480+ Fantasy Village Names Ideas and Suggestions

Are you searching for some fantastic and captivating Fantasy Village names to make your stories more interesting? Give this article a read, as this article contains all the information you need to have before naming your fantasy village. In this article, we will talk about how to call a fantasy village. We have put together the best possible names for your fantasy village that will glue your readers to your stories.

Before you start naming your fantasy village, you should know what it means and why it is important? A fantasy village is a place that you may include in your story that makes it somewhat illogical and unrealistic but at the same time is perceived as remarkable and spectacular. Fantasy villages have all the elements that make your readers wish it was real and they could live in a world like that. The motive of creating a fantasy village is to draw the attention of your readers; In today’s world, people are a sucker for anything that is unrealistic and phenomenal because the real world fails to amaze or surprise us and is a bit too harsh on us. Thus anything that gives us a taste of the world we want to live in mesmerizes us. The fantasy village in your story will increase the imaginative capability of children and give them a reason to put the mobile aside and read your stories. A fantasy village is an ideal place for people to live in. Thus readers subconsciously get attracted to stories that include a fantasy village or land as if we are being honest, everyone wants to live in a world that is devoid of malice and filled with joyous moments.

Naming a fantasy village can be difficult. It would help if you had a very creative mind. You know your readers. You know what kind of a world they want to live in. Name your fantasy village accordingly. Maintain your individuality while you do that. The name should be original; if you copy the name of your fantasy village from existing stories, your readers will not be able to differentiate your story, which is bound to have a negative impact on your growth and reach. Let’s read the names of fantasy villages that we have put together, especially for you, without wasting any more time. This will help you choose a suitable name for your village.

Fantasy Village Name Ideas

  • Romsickle
  • Cardamom Land
  • Aroon Island
  • Ariel
  • Iron World
  • Kilsmen
  • Chep Town
  • Gillaa Moon
  • Low Land
  • Moon City
  • Far From Home
  • Moon Island
  • Azkaban
  • Aronlee
  • Never Land
  • Lhanbridge
  • Edinplace
  • Swan Lake
  • Harnness
  • Frong World
  • Daven Tree
  • Wonderland
  • Pitmerensin
  • Ruby World
  • Aber Tesla
  • Amber

Catchy Fantasy Village Names

  • Potter Lane
  • Kendra Place
  • Rose World
  • Roose Town
  • Hello World
  • Glowing City
  • Light Village
  • Lotus Land
  • Lotus World
  • Holy Land
  • World Of Fairies
  • World Of Dragons
  • Fairy Land
  • Island Of Death
  • War And Peace
  • Black Swan Village
  • Island Of Promises
  • Country Of Whales
  • The Turtle World
  • The Damsel World
  • Orchid Land
  • Lillies And More
  • The Place Of Pigeons
  • Land Of Pegasus
  • Money World

Best Fantasy Village Names

  • Pie World
  • Land Of Fire
  • Together
  • Linda Island
  • Waterloo
  • Space Delta
  • The Marygold
  • Goblins And Fairies
  • The Land Of Goblins
  • Tomorrowland
  • Stone World
  • The Bookland
  • The World Of Libraries
  • The Country Of Rivers
  • The Rose Square
  • The Orchad
  • The Orchid
  • The Rooseworld
  • Country Of Magic
  • The World Of Darkness
  • The Timtim Land
  • Dwarf World
  • The Small Island
  • The Yellow Village
  • The Black Waters

Cool Fantasy Village Names

  • The Swedish Town
  • The Strawberry World
  • The Land Of Chocolates
  • Tiversing
  • The Land Of Berries
  • Tortoise Sqaure
  • Gregarious
  • The Greg World
  • Kitchen Island
  • The Cookery
  • Holy Place
  • Holy City
  • The Orchid Farms
  • The World Of Wolves
  • The Dairy World
  • The Country Of Dungeons
  • The Lich World
  • The Promising Isnland
  • The Land Of Water
  • The Island Of Blues
  • Alska Village
  • The Atlas World
  • The World Of Chimpanzee
  • The Orangutan Place
  • The Monkey World

Creative Fantasy World Names

  • Hekper
  • Helper’s Town
  • Wringardium
  • Kingdom Fly
  • Storm Land
  • Weather World
  • The Pegasus Island
  • The Country Of Roses
  • Daisy World
  • Azalea
  • Iris World
  • Asters
  • Daffodil Land
  • Lavender Place
  • Jasmine Valley
  • Marigold Metal
  • Violet
  • Zinna
  • Primrose Merry
  • Butter World
  • Lilac Island
  • Green Gardens
  • Amaryllis
  • Sweet World
  • Soup Merry
  • Edunville

Fantasy World Name Ideas

  • Clove Land
  • Iris Palace
  • The Heavens
  • The Ross Island
  • The Rose Valley
  • The Orange Pie
  • Purple
  • Ratering
  • Indigo World
  • The Aries
  • Adrein
  • Sindravalley
  • Violet Blues
  • The Sinclair
  • Sycorax
  • Rising Place
  • Realaries
  • Sky
  • Gray World
  • Lights And Lamps
  • Twinkling
  • Twinkerland
  • Tinkerland
  • Jade
  • The World Of Mahogany

Catchy Fantasy World Names

  • Wolkshore
  • Heinsland
  • Hinder World
  • Azyzytyu
  • The Land Of Will
  • Kietner
  • The World Of Ice
  • Ice Land
  • Realisry
  • Thairis
  • Irina
  • Fire And Will
  • The World Of Goblins
  • Dobbytown
  • Hedgehog
  • Irishyu
  • The Green Land
  • Tities
  • Titanium
  • Titan
  • World Of Snow
  • Smog
  • Smogland
  • Smogworld
  • Fragileland
  • Fruitsworld
  • Pear Land

Awesome Fantasy World Names

  • Trout Place
  • Lakeshore Island
  • Giava World
  • Guava
  • The World Of Dust
  • Dusthaven
  • Hakunamatata
  • Havens
  • Roars
  • Dweshaven
  • Hostplace
  • Edinheighs
  • Irantitis
  • Popoland
  • Bobo World
  • Purbleplace
  • Irtydret
  • The Red World
  • Titihty
  • The Rears
  • Itahgyop
  • Palace Of Snow
  • Snow World
  • Irantydurt
  • Yogurt World

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How To Find A Suitable Name For Your Fantasy Village

Sometimes you know what to write about in your story and what kind of fantasy village you want to include in your story but you are confused about how to select a name for your fantasy village. We are here to help you, so without wasting any more time let’s dig into the process.

Select Names That Are Short

While naming your fantasy village, always keep in mind that the name you choose should be short and brief, and it should be the most authentic version of what your fantasy village depicts. If you use very big and heavy names, it will confuse your readers. The name should be such that your readers are able to remember it. They are able to associate with things related to fantasy. Name it in such a way that your readers are awed after hearing the name and have to go through the entire story just to know what the fantasy village.

Keep in mind that your readers will read your story only when the name you choose seems appealing and understanding. Do not include unnecessary letters that confuse your readers. Your readers will read your stories only when the name you use is short so that they can easily remember it and appealing enough to catch their attention. Keep in mind that all of your readers are not accustomed to very heavy English words, thus using short and understandable words even by laymen.

Use Names That Are Original

Be very specific with the name you choose. It should be original and always maintain your individuality while naming your fantasy village. If you choose to name your fantasy village after some pre-existing fantasy village, it will have a negative impact on your reach. If people are not able to differentiate your fantasy village, why will they read about it? People are always attracted to something that is novel. Make sure the name you choose is your original.

Select Names That Are Easily Pronounceable

Keep your reader’s vocabulary in mind before you name your fantasy village. People will only be able to remember the name of your fantasy village when you name it with words that are easily pronounceable. You will not sit beside your readers with a dictionary every time they read your stories. Thus, use easily pronounceable names, names that leave an impact, and are easy to remember if you want to attract your readers’ attention. Avoid using words with heavy meanings and act as a tongue twister.

Do A Research About The Names of Fantasy Villages

Before you name your fantasy village, do a quick research on the names of existing fantasy villages and how the readers of the world perceive them. Use a subtle name and be perceived well by your readers. Avoid using names that already exist, as it will negatively affect your growth. Use names that are suitable so that people can connect the name you choose to give to your fantasy village to the elements of your fantasy village. Doing quick research is important as it will help you understand how you are supposed to stand out.

Embrace The Help Your Readers Provide

Letting your readers help you is always considered one of the best things. Social media is such a platform that connects people from opposite ends of the world. You can put up polls on your social media account and let your readers choose a name for your fantasy village. Keep yourself open to others’ judgment and opinions. Your readers are your ultimate advertisers. Thus taking their help is always very profitable. Your family and friends can also help you decide what name suits your fantasy village.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and this was able to help you pick a perfect name for your fantasy village. This article has all the information you need to have before you name your fantasy village. We hope you remain optimistic in your approach. All you need is a determination to attract your readers. Naming a fantasy village can be difficult as the name determines its popularity among the readers but do not strain yourself. We have got your back.

If you enjoyed reading this article, make sure you share this with your friends and family and people confused about naming their fantasy village. We will come back with more such interesting topics. Goodbye!

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