Scottish Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Scottish Baby Girl Names: Are you looking for some Scottish Baby Girl Names? Then you are in the right place because here you can find some Cute Scottish Girl Names. Here we collect these names with their meaning that you can easily choose a name that suits your adorable girl.

As we know, the name is our identity, and it is essential for every human being. In this digital age, the name of flowers and nature is most popular. If you are becoming a new parent, it means that now you are going to face a challenge that relates to your child’s name. Don’t worry that we are here for you, and we will get you out of this challenge. Below you can find Scottish Baby Girl Names.

Before considering the names of Scottish girls, I will mention one fact about these names. All Scottish names are so fashionable that they will not change in the future. We hope these Scottish girl names will suit your adorable girl. I hope your search ends here and you will find your satisfactory name with its meaning.

Scottish Baby Names for Girls

  • Aileen

Meaning: The name has a powerful meaning, that mean  ‘giver of life.’ It gives your sweet daughter a distinct personality and beautifies her life.

  • Alana    

Meaning: This Gaelic name reflects the beauty of your beloved daughter. In addition, the name is modern and classy.

  • Albe      

Meaning: It is a small but eye-catching name. Girls with this name are usually responsible and steady with their achievements and decisions.

  • Amelia 

Meaning: The Scottish name is very influential for your adorable daughter; cute girls with such names are very dedicated and hard-working in their future.

  • Anabell 

Meaning: This name must have been heard by around your place. This name belongs to the problem solver and to maintain peace and harmony.

  • Arable  

Meaning: God blesses every child. It is your responsibility to choose a name that means ‘the angel or the messenger of the Almighty.’

  • Ava       

Meaning: It is a concise, sweet, and engaging name for beautiful girl. This name belongs to a bird, and it is a very trend name such as “Ava means ‘a bird.”

  • Beileag 

Meaning: When the baby comes into our life, that moment is unforgettable. As we know, childbirth is a blessing for parents, and thus this name is the perfect match for you, girl, as it means ‘promise of God.’

  • Blaire    

Meaning: This is the name that belongs to the battlefield, and it is a perfect match for your lovely girl. In this modern and competitive age, each person wants to mark their existence in the world.

  • Bluebell

Meaning: It is of Latin origin, and the floral name means ‘everlasting love and gratitude.’ It is a unique name in the given list and best suit for your baby girl

  • Bonie   

Meaning: It is a popular name that will undoubtedly suit your lovely daughter as it means a stunning, beautiful, and gorgeous girl.

  • Caitir     

Meaning: If you choose this name, it is one of those unique names that reflect a baby girl’s pure nature. You can choose this name for your beautiful daughter as it is eye-catching meaning and uniqueness.

  • Caitrin

Meaning: Girls with such a name are generally considered beautiful, skilled, beautiful, and pure souls who can appreciate anyone.

  • Camellia

Meaning: The girl by this name is very attractive, beautiful, pure, and admirable to society. These days these floral names appear in the top list.

  • Cora

Meaning: It is a delightful and short name and fits your baby girl well; A personality which means a young woman’. This name will keep your sweet daughter a modern and dynamic personality throughout her life.

  • Daviana               

Meaning: The name itself sounds very modern and sophisticated. It is believed that a girl with this name may soon win the hearts of those around her as it means who is everyone’s favorite.

  • Davita

Meaning: This Scottish name is quite eye-catching and memorable. This means that everyone will love and admire this name because of its beloved nature.

  • Davonna             

Meaning: It is the most fashionable of Scottish female names, meaning ‘ a leader’. Girls with these names are usually a ray of hope for many, and your daughter takes them on the right path.

  • Eara      

Meaning: It is a short and classy name of Scottish which means ‘east.’ This is one of those beautiful girl names that determine what she wants.

  • Ella        

Meaning: The name originates from Scotland and is related to a beautiful angel. These girls are happy in life.

  • Elsie      

Meaning: If you belong to a spiritual and religious background then this name suits your daughter the most. It means that the Almighty is full ‘.

  • Elspeth 

Meaning: If you choose this name, it means that God has chosen you. Everyone is well known with this name Elizabeth, this name, Elspeth is a Scottish version of it.

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  • Emer    

Meaning: It is very short and easy to speak the name; if you choose this name, it means God gifts you.

  • Emily    

Meaning: It is one of the best names for Scottish girls, and it is also in trend because this name means hard-working personality, your daughter will achieve success in your life.

  • Erwina 

Meaning: This name tops my blog list because it is so unique and trendy. Its name meaning is a good and reliable friend that is a significant part of our life.

  • Flora     

Meaning: This name is so popular among us because of its practice. It is such a lovely and sweet name in the Scottish Highlands, which means “a flower. “

  • Gavina 

Meaning: It is a feminine Scottish name meaning ‘an eagle woman.’ These people are very keen on their future and are very competitive by nature.

  • Gordana             

Meaning: The name will sound like an old Scottish name, but it is very fashionable because of its meaning, powerful, confident, and booming personality. This is the name of a leader in life.

  • Gormlaith           

Meaning: These days the name is in trend, meaning “a famous princess.” Each daughter is a princess for their parents, and this name will best suit your little angel.

  • Grace   

Meaning: Name is the identity of the person. The name refers to a simple sound and means “grace.” If you choose this name, your daughter will experience it gracefully.

  • Greer   

Meaning: The name originated from Scotland, which means ‘a watchful person’. In this modern time, every parent wants to choose a fashionable and trendy name, and such a person must be alert and aware of their surroundings.

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  • Isla        

Meaning: The name comes from Aileach or Islay, which means ‘the rocky castle.’ If you keep this name, that is mentally and emotionally very strong and is confident in life.

  • Islay      

Meaning: This is a unique name for you, which means ‘island.’ Cute girls with such a name are usually very confident and independent.

  • Jaimy    

Meaning: In this name, two interesting facts are available for your beloved daughter. The first name is the name that can easily replace all the pain and dissatisfaction. Another fact is that your daughter can achieve her goals in a minimum time and is very competitive.

  • Jaine     

Meaning: A child is a bundle of joy in every family. Thus, parents can use this name to share love and affection, which means ‘gift of God.’

  • Jean

Meaning: The name is Scottish and is a variant of the European name Jean which means God is Gracious. It is a symbol of respect for the Almighty.

  • Jessica 

Meaning: The birth of a child is an unforgettable gift or a blessing for every parent or family. Thus this name is best because it means ‘gift of God’ and is also used as a short or nickname for Jessi.

  • Kellina  

Meaning: This is a very influential and effective name that means ‘a strong-willed lady’. If you want this name for your little angel, it means that she accepts that nothing is impossible in this life if she is determined to do it ‘.

  • Kenina 

Meaning: This name is more effective for your adorable because its name means one who is born of fire.

  • Kilmeny               

Meaning: It signifies ‘a church or monastery’. If you choose this name for your little girl, then this name usually has a pure soul.

  • Kirstine 

Meaning: It is a Scottish name meaning ‘follower or confidant of Christ.’ You can call it ‘Kirsty,’ it’s pronunciation is very simple and cool.

  • Lachina 

Meaning: It is one of the very sophisticated, modern, and elegant names. Its name means ‘land of lakes,’ usually; girls with such names are fond of nature.

  • Leith     

Meaning: It is a Scottish name, and its name means ‘river.’ It addresses the ability to fly free and acquire any determine to obtain. These name girls are usually very successful in life.

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  • Lesly     

Meaning: It is one of the famous Scottish girl names indicating a sacred garden. Again and again, these spirits create a positive vibe around them and remain calm throughout their lives.

  • Lilidh     

Meaning: In Scotland, the flower lily is called Lilidh. The name would fit your daughter well related to a flower because she is as delicate and beautiful as a lily.

  • Maezie 

Meaning: Each daughter is so beautiful and cute. If you choose this name for your beloved daughter, it is expected to be as beautiful and pure as pearls.

  • Mhari   

Meaning: This is a unique name for your beloved daughter. This name attracts all the people with their personality; they can easily be the center of attraction in a crowd.

  • Mikenzie            

Meaning: Name is the identity of your child. Girls with such a name are found to be wise leaders in their lives and achieve great success.

  • Minnie 

Meaning: It is a cute name and best suited for your lovely daughter. Its name means a loyal protector or will. This name is related to the name ‘Meena.’

  • Neilina 

Meaning: The meaning of this name is honestly. If you choose this name, it means that it presents an identity for your daughter. Girls with such names are usually championing in their lives.

  • Nes       

Meaning: It is a very short and beautiful name which means a gentle and decent person. It is best suited for your little angel.

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  • Noah    

Meaning: This Scottish name is commonly used throughout the world. Girls with such a name are often very quiet-tempered, calm-tempered, multi-tempered, and relaxed -tempered.

  • Olivia    

Meaning: The name initially originates from the olive tree and is very widely used worldwide. It is one of the beautiful and in-trendy names on the list.

  • Osla      

Meaning: This is another short and unusual name, which means ‘personal touch from a standing place.’

  • Pate      

Meaning: The name means ‘a a great fighter’. To achieve its position in this dog-eat-dog world, one must.

  • Petal     

Meaning: The name sounds soft, supple and charming, beautiful like your daughter.

  • Poppy  

Meaning: The name is strongly advised and explains the ‘eternal life and its beauty.’ It is prevalent but never out of fashion.

  • Posey   

Meaning: Its name means ‘bunch of flowers,’ it indicates your beautiful daughter very well and can flower quickly.

  • Puspamanjari

Meaning: Its name means to grow flowers. Therefore, the name is a very salutary alternative that pronounces ‘like a flower bud.’

  • Reyne  

Meaning: It is a commonly heard name meaning ‘ruler or queen.’ These girls are influential, inspiring, encouraging, gorgeous, beautiful, and a leader who gives the right way to live life.

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  • Ronalda               

Meaning: It is also a Scottish name meaning ‘a wise ruler’ who can supervise the crowd well. If you choose this name, it gives your daughter a prominent identity.

  • Rossalyn             

Meaning: The name is a duplicate of the word Rose and means promissory. Names of daughters are now trendy in the name of any flower.

  • Saundra              

Meaning: In this modern and ambitious life, people are losing their humanity. A person with such names is expected a lot because they will be the savior of society’.

  • Slaine   

Meaning: All parents want a healthy and prosperous life for their child, so they can choose this name as it is meant to be healthy’.

  • Sophie 

Meaning: This is another commonly used name. Girls of this name are expected to be very talented, capable, creative, and intelligent. They are usually knowledgeable about their environment.

  • Tansy   

Meaning: It is a yellow flower that is planted to cure the disease. In the literal sense, it means the term immortality’.

  • Torrii     

Meaning: A person who is having this name commonly achieves victory in whatever they take part in.

  • Vertie

Meaning: Every parent strives to develop their children as a citizen vigorous on all the morals of life. In this way, you can take this name because it means’ person’s nature is derived from virtue. ‘

  • Yvaine

Meaning: Every parent dreams of a successful life for their daughter then chooses this name because it is an evening star. ‘They can get a lot of fame and be rooted in life.

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I hope this list helps you a lot in finding your best name that suits your small angle well. As a parent, I can understand that the name can be chosen as a very challenging task, but this name list will help you a lot. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and family members so that they too can take advantage of this list.

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Final Words

So we hope you find some Scottish Baby Girl Names from this list because here we provide some collections of Cute & Adorable Scottish Girl Names. If you find this article helpful then you can share it with others. If you have any suggestions or questions for us, Then you can comment below and let us know about your feedback. Finally, Thank you for spending time with us, Cheers!