450 Painting Company Names Ideas and Suggestions

Painting Company Names: When you plan to start a company, one of the biggest challenges you face is to select a good and relevant name for it. Having the right name will give you good business and it will open a path for marketing in future as well. The name should be professional as well as catchy so that people can memorise it easily. After you become a market leader, it’s all about your brand’s name.

For painting companies, you can be as creative and descriptive as you want. It can be related to any colour, its beauty or funky shades. The name can be unique and modern or old style and aesthetic. Many people choose to keep their name as the name of the company and surprisingly, it has worked quite well.

Why A Company Name Is Important For Business

Before heading forward, let’s know that why is the name of any company important for their business? You must have seen people put a lot of focus and effort while choosing the name of their business. The name of your company will play a role in:

  • First impression with your customers
  • Give your business an identity
  • Easily memorised
  • Define a lot about your business

Before naming your painting company, make sure you know your market and target audience well. Your company will be known by its name. Here are lists of Painting Company Names Ideas and Suggestions and you can easily develop a company name or brand name by these name ideas.

Painting Company Names

  • Colour crew
  • Masterpiece perfection
  • Flooring system
  • Classy colours
  • Painted spaces
  • Royal shades
  • Paint springs
  • Colours perfection
  • Popular Art
  • Paint sketching
  • Practical paints
  • Classic canvas
  • Wall Sketching
  • Prime Paints
  • Painting fun
  • Ancient artistic wall
  • Coats of quality
  • Colour art
  • Exact edges painting
  • Art dealer
  • Spark ideas
  • Wall shop paint
  • The brush hour
  • Pure painters
  • Colour your home
  • Paint with a smile
  • Coat your home
  • Colourful envisions
  • Artistic association
  • The grey painters
  • Splash of colours
  • Have it with light colours
  • PaintRed Professional Painters
  • Freshly brewed paints
  • Mix up with colours
  • Shady colours club
  • Hangs and arts
  • Looks of colours
  • Groom painting
  •  Paint shed
  • Painting colours
  • Coordinating colours
  • Colourful corners
  • Craftsmen painting
  • Saint of colours
  • American quality paint
  • Colourful colours
  • Heavy painters
  • Power of paints
  • Lively life with paints
  • Arts and colours
  • Choose my brush
  • Paint your pride
  • Sparkling colours

Catchy Painting Company Names

Have you ever wondered why people look for catchy names for their company? It is because catchy names are remembered by people easily. If it is a creative name, it becomes easy for the company to market their brand to the audience. With a good tagline, catchy names are the best to have.

Want to give a catchy name to your painting company? Here’s a list of Catchy Painting Company Name Ideas:

  • Strokes of colours
  • True colours
  • Colours clove
  • Painting your world with brushes
  • Paint yourself red
  • Master piece
  • Colour magic
  • In a rush to brush
  • The coating company
  • Renew your walls
  • Painting walls
  • A stoke of colour perfection
  • 21st century walls
  • Hard times 
  • Paint buckets
  • Primary colours
  • Paints heart
  • Brush arts
  • Rocking arts
  • Painted lady
  • Funky wall painting
  • Vintage painting
  • Colour collection
  • Paint the town red
  • Painting professionals
  • PaintHouse
  • The classical room painters
  • The huge paint sail
  • Single paints
  • Portrait and masterpiece
  • Painting spot
  • Live your colours
  • Pearl painting
  • Mixed painting
  • Live with splashing colours
  • What’s your colour?
  • The paint parents
  • Comfort brothers
  • Pro paintings
  • LightCanvas
  • House home and colours
  • Paints and decorations
  • Santa colours
  • Painted hubs
  • Silver paints
  • House painters now
  • Work of painters
  • Paints & Tools
  • Timeless painting services
  • Pearl earning
  • Colour scheme
  • Can of colourful splash
  • Light your life paints
  • Prestige paint
  • Work of art painting
  • In full colour
  • Five start painting
  • In & Out painting services
  • A-1 perfection paints
  • Hardware and paints
  • King’s paint
  • Superior painting
  • Wildcast painting and decor
  • Saint of paint
  • Sheet group
  • The big picture colours
  • World painting springs
  • United colours
  • Splash around with paints

Painting Company Name Ideas

People are often confused about the name to give their company, store, start-up or organisation. Because a company name is a major aspect of business growth, people keep their name very wisely. Your audience needs to remember your company name whenever they need your service.

Looking for some names for your painting company? Confused on what name to choose for your painting company? We have got you covered.

  • 360 painting
  • Accent painting
  • Complete painting company
  • Crown paints and decor
  • Abstract artwork
  • Delta painting
  • House painter
  • Fine paints and decor
  • Painting in home
  • Paint green
  • Twist paints
  • Tasteful paints stones
  • Suite paints
  • Colour life
  • Proper paints
  • Masterpiece paints
  • Brush hour
  • Colour colony
  • Area painting
  • Comfort colour
  • Best painting
  • Art and colour museum
  • Precision paints
  • Absolute painting
  • Colour your room paints
  • Pure colour splash
  • Plain paints
  • Paint pot
  • Classic collection paints
  • Crowded camp colours
  • Mixed colour perfection
  • Colour inns
  • Metro colour mate
  • Clean finish sparkle
  • Three waves colours
  • First choice colours
  • Delta painting 
  • Clean paints
  • Colours for life
  • Quick splash paints
  • Collective colours rush
  • Colour and brush
  • Baker paints
  • The coating paints
  • Colour me bold paints
  • Modern painting
  • Crowded painting colours
  • The medieval artistry
  • Decorative paints
  • Impressive paints and decor
  • The fine paints
  • The fresh colour paints
  • Yellow canvas
  • Pure colour sketching
  • The Italian art 
  • The paint guru. 
  • Sipping n painting
  • Town painters
  • New life painting
  • Elegance painting and decor
  • Colour me mine
  • Accent painting
  • Pallet professional
  • Innovative painting

Professional Painting Company Names

Apart from catchy and attractive, the name should also be professional. Reasons for this are obvious. Making a place in the market is easier when you have a professional name. It helps you excel with your competitor as well.  So, keep your name professional, catchy, attractive and easy to pronounce.

If you are looking for some professional yet catchy painting company or business names, you have come to the right place. Here’s a list of hand-picked professional names for your painting company:

  • Paint it right
  • Colour line
  • Fine art pro
  • Rollers king
  • Benchmark painting and carpentry
  • Alexis paint
  • Custom finish and painting company
  • Pallet professional and Co.
  • WallFlora
  • Illumina Painting
  • Paint shed
  • 3rd generation paints and decor
  • Panda paintings
  • HeavyCanvas
  • Choose my new colours
  • Inspire ideas
  • Colour crew
  • Painted dreams on walls
  • Painter nest
  • Painted sets
  • Champion painting
  • Bombay paints
  • Colour wheel painting and contracts
  • European street paints
  • Fifty four paints
  • Glidden professional paints
  • Long painting company
  • Pro paint company
  • Phoenix decor and company
  • CreazyDream decor and paints
  • Integrated paintings
  • Flooring paints
  • Roller Kings    
  • Fine Art Pro    
  • Colour Line    
  • Stroke Pros   
  • Primitive Popularity    
  • Prowess Collective    
  • The Primitive   
  • Prior Painting Co    
  • Sipping n Painting 
  • Masterpiece Painting 

How To Name Your Painting Company (Tips & Tricks)

There’s not much stress in this. You can follow few guidelines and choose a bright name for your company. We have created a list of few tips to follow while deciding the name for your company that will be creative and attractive.

Try to use your own name for the company

Many business owners use their name or their surname as the name of their company. This makes it easy for the customer to remember the name of your company. If you have a very long name, you can use your surname or family name too. You have to come up with a unique name. Many companies combine the two names and come up with something new which unexpectedly turns out to be a huge brand name.

Keep the name meaningful so your audience can relate to it.

Review all the names that come to your mind

Take a sheet of paper and pen and jot down all the names that come to your mind. If you have asked for suggestions, write down those too. Even the names that you have rejected, write them all on the sheet of paper. After doing this, you can cut off the names that you don’t like and then select between the rest.  You can also combine two names and give make it a bright name.

When you have decided on a name, make sure you ask for reviews and opinions of other people. Talk to someone who is experienced in this field, your friends and family members or you can even do a random survey. Because a good company name is an asset for a company, it should be prominent by all means. 

Choose an attractive yet simple to spell name

Your company name should be unique and attractive to your target audience. But to make it different, don’t end up choosing a name that is difficult to spell. Keep it simple and attractive which is easy to pronounce. When you are naming a painting company, your keywords can be canvas, colours, portrait, artwork, shades, etc. 

You can even choose names that are cute and funny but they should have some meaning attached to it. Don’t just randomly select a meaningless word and make it the name of your company.

Check the name availability

Before finalizing your name, make sure that the name is available in the market and is not taken by someone else. Having a personal domain name is very important as it adds to the credibility of your business and makes your business look professional. 

Do proper research and make sure your name is unique and distinctive. If it’s taken by someone else you can fall into legal issues and can cause confusion in minds of people. 

Final Words

To sum up all this, names play a vital role in any business. These Painting Company Names are not the only list, you can provoke your creativity and choose a good name for your painting company. Because it is about a painting company, you have a lot of freedom to choose a colourful name. 

The above list of Painting Company Names Ideas can help you choose a good name for your company and may give you an idea to form a name for your company or business. Before using any name make sure to check whether it is available or not.

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