  • Blue Hawaiian Burger Shop
  • Flower Crown
  • Woodland Animals
  • Chunk and Chip
  • Burger Grind Me
  • Fresh Burgers
  • Bee’s Knees Hamburger House
  • Bismuth Bangle Incorporate
  • Smells Like Freedom
  • Cheese Please Burger
  • The Great Burger Bar
  • Jersey’s Favorite Burger
  • Big Burgers Grill and Bar & Café
  • Conchae Henderson Graphics
  • The Hippy Gypsy Burger Shop
  • Earth Child Natural Products
  • The Sensi Cheeseburger
  • Americana Burger Shop
  • The Local Burger Bar
  • Scooby-Doo Burgers

Cool Burger Restaurant Names

Here we collect these collections of cool and catchy names for burger restaurants/shops.

  • A&W All American Burger
  • Hugs ‘n’ Kisses Burger Shop
  • Hungry Cow Grill & Burgers
  • Potbelly Sandwich Shop
  • Green Earth Trader
  • Busy Bee’s Burger Bar
  • All-American Burger
  • Master Chef Burger Maker
  • Airport Burgers & Dogs
  • The Cheesy Burger Palace
  • Cupbearer’s Burgers and Fries
  • The Diner on Wheels
  • The Cheese Burginator
  • Never Frozen Burgers
  • The Charlie’s Burgers
  • Chuck Wagon Burgers and Fries
  • Fierce Bee Organic Soap
  • Daddy’s Burger Shop
  • Seventeen Burgers
  • Hungry and Hungry
  • Brooklyn Burger Shop
  • Boogie Boyz Burger Palace
  • Shake a Leg Burger Shop
  • Jamie Oliver’s Burger Palace
  • Mom and Pop’s Burger Shop
  • Southwest Burger Shop
  • Paper Heart Originals
  • Chatterbox Wonderland
  • Red Hot Chili Burger
  • Reggae’s Jerk Pork
  • Double Decker Burgers
  • Golden Greek Burger Bar
  • Aroma Steamers
  • Burger Candle Making
  • Hanger In GrooveStep
  • Potato Skins Burger
  • Invoke the Goddess
  • The Scent Of Sunshine
  • My Dinner Your Bun
  • Joey’s Burger Kingdom
  • Breakfast of Burgers
  • Hungry Guy’s Burger Shop
  • Burgers, Fries and Shake
  • Burger My Style
  • Dreamcatcher Trading
  • Rolling in Dough
  • The Perfect Hamburger
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • The Canadian Burger
  • Sea Wave Treasures
  • Beauty and Bounty
  • Bacon Habanero Burgers
  • Flame-Broiled Burgers
  • Best Buns in Town
  • Swanky Burger Shop
  • Love to Bake Burgers

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Catchy Burger Restaurant Names

Here are these collections of catchy burger shop names and name ideas.

  • Biff’s Burger Palace
  • Local Legend Burgers
  • Classic Diner Burger Shop
  • Buns and Burgers
  • Deep Dish Pizzeria
  • Burgers Go Here
  • The Cheeseburger
  • Big Bad Beef Burgers
  • Chunky Monkey Burgers
  • Neighborhood Burger Shop
  • Citrine Gemstones
  • Juicy Lucy Burger Shop
  • The Passionate One
  • Cheeseburger Palace
  • Big Apple Burger
  • The Juicier Burger
  • Kimchi Burger Shop
  • Grill Master Burgers
  • The Meaty Madness
  • Big Daddies Burgers
  • Go Burgers
  • Deuce Burger
  • Burger Bounce
  • Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Cheesy Burgerz
  • Jalapeno Thickburger
  • Shake Shack Burgers
  • Kung Fu Cheeseburger
  • Cabin in the Woods
  • Slapdash Burger Bar
  • The Big Bite
  • Hooters Burgers and Fries
  • The Burger Shack
  • Classic Burger Joint
  • Big Boy Burger Place
  • Chilli Cheese Burger

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Burger Shop Names

These are collections of best names for burger shops/restaurants.

  • Hamburger Paradise
  • The Other Burger
  • Cowboy Burgers
  • The Burger Place
  • Sloppy Joes Burgers
  • Dry Creek Rocks
  • Good to Eat Burgers
  • Big Daddy Burger
  • Best Urban Burgers
  • Amsterdam Avenue
  • The Great Burger
  • Hammy’s Hamburgers
  • French Fry Burger
  • Fairy Dusts Creation
  • Diner on Wheels
  • Burger Moms
  • Big Mouth Burgers
  • Burger on Wheels
  • Munchi Buns
  • The Burger Joint
  • Good Vibes
  • Kid-Friendly Burgers
  • Earthly Delights
  • Kitchen Sink Burger
  • Burger Boy
  • Hamburger Moments
  • Barnyard Burgerie
  • Blue Cheese Burgers
  • Blazing Burgers
  • Hamburger Patty’s
  • Bacon Burgers
  • Bite Me Burgers
  • Burger Hut
  • Atomic Burger
  • Cheeseburger Shop
  • Big Bitez
  • Burger Joint
  • Burlington’s Burgers
  • Burger Mantra
  • Greasy Spoons
  • Robert’s Hamburgers
  • Cheeseburger in Paradise
  • Bite & Roll
  • Bronx Cheeseburger
  • Pocket Burgers
  • Sweet Pea Burgers
  • Delish Burgers and Fries
  • Grilled Pleasure
  • Beaches & Bunns

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Best Burger Shop Name Ideas

Here we collect these collections of best names for burger shops.

  • Crazy Burger
  • Big Bagel Burger
  • Burgers ‘n Fries
  • 5 Guys Burgers
  • Catch N’ Eat
  • Burger Mania
  • Cheesy Willy’s
  • Pile Em Up! Burger
  • Blissful Baskets
  • Hittin’ the Grill
  • Burger Place
  • Patty Shack Burgers
  • Burger Court
  • Hamburger Heaven
  • Campbell’s Burger
  • Mountain Top Sunrise
  • Burger Express
  • Hamburger Charlie’s
  • Chris’s Burgers
  • Chili’s Burger
  • Burgers to Go
  • Firehouse Burger
  • Burgers and Fries
  • Backyard Burger
  • Deli Style Burger
  • The Red Burger
  • A Burger a Day
  • Flippin’ Burgers
  • Big Mouth Billy’s
  • The Burger Boss
  • Gorilla Burgers
  • Burgers and Beer
  • Dough Burger
  • Classic Burgers
  • Good Eats Grill
  • Tasty Treats Burger
  • Get Beefy
  • First Class Burger
  • Burger Hack
  • Billy Burger Shack
  • Le Fleur
  • Avenue Bites
  • Fry King
  • Burger Chill
  • Gassy Burger
  • Burger of My Heart
  • Burger Party
  • Chow Down Burgers

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Funny Burger Restaurant Names

These are some unique and funny burger shop/restaurant name ideas.

  • Burger Rehab
  • Bling Burger
  • Bazinga Burger
  • Happy Burger
  • Burger Cottage
  • Cakes & Burgers
  • Buns of Steel
  • Fat Man’s Burger
  • Burger World
  • Burger Bar
  • Quick-Burger-Shop
  • Burger Hero
  • Q. Burger
  • Moo Burgers
  • Bistro Burger
  • Cream Dream
  • Burger Time
  • Burger Me Up
  • Sizzle Burger
  • Burgeria
  • Burger 123
  • Burger Boutique

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How To Name Your Burger Restaurant

Try using symbols or unique impressions in your name

An easy and quick yet innovative way to name your restaurant is to incorporate abbreviations and symbols in the name. As good as it looks when the name is used to create the logo, the use of symbols would look extremely creative and intelligent to your customers. You can also use repetitive spellings or rhyming words and alternate words to make them sound impressive and audibly intriguing. Brainstorm yourself for all the words that you can have puns with pun intended.

Use your favorite movie or series as an inspiration

Everyone has a movie or book they are attached to. Use that book or movie of your liking to name your restaurant. In fact, if you still haven’t finalized the interiors of your restaurant, you can base your theme on this very point. This would help a lot of areas. Other than bringing in all other fans in the area, it will serve in helping set the menu of the restaurant as well. You can use characters, phrases, or quotes from the book or movie for your dishes.

Make it regional

If you are too stressed to go through these processes, you can base the name according to your location. However, keep in mind that this step might be a little limiting for your business later, and you may have to go through the process of re-branding later. At the same time, this makes it easy for your customers to know and remember where you are situated at.

Try making a name through your sense of humor

If you are good at making people laugh, you can use that skill to impress your customers. To be able to make people are known to be very difficult, and therefore, not everyone has a good sense of humor. For your burger restaurant, you can use a food joke or pun to name it. You can take a phrase related to burgers, turn it into something funny, and make the best use of it with your humor. Having a funny name will make your customers feel good about your restaurant where they can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Portray emotions in the name of your restaurant

Before you finalize the name, ask yourself this question. Does it match the purpose of my business? Does it reflect what my restaurant is about? If not, put that name in the bin and do not go back to it. Like anything, it is more than important to make what you are about and yourself clear through words. In this case, the words will act as your name and justify the meaning of your restaurant.

Complications are NOT the way

It is never a good idea to not go for simple things and choose too complex things over. It is not always necessary to choose what is very complex; it does not make you sound more intellectual. Too complicated would make customers lose interest before they can check out your restaurant. Would you like it if the processes of opening your restaurant get complicated/ no, right? Similarly, it is good to choose simplicity over complexity.


If you liked this article, do share it among your close ones without fail who will be involved in your burger restaurant business. We hope that you can find the perfect name that you have been looking for in the lists we have provided in this article, and if not, the points we mentioned helped. Thank you so much for considering our article.

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