480+ Witch Coven Names Ideas To Inspire You

Are you in search of some cool witch coven names? Then stop your further search because you have discovered the perfect place where you will be able to get cool witch coven names. We are here with a list of witch coven names that will help you to select a witch coven name for your character.

Before searching for names for your witch coven character, let what witch coven is. It is always necessary to gather some information from beforehand that will help you know more about it and easily finds out a perfect name.

A witch coven is used to describe a group of witches. The word Coven was not in use previously. It came in use largely after 1921. The idea of Coven was not known to anyone. It was Margaret Murray who introduced the idea of Coven. It is said that a group of thirteen witches met across Europe.

This group of thirteen witches is called Coven. Witch covens deal with things like drawing the moon down or celebrating Sabbats. A group of practitioners does the work. The practitioners assemble together to perform the activity. They do these rituals by assembling at a specific place. The place where the witch coven assembles is called covenstead.

It is not that only a group of thirteen witches can carry on this ritual. The number of witches in each Coven may also vary, but this doesn’t affect the rituals they perform. The number of witches can be less than thirteen or more than thirteen.

When searching for a name, you need to satisfy all the wants you want in your witch coven name. Searching for a spooky name that will give out a witchy vibe is necessary. Searching for a perfect name is no doubt very time-consuming. It will take a lot of time to find yourself a perfect witch coven name but we have got your back. We are here to help you out and save your time by suggesting to you some witch coven names that will blow your mind and go with your witch coven character. If you are thinking of going for some names created on your own, we have some tips and tricks that will help you out.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go through the names that we have listed down for you guys without wasting any further time.

Witch Coven Names

These are collections of best and cool witch coven names.

  • Pyramid of Sisters
  • Circle Sisters
  • Wives Thicket
  • The Coven
  • Witches Star Lake
  • Witches Lunar Wives
  • The Tree Moonlight Coven
  • Circle Witches
  • The Moon of Silver Compassion
  • Coven Charity of the of Coven
  • The Enlightened
  • Coven Sliver
  • Lode of the Coven
  • Thread Discovery
  • Circle World
  • The Spirit
  • Sisters Requiem the Elemental
  • The Divine Nightsky
  • The Compassion of Dream
  • Coven Hallowed of Quiet the Infinity
  • The Bramble
  • Full Moon Meadows Hallowed
  • Circle Root Coven
  • Coven of Pentacle
  • The Mystic Moon

Catchy Witch Coven Names

Here are some best and most catchy witch coven names and name ideas.

  • Midnight Trinity
  • Coven Forest Mirror
  • Witches Fire Wives
  • The of Wisdom
  • Drum of Circle
  • The River Moon Oasis
  • Circle Chalice
  • Wives Spiral Circle
  • Circle of Community
  • Coven of of Crescent
  • The Journey
  • Siren Moon
  • Coven Phoenix Ember
  • The Tree
  • The Spirit
  • Wives of Divine Dream
  • Rose Circle
  • Starfall Mystic
  • The Thread
  • Coven the Sacred Enchanted Tree
  • Circle of Crystal Tree Coven
  • Witches Silver Quiet Knowledge
  • The Meadows Sliver
  • Coven of Lake Tree White Root
  • Earth Witches

Best Witch Coven Names

These are some best names for witch coven.

  • Oasis the Energy
  • Circle Sisters
  • Sacred of Heart
  • Circle Silver Journey
  • Morning Path Fire
  • Sisters Wives
  • Moon Teachings
  • Circle of Moon Wives
  • Sisters Circle
  • The of Witches
  • Witch Coven Circle
  • Coven Spirit Infinity
  • Coven the of Star
  • Of the Moon the Heart
  • The the Beating Wives
  • Wives Spirit Liberty
  • Star Phoenix Coven
  • Coven Silverbark Moon
  • The Crystal Starlight
  • Wisdom of Blue Voyage
  • Sisters Energy
  • Eternity Thread Sisters
  • The Divine
  • Midnight Gloom
  • Dawn of Moon

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Cool Witch Coven Names

Here we collect these cool and catchy witch coven names and name ideas.

  • Tree Crescent
  • Wives Coven
  • The Light
  • Grass Coven
  • Sisters Moon
  • The Balance Silver Well
  • Coven Moonrise Energy
  • Nest Circle Divine Sisters
  • Witches Patience
  • Witches Moon the of Circle
  • The Brilliant of Sisters
  • Circle Liberty
  • Circle of Dawn
  • Fortune Roots
  • Teachings of Lady Circle
  • The Silver Adventure
  • Quiet Illumination
  • Sisters Flame
  • The off Grass
  • The of Lunar Unseen Nightsky
  • Sunset of the Moonlight
  • Willow Patience
  • Witches Tree
  • Wives Owl
  • Moonrise Starfall

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Creative Witch Coven Names

These are some creative and unique witch coven names and name ideas.

  • Nightsky Coven
  • Coven Woods White Meadows
  • The Eternal Sacred Circle
  • Circle Enchanted of Witches
  • Witches Fae Sun
  • The World Silve
  • Fae Divine Grove
  • Cedar Rising Circle
  • Silver Elemental of Twilight Sun
  • Witches Coven
  • The of Grove
  • Circle of Fortuna Illuminated
  • Coven Grace
  • Coven the Elder of Grove
  • Wives of the Sisters
  • The Sun
  • Woods Raven’s Circle
  • Coven Discovery
  • The Fortuna
  • The Night Nest Silver Branch
  • Coven the Goddess
  • Sisters Coven Stardust
  • Coven Grove Rising
  • Coven of of Energy
  • Coven Twilight

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Unique Witch Coven Names

Here are some unique and cool witch coven names.

  • The Moonlit
  • Coven Moon Earth
  • Hyacinth of Twilight
  • Wives the Witches
  • The Sister of Moon
  • Coven Crescent Circle
  • Boulder Silver Eternal
  • Garden Temple Coven
  • Enchanted Infinity
  • The Blue
  • Spirit of Nest
  • The off Sun
  • Illuminated Tree Circle
  • The Circle
  • Equinox Mountain Flame Coven
  • Nightshadow Circle
  • The Setting Circle
  • Circle Crystal Circle
  • Illuminated Roots Circle
  • Ancient Crescent
  • Garden Boulder
  • Rose Flower
  • The Ice
  • Night Owl Coven
  • Dreamy Dazzle

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Amazing Witch Coven Names

These are some amazing and best witch coven names and name ideas.

  • Nightsky Crystal
  • The Coven Moon Raven
  • Coven of Light Guiding Wives
  • Coven Twilight
  • Witches Eternal
  • World Eternal Grove
  • Witches Circle
  • The Light
  • The of Light of Morning Sisters
  • Sisters Night
  • Thicket the Star
  • Grove Full Sisters
  • Sisters Fortune Nest
  • Circle Silver Dew
  • Rowan Hand Circle
  • Crystal Starfall
  • Coven Lady Rose
  • Reserve Circle
  • The Elysium
  • Coven Lone Grove
  • Sisters Flower of Tree
  • Coven Dream
  • The Oak Tree
  • Misty Wind Coven
  • Coven Dew

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Awesome Witch Coven Names

Here are some best and most amazing names for witch coven.

  • Reserve
  • The Fae Grace
  • Silver Sacred Light
  • The of Moon Coven
  • Coven Silver Roots
  • Wives Grass Revolution
  • Trillium the Flame
  • Coven Grace
  • Tree Oak of Path
  • The Wives
  • The Forest
  • Mountain the Wives
  • Sisters Eclipse
  • Coven Lake Woods
  • The Trinity
  • Sisters Rose
  • Coven the Circle
  • The of Circle
  • Wives Twilight of Revolution
  • Wives Circle
  • Coven Sacred Mirror
  • Silver of Circle
  • Ten Coven Sisters
  • The of Coven

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How To Name Your Witch Coven Character

If you are thinking to give a name all on your own but feeling a little bit confused about how to name your Witch Coven then you are at the right place. We are here to help you with some amazing tips and tricks that will make it easier for you to find yourself a witch coven name.

So, let’s go through the tips that we have listed down for you.

The Name Must Be Short

To keep a name for your witch covers always go for some short names. short names are the best way to create a perfect name. short names sound interesting and are way cooler than the big names. short names are hustle free. People can easily pronounce the name. If you go for the too big a name then it can happen that people will not find it interesting and will find your name boring. Always try to keep the name within 6 letters.

Try To Make The Name Memorable

What is the use of keeping such a name that people will not only be able to memorize? To make your witch coven name successful, always keep in mind that you will have to make the name memorable. Once people listen to the name should not be able to take it out of their mind. Making the name memorable is the most important aim. People should be able to remember the name of your witch coven. If they cannot remember, then the name will be a fail. Go for some quirky name that will make it cool. Try to keep the name related to witch coven only so that people can easily understand it.

Go For Something Different

To create a successful name, aim to go for something out of the box that people will enjoy. Thinking out of the box is very much important for a good name. There is no use in going for a similar name like others. If you want to create your own individuality, then go for some unique name that people will love. Seeking the attention of people is important. More you will seek the attention, and more will be the recognition of the name you are giving to your witch coven character. Try to think about the name, which has some dark humor. Add some sarcasm to it so that people can find out the fun in your name. Your ultimate motive is to make your name famous among the public.

Avoid Difficult Names

Witches are very difficult characters that don’t mean you will go for some difficult name for your witch coven. It would help if you kept it in your mind that you have o always go for some easy name that is easily pronounceable. Not every person is pro in pronouncing difficult names. You must go for some easy name. If the name is pronounced wrongly, the sense of your name will ultimately go. People must not find it a challenge to pronounce your witch coven name.

Seek Out For Help

When you are thinking of a name for your witch coven, you will come across 100+ names, and you might find it difficult to choose a single one from them. It might also happen that you will find it difficult to choose between two names, so the public will act as your savior in those times. You can reach out to the public for their help. You can take their suggestions as well as consult them and take their reviews. Social media is the page where you will be able to find many people for help. You can also make polls and take their vote about what they think of your name.


That was all the information that we could give you about witch cover. We hope that you are able to find out a perfect name from the list of names that we have given you. If you are thinking of making your own name with your own creativity, you can also go for the tips we have provided you.

If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. We will again see you with some more interesting topics. Till then, goodbye.

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