220+ Best Hawaiian Boat Names: Naming Your Boat in Style

Are you searching for an out-of-the-box, imaginative Hawaiian boat name? If yes, your journey has ended right here! Hawaii is known to have a vibrant culture and stunning scenery, which makes it no wonder why so many of the best-loved boat names are inspired by this paradise. Whether your vessel serves as a leisure or fishing sailboat – these Hawaiian ideas will leave you spoilt with choices when finding the most suitable title for your watercraft.

Your boat deserves to have its unique identity. After all, it’s one of a kind! Boat names often reflect the owner’s values and Hawaiian culture. Why not choose an eye-catching custom name to make your vessel stand out? Not only will you get noticed on the water, but you’ll also be able to honor aspects of Hawaii that are important to you and your passengers.

Here are some Hawaiian boat name ideas to get you started:

Hawaiian Boat Names

  • Nā Pali Coast – in honor of the beautiful coastline on Kauai’s Na Pali State Park.
  • Hōkūleʻa – a traditional double-hulled Polynesian sailing canoe
  • Aloha Nui – translated to “big love” in Hawaiian.
  • Hano Hano – which means “graceful and beautiful” in Hawaiian.
  • Kāʻanapali – a coastal region on the island of Maui known for its beautiful beaches.
  • Keiki o ka ʻĀina – translated to “Child of the Land” in Hawaiian.
  • Nohea – a word meaning “handsome” or “attractive” in Hawaiian.
  • Kumu Kahili – a navigator and guide symbolized by an upright feather standard carried on board during voyages.
  • Kealoha – which translates to “beloved one” in Hawaiian.
  • Pua Lokelani – a beautiful white flower native to Hawaii and popularly used for lei making.
  • Ka Makana Kai – translated to “The Gift of the Sea” in Hawaiian- is an excellent name for any maritime vessel.
  • “Kai Moana” (Ocean Sea)
  • “Manu Kiki” (Little Bird)
  • “Kaulua” (Double Hulled)
  • “Hoe Wa’a” (Paddle Canoe)
  • “Kaihe” (Sea Breeze)
  • “Manu Kiki” (Little Bird)
  • “Kaulua Moana” (Ocean Double Hull)
  • “Lele Kawa” (Jumping Waters)
  • “Manu Ika” (Sea Bird)
  • “Moana Nui” (Great Ocean)
  • “Kai Palaoa” (Whale Sea)
  • “Makani Kaulua” (Double Hulled Wind)
  • “Kaulua Waa” (Double Hulled Canoe)
  • “Nalu Kiki” (Little Wave)
  • “Kai Opua” (Cloudy Sea)
  • “Kaulua Mo’o” (Double Hulled Lizard)
  • “Manu Moana” (Ocean Bird)
  • “Hoe Moana” (Ocean Paddle)
  • “Kai Makani” (Windy Sea)
  • “Kaulua Moana” (Ocean Double Hull)

Best Hawaiian Boat Name Ideas

Are you hunting for an exotic and meaningful name to adorn your ship? Look no further than Hawaiian culture, where you’ll discover a wealth of poetic language and symbolism. So get ready to be inspired – check out these remarkable, one-of-a-kind boat name ideas with a distinctively Hawaiian twist!

  • Kuwili – This bold and powerful name means “to cling” in Hawaiian, symbolizing connection.
  • Kaiola – The perfect name for a fast vessel, meaning “the pathway between the waves” in Hawaiian.
  • Mano Koa – Meaning “strong shark” in Hawaiian. This fearless name will give any ship an air of strength and power.
  • Ua Mau – This name translates from Hawaiian to “forever lasting,” making it a timeless and classic choice.
  • Aloha Aina – This beautiful phrase means “love of the land” in Hawaiian, perfectly expressing your connection to nature and the ocean.
  • Laumalie – A poetic name that means “the joy of the sea” in Hawaiian.
  • Kai ohooho – This whimsical term means “sea laughter” in Hawaiian, perfect for a fun vessel or yacht!
  • No Ka Oi – An apt description of an impressive ship, this phrase means “the best” in Hawaiian.
  • Ke Akua – Meaning “God” in Hawaiian, this powerful and spiritual name is perfect for a vessel used for ocean exploration.
  • Wela Ka Maka – This symbolic phrase means “fiery eyes” in Hawaiian, a perfect option for an impressive boat or yacht!
  • “Hoe Wa’a” (paddle canoe)
  • “Kaulua” (double-hulled canoe)
  • “Manu kai” (sea bird)
  • “Moana wa’a” (ocean canoe)
  • “Nalu” (wave)
  • “Manu kiki” (little bird)
  • “Makani” (wind)
  • “Kai Elua” (two seas)
  • “Kaulua Moana” (ocean double-hulled canoe)
  • “Makani Olu” (gentle wind)
  • “Moana Nui” (big ocean)
  • “Pua Wa’a” (canoe flower)
  • “Hoe Moemoe” (dream paddle)
  • “Kai Kealoha” (beloved sea)
  • “Kaulua Kiki” (little double-hulled canoe)
  • “Makani Pahili” (strong wind)
  • “Moana Lehua” (ocean lehua flower)
  • “Pua Kiki” (little flower)
  • “Hoe Kaulua” (double-hulled paddle)
  • “Kai Liko” (young sea)

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Cool Hawaiian Boat Names

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your boat, look no further than these creative Hawaiian boat names. They are unique and fun, sure to make a statement on the open sea.

  • Kahiki: This name strongly means “distant voyage,” which is excellent for sailing away from it all.
  • Nalu: The word means “wave” in Hawaiian and is an excellent choice for those taking to the ocean waves.
  • Ho’okipa: Pronounced “ho-oh-key-pah,” this word signifies hospitality—the perfect sentiment when welcoming guests aboard your boat.
  • Hoku: Translated to “star,” this name is perfect for a sparkling boat in the night sky.
  • Makani: This word means “wind” and would be ideal for those who enjoy sailing in brisk breezes.
  • Keola: The literal translation of this word is “life,” and it’s an excellent option for those who want to live on the open sea!
  • Aloha: You can never go wrong with this classic Hawaiian greeting meaning both hello and goodbye! It will warmly welcome or farewell to anyone who boards your boat.
  • Ku’uipo: Translating to “sweetheart,” this is a romantic name for any couple that loves sailing together.
  • Wai’ale’ale: Meaning “rains of abundance,” is excellent for those who like spending time in the rain!
  • Kona: This word means “warm leeward side,” and it’s perfect for boats with an open top looking to enjoy the sunshine.
  • “Hoe Wa’a” (paddle boat)
  • “Kaulua” (double-hulled canoe)
  • “Manu Kiki” (little bird)
  • “Moana Nui” (big ocean)
  • “Lehua Nalu” (wave of lehua flowers)
  • “Kai ‘Opua” (cloudy sea)
  • “Lanikai” (heavenly sea)
  • “Makani Olu” (gentle wind)
  • “Kaulua Moana” (ocean double-hulled canoe)
  • “Nalu Kiki” (little wave)
  • “Kai ‘Ele’ele” (black sea)
  • “Lehua Moana” (ocean of lehua flowers)
  • “Manu Kiki Moana” (little bird of the ocean)
  • “Hoe Wa’a Nui” (big paddle boat)
  • “Makani Pe’a” (strong wind)
  • “Kai ‘Iwa” (sea bird)
  • “Moana Wao” (deep ocean)
  • “Lanikai Moana” (heavenly ocean)
  • “Kaulua Kalepa” (double-hulled canoe of Kalepa)
  • “Manu Moana” (ocean bird)

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How To Choose a Name For Your Hawaiian Boat

Picking a suitable, memorable name for your Hawaiian boat is essential to the naming process. To guarantee you end up with a title that suits your vessel to perfection, consider these steps carefully:

  • Think About Your Goals For The Boat: Before you set sail on naming your vessel, take a moment to ask yourself what this boat will be utilized for. Mainly recreational purposes? Fishing trips? Cruising around the islands? Understanding how you’ll use it can assist in finding an appropriate name that fits its purpose.
  • Consider The Feel You Want To Represent: Delve beyond the typical associations of Hawaiian names – surf, sand, volcanoes, or mountains. When finding the perfect name for your vessel, zero in on its essence and consider what emotions you want it to evoke — power? Strength? Calmness? Peacefulness? A suitable moniker accentuates this sentiment and reveals your boat’s unique character.
  • Research Hawaiian Language For Ideas: Unearth the beauty and meaning of the Hawaiian language to find inspiration for your boat’s name. Research this fascinating culture, a field full of history and discovery! If you come upon a particular phrase or saying that resonates with you during your exploration, consider making it a custom moniker for your vessel!
  • Choose A Name That Is Meaningful To You: When selecting the perfect name for your Hawaiian boat, choosing something that holds deep meaning and significance is essential. For example, consider a phrase from an old family custom or even something special given to you by someone close; whatever resonates with you and your vessel will be ideal.

Choosing the perfect name for your Hawaiian boat can be a manageable task. Using these steps as guidelines, you can devise the perfect moniker quickly! Happy naming!

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