150+ Names That Mean Beautiful (With Meanings) For Baby Girls & Boys

Names That Mean Beautiful: Having a baby is the most fantastic feeling globally; when you take your infant in your hands, you feel blessed. When you came from the office or worked stressed and dulled, you see your child’s face full of a smile; then you feel alive again to play with your cute baby. But having fun with your baby and playing with them is easy and growing them is also easy, but naming them is very difficult, or we can say a milestone because we have to choose a name that suits their present and match with their future. You only get one chance to choose a perfect name for your child. Parents take months to select a perfect name that suits their little bundle.

Children are a beautiful creation of God; therefore, we prefer to name them over the beauty that reminds them how beautiful they are. 

Watching babies in their grown stages and doing the same stuff that you thought while naming them because of their names. At that moment, you realize choosing a perfect name that matches your baby’s personality can make you smile. By keeping all these things in mind, we try to choose a perfect name for our child. That name should be beautiful, adorable, and praising. Whoever listens to your name should remember it for a long time and suggest your name to others. All these things make the name perfect. People never try to memorize a perfect they just remember it.

To choose a beautiful name, we seek nature to take a few ideas. Parents can name their child on the names of rivers, flowers, stars, etc. Choosing a baby name might be a difficult task for you, but here is a list that will help you find an adorable name that symbolizes “beauty” in names:

Baby Names That Mean Beautiful For Girls

  • Aabha

Meaning- This is an Indian origin word which means “beautiful and light.” This name gives shine to your child. It is easy to speak understand; people don’t bully you for your name.

  • Mily

Meaning- it represents “beautiful, a meeting,” and it is Indian origin word it is easy to say and entirely of modern type. It also illustrates that you are interested in meeting new people.

  • Hinal

Meaning- it represents the goddess of beauty and wealth. It shows faith in god or saint type person. 

  • Bella

Meaning-its origin is Italy, Spain it is a Latin word for Beautiful in French. It also means beautiful 

  • Bonnie

Meaning-This word is derived from Scotland; it means “beautiful and cheerful.” In Scotland, people used it as a word in place of pretty.

  • Venus

Meaning- This name is based on the Roman goddess of beauty and love. This name will give your infants his blessings also.

  • Calista

Meaning- This is a Greek origin word which means “most beautiful.” Plus, this name can be written in many possible ways by changing its spellings and make it creative with the same meaning (Kallista, Calyst, etc.)

  • Calliope

Meaning- this name is a little old fashion, but they came back in style. It is a Greek name; it is used in poetry over there, and it means “Beautiful voice.”

  • Linda

Meaning- This word is of Spanish origin. It is the same as Bonnie, which means “pretty.” Fun fact: Linda is one of the trendiest names in U.S. history.

  • Mabel

Meaning- It is a Latin origin word, which means “beautiful, loving and lovable” this name matches exactly with your child because that’s how you see them.

  • Alana

Meaning- It is a Gaelic, which means beauty and serenity. This name gives you stability and helps you focus also.

  • Alina

Meaning- This name is derived from Hawaiian. It represents brightness and beauty. This name brings shine to your life.

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  • Annabell

Meaning- it means grace and beauty. This name brings calmness and smoothness in your life and beauty also.

  • Arinya

Meaning- A beautiful, smart women. As a plus point, this name can help you in achieving the title of beauty with brain.

  • Bellerose

Meaning- this name compares you with a rose flower. It means beautiful rose; it will fill your life with sweet and fresh air.

  • Belva

Meaning- it is Latin derived name that means beautiful view. This name can help you to see things from a different perspective and observe good qualities.

  • Bonita

Meaning- it is Spanish and Portuguese name which is used for pretty; cute. This name makes you a loving personality; everyone loves you care for you.

  • Callidora

Meaning- it is a Greek name that is used for the gift of beauty. It is a gift from God to praise you and adore you.

  • Cosima

Meaning- it is a Greek word that name for beauty and order it will help your child make good decisions and follow them.

  • Ella

Meaning- Beautiful fairy woman. This name shows how strict you are and praise your beauty.

  • Indira

Meaning- it is a Sanskrit origin word for beauty.

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  • Jaeda

Meaning- it is an Arabic word that is used to define goodness beauty.

  • Jolie

Meaning- it is the French word for beautiful and pretty. Plus, this name gives your child a style or sense of dressing.

  • Keva

Meaning- it is an Irish name for gentle, beautiful, and precious as par name, this gives your name sense of articles and make caring nature

  • Lily

Meaning- it symbolizes the flowers, and it is the name of a flower that means beauty. 

  • Lydia

Meaning- It is a Greek word for beautiful, noble one. This name makes you unique from others.

  • Mable

Meaning- it is a Latin word for beautiful, loving one, lovable. This name gives you a sense of love beauty.

  • Merinda

Meaning- it is an Australian name for beautiful.

  • Mei

Meaning- it is a Chinese name for beautiful.

  • Mike

Meaning – it is a Japanese name for a beautiful fragrance. This name gave you a sweet feeling.

  • Mio

Meaning- it is the Japanese name for cherry blossom, beautiful. This name brings sweetness into your life.

  • Nava

Meaning- it is a Hebrew name for pretty and desirable. It makes you feel like to need something and always makes you hungry for something new.

  • Naomi

Meaning- It is the Hebrew name for pleasant and delightful.

  • Nayana

Meaning- it is a Hindi name for beautiful eyes. This name helps you to attract people.

  • Norable

Meaning- it is an English name for beautiful light. This name brings sunshine into your life.

  • Omarosa

Meaning- it is an African name for a beautiful child. It is the perfect name for your child because that’s how you see your child.

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  • Rachel

Meaning- It is a Biblical name for beautiful. They are lovable.

  • Ramana

Meaning- it is a Sanskrit name for beautiful. 

  • Raith

Meaning- It is an Indonesian name for the goddess of beauty. It is a symbol of love and care.

  • Rumi

Meaning- it is a Bengali and Japanese name for beauty. 

  • Rupinder

Meaning- it is a name for most remarkable beauty. It is an Indian origin name.

  • Sena

Meaning- it is an Arabic, Hindi, name for grace, and beauty. 

  • Charu

Meaning- it is a Sanskrit word which means attractive and beautiful, this name makes you free and persuades you to think about that girl.

  • Falguni

Meaning- it is an Indian origin name; it is an old school name. This name gives you the feel of a mature girl.

  • Sneha

Meaning- means loving and beautiful, this name is of Indian origin and it is quite popular.

  • Saumya

Meaning- soft, beautiful, faithful. This name is a Sanskrit word, it shows how trustworthy you are, and you stick with our loving ones in every condition

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Baby Names That Mean Beautiful For Boys

  • Aanush

Meaning- it is an Indian origin word which means “beautiful morning, star.” As per this name, it came with a fresh and beautiful morning in your life make all your days great.

  • Ajmal

Meaning- it is derived from an Urdu word. It means beautiful; this name show softness; when someone calls you sounds like a piece of lovely music.

  • Arnit

Meaning- It is an Indian origin name. It represents a beautiful flower. This name is very natural; it gives you a natural feeling about that person. It shows the different colors of that person.

  • Aroop

Meaning- it means extremely beautiful .as; per this name, it shows a different and unique nature of that particular guy; it shows how beautiful you are from your looks and heart.

  • Baha

Meaning- it is a Muslim name. Baha means beautiful, magnificent, shining. This name shows the positive sides of that guy gives you respect in society.

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  • Faheem

Meaning- it means intelligent and beautiful. We can call him beauty with the brain; it is a Muslim name. 

  • Kavin

Meaning- it means beautiful and handsome. It is another name of Ganesh.

  • Aden

Meaning- This name is of Hebrew origin. It means “attractive and handsome.” This will suit your child in the future over his looks. And you can spell it differently.

  • Kenneth

Meaning- This name is derived from the isles of Scotland and Ireland. It means 

  • Allen

Meaning-it is a Celtic word for handsome and cheerful. It shows happiness in the name I self.

  • Beau

Meaning- it is the French name for handsome. It is easy to say and understand. 

  • Beale

Meaning- it is an old English name for a handsome man. It takes you in the past and makes you feel classic.

  • Beaufort

Meaning- it is a French word; it represents a beautiful fort that gives you a strong name.

  • Beaumount

Meaning- it is the French name for the beautiful mountain. This name gives you Goosebumps; it’s already big in itself.

  • Belvedere

Meaning-it is derived from Italian, which means beautiful view. This name gave you a perspective to see things widely or see the big picture.

  • Cosmo

Meaning- This word is derived from Greek. It represents beauty and order. A guy named Cosmo is well mannered and dressed.

  • Irvin

Meaning- it is a Scottish name for handsome and fair. A guy named Irvin is fair like a clear moon.

  • Kahzumi

Meaning- it is a Japanese name for peace and beauty. A guy named Kazumi is quite an in nature; they try to make society better and safe.

  • Keefe

Meaning- it is the Irish name for handsome; noble. These guys are unique and try to achieve something big.

  • Kevin

Meaning- the origin of this word is from Irish, which means handsome. It is quite popular among parents and easy to say and understand.

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  • Nohea

Meaning- it is a Hawaiian word named for handsome.

  • Rupin

Meaning- This word is derived from India, and it is a Sanskrit word which is quite famous in India.

  • Shaquille

Meaning- it is Arabic name for handsome, well developed. Shaquille named guys are always trying to achieve something big.

  • Usain

Meaning- it is an Arabic word that is used for beautiful.

  • Lalit

Meaning- it is an Indian origin word; it represents beauty and attractiveness. People like to follow him.

  • Aanush

Meaning- Beautiful morning, following a desire. It is an Indian origin name, and these boys are hungry for their dreams. And they follow them till last.

  • Amare

Meaning– it is an Ethiopian name that means handsome. A guy named Amare is always loveable. 

  • Beauchamp 

Meaning– it is a French word, which is used for beautiful fields. These guys are lovely and adorable. 

  • Eder 

Meaning- it is a Basque name that means Handsome. 

  • Calixto 

Meaning– it is a Greek origin word that means Beautiful. It is also known as a pop name in Spain. 

  • Kauno 

Meaning- it is derived from the Finnish word kaunis, which means beautiful. 

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These are a few names that can help you choose a perfect name for your baby that means “beautiful.” These names are a collection of different emotions that gave you fresh and new feeling just like your baby and helped you see this changing world with the same angle as others, so you and your child do not feel corner. Therefore we made a list of some good names for your babies.

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