450+ Tree House Names (Best & Creative Ideas)

Tree houses are a magical part of childhood – they’re the place you can retreat to in your backyard and imagine you’re living in another world. When it comes time to name your tree house, there’s no limit to the creativity!

The more imaginative and unique, the better. Here are some ideas for tree house names that will make your backyard hideaway unforgettable:

Tree House Names

  • Enchanted Cottage – Magical and whimsical with a hint of fairy-tale charm
  • Frog Hollow – Fun and playful, perfect for housing an entire family of amphibians!
  • Dragons’ Lair – A fitting tribute to your favorite childhood fantasy
  • The Summit – Perfect for a tree house perched atop the highest branches
  • Tree Top Tower – An apt name for a lofty fortress in the sky
  • Lighthouse Lookout– Inspire imaginary sea voyages with this nautical moniker
  • The Wishing Tree – An enchanted spot where wishes come true
  • Riverside Retreat – A perfect escape for a waterside tree house
  • Treeopolis – The city in the sky, with its mayor and citizens!
  • Fairy Forest – The enchanted home of sprites and pixies galore
  • Hideaway Haven – A cozy getaway tucked away in the branches.

Some fun ideas include:

  • `The Secret Hideout` – perfect for a place you can escape to and be alone
  • `The Castle in the Trees` – an idyllic name that’s fit for a princess
  • `The Treehouse of Wonders` – inspired by the famous Arabian fable
  • `Treetopolis” – for tree houses that are elaborate and full of life
  • `The Neverland Treehouse` – the perfect homage to Peter Pan’s adventures
  • `The Fantasy Palace` – a regal name for any fairy tale home
  • `The Windy Castle` – inspired by castles in books such as The Princess Bride
  • `Treetop Mansion` – this name is royal and grand
  • `The Magical Tree Fort` – for a tree house that feels like it’s out of a fairytale book
  • `Tree Nest` – an intriguing name that could be the setting for mysterious adventures

Best Treehouse Names

If you’re looking for a unique and creative way to name your treehouse, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our favorite treehouse names that you can use:

  • The Bird’s Nest
  • The Tree Top Cottage
  • High Spirits Hideaway
  • Enchanted Evergreen Retreat
  • The Pine Palace
  • The Birdsong Bungalow
  • Nest Haven
  • Woodland Wisdom Villa
  • Treehouse Trove
  • Arbor Abode Hideaway
  • Tranquil Tree Tower
  • Majestic Maple Manor
  • Feathery Friends Fort
  • The Squirrel Sanctuary
  • High Above Haven

Good Treehouse Names

Choosing the perfect name for your treehouse is a critical task. It’s a place to retreat and relax, so it should be memorable. Here are some ideas for naming your treehouse:

  • The Lookout: A great name for any treehouse with a view.
  • The Hideaway: Perfect if you’re looking for a bit of privacy.
  • Neverland: A nod to the classic story of Peter Pan.
  • Top of the World: For your treehouse that feels on top of the world.
  • The Nest: For any bird or animal lovers out there.
  • Tree Tops: If you want a simple name for your treehouse.
  • The Roost: Another great option for bird or animal lovers.
  • Cloud Nine: For those with a treehouse that feels like it’s in the clouds.
  • Castle in the Sky: A whimsical name for any castle-like treehouse.
  • Freedom Tower: Perfect if your treehouse provides a sense of freedom.
  • The Observatory: For your treehouse that offers a fantastic view.
  • Tree Palace: Perfect for any grand and majestic treehouses out there.
  • The Shipwreck: An excellent option for any pirate-inspired treehouse.
  • Arborwood Manor: Ideal if your treehouse has a stately presence.
  • Tree Sanctuary: For any treehouse that provides a sense of sanctuary.

Cool Tree House Names

Are you looking for the perfect name for your tree house? It can be difficult to pick the right one, but we have some great ideas that could help inspire you.

  • The Eagles Nest
  • The Tree Swing Hangout
  • Tree Top Haven
  • The Treetop Clubhouse
  • The Leafy Lookout
  • Treehouse Towering Above
  • Maple Manor
  • The Tree House Hideaway
  • Arbor Abode
  • High in the Sky Retreat
  • Heaven’s Gate Lookout
  • Treetop Oasis
  • Forest Fortress
  • Tree Top Sanctuary
  • The Castle in the Sky
  • View from the Top
  • Cooler than a Poolhouse
  • Helicopter Pad Hangout
  • Up, Up and Away Clubhouse
  • Above it All Lookout

Catchy Names For A Treehouse

If you’re trying to create a creative name for your treehouse, look no further than this list of catchy and unique names.

  • Castle in the Sky
  • Fortress in the Forest
  • The Lookout Tower
  • Hideaway Haven
  • Ewok’s Nook
  • Arbor Palace
  • The Burrow
  • Narnia’s Treehouse
  • The Green Room
  • Sky High Treehouse
  • Kingslayer’s Keep
  • The Wilderness Retreat
  • Hawk’s Perch
  • House at the Top of the Hill
  • Club Canopy
  • Sanctuary in the Trees

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Cute Tree House Names

Tree houses are a great way to bring out the kid in everyone. Whether you’re looking for an awesome tree house name for your structure or need some inspiration on what to call your latest creation, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the cutest tree house names that will make you want to move into one right away:

  • A-Frame Hideaway: This classic one is perfect for any tree house or fort.
  • The Treetop Shack: What could be better than having your own “shack” in the trees?
  • The Squirrel’s Nook: Cute and cozy, this name evokes images of a unique hideaway in the trees.
  • Treehouse of Dreams: This name will inspire creative play and imagination!
  • High Chimes: It is perfect for a tree house with bells or chimes set.
  • Sky Castle: This is the perfect name if your tree house looks like a castle.
  • The Arbor Chalet: This name is perfect for a tree house resembling an alpine chalet!
  • Boughs of Fun: A great way to celebrate the beauty and fun of your tree house.
  • Bird’s Nest Perch: Perfect for any bird-loving child or adult.
  • Nature’s Home: Celebrate the beauty of nature with this great name.
  • The Green Haven is a beautiful name that will inspire many adventures.

Funny Names For A Treehouse

We’ve all been there—trying to find a funny name for a treehouse. These names will make you and your friends laugh from the silly to the outrageous. So get ready; it’s time to pick the perfect moniker for your lofty abode!

  • The Boathouse: This one is particularly fitting if your treehouse is near a body of water.
  • The High Society is a fitting name for those looking to feel royalty in their treehouse.
  • The Treetop Palace: For those who want the luxurious palace experience but in the trees!
  • The Treebarrow: This can be used for various purposes—from a spot to store drinks to a makeshift bar.
  • The Perch: Perfect for those looking for a simple yet fitting name for their sky-high spot.
  • The Lookout: For the more adventurous types that want to keep an eye out from their treehouse.
  • The Noodle Palace is a unique name with its own set of jokes.
  • The Ark: Perfect for those looking to make a statement with their treehouse.
  • The Nest: A cozy and comforting name for your home in the trees.
  • The Jungle Gym: Not only is this a fun name, but it’s also a great reminder of the uses of your treehouse.

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Historical And Fictional Inspired Tree House Names

When it comes to choosing the perfect name for your tree house, there are many great options to choose from. Whether you are looking for something whimsical, historical, or inspired by a beloved book or movie character, there will surely be an ideal name. Here are some of the most creative tree house names you can choose from:

  • Robin’s Nest – Inspired by the famous story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men living in Sherwood Forest.
  • The Hideaway – Perfect for a tree house intended to be used as a secret hideout.
  • Chateau d’Arbre – A French name inspired by the castles of old.
  • Gulliver’s Perch – Named after the famous character from Jonathan Swift’s novel, Gulliver’s Travels.
  • The Treetop Tavern – Combines two of the best things: nature and a cozy place to grab a drink!
  • Sherwood Manor – Another nod to Robin Hood, this name could also be used for an elegant tree house.
  • Treebeard’s House – A whimsical name inspired by the character from J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series.
  • Bumblebee Bungalow – Inspired by The Transformers, this name is perfect for a cozy tree house hideaway.
  • Treehouse on the Prairie – Adding an element of nostalgia from Little House on the Prairie, this name will bring back feelings of simpler times.
  • Skylow – A great option if you’re looking for something unique and modern.
  • The Raven’s Roost – A great option if you’re a fan of Edgar Allan Poe’s work.

Nature-Inspired Tree House Names

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your newly constructed tree house, why not draw inspiration from nature? Tree houses can be found in forests worldwide; many of them have been given creative names inspired by their natural surroundings. Here are some unique suggestions to jumpstart your creativity:

  • The Oaks: This is a classic name that speaks to the majesty of oaks.
  • The Den: A cozy and inviting name perfect for a place of respite.
  • The Hollow: This is an excellent choice if you have a huge tree with lots of room!
  • The Acorn: A fun and whimsical name that conjures up images of outdoor adventures.
  • The Nest: This is an excellent choice if you have a tree house that looks like birds built it!
  • The Grove: Perfect for anyone who wants to create a private oasis.
  • The Perch: An excellent pick for a tree house with expansive views.
  • The Hideaway: Ideal for those seeking privacy and seclusion in the treetops.
  • The Bower is perfect for a tree house with plenty of shade and comfort.

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Pop Culture-Inspired Tree House Names

The world of pop culture is filled with inspiring names for tree house dwellings. Whether you’re a fan of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, or even more modern franchises like Game of Thrones and Star Wars, there are plenty of options to choose from when naming your own tree house. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Treevenclaw Tower – This Hogwarts-inspired name is perfect for anyone who loves Harry Potter.
  • The Shire Home – If you enjoy The Lord of the Rings, this tree house name will capture your imagination.
  • Ironwood Castle – This reference to Game of Thrones will make any tree house look like a castle in the sky.
  • Skywalker Fortress is the perfect name for Star Wars fans for a tree house with a commanding night sky view.
  • Emerald Castle – If green is your favorite color, this name will fit perfectly with your tree house’s aesthetic.
  • Cloud City Treehouse – Fans of the Star Wars universe will remember this iconic setting from the movies.
  • Valley of the Elves – Tolkien’s beloved characters inspire this name and will make any tree house feel like a magical kingdom in the sky.
  • Tree of Wisdom – This timeless name will bring to mind the wise old trees often seen in fantasy stories.
  • Castle of Dreams – This name will ignite nostalgia for anyone who loves the Disney classic.
  • Tree House on the Hill – This simple yet poetic name will make anyone feel like they’re living in their fairytale.

Tree House Names Inspired by Books, Movies, and TV Shows

Tree houses have long been inspiring backdrops to many books, movies, and TV shows. From the classic Swiss Family Robinson to the beloved Harry Potter series, treehouses are often used as a place for kids (or adults!) to escape reality. And with so much inspiration in these stories, you can find some fantastic names for your treehouse!

  • The House of Happiness – Swiss Family Robinson
  • The Burrow – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Treehouse of Terror – The Simpsons
  • TreeTopia – Captain Planet
  • AcornFlat – Narnia Chronicles
  • Evergreen Place – Little House on the Prairie
  • Maycomb Treehouse – To Kill a Mockingbird
  • The Nest – Charlotte’s Web
  • The Hideaway – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Dapplewood – Little Lord Fauntleroy
  • Zook House – Where the Wild Things Are

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Fictional Characters Inspired Tree House Names

Inspiration for tree house names can come from unexpected sources, such as your favorite fiction novels or television shows. Why not give a character’s name to your special abode in the trees? Here are some examples of fictional characters who could inspire your tree house naming ideas:

  • Tom Sawyer’s tree house could be called “Tom’s Hideout.”
  • Bilbo Baggins’ tree house could be named “Bilbo’s Burrow.”
  • The Doctor from the British series Doctor Who might inspire a name like “The TARDIS Tree House.”
  • The tree house of the characters from the novel Bridge to Terabithia could be named “Terabithia.”
  • Fans of Harry Potter might like a name like “Hogwarts Tree House.”
  • The tree house of Phineas and Ferb would fit well with a moniker such as “Phineas and Ferb’s Tree Adventure.”
  • For The Lord of the Rings fans, a name like “Mordor Tree House” would suit the bill.
  • The tree house of the Adventure Time characters might be aptly dubbed “Finn and Jake’s Treehouse.”
  • Game of Thrones fans could name their tree house “The Eyrie.”
  • The tree house from the classic novel Charlotte’s Web could be named “Charlotte’s Web Nest.
  • A Scooby Doo-inspired tree house might be called “The Mystery Mansion.”
  • Anyone who loves Disney princesses could call their tree house “Aurora’s Tree Palace” in honor of Sleeping Beauty.
  • For fans of the Marvel Universe, a name like “Avengers Tower” might be suitable.
  • A tree house for fans of the classic movie E.T. could be called “Elliott’s Hideout.
  • Fans of The Little Mermaid could give their treehouse a seafaring name like “Ariel’s Grotto.”


No matter what kind of tree house names you choose, finding something that reflects your imagination and style is the most important thing. Whether you go for classic tree house names or ones inspired by pop culture, books, movies, TV shows, or even fictional characters, a well-chosen name can make any tree house feel like home! So have fun with it, and don’t forget to share your unique tree house names with your friends and family!

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