Sweetest Names That Mean Love [2024] Boy And Girl Baby Names Also

Names That Mean Love: Name that relates to love is a nice choice for a baby because it spread love and positivity. If you need some suggestions or ideas for Baby Names That Relate Love then you can easily find some names meaning love from here. Because here we provide some best collections of baby names meaning love, Here we collect these names from different sources, That you can easily find some sweet and lovely names from this article.

Finding the right type of name for your baby is not an easy task. Because choosing a perfect and lovely name for your baby is very important. So then you need some ideas and a list that you can get some lovely and Sweetest Names That Mean Love. Here we provide some good names for your baby that mean love or heart.

You can easily find some Sweetest Names That Mean Love and their meaning also. You can easily pick a name from this list or you can also pick some ideas and suggestions and make your own type of name for your baby. So we hope you can easily find a name for your sweet and lovely baby. So let’s start…

Sweetest Names That Mean Love (For Boy)

  • Erasmus
    Meaning: Greek name for desired; beloved
  • Connolley
    Meaning: In Ireland, this name connotes “love” and “friendship.”
  • Didier
    Meaning: French name for beloved; desired
  • Lennan
    Meaning: this Irish name translates to “lover.”
  • Desi
    Meaning: Spanish name for desired one
  • Carwyn
    Meaning: There’s a very dapper ring to this Welsh moniker meaning “fair love.”
  • Amatus
    Meaning: Roman name for beloved
  • Fenmore
    Meaning:enmore means “dear love”
  • David
    Meaning: Hebrew name for beloved
  • Leif
    Meaning:Meaning “loved” or “heir,”
  • Amado
    Meaning: Spanish name for loved
  • Cradoe
    Meaning: Love In Welsh
  • Darrell
    Meaning: English name for dear one; beloved
  • Chad
    Meaning:The Ethiopian meaning is “beloved”
  • Amor
    Meaning: Spanish name for love
  • Jeb
    Meaning:which means “beloved friend” in Hebrew.
  • Amato
    Meaning: Italian name for dearly loved; beloved
  • Dayson
    Meaning: Love in English
  • Hart
    From the word heart
  • Agapius
    Meaning:This means “divine love” in Latin
  • Amias
    Meaning: Latin name for loved
  • Wilmer
    Meaning:Love In Teutonic
  • Aziz
    Meaning:A heart-warming name in Arabic meaning “beloved”.
  • Dariel
    Meaning: English name for loved one; open
  • Aiko
    Meaning: It means “the little loved one” in Japanese
  • Lowell
    Meaning: English/French
  • Amadeus
    Meaning: Latin name for lover of God
  • Anwil
    Meaning:A baby boy name with Welsh origin it means “beloved
  • Aziz
    Meaning: Arabic name for powerful, respected, beloved
  • Janan
    Meaning: Arabic name for heart; soul
  • Caradoc
    Meaning: It means “amicable”
  • Corwin
    Meaning: English name for friend of the hart
  • Caradoc
    Meaning: Welsh name for amiable; affection
  • Eldad
    Meaning:This is a name with Hebrew origin and means “love of God”.
  • Conor
    Meaning: Irish name for lover of wolves; lover of hounds
  • Dilan
    Meaning:This has Turkish origin and means “beloved”.
  • Connelly
    Meaning: Irish name for love; friendshi
  • Jedediah
    Meaning: Hebrew name for beloved of the Lord
  • Carwyn
    Meaning: Welsh name for blessed love
  • Lennan/Lennon
    Meaning: Gaelic name for lover; sweetheart
  • Jeb
    Meaning:it means “beloved friend”
  • Chaviv
    Meaning: Hebrew name for loved one
  • Milos
    Meaning: Slavic name for beloved
  • Valentin
    Meaning: Latin name for healthy; strong; St. Valentine
  • Medad
    Meaning:A Hebrew baby boy name which means “love”
  • Obi
    Meaning: African name for heart
  • Gerwyn
    Meaning:it means “fair love”
  • Prem
    Meaning:A name of Indian origin which means “love”
  • Philip
    Meaning: Greek name for lover of horses
  • Theophilus
    Meaning:This name has Greek origin and means “friend of God”.
  • Sajan
    Meaning: Hindi name for beloved
  • Fenmore
    Meaning:Meaning, “dear love”.
  • Lev
    Meaning: Hebrew name for heart

Lovely Names That Mean Love (For Girls)

  • Aiko
    Meaning: “the little-loved one” In Japanese
  • Ahava
    Meaning: Love In Hebrew
  • Amorette
    Meaning:“little love” In French
  • Adelpha
    Meaning: Beloved Sister In Greek
  • Amada
    Meaning: Spanish Name for Loved
  • Aziza
    Meaning: Powerful, respected, beloved In Arabic
  • Amala
    Meaning: Arabic name for beloved; bird
  • Amadea
    Meaning: Latin name for God’s beloved
  • Kalila
    Meaning: The stylish Arabic name means ‘dearly loved’
  • Amia
    Meaning: Dearly loved; beloved In French
  • Aphrodite
    Meaning: Aphrodite, as we all know, is the Greek goddess of love
  • Amy/Aimee
    Meaning: French name for beloved
  • Darlene
    Meaning: It means ‘tenderly loved
  • Amata
    Meaning: French, Latin, Spanish name for beloved; lovable
  • Vida
    Meaning: Vida is an elegant name meaning ‘dearly loved’
  • Amandine
    Meaning: Lovable In French
  • Dariela
    Meaning: English name for dear one; beloved
  • Priya
    Meaning: It means ‘the dear one’
  • Amata
    Meaning: French, Latin, Spanish Name for beloved; lovable
  • Milada
    Meaning: The Czech name means ‘my love’
  • Davida
    Meaning: Hebrew name for beloved
  • Brisa
    Meaning: The name of the love interest of Achilles in Homer’s Iliad and in Greek mythology.
  • Esme
    Meaning: Esme is a sweet Persian name
  • Carys
    Meaning: Carys is a Welsh name meaning love
  • Ettie
    Meaning: Ettie is a variant of the name Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of love
  • Femi
    Meaning: Femi is a sweet Egyptian name, meaning ‘love
  • Esha
    Meaning: Sanskrit name for desired
  • Freya
    Meaning: It is a variant of the name Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and fertility.
  • Cariad
    Meaning: Welsh name for love
  • Grainne
    Meaning: Grainne is an Irish name meaning ‘charming love
  • Carwen
    Meaning: Welsh name for blessed love
  • Nayely
    Meaning: It is a Native American name meaning ‘I love you’
  • Cara/Carina
    Meaning: Latin name for cherished; beloved; pure
  • Imogen
    Meaning: Imogen is a Greek name meaning ‘beloved child’
  • Cher
    Meaning: French name for beloved
  • Lalasa
    Meaning: Lalasa means “the one who is peaceful and promotes love”
  • Caron
    Meaning: Welsh name for loving; kindhearted
  • Maitea
    Meaning: Maitea is a Spanish name meaning ‘love’
  • Cheryl/Cheri
    Meaning: English name for dear one; darling
  • Milena
    Meaning: Milena is a lovely name of Czech origin. It means ‘love, grace, and warmth’.
  • Cordelia
    Meaning: Latin; Celtic name for heart
  • Mina
    Meaning: Mina is one of the most popular baby girl names that mean love worldwide.
  • Imogen
    Meaning: Greek name for beloved child
  • Kalei
    Meaning: Hawaiian name for the beloved; flower wreath
  • Esme
    Meaning: With both French and Persian origins, Esme means “esteemed” and “beloved.
  • Freya
    Meaning: Norse goddess of love
  • Kerensa
    Meaning: Cornish name for love
  • Libi
    Meaning: Hebrew name for my heart
  • Luba
    Meaning: Ukrainian name for love
  • Mabli
    Meaning: Welsh name for lovable
  • Imogen
    Meaning:The Greeks sure know a lot about love. It’s an increasingly trendy, hipster-sounding name that means “beloved child.”
  • Kara
    Meaning: Cornish name for love
  • Maite
    Meaning: Basque name for love
  • Mila
    Meaning: Slavic name for dear; love
  • Ishtar
    Meaning:In Babylonian culture, Ishtar was the mother goddess of love, war and fertility.
  • Valentina
    Meaning: Latin name for healthy; strong; St. Valentine
  • Maitea
    Meaning: Spanish name for love
  • Prende
    Meaning: An Albanian name, it is what Venus means in Roman language, “goddess of love or beauty
  • Myrna
    Meaning: Gaelic name for beloved
  • Zelia
    Meaning: This is a baby girl name in Hebrew which means “zealous
  • Querida
    Meaning: Spanish name for beloved
  • Nayeli
    Meaning: It translates to “I love you.”
  • Yaretzi
    Meaning: Aztec name for you will always be loved
  • Laska
    Meaning: A sonorous Czech name which embodies “love” in itself and so befitting for the girl you love so much.
  • Paris
    from the city of love
  • Shirin
    Meaning: Shirin was the name of a Persian queen and means “sweet”
  • Suki
    Meaning: Japanese name for a loved one
  • Nazneen
    Meaning: A Farsi baby name that sounds exotic and has lovely meaning, “exquisitely beautiful”
  • Venus
    Meaning: loved one; beloved; Roman goddess of love, beauty, and spring

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