550+ Resale Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

Has your mind recently been occupied by the notion or idea of opening your very own resale store? If that’s the case, we are here to sort the names for your new venture that you are setting foot into. In this article, you will find a list of names, and we will also go a step ahead to mention the essential points you need to remember before you open your resale business.

With sustainability on the rage, thrifting and resale have been the first option for a business nowadays. Throughout social media, hundreds of stores have opened up for reselling products that have been used and are usually referred to as pre-loved. It is a great approach in order to stop fast fashion and maintain sustainability on the planet, especially when global warming and other climate changes are eating the world up.

To open a resale business, all one has to do is collect items that have already been used and then sell them at a reasonable price, preferably lower than the actual retail price because the item has been used by someone in the past already. This kind of business might not require as much amount of creativity and imagination as another kind of business, but you have to remember that you should be able to choose items that are likable for sale.

When you indulge in a resale business, you should know what consumers will be buying even though it is used and what they will not, mainly because it is used. If you opt for a fashion resale business, also known as thrifting, you must be able to choose fashion items that are in trend right now and accessories that people will buy. You should be able to support your small business through the help of your choice and business sense. Since the products you will be selling our old, you must sell them at a comparatively lower price that may be reasonable for people looking for a budget-locked fashion wardrobe.

Now that we have discussed the concept of reselling, let us now check out the names we have listed here for you:

Resale Business Names

These are some best and cool names for resale business.

  • Theme Reusable’s Store
  • All Thriftly Swiftly
  • Day Thrifting Zone
  • Smart Buyers Arena
  • Nancy’s Thrift House
  • Shop On Us
  • Bring Home Goodies
  • Buzz Shop Second
  • Shop Full Resales
  • Attic & Everything
  • Endless Thrift Stores
  • Twice Nice Shops
  • Way To Resales
  • Twice Closet Better
  • The Resale Emporium
  • Closet Proof Needs
  • Shop It Old
  • Friends In Need
  • Cheer Charity & Thrift
  • Vintage Pro Essentials
  • All Everyday Thrifting
  • Second Time Goodwill
  • Popular Style Community
  • Out Of Use
  • Revolve Style Thrifts
  • Second Aids Rescue
  • Make Way Users
  • The Restore Stop
  • More & More 2nd
  • Cross Roads Around

Catchy Names For Resale Business

Here are some cool and catchy resale business name ideas.

  • Broad Retro Stop
  • The Reuse Collections
  • Usuables For All
  • Gifted Price Store
  • All Day Wishes
  • The Giving Twice
  • The Everything Store
  • Hakunamatata Thrifts
  • Mission Reusables Store
  • Struck Out Shop
  • Make Way Thrifts
  • The Consignment Seconds
  • Thrift All Finds
  • Go Shopping Store
  • Make Better Use Inc
  • Stationeries On Reuse
  • All Day Thridts
  • Right Stuff Consignments
  • 2nd Round Shops
  • Finders The Keepers
  • Tech Thrifts Pro
  • The Endless Essentials
  • Fusin & More
  • Just Used & More
  • The Second Hand ‘S
  • Jewelers Resale Emporium
  • Street Style Reuser
  • Range Buzz Thrifts
  • Luck It Stores
  • The Helping Hands
  • Demand Thrift House
  • All Out Usables
  • Evolution Max Use

Amazing Resale Business Names

These are some good and amazing resale business names.

  • Small Wins Stop
  • The Twice Stars
  • Around The Deals
  • Place Experts Thrifts
  • Gospel Treasure Place
  • Own Thrifts Zone
  • Main Sale Thrifts
  • Look Alike Place
  • The All In All
  • Second Home Pals
  • Hook Attic Thrifts
  • Hopefull Living Stop
  • The Resale Market
  • Heart Close Antiques
  • Vintage Collection Hub
  • Resale King Store
  • Way Out Pioneers
  • Shoppe Depot Store
  • Everyone Thrifting
  • The Exchange Store
  • X Pro Resale
  • Again & Better
  • Prime Again Consignments
  • Gen Z Innovations
  • Good Day Sales
  • Around Shore Users
  • Light Resale Store
  • Archie Fashion Used
  • The Present Thrift
  • Good Will Stores
  • Good Finds Hub
  • Blessed Thrift Go
  • Two Way Trades
  • Take It Wish
  • League Of The Best
  • Your Own Solds
  • Amazing Resale Shop Names
  • God Given Prize
  • Right For You Shop
  • The For You
  • Triumph For All
  • View Find Collections
  • Angels Paradise Closet

Resale Shop Names

Here are some best and cool resale shop name ideas.

  • Charity Fashion Mart
  • More Use Community
  • Around Clothing 2nd
  • The Super Prime
  • Green Round Resusers
  • The Retro Sink
  • Hub Of The Thrifties
  • The Double Users
  • Stop By Twice
  • All Find Thrift
  • The Thrift Market
  • Sell House Infinity
  • Afford It All
  • Home Spirit Space
  • Renew Good’s All
  • Throw New Twice
  • Bless Hands Power
  • Thrifties Big Store
  • Quote Thrift Pro
  • All Better Sales
  • Funky Store Thrifts
  • Love Thrifts Prize
  • Value Price Consignments
  • Resale Best Shop
  • Top Tier Attic
  • Wise Choice Resales
  • Beautiful Home Way
  • Thrift Power Today
  • Resale Hold Hub
  • Shopify Usables All
  • Affordable’s In House
  • Royal Finds Store

Thrift Store Names

Here are some best and most unique thrift store names.

  • Second Hand Love
  • Bella’s Resale Shop
  • Wish Fulfill Shop
  • The Take All’s
  • Twice Power Users
  • Thrift House Specials
  • All Clothes Resale
  • Help Rise Shops
  • Antique Thrift House
  • Fabulous Thrift Consignments
  • Resold Hash Store
  • Unique Collectibles Store
  • Collections Power Store
  • Second Time Essentials
  • Go Pro Retro
  • Light Attic Store
  • Fashion Police Depot
  • Old Gold Rescuers
  • Make Room Closet
  • The Season Twice
  • Transfer Good Wills
  • Used Goods Stop
  • Team Specials Store
  • The Spotlight Changer
  • All In Hopefuls
  • Union Of Styles
  • Smart Buy Choices
  • Twice The More
  • The Ashley’s Restock
  • Own Consignments Hit
  • Good Aim Sales
  • Twisted Traditions Store
  • Fine Day Collectibles

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How To Name Your Resale Business

Try Including Words That Suggest That The Items Have Already Been Used

In a resale business, it is essential that you are consumers know that the items they will be buying for a price have already been used, and you should not be facing complaints later about the item not being new. Therefore, your business needs to make sure to consumers that the things you are selling are not new but old and used. Include words that suggest the word old or used in your name so that people can have an idea quickly. You can also develop a punch line for your business that suggests that the items you are selling are used.

You May Not Have To Use Your Creativity In Your Business But Definitely Use Your Creativity For The Name

In the business you are choosing, you do not have to use your creativity but mostly your business sense and trend sense to be able to select items that consumers might like. But that does not mean that you will not use your creativity for your name. Go ahead with using your imagination for the name and make it as impressive as possible so that when people stumble upon your name, they are bound to click on your page and check out the items you are selling.

Try Using Words Related To Resale In The Name

Another word for resale is thrifting. Similarly, there are other words that are usually related to resale and give off the impression that the items that are being sold are pre-loved. To come up with a name for your resale business, you have to get yourself in touch with words related to resale and use them in the name so that people are not confused about your business.

Use Words From The Dictionary Or From Apps That You Find Pretty

On an everyday basis, we usually encounter words that blow our minds with a unique factor, like how pretty the sound or how quirky they are. Go ahead with using these words that you can either find in the dictionary or an app such as Pinterest and Google with one search or inculcate these words into your name to sound equally pretty and creative.


If you like this article, do make sure to share it as much as possible, and we hope that you have found the name for your business. If you have any confusion regarding naming a resale business or you feel like we missed out on a point, then you can leave a comment below so that we can include the point and clear your confusion further.

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