446 Japanese Restaurant Names Ideas and Suggestions

Are you here for some ideas to help you establish your own Japanese restaurant? Well, you have rightly come to the appropriate place for it. In this article, we will give you a lot of ideas that will help you build your own ideas or mix and match them according to your choice. In order to get a name for your Japanese restaurant, you don’t need to get yourself too worked up as we are here to help you solve this problem for you.

Restaurant setup takes a lot of effort and works to be covered, so it has already become hectic for you as an entrepreneur to think about the creative aspect of naming it suitably. There are a bunch of many other factors for you to consider when jotting down prospective names for the restaurant. Try to get hold of all the factors that might influence the name and the brand image that you want to create for the restaurant.

A Japanese restaurant means a place where there will be East Asian cuisines present for the visitors so that their experience is worthwhile. You must create a distinct vibe of the area that will match that of the cooking. East Asian countries mainly serve their staple food with certain variations and seasonings that are in high demand worldwide.

Sushi and ramen are among the most common ones that are highly popular these days, even though many other items in the Japanese cuisines could be brought to light through your restaurant. In order to make the place at par with the people’s expectations, you need to do exhaustive research on what to present in the menu and serve at a competitive price with utmost satisfaction. Even though these factors could be managed and improved with time, it is the name of your Japanese cuisine restaurant that will be catching people’s attention at first.

To make your first impression count, here we are with some excellent, catchy, innovative, best, creative, latest, unique, and great restaurant names that could help you land that perfect restaurant name.

Best Japanese Restaurant Name Ideas

These are collections of the best Japanese restaurant names and name ideas.

  • The Sushi Lantern
  • Connection Sake Place
  • Grill & Fire
  • Fancy Ramen Day
  • Blue Seafood Hub
  • Clove Health Bar
  • Red Japan Here
  • Little Yum Yum
  • The Japanese Hut
  • The Crab & Miso
  • Food For Ninjas
  • Fish & Grill Lounge
  • Japan Picnic Place
  • Club Grill Ramen’s
  • Three Power Soups
  • The Sea Weed Restaurant
  • Ninja Crab House
  • Dragon Ball Foods
  • The Lucky Sushi
  • Japanese Roll Treat
  • All Foodies Japan
  • Gen New Osaka
  • Neo Eat’s Zen
  • Judo Special Joint
  • Teriyaki & Japan

Catchy Names For Japanese Restaurant

These are catchy and unique Japanese restaurant name ideas.

  • Dragon Fire & Sushi
  • Bring Japan Home
  • Japanese Special Gohan
  • Taste Tatami Place
  • Big Bento Palace
  • Rolls & Colors
  • East Asian Paradise
  • Samurai Food Specials
  • Lucky Fish Sushi
  • Great Out Bento’s
  • Every Day Japanese
  • Health & Sushi
  • All Manga Eatery
  • Grand Ride Japan
  • Tashida Pearl House
  • Ocean & Food
  • Tokyo Eat Rolls
  • Yoko Steak Place
  • Nippon Sushi Hut
  • Sakura Place Eatery
  • Karaoke & Sushi
  • Senpai’s Favorite Hub
  • Anime With Food
  • Love From Tokyo
  • The Sushi Door

Cute Japanese Restaurant Names

Here we collect these collections of cute names for Japanese restaurants.

  • Ninja Great Food
  • Sake & Grill
  • The Japanese Brunch
  • Lunch & Sakura
  • Tokyo Treats All
  • Ichibun Sushi Store
  • Sunset From Japan
  • The Kawaii Tavern
  • Café Japanese Special
  • Mochi With Anime
  • Little Japan Eatery
  • Bamboo Soups & More
  • Home Land Ramen
  • Kimono & Eats
  • Otaku Japan Day
  • Tokyo For All
  • Dream Kawaii Hut
  • Mochi & Tofus
  • Great Udon Noodles
  • Sun Down Japan
  • Miso Food Place
  • The Sushi Karaoke
  • Sakura Petals Hub
  • Fish Grill Palace
  • Sushi Star Hut

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Best Sushi Restaurant Names

Here are some best and most unique sushi restaurant name ideas.

  • Japan’s Paradise
  • Sushi Moto Rolls
  • Otaku Day Eatery
  • The Ramen Lounge
  • East Asian Hut
  • Hello Japan!
  • Star Staple Tokyo
  • Sushi The Best
  • All Wasabi Joint
  • Fuji Eatery Place
  • Bonsai Hut Kitchen
  • Chilli & Udon’s
  • Hanabi Grill Place
  • Lotus King Eatery
  • Emerald Best Sushi
  • Kyoto Japnese Joint
  • Thekitchen Grill
  • Chic Pond 25
  • Emperor Tokyo House
  • The Monkey Isles
  • Ship Wave Samurai
  • Diet & Miso
  • Dojo Food Grills
  • Roll & Sushi Hut
  • Lion Fish Kindgom

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Creative Japanese Restaurant Name Ideas

Here are some collections of creative name ideas for Japanese restaurants.

  • Fuji Teppan Restaurant
  • Haru Roll Best
  • Taku Culture Eatery
  • Kamikaze Sushi House
  • Teriyaki & Japan
  • Tanuka Eat Day
  • Japan Culture Food
  • The Yakitoro Yaki
  • Katsu Manga Eatery
  • Tokyo Special Restaurant
  • Authentic Sakura Place
  • Food & Sake Hut
  • Chop Sticks Japan
  • Wasabi Palace Fuji
  • Bring Tokyo Hut
  • Chef Special Japan
  • Sushi Roll Master
  • Japanese Expert Place
  • Yum Bar Grill
  • Delicious Sushi Palace
  • Dream All Udon
  • Sushi Cut Rolls
  • Bistro From Japan
  • Miss Japan Eatery
  • Prince Choice Wasabi

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Ramen Shop Names

Here are some collections of creative and unique names for ramen shops.

  • Crazy Ramen Place
  • Flying Fuji Rolls
  • Dragon Grill Ramens
  • Manga With Sushi
  • Mount Fuji Specials
  • Spicy Tuna Surprise
  • Shrimp & Surprise
  • Drool Roll Japan
  • Hot & Spicy
  • Sea Food House
  • All About Tokyo
  • The Sushi Diner
  • Dragon Hot Sushi
  • Mount Wasabi Palace
  • Beach & Sushi
  • Real Hot Grill
  • Ramen From Tokyo
  • Life With Sushi
  • Fishing Hut Udon
  • Kimchi Kitchen Place
  • Kyoto Curry Eatery
  • Tofu Must Hub
  • The Potato Chopsticks
  • Crab More House
  • Chicken Soup Fuji

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Amazing Japanese Food Truck Names

Here are some amazing and cool Japanese food truck name ideas.

  • Pink Sakura Palace
  • Piranha & Soups
  • Rice Noodles & More
  • Green Fire Hut
  • Dragon Gang Eatery
  • Japanese Rice Bowl’s
  • Might Tokyo Treats
  • Zen Rolls Hut
  • Curly Ramen Stop
  • Lucky Udon Place
  • Sushi Bar & Grill
  • Hana Mocha More
  • Roll Café Ramen
  • Spice Dragon Foods
  • The Joint Bamboo
  • Sushi & Sake Hut
  • Soup Meat Bowls
  • Bento Wok Toss
  • Noodles Great Café
  • River Side Japan
  • Happy Hour Tokyo
  • The Slurp Noodles
  • Delish Fuji Store
  • Drippin Hot Ramen
  • Soup Taste Joint

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Funny Japanese Restaurant Names

Here we collect these collections of funny Japanese restaurant names and name ideas.

  • Its Noodle Time
  • Vibe With Hana
  • Gourmet Japan Hut
  • Ramen Grill Specials
  • Oriental East Asian
  • Tokyo Eat Nights
  • Samurai Slurp Place
  • Smell Sakura Eatery
  • The Fuji Fastfood’s
  • Miso Hot Hut
  • Express Heat Tokyo
  • Up Town Sushi
  • The Ramen Box
  • Roll & Fusion
  • Japan Stop Joint
  • Spicy Yum Food
  • Fun At Fuji
  • Dreamy Tokyo Nights
  • Fast Bowl Wasabi
  • Sushi Fuji Dining
  • Sashimi Lounge Place
  • Japan Temple Food
  • Teryaki Place Day
  • Ramen Slurpy Garden
  • Cha Cha Kitchen

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How To Name Your Japanese Restaurant

What do you think people look at first before visiting a restaurant? Yes, obviously, it is the name of the restaurant that I s encountered at first by the people who might become your potential visitors if you are successful in grabbing their attention correctly. Well, maybe there are so many restaurants serving the same types of items, but you need to make sure that people choose your restaurant at one glance.

To get your restaurant naming strategies at their best, you must know how to name your restaurant remarkably and apple those aptly to achieve the results that you are looking for. Although you will be finalizing the name, we are here to provide you with some significant pointers that you cannot fail to overlook. These points will help you identify the aspects apart from just creative and inspiring ideas.

Let’s get started with the tips that we have created for your sake without any further ado.

Get Some Sound Suggestions From Your Japanese Friends

When you are running a business, you are trying to satisfy the need of the consumer or customers, and there are so many types of people who will be visiting your restaurant. Even though it’s impossible to think like everyone else, it is possible to gather a few responses here and there to improve the outcome you are trying to get out of your choice. This factor applies to your Japanese restaurant’s name, so different people around you can review the options you are jotting to provide some quality suggestions on it.

The reviews must be a combination coming from common people who are prospective visitors and also from experts working in the industry. Different perspectives will allow you to improve your choices, making them better.

Finding Words Which Are Related

As you are opening a Japanese restaurant, people interested in Japanese cuisine or who like to experiment with it are likely to find your restaurant and get to know about it if the name seems striking to them at first. To make your restaurant name striking enough to be noticed it is imperative that you use words that are relevant to your cuisine.

The vibe or the feel of the cuisines can only be emitted if different words are taken from the cuisines themselves or closely related. Japanese word with a blend of modern words could be a perfect combination to make people aware of your restaurant’s cuisine. Search for words related to Japanese culture and food that are likely to give a vibe about the place.

Choose Simple And Unique Words

Which restaurant names do you think you remember healthy? Yes, the ones with a simple and distinctive name are often noticed and placed better. Usage of complex or complicated words will make it difficult for people to pronounce or remember them. If a restaurant’s name doesn’t resonate with the people, it will not be remembered or even noticed.

Try to think of simple words or names that sound impressively distinct and unique. A distinct name will help you get a head start as people will notice it better. The simplicity and different vibe give people some connected feelings towards the restaurant, which would be crucial for retaining customers.

Get To Know The Japanese Food Industry

The industry you will be working in will help you decide your restaurant name in a quite effective way. The food industry has so much to learn about that it is imperative for you to know about East Asian restaurants when setting up your own Japanese special place.

The restaurants which are already running have gained experience that you as a newbie cannot get right away, so try to note the details from these restaurants to improve your services and quality. The food industry is based on visitors’ preferences, choices, and patterns. You need to know about the other operating Japanese restaurants to make the most out of it.

Final Words

Finally, we have concluded this article with high hopes that we were able to satisfy you with all the needs you were looking for here. When you are trying to set up a Japanese cuisine restaurant, you must get your basics right, and the first thing popping out in people’s minds is the restaurant’s name. Before you finalize that one name that you think is perfect, try to go through the list of names that we have provided you with so that it helps you expand your choices and variations.

We can only assume that you have liked the article since you have come this far with us, and we do hope that you will share it with your friends, family, and acquaintances who might also be interested in this. We wish you all the best wishes for your Japanese restaurant establishment ahead.

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