Gorgeous German Girls Names [2023] With Meanings

German Girls Names: As a parent, naming your baby is one of the exciting moments in life. When we name our baby, we must know the name’s meaning that sets the tone for your expectations and captures the spirit with your dreams and hopes. 

As we know that at present, the old German names of girls cannot be in fashion. Because it is a little harder to pronounce. However, some of the traditional names have been so adapted for a long time. So, Germans also consider that conventional names for their babies in Germany. Some of the Indian baby’s names, such as Hari, Mina, Meena, Mira, Meera, and so on, can also be found with German meanings. Generally, the name after a specialty or saint is used by the Germans and then a middle name that is recognized before a family name such as Sonnemann or Sun person, Schumache.

So here we collect some gorgeous and beautiful German Girls Names from different sources with meanings so that you can easily pick a name from this list for your baby girl.

Beautiful German Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Some of the German girl names are popular throughout the world. Some of the parents are interested in naming their baby is unique with significant meaning. Several people think that a baby’s name with actual meaning will positively affect a child’s life. When any parent naming their baby, they must see their purpose.

Here are several German girls’ names are discussed in the list are as given below – 

  • Ada

Meaning:  It means “the noble one” and is famous all over the world. The meaning of the name “Ada” is also ‘prosperous and happy.’

  • Alice/Aalis

Meaning:  The meaning of this name is noble kind. Estonians, Africans use this name, and Hebrew is also used to name their girl baby. 

  • Adelaide 

Meaning: It is one of the beautiful names that means “noble one” and is derived from the German Adelheidis. Adelaide is one of the more unique forms of this name, which are trending in the United States such as Ada, Adele, Adahila, Adalee, Adaleigh and Addie, and so on. Adalee means a noble, Adaila means adds a flower name, Adaleigh means full of honor, and Adalee means a noble wood. 

  • Adoifa

Meaning: It is the feminine version of Adolf, which means a noble wolf. You can find some other similar names, such as Adolpha or Adolphina.

  • Adriane 

Meaning: This name’s meaning is in Latin ‘a dark woman from Hadria and is close to the Adriatic Sea.

  • Agatha

Meaning: It is one of the famous names in Greek that meaning is excellent and benevolent.

  • Adela/Adele 

Meaning: These names are also Garman but different in sound and stylish. Some other similar names such as Aderyn, Adeline, and Adette mean the kind and lovely noble bird.

  • Alviria

Meaning:  The name has variants like Ally, Ria, Vera, which means white, fair.

  • Bettie/Betty

Meaning:   This name means pride for God and there are many types like Bethany, Beth, Betsy and Bettina. The name is often used as a nickname for Elizabeth that gives respect and happiness. It is also called Lisbeth, Lisa, and Lissie in Germany.

  • Bindy

Meaning:  It is the shortened version of Belinda, which means is that ‘a pretty snake.’

  • Billie/Billy 

Meaning:  The meaning of this name is ‘willpower,’ ‘justice,’ and ‘protection.’

  • Bluma

Meaning:  It is one of the beautiful names of a baby girl, which means that ‘a flower bloom’.

  • Calia

Meaning:  It is one of the excellent Garman names that mean beautiful and fair.

  • Cara 

Meaning:  This name is used as an endearment for a beloved or dear one.

  • Carie/Caree/Cary

Meaning:  It is one of the German names means that ‘born free-willed.’ Germans also use Carlotta, which has strength of man, Caro implies that the power of will, and Carleigh denotes the free-spirited.

  • Carolyn

Meaning:  Carolyn means womanly, beautiful; this name is based on a hymn that has variations such as Caroline, Carrie, Carol, and Carry.

  • Clarissa

Meaning:  The meaning of this name is ‘bright and smart.’ Clarissa can also be the shortened name of Clara.

  • Carla

Meaning:  The word Carla means an astonishing beauty tied to free-spirited success and glory. Charla and Karla are also used, which purpose is similar to Carla.

  • Chay

Meaning:  This German word’s meaning is that ‘fairytale’ Chay is one of the right options for the German girl’s name, unique and sound different.

  • Chloris

Meaning:  It is also a right German name for girls, which means that Spring Goddess. The meaning of this name is beautiful.

  • Chole

Meaning:  if you named the baby are ‘Chole,’ it brings achievements and victory in all conquests. It is also one of the great names that German parents can use by naming their babies.

  • Cheryl

Meaning:  This name came from the Cherry fruit, which is very delicious and tasty. 

  • Dew/Due

Meaning:  The two meanings of this name are ‘morning dew’ and ‘wolf power.’

  • Eagle

Meaning:  It is one of the unisex names that mean strength, nobility, and foresight. This name is also used for the educated girl. ‘Eagle’is too similar to Edelmann or Edelmar. 

  • Elsa

Meaning:  The meaning of this word is ‘pledged to God’. In the movie Frozen, Elsa is the name of the Disney Princess.

  • Evi/Eve

Meaning:  Eve is one of the names with interesting German variation and means full of life. There are two more words or name which have the similar meaning of Eve are Isla and Mila. Both Mila and Isla are the trending names in Germany.

  • Emila

Meaning:  This name is for those girl babies that makes a worthy rival and excels above all.

  • Ema

Meaning:  The meaning of ‘Emma’ is ‘universal’ and ‘to make whole.’ It is one of the fashionable and traditional German girl name babies. Emma is also famous in other countries such as Belgium and Australia. If you want to unique name, then Emmalyn and Emerson are also good options for parents. 

  • Elisa

Meaning:  It means that ‘the exalted one on whom God has shown favor’ and is one of the great options for a baby girl’s name. 

  • Elma

Meaning:  If your girl baby is as cherubic, which is the same as the apple, and then the name ‘Elma’ is preferred for your baby girl. 

  • Edith

Meaning:  Edith is also one of the good German Girl names, which means ‘prosperous in war.’ Editha or Edie may also be used in the naming of a baby girl’s name. 

  • Eevonne

Meaning:  The meaning of ‘Eevonne’ is that coniferous tree with spelled Yvonne and red fruits.

  • Emery

Meaning:   This name is also popular in the United States for baby girls, which means ‘Industrious.’ Emily and Emalia are also popular German names for girls.

  • Florentia

Meaning:  This name denotes ‘to bloom.’ There are some other options, such as Florentine, Florence, Florentina, and many more.

  • Fenja/Fenya

Meaning:   Calmness, protection, peace, and safety are the meaning of ‘Fenja’ as a good option for naming a German girl’s name. One more ‘Firuz’is also another right name for your princess baby.

  • Frieda 

Meaning:  It is also one of the classic or typical names, which means ‘lady.’ Frieda is one of the German tops 30 girl names and a great name for your baby princess. There are some similar names as Frieda, such as Freya and Frida. Both Frida and Freya is the classical name, which is perfect for modern little girl babies.

  • Gacia/Gratia 

Meaning:   Gacia or Gratia has a sense of goodness, which gives a Biblical touch to the word. 

  • Greta/ Gretchen 

Meaning:   ‘Greta or Gretchen is also a good name, and it means ‘pearl,’ which is a more suitable name for baby girls. If you search for a German girl name, then this name is perfect for your pretty baby girl.

  • Heidi 

Meaning:   It is also one of the famous names in the United Kingdom, which means ‘noble.’ Some of the similar names such as Holly, Ida, and Ivy. Heidi is one of the traditional and popular names by several celebrities, including Heidi Klum, a supermodel. If you want to classical or old name, then Heidi is suitable for your Girl name. 

  • Hannah 

Meaning:   This name is also a right choice for you with a beautiful meaning. Hannah means to signify finding the grace of God and favour in plenty. 

  • Helen/Ellen 

Meaning:  ‘Bright star’ is Helen or Ellen, which has special meaning. Some similar names are also an excellent option for you, including Alina, Elina, Elena, and Elenore. 

  • Haydn/Hayden 

Meaning:  It is one of the most advanced and can also be used as a term for unisex. Haydn or Hayden is also suitable for all languages and cultures in the West and Europe. 

  • Ida

Meaning:  The meaning of Ida is ‘industrious,’ which is one of the short and cute names for baby girls. 

  • Ilina

Meaning:  The meaning of Ilina in Jewish and Christian meaning is ‘My Lord is Yahweh’. Several other options for naming your girl such as Elli mean kind or devout, Elina means ‘shining one’ or the ‘universe,’ and Ellie means ‘light of guidance.’

  • Irmgard 

Meaning:   This name denotes the Germanian Goddess of War. Irmine or Ermine has the same meaning as compared with Irmgard.

  • Irma 

Meaning:  This term or name has been linked with the word for universal and complete. 

  • Juiane/Juliana/Julie

Meaning:  It means ‘youthful’ in German. Juliane or Julie or Juliana is also the youthful month of July when the flowers are in full bloom.

  • Katharina

Meaning:  It is one of the pretty and beautiful German names, which means that ‘pure.’ This name is also pronounced as Katarina. Some other similar names are Kathleen and Catherine, which is also popular in the United States. There are several other recent names are Trina and Catalina.

  • Lorelei

Meaning:  The meaning of this name is ‘allure and full of grace’ and is one of the famous German names. If you want to name your baby girl, then it is suitable for you.

  • Louisa/Luisa

Meaning:   This name is for those women who were great warriors and wins renown in life’s battles. It is one of the classical names in Germany. 

  • Lenora/Lenore/Leni/Lenny

Meaning:   It is one of the German names used to name the daughter of Heidi Klum. This name can be shortened to Nori and Nora, which is also used by Kim Kardashian.

  • Lotte 

Meaning:   It is one of the top feminine names in Germany, which means ‘masculine.’ Several other nicknames are Carlotta and Charlotte.

  • Luana

Meaning:  Luana was encouraged by the Disney princess, which means ‘graceful warrior.’ It is one of Germany’s famous names and an excellent option for those parents who search for a German name for their baby girl.

  • Maxi

Meaning:  Maxi is one of the unisex names that came from Maximillian, which can be used by noblemen, kings, and popes.

  • Millicent/Millie 

Meaning:  Millicent is a traditional and unique name for a baby girl. This name is an excellent option for those parents who want a traditional and memorable name for their baby girl.

  • Maude 

Meaning:  It is also one of the classical and unique names for baby girls in Germany for old-fashioned people. 

  • Marlene 

Meaning:  Marlene is the combination of Maria and Magdalene is pronounced as ‘Mahr-LAY-ene’ which means ‘high tower.’ Some of the similar names are Marlena and Eileen, which is in English pronunciation. However, Marlene is the popular girl name in Germany.

  • Matilda/Tilda  

Meaning:  Matilda is also one of the best and old-fashioned German names for a baby girl, which means ‘mighty in battle,’ whereas Tilda is the recent and shortened version of this name.

  • Nina

Meaning:   It is one of the cutest names, which means ‘gift of God’ that can also be pronounced as Neena.

  • Robyn 

Meaning:  This name is also popular in the United States, which means ‘famous.’ Robin is also a similar German and is one of the pretty names for your baby girls.

  • Susaane

Meaning:  Susaane’s name came from the Lily flower Susan, Suzzana, Suzzanne, and many more, which is more preferred for your baby girls.

  • Stark 

Meaning:  Stark is one of the gender-neutral names, which means ‘strong’ and can also be used for boys.

  • Steffi 

Meaning:  The meaning of Steffi is ‘the crowned one,’ which is a lovely German girl’s name. Some other similar names are Stefani and Stefanie is also an option for you.

  • Sophie/Sophia 

Meaning:  Sophia means ‘great wisdom and knowledge is yours’ and pronounced as Sofiya. This name is suitable for your baby girl.

  • Tilly 

Meaning:  This name signifies might in the battle of life, which is preferred for a bold baby girl. 

  • Tamina

Meaning:   This name can also be pronounced as Tehmina.

  • Tanya 

Meaning:  It means` ‘fairy princess’.

  • Thea 

Meaning:  The meaning of this German name is ‘gift of God’.

  • Zoe 

Meaning:  Zoe means ‘full of life’ which is also pronounced as Zoey.

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Final Words

In this article, we discuss the German girl names for those parents who search for their baby names. If you are also finding the German name for your baby girl, this article will then help you find your desired name, which has a German name with meaning.

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