Kitsune Names: 450+ Best Names For Kitsune

Hey, are you being stressed about getting a Kitsune name? Well, if your answer is a big yes, then you have arrived at the perfect destination. We are here with a big collection of kitsune names and some top tips and tricks that will make your name hunt easier if you just follow the steps. It would also help you save some of your time that you will be able to invest in some other important work.

As we all know, naming is a tough task, and while picking a name for anything, we need our minds to think clear and straightforward about the idea behind the subject we are picking the name for.

Suppose we have all the knowledge about the subject. In that case, it often gets easy to come up with a name that relates to the subject at all levels, be it culture, characteristics, or even different personalities. All these things are essential to be taken care of as sometimes it happens that even if we slightly get indirect with the purpose of the subject, the name starts giving a wrong message, and the main purpose is lost somewhere in the middle of this confusion. So, let us first gather some valuable knowledge about Kitsune which would definitely help us in finding the name for our Kitsune.

Kitsune are known to be the fox when translated differently, which is almost similar to what the Kitsune exactly is. The only exception that they carry with themselves is that they have magical abilities according to tradition. It has been known that Kitsune are clever beings with magical abilities which gain more wisdom as they mature. However, all Kitsune, regardless of age, have the capacity that they can anytime make themselves in a position to shapeshift into human form, and that is what they hold in their magical power. Kitsune has many tails, and it can range from one to nine.

These tails mainly can indicate their power and, if we say more specifically, their age and wisdom as well. While many Kitsune use their abilities to serve as guardians and all-around allies to humans, some use them to play jokes on them. Kitsunes’ fur goes grey or gold once they get their ninth tail. You might be contemplating how to destroy a kitsune with such tremendous qualities. To exterminate a Japanese kitsune, the myth has claimed that you must lop off all of its tails only after that they get killed.

Well, this much knowledge is enough for naming a kitsune. So, let’s get started with the names, and do not forget to prepare a list of names that you liked from the name collections that we have provided below.

Let’s start the hunt!

Creative Kitsune Names

  • Kei (Lucky)
  • Jodo
  • Tak ashi (Elevated)
  • Mamoru (Protector)
  • Sefumi
  • Akio (Glorious Hero)
  • Michio (On The Right Path)
  • Yuki (Snow)
  • Hajime (Beginning)
  • Hid ayu
  • Kenshin (Modest Truth)
  • Nobu (Faith)
  • Mukan
  • Daimoto
  • Kyou (Apricot)
  • On jiro
  • Tak ayuki (Ascending)
  • Yut sumi
  • Akira (Bright)
  • Tatsuya (Assertive)
  • Nashushu
  • Satoru (Wise)
  • Mumasu
  • Kon jiro
  • Taroji
  • Takashi (Elevated)
  • Kenshin (Modest Truth)
  • Bunkei
  • Hyo kira
  • Kichiro (Lucky Son)

Cool Kitsune Names

  • Masa nori (Model Of Justice)
  • Masa hiko (Just Prince)
  • Kenshin (Modest Truth)
  • Eizuka
  • Shuburo
  • Gikichi
  • Nao (Docile)
  • Sesuki
  • Sho jio
  • Sei rata
  • Gichiro
  • Raiden (Thunder And Lightning)
  • Not sune
  • Yotsu
  • Toshi (Intelligent)
  • Mosami
  • Tsut suyo
  • Nimoto
  • Sadao (Decisive)
  • Useki
  • Toshi yuki (Clever And Happy)
  • Yasu hiro (Calm)
  • Jun (Obedient)
  • Tsu yoshi (Brave)
  • Ien aga
  • Ryuko
  • Yuk ushi
  • Hyoru
  • Hyo toku
  • Koh aku (Amber)

Catchy Kitsune Names

  • Togoro
  • Yushige
  • Raiden (Thunder And Lightning)
  • Kakio
  • Nao zane
  • Yosh iyuki (Happy Way)
  • Yagoro
  • Toshi yuki (Clever And Happy)
  • Junichi (Obedient One)
  • Kenta (Strong/Healthy)
  • Tetsuo (Wise Hero)
  • His ashi (Long-Lived)
  • Tein paku
  • Akira (Bright)
  • Bomei
  • Akira (Bright)
  • Son oru
  • Yutaka (Wealthy)
  • Ha jime (Beginning)
  • Daichi (Great Wisdom)
  • Hasu
  • Michio (On The Right Path)
  • Kazu hiro (Prosperous One)
  • Takeshi (Warrior)
  • Bomon
  • Taro (Great Son)
  • Yuki (Snow)
  • Ichirou (First Son)
  • Kat suo (Victorious Child)
  • Josetsu

Amazing Kitsune Names Ideas

  • Hide aki (Shining Excellence)
  • Min oru (Truth)
  • Goji
  • Chi samu
  • Mas aaki (True Brightness)
  • Hot sugu
  • Junichi (Obedient One)
  • Ma moru (Protector)
  • Sekado
  • Ken shin (Modest Truth)
  • Suzumi
  • Masa yuki (Right Happiness)
  • Hei yuki
  • Yohari
  • Masa yuki (Right Happiness)
  • Tsu yoshi (Brave)
  • Kat sumi (Self Controlled)
  • Aki hiko (Bright Prince)
  • Itsumi
  • Nikumi
  • Toshi aki (Bright And Happy)
  • Goharu
  • Mamoru (Protector)
  • Tas hiko
  • Heisuki
  • Takumi (Skilful)
  • Masa yuki (Right Happiness)
  • Gakoto
  • Judayu
  • Nochi

Wonderful Kitsune Names

  • Hiro aki (Abundant Brightness)
  • Makoto (Sincere)
  • Sa toru (Wise)
  • Akio (Glorious Hero)
  • Akio (Glorious Hero)
  • Sei nari
  • Tsu sada
  • Ietzumi
  • Yuudai (Great Hero)
  • Masa yuki (Right Happiness)
  • Karoshi
  • Tesho
  • Yuburu
  • Sakazu
  • Kei (Lucky)
  • Shigeru (Flourishing)
  • Yasu hiro (Calm)
  • Botomo
  • Aki hiko (Bright Prince)
  • Nobu (Faith)
  • Kehito
  • Ryu tane
  • Takao (Respectful)
  • Tsuneo (Eternal Hero)
  • Itsumi
  • Hisoka (Reserved Nature)
  • Datada
  • Mofu
  • Chikei
  • Sejiro

Personality Based Kitsune Names

  • Tomio (Treasured)
  • Kin (Gold)
  • Kaki
  • Dazumi
  • Mas etsu
  • Jun (Obedient)
  • Mishi
  • Tos hiaki (Bright And Happy)
  • Shu buro
  • Fuhisa
  • Yatoshi
  • Yoshi (Happy)
  • Osamu (Disciplined)
  • Kei (Lucky)
  • Ryuu (Dragon Spirit)
  • Itsuyo
  • Kat suta
  • Yoshio (Good)
  • Tadao (Loyal)
  • Ichirou (First Son)
  • Kat sumi (Self Controlled)
  • Ryusho
  • Nao (Docile)
  • Rozuko
  • Sadao (Decisive)
  • Ryo sami
  • Ge chizo
  • Hokao
  • Noboru (Ascend)
  • Tsuzo

Culture-Based Kitsune Names Ideas

  • Sozo
  • Ryoki
  • Sukan
  • Masa yuki (Right Happiness)
  • Nokio
  • Daro
  • Dai suke (Great Helper)
  • Ryuu (Dragon Spirit)
  • Aki hiko (Bright Prince)
  • Dai (Great/Large)
  • Ma hira
  • Satoshi (Quick Witted)
  • Bezushi
  • Futsuyo
  • Ma moru (Protector)
  • Kimane
  • Yori (Public Servant)
  • Ki yoshi (Pure)
  • Hiro aki (Abundant Brightness)
  • Kyu hiro
  • Yu toshi
  • Tat suya (Assertive)
  • Hi sashi (Long-Lived)
  • Kat suo (Victorious Child)
  • Kutoki
  • Okoto
  • Dazumi
  • Akio (Glorious Hero)
  • Satoshi (Quick Witted)
  • Yutaka (Wealthy)
  • Hanoye
  • Nobu (Faith)
  • Hana (Flower)
  • Jun (Obedient)
  • Ren (Water Lily)
  • Arimi
  • Hoshi (Star)
  • Kosano
  • Mami
  • Emiko (Smiling Child)

Cool Unisex Kitsune Names

  • Takako (Noble Child)
  • Tsusami
  • Mirika
  • Masa (Elegant)
  • Kasumi (Mist)
  • Ki yomi (Pure Beauty)
  • Shi tose
  • Ya miho
  • Shi risa
  • Hir oko (Generous Child)
  • Tasa
  • Korisu
  • Ma sami (Elegant Beauty)
  • Min ako (Beautiful Child)
  • Teru
  • Ay ako (Colorful Child)
  • Ge toshi
  • Moyu
  • Nao zumi
  • Kyo (Apricot)
  • Tsu taru
  • Akira (Bright/Clear)
  • Himiri
  • Kona
  • Ka sumi (Mist)
  • Ho kira
  • Naomi (Superior Beauty)
  • Toroshi
  • Miyako (Beautiful Night Child)
  • Shi zuka (Quiet)
  • Tabari
  • Kei (Lucky)

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Top Tips And Tricks To Come Up With a Perfect Kitsune Name

Hello friends! How was your Kitsune Name Tour? Are you ready with your Kitsune name list? And you can not wait to shortlist and cut the list down to one name? Well, well, We understand the hustle.

But you need to be very calm and focused by going through these top ideas that we have mentioned below. Not just go through these ideas, but also try to think about the names you can relate to the most to save your time for some other task. The ideas that we have mentioned below are proved to be beneficial for most of the visitors. It does not help in naming Kitsune, but these are some sort of universal ideas that can be used to name any character, game, planet, tree, house, island, or anything.

Try to remember these ideas in case you again have to name anything. You will not have to spend so much time reading this kind of idea again, but you will just manage everything through your mind. So, let us start with the tips and tricks.

Decide a Personality Based On The Culture

It is important to get a clear idea of the culture you want the Kitsune to behave in so that the name you choose can be found to be derived from its culture. It will also help you avoid going all over the place to just find a name for Kitsune. If your culture is already decided, you will not need to go to all the other cultures’ names and waste your time.

So, here you can invest your time in the perfect name rather than wandering here and there. So, You must ensure that you have decided on a personality based on the culture.

Brainstorm Different Ideas And Thoughts

Well, when you start thinking about the names, several ideas and thoughts must be crossing your mind. At that time, make sure that you are choosing the right idea to pick your name. Do not just start with the first idea that crosses your mind.

Take some time and think about a number of ideas before picking one. Along with that, try to be as creative as you can. As if the name of Kitsune is creative, the character and personality will sound interesting. Avoid picking boring names. Pick a name that must attract the others in the house.

Check If The Name Is Available

Always prepare a list of names and then cut it down to the top three names. It often happens that someone made all the effort to pick just that one name, and later they get to know that the name is already taken. So, avoid getting in such situations. Check the availability of the name that you have picked, and always make a top three name. So that even if one of them is already taken, you are ready to use the rest of the two.

Final Words

We hope that you liked the names and the guidelines helped you come up with a perfect Kitsune Name. Do not forget to share it with your friends.

Thank you, and all the best for your name hunt!

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