500+ Sad Playlist Names and Name Ideas

The playlist can be explained as a list of songs that are developed with the help of a music application. In the present scenario, music applications had become more advanced in comparison to the initial days when the applications were developed.

The advancement of technology has helped you in listening to different music according to other genres. At the same time, it also allows you to share the taste of your music with your close ones or across the globe. A playlist generally consists of a list of songs based on a particular genre, and the user creates the list according to his preferences. In the present day, everyone has access to the music application. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to share the playlist in the music application itself that every user in the world can access. Generally, playlists are developed so that a user can listen to his preferrable music in his own space.

The music application consists of different types of playlists based on different kinds of genres. The genres depend upon the mood of the song, the theme of the song, the sources of the song, and at times, the songs of one particular person. Many people became famous because of their playlist because many people love to hear different kinds of songs on other days.

However, before you can attract the users with the list of songs available in your playlist, you should choose a name for your playlist that will attract users from across the globe. The main reason behind choosing a good name for your playlist is that the name of your playlist will give the users better qualifications about the genre of the playlist. It will also avoid confusion among them regarding the list of the songs available in that playlist. Therefore, choosing a relatable name for your playlist is very necessary.

This article will provide you with a list of names for your sad playlist based on different categories, making it easier for you to choose a name for your playlist according to your preference.

If you want to share your sad playlist with the majority of users, you should choose a name that should be unique as well as attractive, and on the other hand, it should be relatable to the genre of your playlist.

Sad Playlist Names

These are some sad playlist names and name ideas.

  • Coffee Alone
  • Handmade Glory
  • Acid Days
  • Shimmering Light
  • Waltz Of The Spring
  • Don’t Pray For Easy Life
  • Pray For Strength
  • The Real Me
  • Music Is Magic
  • Echoes Alone
  • Hall Of Fame
  • Never Bend Your Head
  • Improve Yourself
  • Fight For Your Happiness
  • If I Look Back
  • I Am Lost
  • You Go
  • Good Hands
  • Decide Your Destiny
  • Static Noise
  • Fire And Ashes
  • Stumbling Is Not Falling
  • What It’s Like
  • Be The Universe
  • Drama Time
  • The Lord Of Fantasy
  • The Lazarus Missions.
  • Powerful Weapons
  • Take Action
  • Torture Me
  • Come And Go
  • Alternative Hits
  • In My Black Dress
  • Gone In Space

Playlist Names For Sad Songs

Here are some best sad songs playlist name ideas.

  • Broken
  • A Hole In My Heart
  • Totally White Thoughts
  • A Daring Adventure
  • The Comfort Playlist
  • You Must Smile
  • Déjà Vu
  • Shorthand Of Emotion
  • Higher Power
  • Tomorrow You Will Be Strong
  • The Loneliness
  • Back In The Day
  • Hit Me In The Feelings
  • Dancing In The Moonlight
  • My Lonely Days
  • Over The Blues
  • Focus Machine
  • In My Feels
  • Unspoken Thoughts
  • Nothing Is Impossible
  • Something Else
  • Be Kind Whenever Possible
  • All In Tune
  • Creative Anarchy
  • Artist To The Core
  • Live Without Hesitation
  • Under The Stars
  • Come And Go
  • Make a Difference
  • The Shadow Of You
  • Still Sounding Great
  • Can’t Afford To Miss!
  • Time And Space

Sad Playlist Name Ideas

These are some playlist names for sad songs.

  • Daydreams In Music
  • Symphony Of The Cosmos
  • Extinction.
  • Good Night World
  • Pray Twice
  • Create Yourself
  • Satanic Music
  • Full Of Despair
  • Chill Tunes
  • Heaven Doors
  • Your Smiling Eyes
  • I Won’t Give Up On You
  • Personal Diary
  • Calm Before Storm
  • Baby Come Back
  • Strumming My Heartstrings
  • Crouch And Cry
  • The Path To Success
  • Universal Language
  • Virtual Heaven
  • Rap Music For Kids
  • Back To 90s
  • Art Of Silence
  • Now Or Never
  • Spicy Hot Dance
  • Calm Days
  • Borrow The Happiness!
  • 3 Am
  • Heaven Doors
  • Burn Up Lifeless Habits
  • Gone In Space
  • Think Big
  • I’m Here
  • Wheel Of Eternity
  • Today’s Feeling
  • Eternity And a Day
  • Your Lucky Day
  • Worth Remembering
  • Clear Conscience

Sad Songs Playlist Names

Here are some playlist names for sad songs.

  • Rhythm In Emptiness
  • Straining For Expression
  • Can’t Talk Right Now
  • Musical Ideas
  • Succession Of Lessons
  • Life Is Worth Living
  • Crazy Moments
  • Own Today
  • Power Gift
  • Free Humanity
  • Together Forever
  • Do The Impossible
  • Comfort Zone
  • Stolen Love
  • Heart Waves
  • Heart Broken
  • Memories Stays Forever
  • Think Big
  • Song Of God
  • High Spirit Songs
  • Ray Of Hope
  • Mixed Emotions
  • These Tears
  • Missing You
  • Keep Moving
  • Literature Of Heart
  • Roots Of The Suffering
  • Every Day
  • Paranoiac Music
  • Normal Notes
  • Heartbreaker
  • My One And Only
  • Crying In Silence
  • Fresh Start
  • Not Your Type
  • Catch My Feelings
  • Drama Time
  • The Lord Of Fantasy
  • Except Your Love
  • Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Mess Of Fantasy
  • Not In Pieces

Depressed Playlist Names

These are some sad depressed playlist names.

  • Life Lights
  • Therapy Session
  • Feel Free
  • No Lyrics, Only Music
  • Drowning
  • Raindrops On My Skin
  • Smells Like Grass
  • Tales Of Heart Waves
  • Coffee Alone
  • Handmade Glory
  • True Love Knows No Lies
  • Love Messengers
  • Be Friend
  • Everything Is Connected
  • Be In Peace
  • Inside Your Eyes
  • Heavenly Touch
  •  Songs To Slow Dance
  • Right In The Feels
  • Low Voice Music
  • Jump Then Fly
  • Songs Called Ivy
  • Food Of Love
  • Ten Summer Tales
  • Whenever You Need Me

Playlist Names for Sad Songs

Here are some best playlist name ideas for sad songs.

  • Sad Songs
  • Feel Stable
  • Back In The Day
  • Pop Psychos’ Music
  • Dreadful Season
  • Autumn Soul
  • Stay Tuned!
  • True Home
  • The Flip Sides
  • Key Moments
  • Honey, You Are My Sun
  • Sad Hours
  • It Will Rain
  • Keep Moving
  • Some More Damage
  • Bad Day
  • Enjoy Your Coffee
  • Eminem Spitting Fire
  • Country Songs
  • Send Light
  • Into My Darkness
  • When It Rains…
  • What Is Love?
  • Nature’s Heartbeats
  • Don’t Wait!
  • Happiness Is By Choice
  • Music Is My Refuge
  • Kindness Is a Religion
  • Heart Break Ballads

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How To Choose A Sad Playlist Name

A playlist name should be beautiful and unique because the playlist shared on the music application is accessed by various users across the globe. Choosing a name for your sad playlist is very tough because there are various playlists available on the music application based on the sad genre.

Therefore, it is very important to keep certain factors when choosing a name for your playlist as it will help you find a suitable name for your sad playlist.

The Name Of The Playlist Should Be Relatable

You should always choose a relatable name for your sad playlist as it will give a clear clarification to the users across the world on what genre your playlist is based on. Therefore, you should always choose a relatable name for your playlist.

The Name Of The Playlist Should Be Unique

Uniqueness helps in attracting the majority of people. If you choose a unique name for your sad playlist, then you will not only attract a lot of users, but at the same time, you can also gain a separate reputation in the music application.

The Name Of The Playlist Should Be Meaningful

The name of your playlist should be trendy but it also come with a meaning. At times, people fail to bring the meaning of the name of the playlist because they tend to follow the trend and be in style. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a name for your playlist that is trendy yet meaningful.

The Name Of The Playlist Should Be Filled With Emotions

Emotions play an important part when it comes to music. Every person listens to music mostly to spend some quality time within themselves and also to it gives them relaxation after a hectic day. Therefore, when you choose a name for your playlist, the name should be filled with emotions and be meaningful.

Final Words

The advancement of technology is benefitting a lot of people in the present society. In the present scenario, many music applications have been developed through which you can create a playlist of songs according to your genre, and at the same time, you can share the same playlist with your closed ones or upload it on the music application that various users around the world can easily access.

The playlist can be explained as a list of songs that are arranged together according to a particular genre and can be heard anytime and anywhere. However, a playlist also carries a name that helps in attracting others as they grow interested in knowing more about your playlist.

This article will provide you with a list of various names that you can choose for your sad songs playlist.

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