340+ Thanksgiving Team Names for Thanksgiving Event and Group Names

As Thanksgiving approaches, the excitement to celebrate this festive occasion with friends, family, and colleagues grows. A key element of these celebrations is the creation of teams for various fun activities, and what better way to ignite the spirit of camaraderie and festivity than by choosing the perfect Thanksgiving team names?

A clever, unique team name sets the tone for the event and adds an extra layer of fun and creativity to your Thanksgiving gatherings. In this guide, we’ll explore a wide array of Thanksgiving-themed team names, from the funniest puns to the most creative plays on words, ensuring your Thanksgiving teams stand out!

Thanksgiving Team Names

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, family, and a little fun competition. Here are 30 Thanksgiving team names that capture the essence of this beloved holiday:

  • The Thankful Turkeys
  • Pilgrim Pioneers
  • Harvest Hustlers
  • Gravy Boat Sailors
  • Pumpkin Pie Pros
  • Cornucopia Crew
  • Turkey Trotters
  • Feast Fighters
  • Autumn Avengers
  • Gobble Gang
  • Pie Masters
  • Cranberry Clan
  • Stuffing Squad
  • Fall Fanatics
  • Grateful Gatherers
  • November Knights
  • Bountiful Bunch
  • Yams Yacht Club
  • Potluck Packers
  • Sweet Potato Sprinters
  • Gratitude Groupies
  • Tabletop Titans
  • Wobble Before You Gobble
  • Feast Mode Friends
  • Pumpkin Spice Society
  • Turkey Day Trailblazers
  • Leftover Legends
  • Apple Pie Allies
  • Macy’s Parade Marchers
  • Harvest Moon Howlers

These names are not just fun and festive but also resonate with the themes and symbols of Thanksgiving, ensuring that every team feels a part of the holiday spirit.

Thanksgiving Group Names

Whether you’re forming a group for a Thanksgiving charity event or just for a family get-together, these group names will add an extra layer of joy to your festivities:

  • The Gobbling Gladiators
  • Pilgrim’s Progress Posse
  • Autumnal Alliance
  • Turkey Whisperers
  • Basting Buddies
  • Pie Perfectionists
  • Feastful Friends
  • Gravy Guild
  • Thankful Throng
  • Harvest Harmony
  • Poultry Patrollers
  • Cranberry Collective
  • Bountiful Brigade
  • The Stuffing Society
  • Fall Foliage Fellowship
  • Pilgrim’s Party Pack
  • Giblet Gang
  • Praying & Playing Partners
  • Pumpkin Patch Pals
  • Cornbread Companions
  • Gratitude Guild
  • Sweet Corn Syndicate
  • Turkey Trot Tribe
  • Parade Planners
  • Harvest Hoopla Crew
  • The Giving Group
  • Pie Baking Battalion
  • Mashed Potato Mavericks
  • Autumnal Assembly
  • Feast Day Friends

These group names are designed to foster a sense of unity and celebration, perfect for any Thanksgiving-themed event or activity.

Best Thanksgiving Team Names

For those looking for the cream of the crop in team names, this list is for you. Here are 30 of the best Thanksgiving team names that are sure to be a hit:

  • The Gobble Gurus
  • Pilgrim Pathfinders
  • Harvest Heroes
  • Gravy Gourmets
  • Pumpkin Pie Pioneers
  • Cornucopia Champions
  • Turkey Triumphers
  • Feast Fanatics
  • Autumnal Aces
  • Gobble Gangsters
  • Pie Perfection Pioneers
  • Cranberry Crusaders
  • Stuffing Stars
  • Fall Fiesta Fanatics
  • Gratitude Gladiators
  • November Nomads
  • Bountiful Bosses
  • Yummy Yam Yachties
  • Potluck Power Players
  • Sweet Potato Sprint Stars
  • Gratitude Gurus
  • Tabletop Titans
  • Wobble Gobble Winners
  • Feast Mode Masters
  • Pumpkin Spice Specialists
  • Turkey Day Titans
  • Leftover Legends
  • Apple Pie Admirals
  • Parade Precisionists
  • Harvest Moon Heroes

These names are catchy and embody the essence of Thanksgiving, making them perfect for any team looking to stand out.

Funny Thanksgiving Team Names

Ready for a giggle? These funny Thanksgiving team names are perfect for those who love a good pun or a playful twist on traditional Thanksgiving themes:

  • The Baste Bunch
  • Gravy Boat Rockers
  • Pumpkin Pie Pirates
  • The Tur-Keys
  • Yam Jammers
  • Giblet Jigglers
  • Stuffing Stuffers
  • The Rolling Potatoes
  • Corn on the Cobblers
  • Pilgrim’s Punchline
  • The Gobble Gobblers
  • Feast Beasts
  • Pie in the Sky
  • The Prankster Pilgrims
  • Tofurky Trotters
  • Cranberry Comedians
  • Butterball Ballers
  • The Sassy Squashers
  • Leftover Lifesavers
  • Grateful Giggles
  • The Poultry Posse
  • Turkey Teasers
  • The Thankful Thighs
  • Gravy Guerrillas
  • The Cornucopia Comics
  • Witty Wingmen
  • Pilgrim’s Prancers
  • Stuffing Scallywags
  • The Mashed Marauders
  • Turkey Day Tricksters

These names are a delightful mix of humor and Thanksgiving spirit, ensuring that your teams stand out and have a great time.

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Cool Thanksgiving Team Names

For those seeking something modern and hip, these cool Thanksgiving team names are the perfect blend of trendy and thematic:

  • The Feast Mavericks
  • Autumn Rebels
  • Turkey Trendsetters
  • Gobble Gods
  • Harvest Hipsters
  • Gravy Groovers
  • Pilgrim Punks
  • Cranberry Cool Cats
  • Stuffing Stylists
  • Pumpkin Pie Pros
  • Yam Yakuza
  • Cornucopia Kings
  • Pie Pioneer Posse
  • The Bountiful Bandits
  • November Ninjas
  • Grateful Gliders
  • The Leftover Legends
  • Sweet Spuds Squad
  • Feast Mode Freaks
  • Autumnal Aesthetes
  • Turkey Trot Trendies
  • Gravy Gangstas
  • Pilgrim Party People
  • The Harvest Hustlers
  • Pie Slice Sirens
  • Stuffing Street Crew
  • Cornbread Cavaliers
  • The Gobbling Glitz
  • Baste Brigade
  • The Thankful Thrillers

These names are not just cool but also encapsulate the spirit of Thanksgiving with a fresh and modern twist.

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Creative Thanksgiving Group Names

Unleash your creativity with these imaginative and unique Thanksgiving group names, perfect for adding an artistic flair to your gathering:

  • The Pilgrim Picasso Pack
  • Harvest Haiku Heroes
  • Gobble Gaudi Gang
  • Gravy Gauguin Group
  • Pumpkin Pollock Posse
  • Cornucopia Kahlo Crew
  • Turkey Dali Troop
  • Feast Van Gogh Friends
  • Autumnal Monet Mates
  • Pie Pissarro Pals
  • Yam Yayoi Yarners
  • Cranberry Cézanne Collective
  • Stuffing Seurat Squad
  • The Matisse Mashers
  • November Nighthawks
  • Gratitude Gogh-Getters
  • The Leftover Lichtensteins
  • Sweet Spud Surrealists
  • The Warhol Wobblers
  • Autumnal Andy’s Army
  • Turkey Trot Toulouse
  • Gravy Basquiat Bunch
  • Pilgrim’s Pollock Party
  • The Harvest Hockney Huddle
  • Pie Picasso Pioneers
  • Stuffing Stella Stars
  • Cornbread Calder Crew
  • The Gobbling Goldsworthy
  • Baste Botticelli Brigade
  • The Thankful Thiebaud Team

These names blend the themes of Thanksgiving with a touch of art history, offering a unique and creative spin on traditional group names.

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Thanksgiving Group Name Ideas

Looking for something both meaningful and unique? These Thanksgiving group name ideas offer a mix of thoughtfulness and originality, perfect for any Thanksgiving celebration:

  • The Thankful Hearts
  • Pilgrim Path Blazers
  • Harvest Harmony
  • Gravy Bonds
  • Pumpkin Patch Partners
  • Cornucopia Comrades
  • Turkey Day Dreamers
  • Feast Friends
  • Autumnal Allies
  • Gobble Goodwill Group
  • Pie Loving Pals
  • Cranberry Cohorts
  • Stuffing Soulmates
  • The November Network
  • Bountiful Buddies
  • Yam Yearners
  • Potluck Pioneers
  • Sweet Potato Squad
  • Gratitude Gatherers
  • Tabletop Trailblazers
  • Wobble Gobble Wanderers
  • Feast Mode Fam
  • Pumpkin Spice Squad
  • Turkey Trot Team
  • Leftover Luminaries
  • Apple Pie Aficionados
  • Parade Pioneers
  • Harvest Moonlighters
  • Baste Brigade
  • The Thankful Tribe

These names are designed to evoke a sense of camaraderie and gratitude, reflecting the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

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Best Thanksgiving Group Names

For groups seeking names that are a cut above the rest, these best Thanksgiving group names combine creativity, festivity, and a touch of class:

  • The Elite Gobblers
  • Pilgrim Prestige
  • Harvest Honor Brigade
  • Gravy Grace Guild
  • Prime Pumpkin Pie Posse
  • Cornucopia Crown Crew
  • Turkey Triumph Team
  • Feast Finesse Fellowship
  • Autumn Aristocrats
  • Gobble Gold Gang
  • Pie Perfection Party
  • Cranberry Crown Collective
  • Stuffing Sovereigns
  • November Nobles
  • Bountiful Barons
  • Yam Yacht Yarners
  • Potluck Patricians
  • Sweet Spud Sultans
  • Gratitude Grandees
  • Tabletop Titans
  • Wobble Gobble Wizards
  • Feast Mode Monarchs
  • Pumpkin Spice Sovereigns
  • Turkey Trot Titans
  • Leftover Laureates
  • Apple Pie Aristocracy
  • Parade Princes and Princesses
  • Harvest Moon Highnesses
  • Baste Brigade Bosses
  • The Thankful Thanes

These names are both high-quality and imbued with a sense of distinction and elegance, perfect for groups wanting to stand out with sophistication.

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Thanksgiving Names

Whether you’re looking for a name for your Thanksgiving event, team, or just a festive moniker, these all-encompassing Thanksgiving names offer a variety of choices:

  • The Grateful Gatherers
  • Pilgrim Promise
  • Harvest Haven
  • Gravy Galaxy
  • Pumpkin Paradise
  • Cornucopia Cosmos
  • Turkey Triumph
  • Feast Festivity
  • Autumnal Aura
  • Gobble Galaxy
  • Pie Palace
  • Cranberry Cosmos
  • Stuffing Sanctuary
  • November Nirvana
  • Bountiful Bliss
  • Yam Yard
  • Potluck Paradise
  • Sweet Spud Sanctuary
  • Gratitude Galaxy
  • Tabletop Triumph
  • Wobble Gobble Wonderland
  • Feast Mode Fiesta
  • Pumpkin Spice Paradise
  • Turkey Trot Territory
  • Leftover Land
  • Apple Pie Abbey
  • Parade Pavilion
  • Harvest Moon Haven
  • Baste Bastion
  • The Thankful Territory

These names are designed to encompass the broad spectrum of Thanksgiving celebrations, from the traditional to the modern, ensuring a fitting name for every occasion.

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Turkey Trot Team Names

Whether you’re running for fun or competition, these Turkey Trot team names are perfect for adding a dash of Thanksgiving spirit to your race:

  • The Trotting Turkeys
  • Pilgrim Pacers
  • Harvest Hustle Heroes
  • Gravy Gallopers
  • Pumpkin Pie Pacers
  • Cornucopia Sprinters
  • Gobbling Gallopers
  • Feast Feet Flyers
  • Autumnal Athletes
  • Gobble Gaiters
  • Pie Pace Setters
  • Cranberry Cruisers
  • Stuffing Striders
  • November Nimble
  • Bountiful Blazers
  • Yam Yard Dashers
  • Potluck Pacers
  • Sweet Spud Sprinters
  • Gratitude Gallopers
  • Tabletop Trotters
  • Wobble Before You Gobble
  • Feast Mode Milers
  • Pumpkin Spice Sprinters
  • Turkey Day Dashers
  • Leftover Leggers
  • Apple Pie Accelerators
  • Parade Path Pacers
  • Harvest Moon Harriers
  • Baste Burst Sprinters
  • Thankful Thigh Burners

These names are fun and festive and encapsulate the energy and spirit of Turkey Trot events.

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Turkey Team Names

Embrace the spirit of the holiday with these turkey-themed team names, ideal for any Thanksgiving event or activity:

  • The Gobbling Gladiators
  • Turkey Trot Titans
  • Pilgrim’s Poultry Pals
  • Harvest Hens
  • Gravy Gobblers
  • Pumpkin Pie Peckers
  • Cornucopia Cluckers
  • Feathered Feast Finders
  • Autumnal Avians
  • The Basting Birds
  • Pie Plucking Pioneers
  • Cranberry Cluck Crew
  • Stuffing Strutters
  • November Nesters
  • Bountiful Beaks
  • Yam Yard Yelpers
  • Potluck Peacocks
  • Sweet Spud Strutters
  • Gratitude Gobblers
  • Tabletop Turkeys
  • Wobble Wingers
  • Feast Mode Fowls
  • Pumpkin Spice Squawkers
  • Turkey Day Talons
  • Leftover Lurkeys
  • Apple Pie Aviary
  • Parade Plume Prowlers
  • Harvest Moon Hatchers
  • Baste Brigade Beaks
  • Thankful Turkeys

These names are perfect for any team or group, highlighting Thanksgiving’s fun and festive side with a turkey-centric theme.

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Funny Names for Thanksgiving

Add a sprinkle of humor to your Thanksgiving with these funny and lighthearted names, perfect for any event where laughter is on the menu:

  • The Gravy Giggles
  • Pilgrim Pranksters
  • Harvest Chucklers
  • Turkey Ticklers
  • Pumpkin Pie Punnsters
  • Cornucopia Comedians
  • Gobbling Guffaws
  • Feast Funnies
  • Autumnal Amusers
  • The Basting Bafflers
  • Pie Punchlines
  • Cranberry Crack-Ups
  • Stuffing Snickerers
  • November Nonsense
  • Bountiful Banterers
  • Yam Yucksters
  • Potluck Pranksters
  • Sweet Spud Sillies
  • Gratitude Guffaws
  • Tabletop Teasers
  • Wobble Wits
  • Feast Mode Funnymen
  • Pumpkin Spice Satirists
  • Turkey Day Tricksters
  • Leftover Laughers
  • Apple Pie Antics
  • Parade Parodists
  • Harvest Moon Humorists
  • Baste Buffoons
  • Thankful Thespians

These names are designed to bring a playful and festive atmosphere to your Thanksgiving, ensuring smiles and laughter.

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Thanksgiving Party Names

Whether you’re hosting a big Thanksgiving bash or a cozy family gathering, these party names are sure to add an extra layer of festivity to your event:

  • The Feast Fiesta
  • Pilgrim’s Party Parade
  • Harvest Hoopla
  • Gobble Gala
  • Pumpkin Pie Palooza
  • Cornucopia Carnival
  • Turkey Trotter’s Bash
  • Autumnal Affair
  • The Bountiful Banquet
  • Gravy Gala Gathering
  • Pie Party Extravaganza
  • Cranberry Celebration
  • Stuffing Soirée
  • November Night Fest
  • Grateful Gathering
  • Yam Yam Yamboree
  • Potluck Party Panorama
  • Sweet Spud Shindig
  • Gratitude Gala
  • Tabletop Tête-à-tête
  • Wobble Before You Gobble Bash
  • Feast Mode Fête
  • Pumpkin Spice Shindig
  • Turkey Day Dance
  • Leftover Lounge
  • Apple Pie Assembly
  • Parade Preview Party
  • Harvest Moon Happening
  • Baste Bonanza
  • The Thankful Throwdown

These party names are designed to be vibrant and inviting, creating a warm and celebratory atmosphere for any Thanksgiving gathering.

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Thanksgiving Challenge Group Names

Ideal for any Thanksgiving-themed challenge or competition, these group names are designed to inspire teamwork and a healthy competitive spirit:

  • The Gobble Gurus
  • Pilgrim’s Puzzle Masters
  • Harvest Hustle Heroes
  • Gravy Game Changers
  • Pumpkin Pie Puzzlers
  • Cornucopia Challengers
  • Turkey Trot Titans
  • Feast Face-Off Fanatics
  • Autumnal Athletes
  • Gobble Games Gang
  • Pie Perfection Pursuers
  • Cranberry Crusaders
  • Stuffing Strategy Squad
  • November Ninjas
  • Bountiful Brainiacs
  • Yam Yard Strategists
  • Potluck Problem Solvers
  • Sweet Spud Sprinters
  • Gratitude Gamers
  • Tabletop Tacticians
  • Wobble Before You Gobble Warriors
  • Feast Mode Masterminds
  • Pumpkin Spice Strategists
  • Turkey Day Tacticians
  • Leftover Legends
  • Apple Pie Architects
  • Parade Planners
  • Harvest Moon Hustlers
  • Baste Battalion
  • Thankful Thinkers

These challenge group names are creative and encourage a sense of strategy, teamwork, and fun, perfect for any competitive Thanksgiving activity.

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Thanksgiving Name Ideas

Whether you’re naming a special Thanksgiving event, a dish, or just seeking a thematic moniker, these Thanksgiving name ideas cater to a wide array of needs:

  • The Grateful Gathering
  • Pilgrim’s Promise
  • Harvest Homage
  • Gravy Groove
  • Pumpkin Patch Party
  • Cornucopia Charm
  • Turkey Tango
  • Feast of Fun
  • Autumnal Acclaim
  • Gobble Good Times
  • Pie Perfection
  • Cranberry Cheers
  • Stuffing Symphony
  • November Nostalgia
  • Bountiful Blessings
  • Yam Yarn
  • Potluck Panache
  • Sweet Spud Surprise
  • Gratitude Gala
  • Tabletop Treasures
  • Wobble Gobble Wonder
  • Feast Mode Magic
  • Pumpkin Spice Splendor
  • Turkey Day Delight
  • Leftover Love
  • Apple Pie Amore
  • Parade Pageantry
  • Harvest Moon Magic
  • Baste Bliss
  • The Thankful Throng

These name ideas are versatile, fitting a range of Thanksgiving themes from events to dishes, ensuring readers find the perfect name for any aspect of their Thanksgiving celebration.

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Thanksgiving Themed Names

Embrace the heart of the holiday with these Thanksgiving-themed names, each reflecting the warmth, tradition, and joy of Thanksgiving:

  • The Harvest Homesteaders
  • Pilgrim’s Pride Parade
  • Gravy Groove Gatherers
  • Pumpkin Pie Patrons
  • Cornucopia Crafters
  • Turkey Day Trailblazers
  • Feast of Fellowship
  • Autumnal Ambassadors
  • Gobble Guild
  • Pie Perfectionists
  • Cranberry Creatives
  • Stuffing Storytellers
  • November Nurturers
  • Bountiful Bakers
  • Yam Yard Yarners
  • Potluck Prodigies
  • Sweet Spud Sages
  • Gratitude Givers
  • Tabletop Treasurers
  • Wobble Gobble Wizards
  • Feast Mode Mavens
  • Pumpkin Spice Patrons
  • Turkey Trot Trailblazers
  • Leftover Luminaries
  • Apple Pie Artisans
  • Parade Pioneers
  • Harvest Moon Heroes
  • Baste Brigade Believers
  • The Thankful Troupe
  • The Grateful Gatherers

These names are deeply rooted in Thanksgiving imagery and sentiments, providing a perfect thematic fit for various Thanksgiving-related activities and groups.

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Tips to Choose the Perfect Thanksgiving Team Name

Choosing the right name for your Thanksgiving team or group can be fun but challenging. Here are some tips to help you pick a name that’s both fitting and memorable:

  1. Reflect the Spirit of Thanksgiving: Choose a name that embodies the themes of gratitude, togetherness, and celebration.
  2. Consider Your Group’s Personality: Pick a name that resonates with the personality and interests of your group members.
  3. Be Creative and Unique: Aim for an original name that stands out.
  4. Keep It Relevant: Make sure the name is appropriate for the event or activity you’re participating in.
  5. Use Humor Wisely: If opting for a funny name, ensure it’s in good taste and enjoyable for everyone.
  6. Remember Memorability: A catchy or rhythmic name tends to be more memorable.
  7. Involve Everyone: Consider brainstorming as a group to get diverse ideas and ensure everyone feels included.
  8. Avoid Overcomplication: Simplicity often works best – avoid names that are too long or difficult to pronounce.
  9. Check for Commonalities: Make sure the name isn’t already widely used by other groups in your circle.
  10. Test It Out: Say the name out loud and see how it feels. Sometimes, the best test is just hearing it.

Remember, the perfect name can add an extra layer of fun and cohesion to your Thanksgiving activities, so take your time to choose one that best suits your team or group.

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Choosing the perfect name for your Thanksgiving team or group is more than just a fun exercise; it’s a way to enhance the holiday spirit and bring people closer together. Whether you opt for a funny, creative, cool, or deeply thematic name, the key is to capture the essence of Thanksgiving—gratitude, togetherness, and joy.

As we’ve explored various names and offered tips for selecting, remember that the process can be a part of your Thanksgiving celebration. Involving friends, family, or colleagues in the naming process can spark laughter, creativity, and a sense of unity.

So, as Thanksgiving approaches, embrace the opportunity to christen your group with a name that reflects your collective spirit. Let your chosen name be a banner where you gather to celebrate this festive and meaningful time of year. Happy Thanksgiving, and may your chosen name bring extra joy to your celebrations!