544 Leather Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

All the readers reading this article right now must have used leather at any point in their lives. It can be leather wallets, leather jackets, leather shoes, or anything else. So, it is obviously easy to understand that the leather industry is one of the most profitable and popular industries existing in the world.

Be it for confidence or to increase the fashion sense, leather is one of the most popular materials that are available in the world. But do not think that the leather industry existed recently. It dates back to hundreds if not thousands of years. As per research, leather has been in existence for over 300000 years. But the official formal industry has been from around 1100 CE. During the Industrial Revolution, the demand for leather was really high. In almost every apparel, leather was needed. Also, at this time, the manufacturers realized that it was not possible to produce more and more leather through manual labour. Therefore, machines were used.

Usually, animal hides are used to produce leather. Usually, the animals that are used for making the popular hides are- cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and so on. If you are wondering what exactly hides are, they are basically the waste generated from the food industry.

China, Brazil, Russia India are the top 4 leather producers in the world as per the statistics of the year 2015. By now, we hope that you can understand that the demand for leather is skyrocketing more and more. Therefore, since you have decided to establish a leather business, you have taken the right decision considering the fact that it will give you profits- provided you play smartly and efficiently. And for that, one thing that you must keep in mind is to have a catchy and creative name for your business. And that is exactly where we will help you. Read on this article to find an excellent name for your business. Don’t forget to read the tips and tricks after that.

Leather Business Names

These are collections of best leather business name ideas.

  • Made In Leather
  • 100% Leather
  • The Leather Place
  • Here Leathered
  • The Leather Stuff
  • Leather Licious
  • The Russian Leather
  • The Luxurious Leather
  • The Leather Stitch
  • The Leather Crafts
  • World Class Leather
  • Peaky Leathers
  • The Leather Emporium
  • Mr Leathered
  • Miss His Leathered
  • The Leather Emporium
  • CEO Your Leather
  • The Urban Road Or Leather
  • The Leather Transport
  • The Leather Commodity
  • Leather Prime
  • World Of Leather
  • Leather And Me
  • Leather And You
  • The Leather Boy
  • Leather Baby
  • World Class Leather

Cool Leather Business Names

Here we collect these collections of cool names for leather business/brand.

  • Buy A Leather
  • Leather Meets Company
  • Fresh Leather Made
  • Where Leathered
  • Best Leather
  • Full Of Leather
  • Leather Silver
  • Hide And Seek
  • Leather Knowledge
  • Language Of Leather
  • The Leather Sociology
  • Law Of Leather
  • The Leather Earth
  • The Leather Environment
  • The Leather Continent
  • The Leather Palace
  • All About Leather
  • The Leather Handicrafts
  • Crafted Out Of Leather
  • The Leather Limited
  • Only Leather
  • Leather Last
  • Boho And Leather
  • Finished Handicraft
  • Leather Store
  • Leather Leather
  • Twinkle Twinkle Leather Start

Leather Business Name Ideas

Here we collect these collections of best and unique leather business names and name ideas.

  • The Leather Hub
  • Well Leather Meets Wood
  • The Cowboy
  • Meet The Boy
  • Doctor Jekyll
  • Doctor Jekyll And Hyde
  • Leather Blueberry
  • The Leather Apple
  • The Leather Gucci
  • The Leather Factory
  • Find Me A Leather
  • Let’s Buy Leather
  • The Leather King
  • The Leather Skin
  • From Crocodile
  • The Leather Dual
  • The Leather Door
  • Harry Potter As They Leathered Stone
  • Full Of Leather
  • The Leather Law
  • The Leather Powered
  • No Way Leather
  • Leather Friends
  • Only For You
  • Only For Him
  • Only For Her
  • The Peak Burst
  • Fresh Ordered
  • The Urban Leather
  • The Rural Leather
  • For You
  • World Class Match
  • Looks Good
  • Suits You
  • Only For Heard
  • Impress Him
  • Impress Her
  • The Leather Berry
  • At The Luggage Parlour
  • The Leather Luggage
  • Cows Kid Corner
  • Catch The Leather

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Leather Brand Names

Here are some cool and catchy leather brand names and name ideas.

  • Catchy Leather
  • USA Leather
  • Looks Good
  • Find In The Leather
  • Leather In Russia
  • The Story Of Leather
  • Carefully Crafted
  • The Leather Liberals
  • The Leather Lobster
  • World Class Material
  • The Leather Emporium
  • Worth The Start
  • Best Leather
  • Find The Leather
  • Buy A Leather
  • You Will Not Regret It
  • Leather Serena The Leather
  • Queen
  • The Leather Princess
  • The Leather Republic
  • It’s Here!
  • The Dapper Cowboy
  • The Leather Republic
  • The Cool Leather
  • Its Available
  • Tag And Leather
  • The Leather Clothes
  • The Leather Footwear
  • The Leather Language
  • Coming Soon
  • The Leather Publishers
  • The Leather Sociology
  • The Leather Contract
  • The Tale Of Leather
  • Mr Leather
  • Trust Us
  • Trust The Leather
  • Trust The Tan

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Leather Shop Names

These are collections of leather shop names and leather business name ideas.

  • The Leather Hub
  • Fully Embossed
  • The Leather Generator
  • Only Leather
  • What Do You Want?
  • Hide And Leather
  • Hide And Seek
  • Love For Leather
  • I Love Leather
  • Crazy For Leather
  • The Leather Garments
  • The Cow Hide
  • The Trusted Can
  • The Leather Mat
  • The Leather Recyclers
  • Can Send Glaze
  • The Shiny Leathers
  • The Distilled Leather
  • Style Of Leather
  • Its Embossed
  • The Leather Shock
  • Looks Good
  • Only Leather
  • Leather Is The Best
  • Only For Rockstar
  • The Beauty Of Leather
  • The Black Beauty
  • The Black Spider Woman
  • The Spiderman
  • The Black Widow
  • Wonders Of Leather
  • The Burnished Beauty
  • Leather And Rock
  • The Leather Footwear
  • Embossed Add Upholstered
  • The Creation Of Leather

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Best Leather Company Names

Here are some unique and best name ideas for leather business/company.

  • Trim The Leather
  • The Leather Cardigan
  • World Of Leather
  • The Silent Leather
  • Midnight Leather
  • The Fault In Our Leather
  • The Leather Twilight
  • Sherlock Holmes And Leather
  • The Modern Leather History
  • The Law Of Leather
  • The Leather Creations
  • The Black Beauty
  • Recycle Emporium
  • The Leather Creations
  • Analysis Of Leather
  • The Leather Sadist
  • The Leather Company
  • Buy Me A Leather
  • Leather Is The Best Gift
  • Saddleback Leather
  • The Tan Emporium
  • Leathers And Tanners
  • We Are The Best
  • The Leather World
  • World Class Leather
  • Craft And Load
  • Only For You
  • The Perfect Leather
  • The Leather Palace
  • Fantastic Leather Beasts
  • The Leather Crafts
  • Love For Leather Tanner Style
  • Only Card Over
  • Full Of Leather
  • The Greek Leather
  • Leather Is The Best
  • The Leather Policy
  • The Leather News
  • The Distilled Leather
  • The Leather Or A
  • Hide And Seek

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Unique Leather Business Names

Here are some best and unique leather business names and name ideas.

  • The Weather Leathered
  • The Stylish You
  • The Active Leather
  • The Fantastic Leather Beasts
  • Harry Potter And Leather
  • Hey Third And Leather
  • Weather And Leather
  • Miss Leather
  • Lay On Leather
  • Leather Pleasure
  • The Leather Lady
  • Love For Leather
  • Gallery Of Leather
  • The Leather Gallery
  • The Leather Chicken
  • The Gems Of Leather
  • Full Of Treasure
  • The Leather Treasure
  • Only The Vintage
  • The Vintage Emporium
  • Deep Leather
  • The Leather Accessories
  • The Personalise Leather
  • The Fine Leather
  • The Leather Responsibilities
  • We Love Leather
  • The Leather Class
  • Dot For Everybody
  • Only The Classy

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Creative Leather Company Name Ideas

Here we collect these collections of creative names for leather shop/business.

  • You Are Tagged
  • The Leather Is The Best
  • The Leather Piece
  • The Kingstar Company
  • The Leather Patient
  • Crazy For Leather
  • The Leather Law
  • The Leather Contract
  • The Leather Language
  • Hide And Seek
  • The Royal Apparel
  • Only For You
  • The Branded Leather
  • Work Of Leather
  • The Leather Institution
  • Knowledge Of Leather
  • The Leather Association
  • I Love Leather
  • High Quality
  • Excellent Tanners
  • The Leather Parlour
  • Cake Of Leathers
  • That Add Hub
  • The Delicious Leather
  • Quality Tanners
  • Harvest The Weather
  • The Leather Ideal

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How To Select A Leather Business Name

The Name Should Be A Creative One And Related To The Business

It’s obvious, isn’t it? You are willing to make a name for a professional and profitable business like the leather business. Therefore, you have to create a perfect, active name so that the customers may notice the name of the business and be willing to pay a visit to the store. Of course, we are not demeaning that marketing skills and other stuff are not important for making profits in the business. But you must remember the fact that names prima facie are important too.

Therefore, start brainstorming and think about the words that are suitable as our name for the business. Make sure that the name has a direct and strong connection with the leather business itself. For that, you can use relatable words like “leather”, “hides”, “standards”, and so on. If you follow this tip, the name will definitely have a strong relationship with the business itself.

Feel free to create names based on it if you liked this tip. You can also check our name list given above.

Make A List of your Favorites

We do not want to panic within you but trust us making names for a professional business is not as easy as it sounds. But hey! Please do not get scared. If you are organized, fully motivated and follow these tips and tricks, you will ace it within an hour.

First of all, you have to be organized. And how will you be that? Well, by making a list! If you were thinking that you would be able to choose the perfect name for your business without making the list of names you prefer, you are wrong. Human beings tend to forget stuff, and that is why high chances are you will forget the names that you chose for your business within moments. Therefore, take the initiative. Take a pen and paper and write down whatever name you think will look good to your business. Also, this will help you to shortlist the names in the future. How will you do that? Find the tips below.

Secondly, be sure to be fully motivated. Unless you have full motivation and concentration, the high chances are that he will not be able to come up with the best name for your business.

Thirdly, be sure to have a considerable amount of time in your hand. Remember- success does not come within minutes. It takes time.

How To Shortlist Names?

Once you have written down the list of names that you think might look good to your business, you are ready to read this step. There are specific ways in which you can properly shortlist the names.

Firstly, make sure that the name is not horribly long. This is because long names are boring and unattractive. Make sure that the name is within two to three words.

Secondly, as we said before, put relatable words to the name. This will attract the customers and will help them understand what the business is about. Thirdly, make sure that the name is easy to remember and easy to pronounce. For that, we urge you not to put complex words in the name. Complex words are a big no for names for a professional business.

If you follow these little steps, we hope you will be able to find the perfect name for your business. You can check out the name list above for names based on these steps.

Remember To Take Feedback

The name you think maybe the best for your business might seem worse by another person. That is why it is absolutely necessary to take opinions regarding the name you chose for your business.

Find an honest critic who will give genuine reviews about the name you chose. Do not forget to ask him questions like – is the name giving a strong relationship with the business? Is the name too long? Does the name have complex words? Is the name trendy? Is the name creative? And so on.

Also, make sure to make the critic understand why you chose a certain name. Take some time, sit with that person, and help him understand the real reason why you chose it.

Lastly, avoid taking feedback from your friends and family. This is because the high chances are that they will praise all the names you chose because they do not want you to get sad.

Do not get demotivated if the critic dislikes each and every name you choose. It’s always okay to start afresh.


We don’t know about you, but we love leather clothing personally- be it shoes, jackets, or anything else—all the best to you for deciding to create a leather business. You will ace it!

We hope that now we will be able to find the perfect name for your leather business. Did you love this article? If yes, please share it with your network. Thank you!

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