200+ Black Car Names: Good, Cool, Best, Funny

If you think that while buying a new car, you should only focus on the body type of the car, the fuel type, mileage, or the resale value, well you are completely wrong! You forgot to note another important point-THE COLOUR OF YOUR CAR.

Yes! The color that your new car has, explains a lot about your personality. The color can be silver, white, red, green, or whatever. But the boss of the car’s color is- Black! And why shouldn’t it be? The black color is the classiest, sleek, bold, and elegant color. And in most cases, if your car is a sedan and it is black, then your car will release the vibe of luxury. There are a lot of advantages to buying a black car. The black color makes a car look far more elegant and sleeker than it is. The color itself makes a fashion statement. From the financial point of view, the black color also has an impressive resale value in comparison to other car colors. Black-colored cars are not prone to dust- since the color is quite dark. Therefore, that’s a big advantage. During the winter season, your black car shall provide you with much more warmth than the cars having different colors. This is because black color is a poor emitter of heat. So, it shall prevent the inner heat from getting emitted.

Now, everything has its pros and cons, right? So does the color black. If you are having a black car, it will be hard for you to hide the dents or scratches that your car may go through. In the summer, your car will become too hot- solely because of the reason that it is a poor emitter of heat.

Choosing a color that makes you look stylish and luxurious has its own maintenance cost. Black cars indeed require high maintenance.

So, it’s a great decision for you to choose a sleek and elegant color like black. But do keep the cons of choosing that color in mind! For such a cool-colored car, it is quite understandable that you want your car to have a unique name. This article has exclusively created some cool and sleek black color car names.

Best Black Car Names

These are some best and cool names for black cars.

  • Nightcrawler
  • Shady
  • Dark n Lovely
  • The Lark
  • The Dark Shadow
  • The Night Athlete
  • The Dark Knight
  • The Black Widow
  • Ghost Rider
  • Men In Black
  • The Black Hole
  • Black Cadillac
  • Mad Tarantula
  • Phantom Beast
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Quicksilver
  • The Viper
  • The Dementor
  • The Megamind
  • The Unstoppable
  • Black Domino
  • Phantom Rider
  • Black Sabbath
  • Celestial Ride

Good Black Car Names

Here are some good and amazing black car names and name ideas.

  • Midnight Sun
  • Black n Cozy
  • Black Chauffeur
  • Black n Wicked
  • Hot Smudge
  • Dark Sinister
  • The Night Hunter
  • The Terminator
  • Lord Voldemort
  • Tyler Durden
  • Norman Bates
  • The Blackbuck
  • Blackadilla
  • Goth Skin
  • Death Race
  • The Godfather
  • Voldemort
  • Billy Black
  • The Corleone
  • Vito Corleone
  • Draconis
  • Dark Draven
  • Hades
  • Miss Medusa
  • Ladouceur
  • Vesper
  • Beethoven

Cool Black Car Names

Here are some cool and catchy black car name ideas.

  • Black Lasso
  • Night Beauty
  • Khalida
  • The Evening Star
  • Black n Dawn
  • Dark Sullivan
  • Black Money
  • The Dark Cruise
  • Black n White
  • Bnw
  • The Dark Challenger
  • Black Blake
  • Black n Blue
  • Black Cobra
  • The Python
  • The Dark Forest
  • The Nocturnal
  • The Black Cloud
  • Black Panther
  • Black Mistress
  • Ace Of Shades
  • Black Rose
  • Roadrunner
  • The Gladiator
  • The Thunderbird
  • The Lilith
  • The Bandits
  • The Mirage
  • The Zenith
  • Iron Man
  • Tarzan
  • Black n Furious
  • Dark n Shady

Unique Black Car Names

These are some unique and creative black car name ideas.

  • Blacky
  • Coala
  • Pitchy
  • Venom
  • Black Rose
  • Spooky Whoopy
  • Blackberry
  • Voodoo
  • Pango
  • Du Ride
  • Noire
  • Miss Kuro
  • Preto Ride
  • Amaya
  • Miss Artemis
  • Amaya
  • The Oreo
  • Master Koala
  • Coal Breezer
  • Glum Drive
  • Chucky
  • Vroom!
  • Billy Black
  • Dolores
  • Miss Narcissa
  • Black Coffee
  • The Ghost
  • The Ghastly Ride
  • Blacky Bluey
  • Yin Yang
  • Layla
  • Black Doom
  • The Skullcandy
  • Black Swoosh
  • The Mysteria
  • Black Mystique
  • The Black Lady
  • Knight Crawl

Creative Names For Black Cars

These are some best and most creative black car names.

  • Dark Beauty
  • The Soul
  • The Ravez
  • Crazy Black
  • Dark Devil
  • Masterstroke
  • Blackjack
  • The Garter
  • Swampsnake
  • Asmodeus
  • Black Buttercup
  • Black Racer
  • Pitch Ride
  • Pitch Race
  • The Ebony
  • Bellatrix
  • Pennywise
  • The Black Dragon
  • Black Balor
  • Badriyah
  • Blackout
  • The Dark World
  • Kali
  • Nerissa
  • Lilith
  • Blackbake
  • The Brangwen
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Blackbull
  • Black Shade
  • The Chaser
  • The Blackhawk
  • The Black Shadow
  • Bat Race
  • Sweet Tarantula
  • The Shadow

Funny Black Car Names

Here are some unique and funny black car names.

  • Sirius Black
  • Ride The Night
  • Black Swan
  • Fifty Shades Of Black
  • The Dark Shade
  • Maze Runner
  • Nebula
  • Black Magic
  • Ridin Black
  • Operation Black
  • Code Black
  • Ghastly Ride
  • Black Mamba
  • The Starling
  • The Knightchecker
  • Gothic Ride
  • Sooty Rider
  • Besmirch
  • The Joker
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Amy Dunne
  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Jack Torrance
  • The Scarecrow
  • Twilight
  • Black Ivory
  • Black Current
  • Abyss
  • Dark Club
  • Pirate Of The Caribbean
  • Black Rider
  • Black Stallion
  • The Dark Gladiator
  • Black Bandit
  • Black Beauty
  • The Batman
  • The Doomsday
  • Black Spider
  • High Voltage
  • Black Ranger
  • Slim Shady

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Tips To Make A Perfect Black Car Name

Go By The Body Type Of The Car

Is your car as large as the sedan, sports car, or coupe? Or is it a hatchback? Whatever it is, name your car based on the body type it has. For example, if your car is a sedan, stylish names such as “Black Mamba”, “The Gladiator”, “The Dark Knight”, etc shall match.

But if your car is smaller such as a hatchback, then go for a name such as “Twilight”, “Shady”, “Blackjack”, and others.

Go For Names Which Are Synonymous With Black

It’s not that for naming a black car, you have to keep the word “black” in it. You can always go for the words which are synonymous with black. This tip becomes handy because using the word black is quite a common thing to do. But if you use the word “pitch” instead of “black”, then your name turns into a unique one. Some other suggestions are- “Coal”, “Shady” and “Dark”.

Choose A Name Based On Your Personality

Imagine a car having a dashing, unique, and super cool name for it, but the person driving the car is completely opposite to it- he’s a person who is shy and has a calm mindset. In that case, the car name is not matching, right?

Therefore, it becomes quite essential to name your car based on the personality you have.

Are you an extrovert? Then go for quirky names. Are you a person who loves to dress in a classy way? Then you can take suggestions from the classy black color names that we have given above. If you’re a person who prefers to give a cute name to your car, then you can also take reference from the cute names that we have created for you.

Car Names Based On The Brand

Most car owners prefer to choose a name for their car based on the brand it carries. The higher the reputation of the brand such as BMW, Audi, or Mercedes-Benz, the classier and elegant the name becomes. On the other side, if the car is a Ford, Chevrolet, or Nissan, people tend to give a common name to it.

The world has taught us to depend on brand value. We suggest you NOT TO DO THIS. Your car name should be something which you want from the bottom of your heart. It should not be dependent on the brand it has. So, go on and name your car whatever you want- without thinking about its brand.

Opt For Memorable Names

Your car name should be something that is easily memorable. Otherwise, what’s the point of the naming of cars if you keep forgetting it? So, give an easily memorable and pronounceable name.

All the names given in the name list are quite easy to memorize and are pronounceable. Names such as “Black Beauty”, “The Dementor”, “Black n Furious” are great names for your black car.


For a person as bold and classy as your black car, we have tried our best to create the most exclusive, unique, and creative names for your black car. We hope you liked the names. Apart from that, you can also take references from the tips that we have created.

That was it for this article. In the last, we shall also ask you to keep in mind that before buying a black car, please note the advantages and disadvantages that it carries.

Black cars are one of the trendiest and universal cars in the whole world. Therefore, it is quite probable that just like you, many other people are facing difficulties to name their black cars. So, feel free to share this article with your friends, colleagues, and peers.