445+ Pop Playlist Names for Every Mood

Pop Playlist Names: Are you on the hunt for the ultimate name to capture the essence of your pop music playlist? Look no further! We understand the thrill of finding that perfect name that aligns with your musical taste and style. That’s why we’ve handpicked a selection of our favorite suggestions, designed to ignite your imagination and unleash your creativity.

Whether you crave an instantly catchy name, effortlessly cool vibes, or simply something fun and punny, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive collection of name suggestions offers a plethora of options, guaranteeing that your pop music playlist will shine brighter than the rest.

So, get ready to dive into our carefully crafted list and uncover the perfect name that encapsulates the spirit and vibe of your pop music playlist. Let the musical adventure begin!

Best Pop Playlist Names

We all know that creating the perfect playlist for any occasion can be tricky. It takes time and effort to find just the right songs, and it’s even harder when it comes to finding a great name for your playlist!

If you’re looking for inspiring pop music playlists, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite pop-themed playlist titles to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Pop Hits for the Ages
  • Power Pop Explosion
  • 60s & 70s Pop Classics
  • Fresh from the Charts
  • Queue Up The Queens of Pop
  • Comeback Kings & Queens
  • Perfect Pop Melodies
  • Friday Night Fever
  • Classic Party Tunes
  • Driving Music for Road Trips
  • Sweet Soulful Sounds
  • Disco Divas of the Decade
  • Feel Good Pop Songs
  • Summer of Pop
  • Wow! Chart Toppers
  • Pop Deluxe Dance Floor Hits
  • Maximum Music Mania
  • Pure Pop Perfection
  • Glamorous Grooves from the 80s & 90s
  • The Best Pop Collection for Any Occasion!
  • Summer Hits Unleashed
  • Pop Party Mix!
  • Feel-Good Favorites
  • Top 40 Takeover
  • Dance Floor Fillers
  • Unstoppable Pop Anthems
  • Teen Pop Sensations
  • Electric Pop Escapes
  • Heartbreak Hits
  • Love & Pop Harmony
  • Modern Pop Masters
  • Indie Pop Playground
  • Pop Fusion Faves
  • Throwback Pop Classics
  • Retro Pop Revisited
  • Chart-Topping Divas
  • Pop Hits: The New Wave
  • Weekend Pop Blast
  • Driving With Pop Hits
  • Pure Pop Pleasure
  • Family Pop Fiesta

Good Pop Playlist Names

Do you have a favorite pop song or artist? Are you looking to curate the perfect mix of songs for your next party, dance-off, or just for some good vibes? We’ve got you covered! Check out these great playlist names that are sure to get you and your friends grooving:

Pop Party Playlist Names

  • Funky Fun Times
  • Groovy Goodness
  • Pop Rocks
  • Dyno Might
  • Shake It Up!
  • Dance Floor Delights
  • Get Lucky Music
  • Electric Ecstasy
  • Show Stopping Tunes

Playlist Names for a Pop Dance Off

  • Move and Groove
  • Rhythmic Rhymes
  • Disco Inferno
  • Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Step Up the Beat
  • A Pop of Flare
  • Let’s Dance
  • Boogie Fever
  • Beats and Boogies

Chill Out Playlists for Pop Music Fans

  • Melodic Moods
  • Pop Peace
  • Laid Back Listening
  • Chillaxed Tunes
  • Easy Ears
  • Cool and Calming Vibes
  • Soft Soulful Sounds
  • Relaxing Rhythms

Playlist Ideas for Specific Pop Artists or Songs

If you’re looking to create a special playlist with a particular artist or song in mind, try some of these fun ideas:

  • All [Artist] All the Time
  • [Artist] Classics
  • [Song Name] Tunes
  • [Artist]’s Best Ballads
  • [Artist]’s Greatest Hits

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Cool Pop Playlist Names to Add To Your Rotation

You don’t have to be a pop music aficionado to create the perfect playlist. With so many great songs out there, it’s hard to choose just one or two – but when you pick the right name for your list, it can take it from mundane to memorable. Here are some cool pop playlist names that’ll make your musical selections stand out from the crowd.

Refreshingly Fun

  • Pop Fizz Clink
  • Spring Cleaning Tunes
  • Bubblegum Bops
  • Tuesday Grooves
  • Morning Happy Hits
  • Dance Party Classics

Trendy and Chilled Out

  • Acoustic Arena
  • Chill Vibes Only
  • Indie Juice Bar
  • Dreamy Disco Delights
  • Caffeinated Pop
  • Late Night Lately

Feel Good Favorites

  • Sunshine Playlist
  • Smiles and Giggles
  • Sweet Summer Sounds
  • Kaleidoscope of Fun
  • Happy Little Ditties
  • Poptastic Collection

Fresh and Fabulous

  • Euphoric Escapades
  • Perfectly Poppin’
  • Super Sonic Singalongs
  • Rejuvenating Rhythms
  • Magical Melodies
  • Feel Good Friday Funk

Classic Tunes

  • Pop Legends
  • Retro Rewind Radio
  • Best of the Decades
  • Vinyl Classics
  • Through the Years
  • Timeless Tracks


  • Pop Showstoppers
  • Playlist Pearls
  • Feel Good Firecrackers
  • Dance Floor Hits
  • Poptastic Playlists
  • Fabulous Finds

Out of This World

  • Starlight Tunes
  • Celestial Sounds
  • Intergalactic Melodies
  • Pop Space Party
  • Cosmic Cuts
  • Lunar Lullabies

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Unique Names For A Pop Playlist

Are you looking for a unique name for your Pop playlist? Whether you are creating an upbeat mix of chart-topping hits or a classic blend of timeless classics, we have some great ideas to help you get started. Here are some creative names that will make your playlist stand out from the rest:

  • Let’s Get Poppin’
  • All That Pop
  • The Perfect Pop Mix
  • Topping the Charts
  • Dancing Dreams
  • No Ads, Just Music
  • All About Love Songs
  • Feel Good Tunes
  • The Golden Era of Pop Music
  • Happy Hits from Yesterday and Today
  • Pop Forever Playlist
  • Showstoppers
  • Pure Pop Power
  • Sing Alongs and Anthems
  • Feel Good Favorites
  • Guilty Pleasures Playlist
  • The Groove Room
  • All Time Classics
  • Pop & Rhythm: Dance Mix
  • Timeless Pop Melodies
  • Award Winners: Pop Edition
  • Ultimate Girl Power Pop
  • Festival Favorites: Pop
  • Pop’s Rising Voices
  • Island Vibes: Tropical Pop
  • Acclaimed Pop Albums
  • Pure Pop Decades
  • Latin Flavor: Pop Hits
  • Indie Pop & Chill
  • Pop Carnival: Celebration Mix
  • Soothing Pop Lullabies
  • Pop Artists to Watch
  • Pop Stars: Uncovered
  • Pop Pulse: Today’s Hits
  • Electric Pop Evolution
  • Harmonious Pop Blend
  • Movie Night: Pop Soundtracks
  • Inspirational Pop Anthems
  • City Lights: Urban Pop
  • Road Trip Pop Essentials
  • Pop’s Guilty Pleasures
  • Eclectic Pop Mix
  • Duets & Dreams: Pop Edition
  • Office Vibes: Pop Mix
  • Pop for Cooking & Dining
  • Ultimate Karaoke: Pop Hits
  • Hometown Heroes: Local Pop Stars

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Creative Names For Pop Playlists

Are you looking for fun (and punny!) names to give your pop music playlists? Check out these witty titles that will make everyone smile:

  • Poppin’ Playlist
  • Pop Princesses
  • Oh My Pop!
  • Pop Hits and Bits
  • Now That’s What I Call a Pop Mix
  • Pop in the Groove
  • Out of this World Pop
  • Shake it Up with Pop Music
  • In Sync with the Hits
  • Dance to the Beat of Top Hits
  • Ready, Set, PoP!
  • Queen and Kings of Pop Music
  • All The Right Moves: A Pop Playlist
  • Outrageous Pop Playlist
  • A Touch of Spice: Pop Music for Everyone
  • A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That: The Ultimate Pop Mix
  • Super Popular Playlist Picks.
  • Workout Pop Power
  • Feel the Pop Pulse
  • Sultry Pop Slow Jams
  • Pop Star Spotlight
  • Fresh Pop Picks
  • Pop for the Soul
  • Global Pop Phenomenon
  • Rising Pop Stars
  • Acoustic Pop Delights
  • Pop Culture Shock
  • Teen Crush: Pop Edition
  • Melodic Pop Dreams
  • Morning Pop Energizers
  • Pop & Chill
  • Sing-Along Pop Anthems
  • Groovy Pop Vibes
  • Powerhouse Pop Duets
  • Laid-Back Pop Serenades
  • Pop Music Mania
  • Ultimate Pop Instrumentals
  • Perfect Pop Pairings
  • Edgy Pop Experiments
  • Seasonal Pop Surprises
  • Pop with a Twist
  • Breakup Bops: Pop Style
  • Summer Pool Party Pop
  • Streetwise Pop Grooves
  • Pop for a Rainy Day
  • Power Pop Workout
  • Kitchen Dance Party: Pop Mix
  • Rooftop Pop Chillout
  • Pop Parade: New Artists
  • Pop Uncovered: Hidden Gems
  • Pop & Friends: Duets & Collabs
  • Chart-Topping K-Pop Hits
  • Pop for Yoga Flow

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Funny Pop Playlist Names

If your favorite pop songs are stuck in your head and you want to share them with the world, then why not have some fun with it? Playlist names can be a great way to showcase your personality while also introducing people to music they might not have heard before. With that in mind, here are some hilarious pop playlist names you’ll love!

  • Hot Pop and Ready to Drop
  • Shake It Off to the Top
  • All That Jazz But Still Classy
  • Pop the Cork and Let it Rock!
  • The Poppiest of All Playlists
  • Pop Superstars Unite!
  • A Groovy Kind of Love for Pop Music
  • Catchy Tunes That’ll Make You Swoon
  • Put On Your Dancing Shoes and Spin the Pop
  • Baby Got Pop!
  • Ready to Jive with Pop Music?
  • Pop Around the Clock
  • Popped Up on a Playlist Near You
  • Keep Calm and Listen to Some Pop Music!
  • Have Fun with Pop Music and Let Loose
  • Party Like a Pop Star!
  • Good Vibes and Great Pop Songs
  • Shake It Up With Some Pop Music!
  • Listen to the Best of Pop All Day Long
  • Entertainment for All Seasons with Pop Music
  • Get Ready To Move To The Beat Of These Popular Tunes
  • We Love Pop Music and You Will Too!
  • Put on Your Headphones and Enjoy Some Pop Music!
  • The Ultimate Collection of Pop Songs to Keep You Movin’
  • Take a Trip Through the World of Pop Music!
  • Get Ready To Boogie With These Pop Hits!

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Cute Names For A Pop Playlist

Everyone loves a good playlist! Adding fun, catchy titles can help you show off your musical taste and give your friends something to chuckle about. Here are some great, cute names for Pop playlists we’ve found that may inspire yours:

  • Bubblegum Beats 🍬
  • Sweet Serenades 💕
  • Melodic Mondays 🎼
  • Disco Divas 💃
  • Pop-tastic Tunes 🎶
  • The Bubblegum Club 🤩
  • Superstar Sounds 👑
  • Feel Good Fridays 😊
  • Ballad Boulevard 🗺️
  • Dance Floor Faves 🕺
  • Pop Heaven ⛅️
  • All That Jazz 🎷
  • Pop Icons Unplugged
  • Millennium Pop Madness
  • Nostalgic Pop Waves
  • Pop Beats: Night Edition
  • Coffeehouse Pop Mix
  • Pop Bops for Kids
  • Sensational Pop Collaborations
  • Pop Hits Around the World
  • Party Starters: Pop Edition
  • Pop Rock Fusion
  • Romantic Pop Date Night
  • Midnight Pop Moods
  • Campus Pop Hits
  • Best of British Pop

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How To Create A Pop Playlist That Will Make You Feel Like A Superstar

Creating a perfect pop playlist is an art form. It requires a careful selection of songs, just the right balance of old and new songs, and the right vibe to make it all come together in a way that can lift your spirits and put you in the mood for anything. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect pop playlist.

Include a Good Mix of Genres and Artists

A great pop playlist should include a mix of music genres, from classic rock anthems and 80s synth-pop to modern chart-toppers and indie gems. It’s also important to strike a balance between established artists and up-and-coming talent, so there’s something here for everyone.

Make It Meaningful

Make sure your playlist has a theme or some kind of story to tell. Whether it’s a musical travelogue of all the places you’ve been, a collection of songs from different eras that have special meaning to you, or a selection of tunes that just soundtrack your life perfectly, keeping your playlist meaningful will make it all that more special.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

If you’ve got a favorite artist or genre, don’t be afraid to branch out and explore other sounds too. You never know what amazing discoveries await when you open yourself up to new music!

Add Some Classics

Including some classic pop songs can be a great way to add depth and nostalgia to your playlist. From ABBA to The Beatles, there are plenty of timeless tunes that have been loved by generations. Make sure to include some of these in your mix for an added layer of sophistication!

Pick A Name That Will Make You Smile

When it comes to picking a name for your playlist, think of something that will make you smile every time you hear it. Whether it’s a pun on some of the tracks included, an inside joke, or just a goofy play on words – whatever works for you!

No matter what type of music you’re into, making a pop playlist is a great way to get in the groove and feel like a star. So make sure to put in the time and effort and before you know it, you’ll have your very own perfect playlist! Happy listening!

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