410+ Best Among Us Names [Best, Cool, Unique Names Ideas]

In recent times, no game has ever caused such a massive sensation as Among us, and it went up to such potential that eventually it became free for a limited time on epic games. Among Us has quickly established itself as one of the most enjoyable and engaging games to hit the market. Among Us puts players against one another in a game that makes them question their friends’ actual nature.

On principle, humans are given a set of tasks to fulfill in order to win the match, while the Impostors attempt to eliminate them. Among Us are a fun and social game that pushes players to scrutinize every move the other player makes.

By May 2019, the game, which was released in 2018 by US software startup InnerSloth, had been downloaded over a million times. However, as people worldwide were forced to stay at home and discover new ways to communicate with their friends due to lockdowns, Among Us grew in popularity.

Sixty million individuals will be playing every day by the end of September 2020. It is estimated that by the end of 2022, it will have a player base of nearly 2 million active players, so if you want to get into it, it is perhaps the best time.

Yes, if you are looking for intriguing names for your character in the game and are worried about the kind, you are lucky, my friend, because we have got a great list just for you. In this list, we have analyzed names that actual players used from season 1 and have modified and handpicked the best of the best for you. This list is further subdivided into various subgenres. We would ask you to devote your utmost attention unless you want to seem suspicious of not being creative enough!

Without wasting any more time, let us jump right into the list of Among Us names.

Among Us Name Ideas

These are collections of best among us names and name ideas.

  • Imposter Here
  • Rip God
  • I Voted
  • Cool Beans
  • Skip
  • Red Sus
  • Heart Ticker
  • Insider
  • Lock And Load
  • Zero Kill Finish
  • Red Ded
  • Don’t Kill Me
  • I’m Batman
  • Trust Me
  • Everyone
  • Pedro Killer
  • I Am The Worker
  • Kill Seeker
  • Who Killed Me
  • Zero
  • Global Risk
  • Thot Bot
  • Red Sus
  • Among Rejects
  • Prickly Voter
  • Dedsh0T
  • The Police
  • I Didn’t Go
  • White Friend
  • Hurry Up
  • Kill Seeker
  • Sabot Age
  • Imposter Here
  • Go Home Red

Catchy Among Us Names

Here we collect these collections of catchy and cool names for among us.

  • Cloud Nine
  • Vent In
  • I Saw You
  • Exwhy
  • Exotic Finish
  • Amonymous
  • Limelight
  • Vote Me Please
  • Here Is The Imposter
  • Cheater Is Red
  • Space Ruler
  • Hacker In Blue
  • I Am In Jail
  • Dear Fool
  • Idk I Can Vent
  • You Sus
  • Come Along
  • Innocent
  • Don’t Run
  • Rocket
  • I Am Not Dead
  • Fake User
  • Why Me
  • Testing_24/7
  • Kill Me If You Can
  • No Lie
  • Under The C
  • White Vented
  • Don’t Kill Me

Unique Among Us Names

These are collections of unique and creative among us name ideas.

  • Lime Light
  • Online 24/7
  • The Doctor
  • I’Ll Get You
  • Change The Map
  • Disconnected
  • Yes It’s Me
  • Yourself Odd
  • Not Funny
  • Yes I’m Funny
  • Fake User
  • Snap To It
  • I’m Pasta
  • Walter White
  • Ded Me
  • I Don’t Exist
  • Enough 4 Me
  • Cross Insight
  • Cat Lady
  • You’Re Trapped
  • Someone
  • Silent Silence
  • You Are Dead To Me
  • Shawty Hottie
  • Suspect Is Yellow
  • Crew Cheeks
  • Shut Up I Am The Impostor
  • Dummy
  • Dementor
  • Toast
  • Retreat
  • If You Can
  • Boomer

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Cool Among Us Names

Here we collect these collections of cool and unique among us name ideas.

  • Dead
  • Elektrical
  • Notblue
  • Boomer Crew
  • Dog Lover
  • Who Is Crew
  • Murderer Of Impostor
  • Wow Such Empty
  • The Pins Don’t Lie
  • Run If You Can
  • I Became Covid
  • Space Walker
  • Crewmate In The House
  • You Must Be Kidding
  • Wait It’s You
  • This One Is Dead
  • Shawty Bullets
  • Not Blue
  • Everybody On Me
  • Cross Fix
  • You Carry It Sharp
  • Look Up

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Creative Among Us Name Ideas

These are collections of creative and best among us names and name ideas.

  • I’m Innocent
  • Sky Blue Is Red
  • Rocket Man
  • Pro Gamer
  • Skip It
  • Space Monk
  • No One Likes It
  • Doing Task
  • Notimposter
  • Job Wrecker
  • Bunny Hop
  • Name Taken
  • Watson
  • Blank Space
  • Knuckles Crack
  • Goose Killer
  • Faker Crew
  • Retreat On
  • Your Ultimate Ninja Dad
  • President Black
  • M.Poster
  • Trust Me I Am Crew
  • Change Is Needed
  • Blue Vented
  • Saw You Kill
  • Idk Who
  • I Lied
  • Vote Me
  • The Skeldor
  • Simp
  • Crewmate 5
  • Not Me Hehe
  • Insider Trading

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Funny Among Us Names

Here we collect these collections of unique and funny among us names.

  • Your Boi
  • Silent Whisker
  • Dead Among Us
  • Ice Queen Sus
  • Rogue Clown
  • Sanitizer
  • The Mafia
  • Skyblue
  • Bad Vibes
  • Bunny Vented
  • I Am The Worker
  • Bear Brothers
  • Banana On The Floor
  • Sabotaged
  • Mute
  • Number1
  • Hey You
  • I’m The Killer
  • Santa
  • Headhunter
  • Slow Death
  • Among You
  • Rocket Man
  • Executioner
  • Bot2
  • Cheater
  • Loyal Friend
  • Cheezus
  • Super Man
  • Potato
  • Fur Real
  • The Last Of Sus
  • Yellow
  • Distraction

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Amazing Among Us Names

  • Fedora
  • The Chosen1
  • Bad Karma
  • In Between
  • Green Did It
  • Sloppy Killer
  • No One
  • Spiegel
  • Yourself
  • Con Man
  • Wasn’t Me
  • Hairy Pop
  • Con Man
  • I’m Angel
  • Clueless
  • Rocket
  • Clueless
  • Goose
  • Some Nerd
  • Skip Beat
  • Alien Cutie Pie
  • Yellow Hater

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How To Choose a Among Us Name

Be Trendy

Use a name that is trendy and makes people understand something unique about yourself, yes obviously keeping in mind that names can not be longer than 16 characters. Being kind and genuine on a gaming platform is unique else there is always a chance that the moderators are going to ban you for use of offensive name and behaviour. Always remember to name your character with current pop culture trends that are happening, it shows you are aware of the world and are not living under a rock.

Keep Multiple Names Ready

Names can turn out to be already taken. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep a few handy. This process helps you to plan your journey into the game beforehand. If you are into streaming, you should be extra careful not to name your character that has a close reference to a bigger influencer because in such cases, you are only considered a cheap imitation of a more prominent name and thus are forgotten by the gaming community within weeks. If you want to stick around for a while, it is essential that you use a fresh and unique name.

This Game Is For Everyone

This game is for everyone because it does not require any high-end laptops or phones to play this game, and the android version is free as well. This game helps you cross-play between platforms and that is what enables a large number of players to play this game, thus you should keep that in mind while naming your gaming character, being inclusive and diverse is the right way to go about it.

Among Us Is Not Competitive

Among Us isn’t necessarily the most competitive game, instead, it’s preferable to come up with unique and amusing names while playing. Additionally, it might be a fantastic opportunity for you to de-stress with your new friends. Most importantly, if you choose your name carefully, you can protect yourself in certain situations and help you stand out from the crowd.

Yes, the game does intensify our lying abilities, but have we not been doing that through tough weekdays at the office? Yes, we have all been there. Thus, there is no point in naming your character with the clan’s initials, which many people do on other games like PUBG and Valorant. The name you pick should be catchy and have fair use of alliteration and wordplay. A tacky and unique name with cool puns and special characters can be an eye-catcher. If you are going to stream, you should do everything you can to get the attention of the crowd.

Final Words

A game that sells among us because it brings people together, friends, family, and everyone can join in on the fun and have a riot. Look at us, this game brought us to you, and we are so glad that our content was of good use to you! Yes, we might be sounding a little bit overconfident, but that is because we believe in the hard work our team has put into making this article, and we are sure our collective experience of over 2000 hours of gaming has given you the best choices for names of your Among Us character.

If you did like our work, please share this with your friends and family and help them connect with us, and let us grow with your progress as well. If you think we have missed anything, please comment on it in the section below. We will review it and get back to you.

Naming a gaming character can be very difficult as it sticks with us forever. We have ourselves been there for the sake of our gaming careers. We would urge you to stick with your name even if your stream is not getting the views you think you deserve. Grinding is the keystone to success in the gaming and streaming business. We are sure you will be one of those big upcoming gamers soon!

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