550+ Teeth Whitening Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

To begin your business, you must recognize that this is a high-demand field. Over the next few years, the dental cosmetics market will be huge. According to Market Insider, global revenue from teeth whitening products is estimated to reach $6.6 billion by 2025. People in developing countries spend more on dental cosmetics as their per capita income rises.

Furthermore, natural products are becoming increasingly popular as we become more mindful consumers. From 2020 to 2022, natural products are predicted to rise by 7-9 percent. As a result, the sector has a unique possibility to expand even further, allowing your company to thrive. People are inspired to look the same when they see image after photo of beautiful people with striking smiles.

According to industry forecasts, the total will reach $8,207.2 million in 2026, with a 4.95 percent CAGR over the same period. The notable rise can be attributed to rising oral hygiene awareness, growing spending capacity of the Millennial/Gen-Z generation, and simple access to OTC products, to name a few factors. Teeth whitening is a terrific addition to your existing dentistry or cosmetics firm because it is such a versatile service.

If you work at a dentist’s office, this is an excellent place to advance your teeth whitening skills. If you’re a distributor, it’s a fantastic way to expand your business. You can even offer home kits if you choose to run a home business; the choices are unlimited. Psychological studies show that people’s self-confidence rises when they engage in physical activities that improve their attractiveness. You are more likely to develop and feel more self-confident when you take care of yourself, especially if you are into self-care.

It is pronounced that the teeth whitening business is a very lucrative business, and if you want to get into this, we are here to help you name the business. Let us not waste any more time and get right into the list of calling this business.

Teeth Whitening Business Names

These are some best and cool teeth whitening business name ideas.

  • Cherry Kisses
  • Proud Smile Teeth Whitening Centre
  • Twinside Skin Care
  • The Whitening Lounge
  • L.D.S.
  • Ethos teeth whitening
  • Bella’s Den
  • 1st Family Teeth
  • Whitening of Little Village
  • Perfect Smile
  • Teeth Whitening Spa
  • Body Brows by Judy
  • Gogo Smile Teeth Whitening
  • Whitebrite
  • Teethtastic
  • Becca’s Beechert
  • Gentle Smile Dental
  • The Whitening House
  • True Flair Laser
  • Shimmering Color
  • Sparklez
  • The Smiles 2 U
  • Nekter Juice Bar
  • Smile Again AZ
  • Luna’s Beauty Salon
  • Truly Whitening
  • 212 Teeth Whitening Care
  • Beauty by Cynthia
  • Bright Smile Teeth Whitening
  • Brilliant Smile
  • Brite Teeth Whitening
  • Elegant Speakers
  • Fluff-N-Light
  • Whitening by Rene
  • Luxor Sparkle
  • Whiten by Linda
  • Fair Teeth Whitening Care
  • Purple Cloud Beauty
  • Silver Cactus
  • Vogue Teeth Whitening Studios
  • The Color Clinic
  • Archer Teeth Whitening
  • The Perfect Sparkle

Cool Teeth Whitening Business Names

These are some catchy and cool names for the teeth whitening business.

  • Hello Smiles
  • Sparkly
  • Bright Eyes Makeup
  • Blissful Dental
  • Pearse Whites
  • Lake Teeth Whitening Care
  • Modern Smiles
  • Smile On The Go
  • Downtown Teeth Whitening
  • Laser Skin Studio
  • Skin Fortuna
  • A Smile Forever
  • Green Tree Teeth Whitening
  • L & C Endodontics
  • The Whitening Clinic
  • Sugaring Spa
  • Tattoo Fever
  • White On The Spot
  • Pure Teeth Whitening
  • Whitening of Old Town
  • Babes and Brides
  • The Teeth Whitening Centre
  • The Whitening Place
  • Perfect Whitening
  • Beloved Smiles
  • Kerrie’s Smiles
  • National Teeth Whitening
  • Blushberry’s Beauty
  • Pure Smiles
  • LifeCare Teeth Whitening
  • Wisdom-O-Wisp

Unique Teeth Whitening Business Names

Here are some unique and creative teeth whitening business names.

  • Teeth Whitening Care Group
  • Laugh Well Smile
  • Smile Class
  • Desert Rose Teeth Whitening
  • Oysha Whitening
  • Posh Endodontics
  • Lighten Up Smiles
  • Make It White
  • All White All Right
  • Spa Teeth Whitening
  • Smile My Way
  • The Dentist for You
  • Little Miss Kwh
  • Whiten My Life
  • Sweet Tooth Dentistry
  • Handsome Whitening
  • Smile’s Endodontic
  • Luxx Teeth Whitening
  • Impressions Teeth Whitening
  • Mitchell Teeth Whitening Spa
  • Dharma Beauty
  • Color N Color Spa
  • Chicago Loop Dentistry
  • Pearle Whites
  • Pineapple Valley Spa
  • Smile with Purpose
  • True Huda Beauty

Best Teeth Whitening Business Name Ideas

These are some unique and best teeth whitening business names and name ideas.

  • Pearly Whites
  • Hogans Whitening
  • Blissful Smiles!
  • Just Smiling
  • WhitenUp
  • Pine Teeth Whitening Clinic
  • Lincoln Park Smiles
  • Pearlstone Teeth Whitening
  • VIP Teeth Whitening Lounge
  • Proud Smile Teeth Whitening Centre
  • The Gentle Smile
  • Judy Goodman Salon
  • Precision Teeth Whitening Care
  • Truly Sunless
  • Arrowhead Dental
  • Advanced Family Teeth Whitening
  • Pharmacy Lash Lounge
  • Flawless Whitening
  • White Teeth Whitening Studio
  • Whiten My Dash
  • Blissful Teeth
  • Smile Tint
  • Sunrise By Michelle
  • Wicked Smiles
  • Smile Arizona
  • Teeth Whitening Store
  • Dentured Weave
  • Sparkletooth Dental
  • Teeth Care
  • Total Teeth Whitening
  • Oak Park Teeth Whitening Group
  • White Glo
  • D’Pure and Pure

Mobile Teeth Whitening Business Names

These are some best mobile teeth whitening business name ideas.

  • The Shea Center
  • LaserColor
  • The Whitening Bar
  • Neat Nappy
  • Whitening By Design
  • Truly Whiten
  • Perfect Smile Dental Clinic
  • Super Smilez
  • Bright Bright Eyes
  • Vidaboo Cliche
  • Weller Teeth Whitening
  • Lakeview Smiles
  • Cloud 9 Smiles
  • Pineapple Smiles
  • Kait’s Bloom Spa
  • Desert Beauty Dental
  • Happy Smiles Salon
  • Soothing Whitening
  • Ethicadent Teeth Whitening Studio
  • BlushBru-Brow
  • Phoenix Smiles
  • Sweet Briar Dental
  • The Whitening Group
  • Smile the Light
  • Blissful Skin

Creative Teeth Whitening Business Names

These are some creative names for the teeth whitening business.

  • Layers of Health
  • The Silver Dental
  • Smile On Teeth Whitening Salon
  • The Spotless Dentist
  • Posh Smile
  • Whiter than White Teeth Whitening
  • Smile Right Chandler
  • Good Choice Teeth Whitening
  • State Street Teeth Whitening
  • Smiles By Design
  • Sugar Fix Teeth Whitening Loft
  • Better White
  • VIP Whitening
  • Sweet Remedies
  • 25 East Teeth Whitening
  • Spotlight Oral Care
  • Freedom Teeth Whitening
  • Vidontology AZ
  • Hair By Megan
  • Love, Lacey
  • Lucky Toothz
  • Lincoln Square Teeth Whitening
  • VIP Endodontic
  • Blissful Smiles
  • Dreams Teeth
  • Aspire One Teeth Whitening
  • Chains Of Lips
  • Whiten Up
  • Za’s Denturez
  • Ease Into Joy
  • 24/7 Teeth Whitening
  • Lets Dye
  • Gently Smiling
  • Blitzen Smiles

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How To Name Your Teeth Whitening Business

Do Your Research On This Business:

If you’re a dentist or a dental hygienist, you might consider offering teeth whitening procedures. Consider your budget, preferences, and business goals to choose amongst numerous startup ideas for your teeth whitening business. A highly profitable business strategy is very essential. A profitable company model has a big profit margin. A dentist’s fee ranges from $450 to 650 dollars, while a beauty salon’s fee is from $75 to $200. Low-cost packages will include everything you’ll need to get your business up and running. Because teeth whitening is such a versatile service for any business, it’s a wonderful complement to your existing dentistry or cosmetics practice. This means that if you work at a dentist’s office, this is an excellent opportunity to upsell teeth whitening treatments.

Work On Marketing Of The Name

Getting new patients and clients is a costly endeavor. You may be devoting a significant percentage of your marketing budget to online ads and social media efforts. Referrals, on the other hand, should not be overlooked. With the support of present patients and clients, you can boost patient growth. If you offer a discount for each new recommendation, your current patients will spread the word quickly. You might even introduce gift cards, especially before the holidays, so that patients can purchase them and give them to their loved ones. The name you pick must be catchy and interesting enough for people to recognize and remember. Using clever use of words and alliteration can be of great help in such cases. Many people use tacky initials to further their cause of marketing.

Keep Multiple Names Handy

Always have several names in mind when choosing a name if one turns out to be taken or overused. If you maintain a list of potential names on hand, you can use social media surveys to get feedback from friends and family, tally the results, and then choose a name. Things become simple, and you don’t have to worry as much. It’s also a good idea to keep names simple and two syllables.

Fortunately, you can quickly scan a number of names and note them down for further consideration with our list. Most people get their business names patented, and thus perhaps running the name through the official directory can be advantageous for you to avoid any future legal issues.


So we hope you find some teeth whitening business names from this article. If you find this article helpful then you can share it with others. Thank You.

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