Alex Holland

Founder & Lead Author at TeamGroupNames.Com

About Alex:

Hailing from a background rich in creativity and linguistic nuances, Alex Holland isn’t just the founder of TeamGroupNames.Com but also its spirit and vision. Over the years, he has nurtured a profound love for names, understanding the gravity they hold in shaping perceptions, stories, and legacies.


His journey began as a curious observer, noticing the myriad of emotions a single name could evoke in different scenarios – from the high-energy realm of sports teams to the passionate fervor of startup ecosystems. This intrigue quickly transformed into a mission, leading to the birth of TeamGroupNames.Com.


With a keen eye for trends and an uncanny ability to understand what clicks with an audience, Alex’s expertise doesn’t just stop at providing names. He delves deep into the psychology behind names, their cultural resonance, and the art of linguistic appeal. His articles often carry more than just lists – they’re a deep dive into the world of names, filled with insights, trivia, and the rich tapestry of history and culture.


  • Pioneered the establishment of a comprehensive online naming guide for teams, groups, and businesses.
  • Authored over 1000 articles, providing insights into the world of naming, its impact on branding, and the cultural nuances associated with it.
  • Featured in numerous online publications and podcasts, discussing the importance of effective naming in today’s digital era.

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