450+ Best Blue Dragon Names Ideas To Inspire You

In search of a different and out-of-the-box name for your blue dragon? Want to think of a name that inspires other people to have a blue dragon character and put a lot of effort into naming their characters? If there are your choices, you are just at the right place. Here we will not only help you with the final part of naming but will always be by your side throughout the process of thinking of a brilliant name idea.

Name is a very important entity of life. Most of the people out there have their first opinion through the names of these characters without even seeing how much effort you put in after joining the account. This is why to endure a good first impression, you need a name that will be something uncommon and different. Also, your career here depends on other people’s responses towards your character, so obviously, you need to impress them.

So how can we leave you alone through this difficult process? We will obviously not. We are here to help you in each step you take, and we promise to show the path forward. Nobody may think that this much effort is needed for naming, but it actually needs the most effort for it is the thing that sets the base for your character.

With the increase in time, the world is also developing with a huge improvement in the gaming world. From kids to men and women, all are showing immense interest in gaming. Now, we can even expect our next generation to compete with each other in gaming, just how we already have talented people with a career in gaming. Mistwalker and Artoon developed a different kind of role-playing video game, Blue Dragon, in the year 2007.

Now, this game is ruling over the hearts of people throughout the world irrespective of age, religion or even nationality. Published by Microsoft Game Studios, this game also needs characters that are as different as it is. In one colony, there is at least one person in front of the Xbox 360 playing this game. It uses modern qualities like multiple discs, actually spanning three discs in total.

Here, one player has a party of characters but whole visiting overworked, only one shown though during battles the whole party of characters comes to fight. These characters are known for using magical shadows in the game. Also, one of the significant characteristics of the game is the direct relationship between the purple clouds and the danger coming their way.

This game is something one needs to play at least once in their lifetime, and this game shows how a role-playing game can look so realistic. But we down here have some cool, catchy, amazing lists of proper names for your blue dragon character. So let’s not waste any more time and jump into these uber cool lists of name ideas from where you can choose the best one.

Cool Blue Dragon Names

These are collections of best and cool names for blue dragons.

  • Ranzaldras
  • Eveneye
  • Freeback
  • Bonecutter
  • Innocent
  • Grandripper
  • Goszunidrath
  • Illustrious
  • Natrigok
  • Diszalro
  • The Dead
  • Clontel
  • Doomwatcher
  • Climdaghos
  • Vezritri
  • Madfangs
  • Wickedeyes
  • Inteldith
  • Stonesight
  • Grand
  • Domnankoth
  • Clandrunozrak
  • Coldstriker
  • Rozugokrex
  • Stoutforge

Catchy Blue Dragon Names

Here are some unique and catchy blue dragon names and name ideas.

  • Zareloraghoth
  • Wise
  • Andugheth
  • Hunter
  • Silentbreath
  • Thedes
  • Nythemral
  • Kistredrith
  • Ninzel
  • Careful
  • Dreadspeaker
  • The Hollow
  • Bestunkik
  • Vora
  • Enigma
  • Damned
  • Clashrirralil
  • Blazewatcher
  • Littleflight
  • Oracle
  • Otagos
  • Powerstriker
  • Dethaamimeze
  • Ambitious
  • Clisrinamel

Best Blue Dragon Name Ideas

These are some best blue dragon names and name ideas.

  • Bothi
  • Abandonded
  • Notrarrana
  • Primeteeth
  • Kythax
  • Rytuldex
  • Ontralagis
  • Gosrax
  • Thidrulkagin
  • Varonitharrax
  • The Enormous
  • Somberclaws
  • Biznon
  • Clever
  • Ilzivralin
  • Badback
  • Clista
  • Lost
  • Tomzamirrerak
  • Ostrenoklok
  • Champion
  • Graveripper
  • Dondeghanegos
  • Koltik
  • Baneflight

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Male Blue Dragon Names

Here are some best and cool names for male blue dragons.

  • Infinite
  • Thyszix
  • Barsomketh
  • Maniac
  • Vasrek
  • Thizri
  • Burningsight
  • Bitter
  • Nimbleflight
  • Kodraeth
  • Halfbringer
  • Bimneldrex
  • Nemren
  • Clylvelanonok
  • Cledemothen
  • False
  • Agile
  • Keenjaw
  • Littleforge
  • Zothae
  • Stalker
  • Burningforge
  • Dashontak
  • Yntra
  • Ristrozimali

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Female Blue Dragon Names

Here are some best and cool names for female blue dragons.

  • Warmonger
  • Vezezareral
  • Oszevra
  • Judge
  • Victorious
  • Clorsidren
  • Voiceless One
  • Rastalath
  • Maneater
  • Zizroldek
  • Mad
  • Nolzauk
  • Zozidras
  • Emdaul
  • Clazagharethal
  • Bomnankolax
  • Bouldereye
  • Tondrithalorak
  • Yshak
  • Corruptor
  • Namne
  • Antri
  • Thendizik
  • Executioner
  • Rashrax

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Powerful Blue Dragon Names

These are some powerful and badass blue dragon names.

  • Moontail
  • Manslayer
  • Dimzazirithi
  • Nithugnex
  • Brilliant
  • Prophet
  • Enigma
  • Risnuklith
  • Orzun
  • Ezna
  • Caktoth
  • Nolvarath
  • Kilziril
  • Vazivrirril
  • Kidrentezox
  • Wickedreader
  • Rashmind
  • Stoutglide
  • Awful
  • Nozruksok
  • Burningroar
  • Zesnix
  • Duskteeth
  • Clorastak
  • Endrothuzux

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Amazing Blue Dragon Names

Here are some amazing and cool blue dragon names.

  • Bomrux
  • Whirlsight
  • Oldclaw
  • Ginzumozigith
  • Golzorrinigin
  • Tystrignol
  • Sanweketh
  • Diraugonik
  • Warrior
  • Gintrigol
  • Elderwatcher
  • Thystrintoth
  • Chorisektir
  • Zantizirarros
  • Mightyclaw
  • Vigilant
  • Eshretrin
  • Bewitched
  • Nitimomrik
  • Thasharix
  • Terrible
  • Karestrimox
  • Wrathful
  • Enkengerok
  • Clintris

Creative Blue Dragon Names 

  • Vedruksome
  • Vamderrontol
  • Clatrith
  • Mindripper
  • Dizaes
  • Urtrukrumn
  • Rizrulril
  • Rothrus
  • Thyszi
  • Thunderflight
  • Vintrix
  • Dadezarro
  • Zezaldik
  • Intoklol
  • Vantuk
  • Phantomeyes
  • Blindwing
  • Tondigeth
  • The Calm
  • Velzatro
  • Clethraulkos
  • Duskbringer
  • Tilvaghekral
  • Vengeful
  • Lonestriker

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How To Name Your Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon is mainly a game and resides over the imaginary world of games. So to make it very realistic, the game has already put a lot of effort. And if you want to rule over the game and even exist there, you need a name that will do the same. We totally trust you and are sure that you will think of a name that satisfies all these needs.

But what we are thinking about is the process you will have to go through to come to a conclusion all by yourself. You have often heard people saying that journey is more important than the destination. So you also have to keep this in mind that afterwards, when you will go down memory lane, you should have good memories to cherish and not so torturous and stressful days. This is why according to the US, a little help never hurts anything; instead, it is actually a good start to the relationship between the helper and the person that needs helps as you need to put trust in him or her or actually us.

Moreover, the journey and the end result become better and more beautiful. We know all this is because of self-satisfaction, but only taking a few tips from us can never measure your importance in naming your character because the whole thought process is yours. So do not worry and check out these amazing tips given below, which you can easily follow and give the best name to your blue dragon character that it really deserves.

Use a Name That Has Some Virtual Significance

Obvious you are naming a character from a game. And gaming is something that is virtual grp its birth. Video games are ruling over online sites. Even these video games have become a medium for making new friendships and introduction with new people. When one gets transferred to a new school or college the first thing they discuss is the virtual world, and if you have a good amount of knowledge in it you will make friends in no time.

So it is very important to be connected with the virtual world nowadays and the best option in this case is gaming because it will not only connect you to that works but also become a medium of entertainment for you. So when you are naming a character from the same world you should also have a name that seriously signifies the world. Also when you will discuss about it in public, people will not take much time to understand that you are related to that world. This will thus establish you as the person you are and also your character as to which world it belongs.

Think Of a Creative Name

The best thing about creativity is that it never gets old. This is because creativity means something that is new and is used for the first time. People nowadays like out-of-the-box things, which can be only done through creativity. Creativity deserves all the appreciation out there. Everybody has a creative side to them. The only thing that you have to do is introduce yourself with your creative self.

As people see only the same things and same names throughout the same world, they need creative relief, and when these people notice something different among all these same, they feel pleased and well treated. Also, the blue dragon is a character of a creative game with modern thoughts and technologies, so it also deserves a name that is innovative.

Give a Simple Name To Your Character

Though you may think that you have to have a complicated name to make a name creative, it is not true. Even simple names are creative. Also, this kind of name does not even waste much te of the other person as they need only a short time to understand the name and go deeper into it. Though you will put a lot of effort into naming your character, you still have to keep in mind that some people do not like to put much effort, and for them, a simple name is a perfect match to understand. So a simple name is the key to success and even does not need much time from the busy schedule of people.

Final Words

We have come to the end of this article, where we hope that you have got the best name for your blue dragon. If so, do not forget to suggest this article to your loved ones and friends who are also looking to name their dragon in some way.

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