522 Best Holding Company Names Ideas and Suggestions

Are you looking for a name to suit your new holding company business? If that is what you were looking for, you have landed at the right place because we will present you with names that you are sure to like. Now, if you are confused about the concept of a holding company, here is a brief explanation.

A holding company refers to a corporation or an LLC, a Limited Liability Company that is in charge of owning and controlling businesses or investments. However, it should be mentioned that it does not involve itself in the buying or selling of products or services. It strictly follows only the aforementioned.

While picking the name, do keep in mind that what you choose will finally be the brand you are choosing for yourself. Therefore, think carefully before finalizing anything. You can make customers accustomed to yourself through your name and brand and describe what you have to offer.

Your name is your identity, and it is the first thing that leaves an impression about you on the customers, and first impressions are very important. Building a business on holding companies means that you will be dealing with businesses and companies, it is very important that the companies are impressed by what you have to offer, and if you want them to notice you, you must stand out from the other businesses in the same field, and your name can do the job for you.

Now that we have briefed you about the importance of a name, let’s see the names that we have listed below for your company:

Holding Company Name Ideas

These are collections of best-holding company names and name ideas.

  • Aegis Capital Corporation
  • Action Holding Company
  • Ace Holding Company
  • Aegis Wealth Management
  • Ally Financial Holdings
  • Acme Holding Company
  • Beautifully Integrated
  • Centrepoint-Cross
  • Allstate Corporation
  • Empower Holding
  • First Laurel Security
  • Fishman Holdings North America
  • Decatur Investment
  • Glowball Participaties Holding
  • Herger Financial Corporation
  • Legal And General Group
  • Green Dot Corporation
  • East West Bancorp
  • Edge Financial Services
  • Louis Management Group
  • London Square Properties
  • Hot And Cold Food
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Independent Alliance Banks
  • Insight Financial Group
  • Merchant Financial Group
  • Matthews Holdings
  • Mega Group Holding
  • Alpha International
  • Ann Arbor Bancorp
  • Admiralty Seafoods
  • Aegis Venture Partners
  • Asset Or Hindrance
  • Blue Ben Plus
  • Capital H America
  • Farmers Enterprises
  • First National Capital Corporation
  • Great Plains Bancshares Inc
  • Fresh Frozen Fries
  • Herget Financial Corporation

Cool Holding Company Names

Here are some collections of cool names for holding companies.

  • Innovations Holdings
  • Metropolitan Trust Company
  • East Wood Holding
  • Ifs Capital
  • Johnson And Johnson
  • Premier Venture Investment
  • Northern Trust Corporation
  • Quality-Cross-Tri
  • Sun Ocean Holdings
  • Style Gallery Holdings
  • Samba Financial Group
  • The Beaufort Development
  • Regions Financial Corporation
  • The Commonwealth Investment
  • Southwest Building Supplies
  • The Mysterious Company
  • The Western Range Development
  • The Great Lakes Investment
  • Starting Hands Holdings
  • Woori Finance Holdings
  • Yuanta Financial Holding
  • Tokyo Kiraboshi Financial Group
  • Two Sides Of The Same Coin
  • Vertigo Security Systems
  • Wacker Holding Company
  • Webster Financial Corporation
  • Arrow Financial Corporation
  • Asset Medieval Holdings
  • Bar Navigation Holding
  • Best-In-The-Business
  • Black Pearl Financial
  • Business In Session
  • Four Rivers International
  • First Merchants Corporation
  • Green Stone Housing
  • Graven Stein New
  • Melodic Holding Company
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Morgan Capital Corporation
  • Rosenthal & Associates
  • Sparks Building Supplies
  • The Low Income Investment
  • Tighter Wood Holding
  • York Holding Company

Catchy Names For Holding Company

These are collections of catchy and unique holding company names and name ideas.

  • The Data Authority
  • Trustworthy Corporation
  • The Lumber Room
  • Thompson Enterprises
  • Venture Electrics
  • Waverly Corporation
  • Phoenix Investments
  • Sony Financial Holdings
  • Kb Financial Group
  • Daishin Securities
  • Heerema Shipping
  • Highland Stargate
  • Genworth Financial
  • Eastern Investments
  • Enlighten Heights
  • Floodwall Motors
  • Friendly Interface
  • Indian Blessing
  • Horizon Holdings
  • Gallery Holding
  • Consorcio Financiero
  • Covenant Investment
  • Ambitious Acquisition
  • Aegis Venture Fund
  • Aegis Real Estate
  • Borderless Insurance
  • Accelerate Ahead
  • Captain Unicorn
  • Two Sides Of The Same Pot
  • Toolbar Banking Group
  • Swfi Not Certified Euroclear
  • Venture Out Holdings
  • Velvet Building Supplies
  • Toronto-Dominion Bank
  • White Wing Financial
  • Wilson Financial Services
  • Woodland Building Supplies
  • Western Baskets Aegis Advantage
  • Cardinal Financial Group
  • Cave Corn Holding
  • Central Point Investments
  • Connections Holding Company
  • Cooper Building Materials
  • DBS Group Holdings

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Parent Company Names

These are some best parent company names and name ideas.

  • Discover Financial Services
  • Eastwood Financial Corporation
  • Edge Of Engagement
  • Drexel Morgan
  • Emergency Van Lines
  • Fallyn Holding Company
  • Fidea Holdings
  • First Interstate Bancsystem
  • Colonial Banc
  • Amaze Financial
  • Aegis Wealth Venture
  • Cool Holding Company
  • From The Ground
  • Home Beach
  • Greatlinks Investments
  • Franklin Bancorp
  • Jefferies Financial
  • Hunt Consolidated
  • Professional Services
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Redstone Investments
  • Metal One America
  • Mother Earth Building Material
  • Mvb Financial
  • Rowley & Associates
  • Resource One
  • The Wooden Room
  • Starting Point Holdings
  • Start Us Up Financial
  • Timberbrook Lumber
  • Stock Capital Finance
  • Swain & Associates
  • The Bunny Group
  • The Data Vortex
  • The Point Development
  • Wood Land Holdings
  • Shift Communications
  • Westminster Potatoes
  • The Hilo Investment
  • The Data Republic
  • Technology Ventures
  • Rayfield Investments
  • Riverstone Holdings
  • Proteus Investments
  • Starting Lineup
  • Southwest Lumber
  • Sloane Investments
  • Miller Development
  • Louis Management
  • General Trading
  • Exchange Company
  • Jenkins Enterprises
  • Initial Invitation
  • Data Solutions
  • Crown Corporation

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Best Holding Company Names

Here are some best and most creative name ideas for holding companies.

  • Amazon Holding
  • Asset Cracking
  • Avon Holdings
  • Copeland Holdings
  • Hillcrest Holdings
  • Discover Holding
  • Garden Counseling
  • Industrial Stone
  • Long Investments
  • Wheeler Holdings
  • Sarong Company
  • Starting Hands
  • Multimoney Holdings
  • More Than Brass Rubies
  • Pacific Investment
  • Next Fortune Finacial
  • Kraft Foods
  • Pointe Washington
  • Sunny Dragon
  • Tecumseh Ventures
  • Telltalemedia
  • Tigerwood Holding
  • Progressive Bancorp
  • Yanira Financials
  • Cyprus Company
  • Happy Hamper
  • Alpha Consignment

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Real Estate Holding Company Names

Here are some best and most unique real estate holding company names.

  • Aegis Trade
  • Cobden Investment
  • Australian Unity
  • Burgess Holdings
  • Beryl Company
  • Legend Group
  • Ringing Raisin
  • Wesco Financial
  • Toolbar Group
  • The Data Zone
  • Sunny Wonder
  • Pop Up Startup
  • Panda Rainbow
  • Merchant Holding
  • Marchand Ex
  • Dublin Investment
  • Data Innovations
  • Cookie Company
  • Consolidated Investments
  • Garden Warehouse
  • Helix Holding
  • Sloan Enterprises
  • Little Dream
  • Stone Outdoors
  • Woodland Depot
  • Diverse Income
  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Alfalah Investments
  • Heirs Holdings
  • Sunny Moon
  • Partner Profit
  • Contemplative Custom
  • Celestial Entities
  • Abraham Holdings
  • Everett Holdings
  • Data Exchange
  • Aston Investments
  • Timber Depot
  • Universal Data
  • Richco Group
  • Vitality Group
  • Yang Corporation

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How To Name Your Holding Company

Even though naming might seem like a minor task, it is an extremely important and sometimes underrated step every business must follow. Hereafter, we present to you a few tips and points that you can use to choose a name in case you haven’t already found it in the lists we provided:

Refrain From Making The Name Too Long

People should be able to remember your company’s name in an instant, and what they might refer to as rolling off the tongue. It should not take your customers a long time to memorize your company’s name for them to spread the word about you and make you famous and well known in the business sector.

Keep The Name As Flexible As Possible

It is of the best interest to avoid names that keep you latched and contained to a specific factor such as location, area, sector, or any such factor. While choosing the name, keep in mind if you would like to expand your business into another sector in later years and then plan the name accordingly so that you are not faced with the rebranding issue later wherein you have to go through this very process once again in order to come up with another brand name.

Check If The URL Is Available On The Internet

Now, if you are also trying to build your business website for social media marketing, you must make sure that the name you choose has the URL available for it. Imagine this. You build your company only to realize later that someone has already used the name you opted for and that someone already has a website developed under that URL. Therefore, it is a good idea to check the URL availability on the internet before you finally pick a name for your company.

Make Sure You Are Not Practicing Plagiarism

It is a very important point to make sure that you are not accidentally plagiarising someone already in the business. Remember and always keep in mind that the issue of plagiarism is punishable by law and if brought to light, you might have to pay a fine and also deal with all the negative publicity and criticism that will be accompanying the lawsuit.

This lawsuit might lead you to lose existing customers because established businesses usually refrain from scandals and from dealing with any company involved in a scandal or lawsuit. Losing one customer will also lead to other customers shifting to other businesses due to distrust.

Your Company Name Should Be Marketable In The Field

If you do not understand what the headline means, it refers to choosing a name that makes you stand out from the crowd. Your company’s name is the face of your business should be able to leave a lasting and strong impression on your customers. You can use various tricks in this method, make the name creative and catchy or attach a tagline to it that. Use your imagination and skills and make something out of a name that makes you unique.

Get Inspired By Those Who Have Established Themselves In The Field

Many times, it is seen that established businesses blog about all the struggles and processes they had gone through when they started their business. Feel free to check out and thoroughly read through these blogs, and also, you may check out YouTube, where entrepreneurs often give interviews for other entrepreneurs to follow.

Look Into What Your Competitors Are Going For

Research how your competitors are choosing or have chosen your name. by doing this, you can understand what works in the market and what key points your competitors are using to come up with a name themselves. This will give you an insight into what key factors are to be kept in mind and what the target audience is buying with names.

Use a Name Generator

If you are unable to find names after all these points, you may head over to the internet and search for various available name generators. These name generators can provide you names by the click of a button in an instant and may work with the typing of an alphabet or a keyboard.


With this being concluded, we will say goodbye to you and wish you good luck with your business. We hope you achieve your goals and your business skyrockets as you aspire it to. Now we must remind you, if you liked this article, do make sure to share it with your loved ones because we need the advertising and marketing just like you do with your business.

Thank you for considering our article worthy of your time.

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