450+ Scout Group Names (BEST & COOL Ideas)

Are you seeking help choosing scout group names? The right name can give your scout group an identity, make it memorable, and create a sense of unity among members. It should also reflect the spirit of adventure and exploration that scouting represents.

You may want to explore a variety of names that capture the spirit, size, and purpose of your scout group. Consider keeping it simple but meaningful by using words from different languages or incorporating terms related to nature. You can also consider unique play on words, acronyms, or puns for added effect.

Here is some inspiration for scout group names:

Best Scout Group Names

Creating an excellent name for your scout group can set the stage for your troop’s adventures: Where will you go, what will you do, and how will you dress? A good scout group name should be memorable and capture the spirit of scouting. From funny to adventurous to inspiring, here are some of our favorite names for Scout Groups.

  • The Explorers
  • The Navigators
  • The Pioneers
  • Scouts of the Wild
  • Eagle’s Nest
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Trailblazers
  • Discovery Club
  • Campfire Champions
  • Adventurers League
  • Nature Kids
  • Wilderness Wanderers
  • Bushcraft Buddies
  • Star Seekers
  • The Pathfinder Pals
  • Forest Friends
  • Backcountry Bunch
  • The Brave Bear Cubs
  • The Wildlife Warriors
  • Hikers Haven
  • Green Guardians
  • The Mountain Marvels
  • Sunset Strollers
  • The Nature Nomads
  • Firelight Friends
  • Wilderness Whisperers
  • The Jungle Journeymen
  • Canyon Comrades
  • The River Rats
  • Treehouse Tribe
  • Orienteering Owls
  • Silvermoon Scouts
  • Woodland Warriors
  • Marshmallow Mates
  • Treetop Trekkers
  • Waterfall Watchers
  • Summit Seekers
  • Ridge Runners
  • Canopy Climbers
  • Bayou Boys
  • The Trail Turtles
  • Dune Dwellers
  • Park Protectors
  • Serenity Scouts
  • Twilight Trekkers
  • The Bog Buddies
  • Rocky Rangers
  • Meadow Mates
  • Seashore Strollers
  • Creek Companions
  • Vista Voyagers

Scout Group Name Ideas

The name of your Scout group is an integral part of its identity. Whether you are a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, or Girl Scout troop, the correct name can make all the difference in who joins and how people perceive your organization. When it comes to naming your scout group, you have many options! Here are some creative ideas that you can use to help start brainstorming:

  • Blazing Eagles
  • Mighty Falcons
  • Courageous Bears
  • Tree Climbers
  • Brave Trailblazers
  • Sunrise Seekers
  • Sunset Scouts
  • Adventurers Club
  • Starlight Voyagers
  • River Roamers
  • Pioneering Penguins
  • Roaring Panthers
  • Swift Swallows
  • North Star Navigators
  • Ocean Hikers
  • Wilderness Wanderers
  • Golden Gazelles
  • Mountain Movers
  • Aspiring Astronauts
  • Forest Fathomers
  • Marshland Marauders
  • Cliffside Cheetahs
  • Desert Dwellers
  • Rainforest Rangers
  • Tundra Troopers
  • Prairie Prowlers
  • Arctic Adventurers
  • Skyward Squirrels
  • Canopy Crawlers
  • Valley Venturers
  • Excursion Explorers
  • Reef Ramblers
  • Jungle Journeymen
  • Boulder Bouncers
  • Summit Surmounters
  • Dune Dashers
  • Canyon Crossers
  • Peak Pursuers
  • Terra Trailblazers
  • Savannah Strollers
  • Grassland Guardians
  • Thunderbolt Thoroughbreds
  • Moonlight Mariners
  • Wildfire Watchers
  • Inferno Investigators
  • Gale Gallopers
  • Whirlwind Whiskers
  • Lunar Lookouts
  • Planet Pioneers
  • Solar Seekers
  • Comet Chasers
  • Nebula Navigators
  • Galaxy Guardians
  • Star Stalkers

Cool Scout Group Names

Scout groups are an excellent way for kids to get outdoors, make friends, and learn essential life skills. But the first hurdle of deciding how to name your scout group can be intimidating. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of cool scout group names to inspire creativity and keep kids excited.

Scout Group Names (Infographic)

  • The Big Cats
  • The Backwoodsmen
  • The Braves
  • The Campers
  • The Explorers
  • The Guardians
  • The Hikers
  • The Mountaineers
  • Night Owls
  • Rangers of the Trail
  • Scouts of the Sky
  • The Seekers
  • The Star Gazers
  • The Trail Blazers
  • Wildcat Warriors
  • Adventure Troopers
  • Bushcraft Bandits
  • The Cliffhangers
  • Destiny Navigators
  • The Eagle Eyes
  • Forest Friends
  • Glade Guardians
  • Horizon Hunters
  • Island Explorers
  • Jungle Journeymen
  • Knights of the North
  • Lighthouse Legends
  • Meadow Mercenaries
  • Nature Knights
  • Odyssey Observers
  • Peak Pioneers
  • Quest Quakers
  • River Runners
  • Survival Soldiers
  • Terrain Titans
  • Unseen Uplanders
  • Vista Voyagers
  • Wilderness Wanderers
  • X-factor Xplorers
  • Yonder Yardmen
  • Zenith Zealots
  • Alpine Avengers
  • Boreal Braves
  • Canyon Cavaliers
  • Driftwood Doyens
  • Adventurers United
  • Natural Warriors
  • The Land Rovers
  • Trailblazers of Nature
  • Get Lost in the Woods
  • Unstoppable Flockers
  • True Explorers
  • Freedom Seekers
  • Scouting Elite
  • Nature Scouts

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Boy Scout Group Names

Boy Scout groups, often called troops, are essential to the Boy Scout organization. These groups work together to build character and honor while fostering a sense of community among their members. Choosing a unique name for your troop can help set you apart and make your group stand out. Here are some creative names to help you develop the perfect title for your Boy Scout troop.

  • Adventurers
  • Trailblazers
  • Rising Stars
  • Bravehearts
  • Outlanders
  • Dynamos
  • The Intrepid
  • Pathfinders
  • Eagles
  • Explorers
  • Pioneers
  • Scouts of Honor
  • The Tenacious
  • The Relentless
  • Truth Seekers
  • Sovereigns of the Sky
  • Guardians of the Globe
  • The Fearless Warriors
  • Voyagers of the Wild
  • Eco Rangers
  • Star Gazers
  • Courageous Crusaders
  • High Flyers
  • Venturers of the Sea
  • Scouts of the Sierra
  • The Generous Jaguars
  • The Eagles’ Nest
  • Green Guardians
  • Warriors of Wilderness
  • The Navigators
  • The Phoenixes
  • The Peregrines
  • Wilderness Wanderers
  • The Unyielding
  • The Wise Owls
  • The Blue Falcons
  • Trail Masters
  • Compass Knights
  • Alpha Albatross
  • Heralds of Harmony
  • Vikings of Valor
  • Pioneering Penguins
  • Arctic Adventurers
  • The Bold Badgers
  • Majestic Macaws
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Invincible Iguanas
  • Roaring Rhinos
  • Pacesetting Panthers.

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Girl Scout Group Names

No matter what type of Girl Scout group you lead, your troop will need a fun and creative name. The following are some of the most inventive Girl Scout Group Names to inspire your team’s identity.

  • Powerpuff Pioneers
  • Sparkling Scouts
  • Glittering Gems
  • Trail Blazers
  • Cookie Crusaders
  • The Daisy Divas
  • Ms. Adventurers
  • Brownie Buddies
  • Bold Bunch of Brownies
  • Sweetheart Scouts
  • Outrageous Outdoor Girls
  • The Golden Arrows
  • Giggling Girl Guides
  • Wandering Wilderness Warriors
  • Campfire Queens
  • Badge Bosses
  • The S’more Sisters
  • Radiant Rangers
  • Cadette Comrades
  • Wilderness Whiskers
  • Green Thumb Girls
  • Patrol Princesses
  • Starlight Squad
  • Radiant Rainbows
  • Fearless Fireflies
  • Wilderness Whisperers
  • The Starry-eyed Scouts
  • Fearless Foxes
  • Cadette Clan
  • Brave Butterflies
  • Junior Jesters
  • Daisy Dreamers
  • Solar Sisters
  • Petal Pals
  • Nature Nymphs
  • Wildflower Wanderers
  • Moonlit Maidens
  • Sunshine Superstars
  • Adventure Amigas
  • The Marshmallow Maidens
  • Twilight Troop
  • The Stellar Scouts

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Scout Names

Scout groups are essential for young people to come together, learn, grow, and develop. Therefore, it is essential to choose a name that reflects the values of your scout group. So here are some ideas of scout group names that you can use to inspire your unique name:

  • Adventure Troop
  • Alpha Patrol
  • Brave Warriors
  • Courageous Explorers
  • Discovery Scouts
  • Eagle Flyers
  • Fearless Seekers
  • Friendly Pioneers
  • Guardian Knights
  • Honor Guard
  • Kindness Keepers
  • Loyal Champions
  • Mountain Raiders
  • Noble Knights
  • Peace Seekers
  • Questing Pathfinders
  • Respectful Rangers
  • Star Gazers
  • True Travelers
  • United Scouts
  • Victory Leaders
  • Warrior Wanderers
  • Xplorer Phoenix
  • Youthful Trailblazers
  • Zephyr Zealots
  • Ambitious Adventurers
  • Brave Bounders
  • Courageous Climbers
  • Determined Discoverers
  • Energetic Expeditors
  • Fearless Foragers
  • Gallant Guardians
  • Hopeful Hikers
  • Inspired Innovators
  • Joyful Journeymen
  • Kindred Knights
  • Lively Lookouts
  • Motivated Mountaineers
  • Nurturing Navigators
  • Optimistic Observers
  • Purposeful Pioneers
  • Questing Quokkas
  • Resilient Raiders
  • Spirited Striders
  • Tenacious Trailfinders
  • Unstoppable Uplanders
  • Ultimate Camping Crew
  • Valley Adventures
  • Courageous Nomads
  • Nature’s Guardians
  • Woodsmen and Women
  • Wanderers of the World
  • Scouts on a Mission
  • Backpackers Brigade
  • Adventure Seekers

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Boy Scout Patrol Names

If you’re looking for a name for your Boy Scout patrol, we have some great ideas to get the creative juices flowing. The best way to choose the perfect name is to think of something that truly reflects the spirit and character of your troop. Do you want something fun and quirky or more traditional and classic? Keep in mind that the name should be catchy and easy to remember. So here are some name ideas to get you started!

Animal-Themed Names

Animal-themed names are a great way to capture the spirit of scouts. Consider these fun and catchy options:

  • The Eagle Patrol
  • The Wolf Pack
  • The Tiger Scouts
  • The Bear Cubs

Nature-Themed Names

Nature-themed names are perfect for a troop that loves exploring the outdoors. Consider these creative options:

  • The Woodland Warriors
  • The Green Avengers
  • The Wild Rangers
  • The Wilderness Explorers

Adventure Names

If your troop is about adventure, then an action-packed name will be just right. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • The Adventurers
  • The Voyagers
  • The Mountaineers
  • The Trailblazers

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Creative Names

If none of the above-named ideas fit your troop’s style, you can always come up with something unique and creative. Some examples include:

  • The Trailmasters
  • The Scarlet Shadows
  • The Midnight Marauders
  • The Fire Squad

Patriot Names

If your troop is filled with young patriots, names that reflect a love for your country could be an excellent choice. Here are some suggestions:

  • The Liberty Legion
  • The Star-Spangled Scouts
  • The Freedom Fighters
  • The Patriotic Pioneers
  • The Eagle-Eyed Patriots

Historical Names

Names that reflect historical events or figures can provide a sense of pride and legacy. Consider these historical names:

  • The Lincoln Brigade
  • The Revolutionary Runners
  • The Washington Wanderers
  • The Frontier Freedom Fighters
  • The Constitution Crew

Mythical Names

For troops who love mythology, names inspired by myths and legends can be quite captivating. Here are some mythical name ideas:

  • The Griffin Guardians
  • The Dragon Tamers
  • The Phoenix Flyers
  • The Unicorn Unifiers
  • The Centaur Chargers

Superhero Names

Superhero names can be an exciting and inspiring choice. Here are some superhero-themed names:

  • The Batmen Brigade
  • The Spider Squad
  • The Ironclad Innovators
  • The Captain’s Crew
  • The Hulk Smashers

Galactic Names

Finally, names inspired by the stars and galaxies could be a great fit for troops that love astronomy or science fiction. Here are some cosmic names:

  • The Star Striders
  • The Galaxy Guardians
  • The Mars Marshals
  • The Comet Chasers
  • The Nebula Navigators

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Tips for Choosing Scout Group Names

When choosing a name for your scout group, it’s important to pick something that will accurately reflect the values and goals of your organization. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect name!

  1. Brainstorm: Get together with members of your scout group and brainstorm ideas for a name. Think about words and concepts that reflect your group’s mission.
  2. Think of a Unifying Theme: Is there something unique or special about your scout group? Choose a name that captures the unity and spirit of everyone involved in the organization.
  3. Make it Memorable: You want people to remember your scout group’s name, so make sure it’s easy to spell and say.
  4. Research: Research to ensure there aren’t other organizations with the same name. You don’t want people getting confused between different scout groups!
  5. Make Sure Your Name is Available: Once you pick a name, ensure your organization can use it legally. You may need to register the name with the appropriate organizations in your jurisdiction.
  6. Give It Meaning: Consider adding meaning to your scout group’s name. You could use a phrase from your organization’s mission statement or create an acronym with the letters of your group’s name.

Finding the perfect Scout Group Name doesn’t have to be a stressful task! Follow these tips, and you should be able to come up with something that accurately reflects the values and goals of your organization. Good luck!

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