448 Best Lich Names Ideas and Suggestions

In search of some alluring and enchanting lich names? It’s time to put an end to your never-ending search as this article shall help you decide the best name suitable for your lich. We have put together the best lich names in this article. Stop fidgeting in your seats, wondering what to name your lich, and give this article a read. We will talk about what and how to name your lich to make that character more enchanting.

Before we jump into naming your lich, we must understand what a lich is and the importance of liches in your stories. Lich is that creature that is not completely dead. In fiction, the lich is considered a very slow creature that consumes the souls of conscious living beings to stay alive. A lich always craves authority and considers itself to be the King. It always wants to dominate or rule over other beings. The existence of liches in your story make children more thoughtful. It makes them mark the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Today’s children’s knowledge is limited to mobile screens and laptop screens. Sure, they help your children in many ways, but they simply kill their ability to imagine. The ability to have powerful imaginations is very Important. The stories you narrate or write for your children should always be interesting enough to catch their attention. The presence of a lich will make them want to go through the entire story and act as a catalyst in enhancing their imaginative capability.

Now that you know the importance of liches, you might be wondering what to name your lich. The name of your lich should be such that it goes with the character. It should be brief and descriptive. It should be capable of catching your reader’s attention. Stop straining yourself. We have got your back. In this article, we are going to include some of the best names that suit your lich. While naming your lich, remember that the name determines how many people want to read your story. The name must be very precise but catchy, which draws your readers’ attention. How your readers perceive the character of your lich is important, and the association they draw between the name and the character of your lich is what you should be thinking about.

Naming a lich does not include any sort of investment. All you need is a creative mind that is determined to catch the attention of people with stories. Now that you know what kind of character your lich is possessing, you must name him accordingly. But the name should be unique. If the name is not original, your readers will avoid you. Let’s talk about the best lich names that will definitely make your readers curious without wasting any more time.

Lich Names

  • Tzin’liar
  • Shycug
  • Qhok’ladin
  • Tzings
  • Chiago
  • Som’nokva
  • Zhomzer
  • Hiz’ohk
  • Xhunzit
  • Sqekhog
  • Sracqer
  • Bhosleg
  • Bhukrashi
  • Quadzty
  • Sriad’gian
  • Buq’rax
  • Rukaku
  • Scez’roxy
  • Rilyura
  • Saim’qalac
  • Vhym
  • Bzoq’corax
  • Sron
  • Bzaazazi
  • Gor’ghoul
  • Tsumkor

Catchy Lich Names

  • Chalqax
  • Vabaudiy
  • Nhagz
  • Phom’loon
  • Mhemdeer
  • Ghedzdhro
  • Stoolzui
  • Greth
  • Nhadegoctop
  • Bzazyqsdr
  • Ugnookt
  • Bundrur
  • Phil’khamen
  • Nhas’loon
  • Tsarzacarcas
  • Sroluradhilr
  • Socnoxotgy
  • Druzaqama
  • Strazgurly
  • Scar’ziner
  • Szabzodaewd
  • Szag’shirorwyt
  • Tzagviqalal
  • Cronceegunraor

Best Lich Name Ideas

  • Nhoqnono
  • Qolzeenly
  • Szaxzululu
  • Skam’gox
  • Noc’lord
  • Xezhored
  • Grotaifs
  • Xucnakor
  • Scogdiazfew
  • Bziz’goqjojo
  • Gorzaagewr
  • Ogzogtyuerer
  • Psig’vuketam
  • Hakxoert
  • Gharguntim
  • Qhoutygr
  • Tuqnatyt
  • Shilaxox
  • Prortyu
  • Scikrdidde
  • Keddwut
  • Krugzuler
  • Qrodirers
  • Krikdera
  • Akhagrsher
  • Ruknooord

Cool Lich Names

  • Wulgreht
  • Rat’gluz
  • Ur’ghhyu
  • Zuaq’girtata
  • Sret’qugtyh
  • Vryzic
  • Pribtyug
  • Nhadeguytf
  • Ramntrar
  • Choldfgdr
  • Xezhnoun
  • Dhumftur
  • Cugvunhuty
  • Bhadh
  • Taazgalila
  • Ildoziob
  • Brylqekaka
  • Groq’zyuh
  • Czolzeagioc
  • Sqak’vasyas
  • Taxhakuoih
  • Stangaqgytr
  • Sqorcainews
  • Xatogese
  • Stemkilord
  • Jot’zack

Creative Lich Names

  • Thujackk
  • Qak’shinli
  • Scukk
  • Tairrt
  • Skizgahara
  • Druk’vogry
  • Shac’dhau
  • Bzegrakhfy
  • Sqirkeqasbfy
  • Pruacm
  • Dheeb
  • Scadduyuh
  • Dreradhjut
  • Tsalkadilgt
  • Khogzaakokli
  • Ilzogneriliu
  • Vim’gasases
  • Shail’kho
  • Vol’khoorier
  • Szunzagrociou
  • Skaumdidhitr
  • Vrubrodhvgty
  • Ounkagtydfr
  • Pubzagiolu
  • Prazzizesr
  • Dhebruzityg
  • Szabzodadcr

Unique Lich Names

  • Zhurdig
  • Strur’ghae
  • Xorkorereer
  • Pyzcololo
  • Qrout
  • Khulzeziz
  • Bug’sheqrer
  • Krikhuy
  • Nhac
  • Praeddyug
  • Deazcairoder
  • Trunkgyt
  • Szom’hutr
  • Qhaeq’hft
  • Ikzook
  • Rhogdenhut
  • Kakdacacgyr
  • Dhukvgrty
  • Vhymkgty
  • Kratrusas
  • Qhuq’dfrer
  • Zuax’zertf
  • Qhiszuackolj
  • Zhamdgftr
  • Zomzezi
  • Dhuscekolkh
  • Scad’zodgtdr
  • Vregdaerurare

Amazing Lich Names

  • Philduqaq
  • Oq’rit
  • Stoddeder
  • Khoq’getfh
  • Stoolzololo
  • Qhakonyttr
  • Thazdyswhcf
  • Zhodridwyrd
  • Ruk’nogarer
  • Maarzudofvsv
  • Dhas’tudvgbv
  • Arkudrfbs
  • Dhyrrfsevg
  • Streqnobre
  • Criq’duqezdfv
  • Chundilecoco
  • Shumdinwerf
  • Psougdyrwerd
  • Gax’ricugery
  • Prolqaswerd
  • Zheakroxix
  • Prit’qasdfw
  • Bzazyqafef
  • Rhascofecx
  • Gheel’kerw
  • Kil’qigedfc
  • Zhis’zufwec
  • Ban’gfer

Awesome Lich Names

  • Ulqogoqtu
  • Nhas’tture
  • Kogriggr
  • Ag’vaqaefc
  • Aun’qulare
  • Stac’makwed
  • Ghuddefdc
  • Khanzarhroxy
  • Psig’vukeesfd
  • Un’ghidChalxawe
  • Bhuk’shidasos
  • Psam’zaannry
  • Vram’ghurwe
  • Tzogvugry
  • Rhon’qoqtoto
  • Nys’qwed
  • Bhyxwes
  • Desidas
  • Tsumdokdje
  • Quk’zectyte
  • Vec’dhoert
  • Sqokdadget
  • Xain’gewe
  • Skazghrt
  • Cam’gewf
  • Srarzukurure

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The Method Of Naming Your Lich

Now that you know what to name your lich let us talk about how to name your lich. Naming a lich can be difficult because the name of your lich determine your reach and how popular you become among your readers.

Name You Lich With Words That Are Short

Your motive is to attract as many readers as possible. Thus always naming your lich is a way that people are able to draw an association between the name and the character of your lich. The stronger the association, the better will your readers perceive it. The name of your lich should be brief and the most original version of what it stands for in the story. You should not make your character very strong-willed and evil and name them using very cute words. The name should be strong, like the character.

In the process of making the name, always make sure they are brief and do not contain very heavy words that are impossible for people to understand. Your readers will only read your story when it has easily understandable words. Remember that most of your readers are not well accustomed to weighty words. Thus always name your lich using short and brief words.

The Name Of Your Lich Should Be Original

The name you choose to give to the lich in your story should be original. You should not just copy the name from other stories. If you copy the name from some other story, it will make your readers think that your story is nothing very different. We know people are always attracted to things that are very novel. Thus make sure that the name you choose for your lich is original and maintain your individuality while naming your lich.

A recent survey concluded that names of liches are often found to be in the German language, in order to name your lich you can use words from other languages, such as Italian, Spanish, Sanskrit, etc.

Never Forget Your Reader’s Vocabulary Is Limited

You can name your lich with very difficult words, but you must sit with a dictionary while your readers read your story if you do so. People do not have the time to go through dictionaries in order to search for meanings of words. Stories are read for relaxation of minds, so do not expect that your readers will love your stories if you choose to name its characters using very heavy words. Use Words that your readers understand, words that are easily pronounceable and have meanings.

Do a Quick Research On Lich Names 

You should always keep yourself updated about the existing lich names and make sure to note down how the readers perceive them. This way you will easily be able to understand how to stand out and choose the best and a suitable name for your lich.

Usually, Liches have a very strong and evil character. Thus their names are always distinguishable. Never name your lich in such a way that people confuse it with the name of the heroic character in your story. Give it a weird name. The name should be weird enough to catch people’s attention. Do not use names that other writers or storytellers already use. The name you choose should be unique and should always stand out.

Embrace The Opinion Of Your Readers

No matter what you do, always keep in mind that your readers determine your reach. In today’s world, social media is a blessing. It connects people from all over the world and makes them one unit. You can put up polls on your social media, take opinions on the names you have in mind for your lich, and thus name it accordingly. Even your family and friends can help you decide the best name for your lich. Keeping yourself open to your reader’s opinions and criticism is always good.

Final Words

We hope we were able to help you figure out what and how to name you’re the lich in your story. This article was all you needed to read before deciding a proper name for your lich. We hope that you remain optimistic and enthusiastic in your approach. Sometimes, deciding the characters’ names in your story becomes very difficult as it is the major source of your advertisement and determines your growth. Still, once you find an appropriate name, things have gone uphill since then.

If you enjoyed reading this article, make sure you share it with your friends and family and people you are confused about what to name their lich. We will return with some more interesting facts and ways.

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