Knight Names: 422 Name Ideas For Knights

Hi, are you eager to find the most suitable name for your Knight Character? Don’t worry. You have reached the right place. Here you will get hundreds of suitable Knight Names. But before you start selecting names, make sure that you are updated about the Knight’s history and background. Because without knowing their history, you won’t be able to understand their true nature. The knowledge will help you to know them better. Hence, you will be able to understand them much better and it will ultimately help you to select the most beautiful name for your Knight Character.

A knight is usually a person who has been given an honorary title of knighthood. In the middle ages, Knights were considered Mountain warriors, especially in Europe. Though the old meaning of the word ‘Knight’ is servant or boy, it referred to military followers of a king since the early middle age. In ancient Rome, Knight used to ride on horseback, and they were the main army of the rulers. It is said that the first knights are known to appear in the 8th Century and since then, in return for their service, they used to get lands and other properties as rewards.

When it comes to weapons, knights used a number of different weapons, including sharp swords, axes, and maces. They also used helmets and shields. They mainly used their weapons for direct combat and didn’t use their swords to hunt. Their sword was a status symbol. To block attacks and strikes, knights used metal shields and it is claimed that the shape and size of their shields have been changed with time. Their guards have different names according to the time frame of the Century.

Knights are famous for their chivalric manners. They were trained to fight bravely and were expected to show courtesy to women and the King. It is said that the knights of the late medieval era took an active part in politics too. Knights were trained to protect defenseless, poor people, women, orphans, and the churches. Since the late medieval era, there have been many books and movies based on the knights. They have been featured as main characters even in video games. Now that you are aware of the background and history of the Knights feel free to use the knowledge while choosing a name for your Knight. All the Best!

Best Knight Names

  • Frederic the Secrecy
  • Hardwin, le Confiant
  • Dylan the Intrepid
  • Myghchaell the Killer
  • Riquier, le Compagnon
  • Toby the Secret
  • Imgelramus the Hawk
  • Monomeric the Fighter
  • Elyes, l’Intrépide
  • Foucault the Tender
  • Alaine, la Educada
  • Dawkin the Wild
  • Galerie the Cultivated
  • Gawayne, Cœur de Lion
  • Rimo the Digger
  • Wymond the Bareback
  • Gemmes, le Gladiateur
  • Guiot of the Snow
  • Malkin, la Pronta
  • Arthur the Yellow
  • Frank the Strong

Cool Knight Names

  • Ru Paul the Ally
  • Jeph, Cœur de Dragon
  • Mamo the Trusty
  • Geuecok, le Prodige
  • Jobba of the Ice
  • Alyn the Green
  • Moodle de la Selva
  • Garnet the Courageous
  • Jack the Beast
  • Salute, la Juste
  • Guarin the Wild
  • Janetta, la Audaz
  • James, le Vigile
  • King of the North
  • Isac the Bold
  • Ingaretta, la Mensajera
  • Got the Kitty
  • Jacquelyn, la Fiable
  • Jeffery of the South
  • Andrew the Courteous
  • Drogo the Gladiator
  • Pilate the Blue-blooded
  • Owen the Crazy
  • Jannet, le Paladin
  • Destruct the Illusion
  • Hundreds the God
  • Milcentia, la Rouge
  • Eliot the Faithful
  • Elian of the East
  • Branwyne, Chevalier de la Montagne
  • Gallien the Dragonheart

Amazing Knight Names

  • Tim the Heart wave
  • Reinfridus the Gladiator
  • Ship the Parent
  • Evelyn, le Présage
  • Emmy the Unstoppable
  • Skyline the Blue
  • Johanna, la Riche
  • Oran the Member
  • Conan the Loyal
  • Theo the Monster
  • Giselle, le Coeur
  • Iselota del Invierno
  • Yellow Island
  • Alyson the Shield
  • Brice lemme Port
  • Galiena, Chevalier du Feu
  • Launchy Attentive
  • Poll, la Calva
  • Peter the Danger
  • Jarvis the Bruiser
  • Aveline, la Devota
  • Alanon the Merciful
  • Nina, la Potente
  • Clarenbald the Smiling
  • Assault, la Atrevida
  • Anscoul the Bruiser
  • Alesia, la Fría
  • Ivon the Shy
  • Heilewisa, la Talentosa
  • Tam the Silence
  • Nicolaus the Honorable
  • Emeloth del Amanecer
  • Haymo the Angel
  • Jacke the Fearless
  • Bess del Este
  • Beavis the Escort
  • Hubbard el Hero
  • Berny the Invincible
  • Edger el Sonador
  • Brew the Guard
  • Angier of the Morning
  • Dobbin The Amarillo
  • Briscoe the Poet
  • Trump the Ferguson
  • Cole the Priest
  • Serio the Hawkeye
  • Vauquelin el Presagio
  • Jessop the Observant
  • Ralph the Cowboy
  • Karen the Equitable
  • Crystal the Beast
  • Walls the Messenger

Catchy Knight Names

  • Thomas the Dauntless
  • Freda of the Morning
  • Athelard the Huge
  • Gibs the Author
  • Radios the Animal
  • Bob the Headstrong
  • Robin the Eagle
  • Camelot the Cover
  • Parrot the Rough
  • Albert the Content
  • Elias the Low
  • Monster of the Sea
  • Bravo the Valid
  • Pop the Magnificent
  • Edward the Strong
  • Banjo the Brown
  • Love the Hoped
  • William the Babe
  • Barry the Writer
  • Frank the Candid
  • Tilt the Right
  • Mahal the Saviour
  • Bible the Brave
  • Godefroy the Code
  • Minny the Restless
  • Jacob the Buzz
  • Crist the Thoughtful
  • Jane the Powerful
  • Fouque the Paladin
  • Plumber of the Dawn
  • Adele the Basic Brown
  • Ismael of the Darkness
  • Hank the Ruined
  • Wilmette the Miniature
  • Glennon, la Talentosa
  • Dove the Singer
  • Jessimond, la Fidedigna
  • Alaina of the Ocean
  • Ancheta, la Talentosa
  • Rosalind, la Guerrera
  • Monica of the North
  • Geoffrey the Cruise
  • Milicent del Otoño
  • Pollekin, la Protectora
  • Nichole of the Glacier
  • Hosein the Wolf
  • Esclairmonde del Hielo
  • Hugo the Robust
  • Houdoin the Mild
  • Season the Observant
  • Jakelina, la Grandiosa
  • Richard the Shrewd

Powerful Knight Names

  • Michal the Rebounding
  • Emmott, la Torre
  • Barnabe the Intrepid
  • Crist the Bold
  • Gismondi, la Temeraria
  • Robert the Wicked
  • Mason the Springy
  • Rain the Penetrating
  • Stephanie the Petty
  • Eleanor the Murderer
  • Matilda, la Tortuosa
  • Stephen the Tiger
  • Tamasine, la Seria
  • Helene the Honorable
  • Harry the Quick
  • Melisent, la Asombrosa
  • Louis the Hunter
  • Niall the Ruthless
  • Isabelle, la Leal
  • Liam the Watch
  • Garnet the Secret
  • Hermineite el Monstruo
  • Paul the Natural
  • Pertinent the Growler
  • Jacqueline, la Turbulenta
  • Olive the Grin
  • Robin the Sympathetic
  • Casper the Feeble
  • Ramen the Artist
  • Raymond the Audacious
  • Bear the Divine
  • Moon the Jailor
  • Dunphy the Spiritual
  • Harlequin the Shy
  • Ed the Magnificent
  • Adenoid the Clement
  • Taylor the Clever
  • Milot the Old

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How To Select The Best Name For Your Knight Characters

Use Real Names of The Knights

To make your knight character more believable and natural, feel free to use real names. Spend some time reading knight-related books or articles. You will find numerous real knight names. You can always pick them up for use. Also, if you want a unique name at the same time, try to change one or two-letter of the name and create a new one. Keep your imagination and creativity running. You can always experiment with your own ideas with real names. It will help you to feel more connected with your Knight character.

Take Reference From Knight’s Culture And Roots

If you spend some time reading the history and the background of the knights, you will be able to know a number of facts about the knights. You will be familiar with their culture, language, and manners. While naming your character, keep these references in mind. Knights were famous for their weapons, especially swords, shields, and other armors. Inspire yourself from those features and try to create a unique name using those qualities of the knights. They were also famous for their bravery, loyalty, and professional mannerism. Use these characteristics to build a name for the selected character.

Keep It Simple And Use Surname

While giving a unique name, don’t forget to keep it simple. Using a complicated name can be confusing. Use a short and simple name. Also, remember, unlike some gaming characters, knights are real human-being. So, don’t forget to select a surname for your knight character. However, knights were brave, kind, sympathetic, and loyal. You can use these qualities as the surname of your knight. It will help others to understand the knight character better.

Pick a Meaningful Name

Do not select a random name. Your knight character will represent you. The name of the character will also represent the characteristics and qualities of knights. So, try to pick a name with inner meaning. You can always send a message through the name of your character. If you want to make your character bold, brave, or even cruel, you can always use the name to give others an initial idea about your Knight. Do some research and select words carefully to form the name of the Knight.


Before choosing a name, spend some time to do dig deeper. The research will prepare you to make a better decision. This article had hundreds of suitable Knights names. Feel free to use those above-given meaningful names.

Also, if you like the article, don’t forget to share it with others. Help them to choose perfect knights names too.

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