280+ Silver Dragon Names Ideas To Inspire You

Are you in search of a fantastic name for your silver dragon? Are you thinking of a name that will shine out among other names? Well, you are just at the right place, and you will find everything you want in this article for your silver dragon. We are sure there are also other important works related to a character set-up that you have to also do and put the same kind of effort into.

So we obviously do not want to let you alone for at least this naming process, and we will ensure the same. This is why we suggest you not stress though naming is a difficult process. And against the stereotypes of the people, it actually needs a lot of time and effort. This is because the name is the first thing people notice for some people, businesses, and even this fictional character.

And this is what makes the base for the character, of a very good name attracts people the most, so the amount of hard work needed for naming some character is sometimes also not imaginable. Now, you do not have to worry anymore as we are here to help you by suggesting to you some amazing names that you can have for your silver dragon. We also have some tips in case you decide to name your silver dragon character on your own.

Silver dragons are characters who are very friendly, mainly towards humans. And these characteristics of them also have a reason behind them. They love humanoid creatures and even take our form to mingle in our world and stay with us out of love for this. Except for being unable to fly, they love every single feature of a human. About humans, they also like the human dining system and even attend feasts by changing forms. Their beautiful metallic skin even smelled like rain.

Also, they are even more intelligent than humans and have a lifespan that could even reach up to 4200 years. Also, they are very powerful and consider themselves superior to any other species. Their two breath weapons include the cold breadth and the paralyzing gas. These dragons live in clans together and take the full responsibility of protecting each other. Their newborns are also very intelligent and kind, curious, which is very uncommon at such a small age considering their lifespan.

Silver dragons are one of the most notable species among these metallic dragons because of their linings and characteristics. So let them have a name that is also notable. So here are some cool, innovative, latest, and more kinds of lists of fabulous name ideas of silver dragons. Here you can choose any for your own character. Now, let’s cut your wait short and go through this amazing list of beautiful and worthy name ideas without wasting any more time.

Silver Dragon Names

These are collections of best silver dragon names and name ideas.

  • Nisethkir
  • Zokhes
  • Hazolnam
  • Fiercebeast
  • Nirodviath
  • Zaisithkuzet
  • Irlas
  • Kodryllas
  • Yazornollan
  • Eridras
  • Nethondryldrin
  • Hostrildaith
  • Cizsudus
  • The Corrupt
  • Wickedmind
  • The Hollow
  • Phairos
  • Astiarlilkedram
  • Broadbreath
  • The Gifted
  • Immortal
  • Sarolniandrolkim
  • Cizhojuzin
  • Mammoth
  • Raggedback

Catchy Silver Dragon Names

Here are some catchy and unique names for silver dragon.

  • Iatron
  • Grimjaw
  • Whirleye
  • Cekhandrylkyth
  • Cautious
  • Nidrodrarnondreth
  • Ozan
  • Aivam
  • Dusktooth
  • Admired
  • Astalan
  • The Oracle
  • Bigbrand
  • Shadeflayer
  • Kadrolkaldrandreth
  • Phostrathym
  • Enormous
  • The Grave
  • Last Grim
  • Zevadvam
  • Oldhunter
  • Frostwings
  • Halftooth
  • The Bitter
  • Kiastrildrorim

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Best Silver Dragon Names

Here we collect these collections of best and creative silver dragon names.

  • Cloudspeaker
  • Yithelnassas
  • Ziidranam
  • Yiistiandressom
  • Atryth
  • Hakhodroros
  • Kethirlodvidvath
  • Ratodrolnath
  • Stonemind
  • The Grand
  • Zadrian
  • Atrorran
  • Manslayer
  • Preyclaw
  • Zatholdiath
  • Yiadonyrlys
  • Doomflayer
  • Itrorliadvydran
  • Charming
  • Silentsight
  • Ostrildandralnos
  • Rodindran
  • Ragebreath
  • Yatildrerrys
  • Yidrondran

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Creative Silver Dragon Names

These are collections of creative names for silver dragon.

  • Itykos
  • Codrodvakkyn
  • Whirlclaw
  • The Massive
  • Astriam
  • Hadindron
  • Midronoth
  • Zokhildes
  • Sodroth
  • Histadrom
  • Longbrand
  • Cloudbringer
  • Lastspeaker
  • Hiazellos
  • Rotham
  • Otreldaldreth
  • The Bewitched
  • Victorious
  • Hizadvoldorlas
  • The Vengeful
  • Costralkeroth
  • Hedoth
  • Fierceroar
  • Zedros
  • Phazith

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Cool Silver Dragon Names

Here are some cool and unique silver dragon name ideas.

  • Hypnobringer
  • Avirirloth
  • Razorcutter
  • Merarros
  • The Dark
  • Bullfly
  • Hatrilkarom
  • Nozondrian
  • Shadeclaws
  • Smugmover
  • The Silent
  • Hadolkon
  • Yiazakyth
  • Yistianalnith
  • Phavathaindrin
  • Phetrolkeldaim
  • The Careful
  • The Dark
  • Atom
  • The Wild
  • Ratedroldoth
  • Orolnodvys
  • Mitaldrairlaldas
  • Hadrath
  • The Exalted

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Unique Silver Dragon Names

These are collections of unique and catchy silver dragon names and name ideas.

  • Ekhazidven
  • Sithom
  • Fatebrand
  • Zoron
  • Littleroar
  • Odym
  • Coldteeth
  • Darkclaw
  • Warmonger
  • Iidirlim
  • The Patient
  • Mastirnos
  • The Mad
  • Madrin
  • Cetrotheldam
  • Yethyn
  • Sethom
  • Swift
  • Phirazaldaith
  • Hatrernos
  • Hikhath
  • Ciazidvoldrith
  • Paleripper
  • The Violent
  • Iikhykkyn

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Amazing Silver Dragon Names

Here are some amazing silver dragon names and name ideas.

  • Zostoth
  • Kedrodraldrildrym
  • Otom
  • Coram
  • Primalbrand
  • Swiftbrand
  • Cavoth
  • Kozessath
  • Boulderflayer
  • Wickedsight
  • Ratosam
  • Whisperer
  • Powerflight
  • The Cursed
  • Mostialolnam
  • Nadran
  • Quiet
  • Siradraldeth
  • The Grim
  • Ororlolnondron
  • Sostrindriarrath
  • Farspeaker
  • Aren
  • Freeripper
  • Keenhunter

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Awesome Silver Dragon Names

  • Mezondroldam
  • Estom
  • Sores
  • The False
  • The Blind
  • Zatralildren
  • Netonos
  • The Eternal
  • Greathunter
  • Doomroar
  • Itrikin
  • Hungry
  • Yodon
  • Freeclaw
  • The Infinite
  • Natoth
  • Seron
  • Medazem
  • Swiftbeast
  • Disguised
  • Iridvalkelniath
  • Ristran
  • Alderbreaker
  • The Broken
  • Littleeye

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How To Choose a Silver Dragon Name

As we have previously mentioned, naming is a task that needs dedication and effort. And when you are naming a character that is also fictional makes the task more difficult. But we do not want to make you nervous by mentioning all this. But it is just that you should know and be ready for what is coming.

Moreover, as you are reading this part of the article, we assume that you have chosen to name your silver dragon all by yourself. And we totally understand your action as whatever you do in life. You need to be fully satisfied with the same. So, self-satisfaction is the best possible result one can get by doing something on their own. And we are sure the same is the case for you. But we will still suggest you go through these tips mentioned below because this is not where we directly suggest you names for your silver dragon character and still manage to help you differently.

This little help will never hurt your level of satisfaction but actually can increase it by helping you have thoughts of better and actually best names. Taking some help will put you in a better place without even giving you mental stress about this process of naming and only good memories about this.

Think Of a Name Related To Metal

These dragons are mainly metallic. And they are also silver in color, somewhat a metallic color. These metallic dragons are also very strong and powerful, just like metals. Even looking at their lifespan, we can also call them durable. There is also a major point behind giving them a metallic name.

As you have seen, our first paragraphs that give you a study about what silver dragons really are. So it is obvious that you have to research about the creature to know these facts about them. And obviously, your creature deserves a name that matches its characteristics. Also, people who will notice this kind of name will know that you have not given a random name that came to your mind.

But instead, you have researched about the creature to use it as your character so that you know about what their likes and dislikes are all about. You should also know their powers and especially mention them so that the enemies get afraid even before fighting by only seeing your character’s name. And a name that refers to metal is obviously representing strength and thus doing both the work of impressing people and frightening enemies together. Maybe nothing is more suitable than this kind of a name, right?

Give Your Silver Dragon Character a Name Which Is Friendly

Again the most interesting thing about the silver dragon is they are very much like human beings and as many human features. Though they love their wings and their flying ability, except for that, they would stay human for the rest of their lives. Also, they have the power of alternative forms and can change their form from one to another. Their liking for human beings also made them change their form to humans and get mixed among us to enjoy our lifestyle and way of living our days. They even like our system of dining and thus even change form to enjoy feasts.


As we end this article, we hope you like this article and share this with your loved ones. So we can well estimate their love for us, human beings, in total. Though they are not known to have wars just to eliminate evil from the world, they do so when these evil are harming them as a species. But they never ever stop to think before protecting the human beings who showed them affection, love, and care.

Though not against evil that much, they can fight for human beings whenever they feel a threat coming towards them. This is why this dragon species is considered to be very friendly towards human beings and have a good relationship with them. When in form, they even form trust in some of the human beings, and thus they became the ones who stayed under their protection all time.

So, a species that is so fond of humans and even protects us from dangers should also have a name that satisfies these qualities. We as human beings should thus think of a beautiful and friendly name for the silver dragon character.

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