150+ Striking Irish Boat Names to Make Waves

Are you searching for Irish boat names for your vessel? Well, look no further! I have a list of traditional and modern Irish boat names to catch your attention. From famous figures in Irish history to classic Gaelic words, these unique titles will make your boat stand out.

When choosing an Irish boat name, you should consider the make and model of your boat, as well as your tastes. You can find inspiration from Irish mythology or geography or even from famous figures in Irish history who have left a lasting impact on the country.

So, if you want to add a touch of Irish magic to your boat, take a look at the following list of Irish boat names:

Best Irish Boat Names

  • The Cu Chulainn – after the legendary figure in early Irish mythology.
  • The Claddagh – after the traditional ring given as a symbol of love and friendship.
  • The Mórrigan – after an Irish goddess of war and death.
  • The Shamrock – after the traditional symbol of Ireland.
  • The Liffey – after the river that runs through Dublin. 
  • The Blarney Castle – after a castle in Cork known for its “gift of gab.” 
  • The Molly Malone – after an iconic folk ballad of Dublin. 
  • The Bean an Ti – after a mythical king who ruled the Tuatha Dé Danann. 
  • The Eire – after the Irish word for Ireland.
  • The Maeve – after a legendary queen in Irish mythology.
  • The Inishmore – after the largest of the Aran Islands off the coast of Galway.

Some popular choices include: 

  • The Brigid: An homage to one of the most important goddesses in Irish mythology, the Brigid is an excellent choice for a boat name.
  • The O’Neill: After one of Ireland’s most famous historical figures, Hugh O’Neill. This title is sure to impress your fellow seafarers. 
  • Aoife: In Gaelic, Aoife means “beauty” or “radiance” and is an excellent choice for any boat.

If you are looking for something more unique, consider these lesser-known Irish boat names: 

  • Gleann: Meaning “valley” in Gaelic, this name evokes the beauty of Ireland’s rolling countryside.
  • Áine: This beautiful name means “radiance” in Gaelic and is a great way to express the joy of sailing.
  • Torcaill: This fun word translates roughly to “little fox”—the perfect choice for any nautical adventurers. 

Good Irish Boat Names

Whether you’re an Irish sailor or looking for a unique boat name, plenty of great names are inspired by the Emerald Isle. Here is a list of traditional and modern boat names rooted in Irish culture:

  • Shamrock
  • Sceilg Mhichíl (Irish for Michael’s Rock)
  • Anam Cara (Irish for Soul Friend)
  • Nuada of the Silver Arm
  • Brigid of Kildare
  • Cliodna
  • Gráinne Mhaol (Irish for Grace O’Malley)
  • Maeve of Connacht
  • Fiona 
  • Éire (Irish for Ireland) 
  • Saoirse (Irish for Freedom)
  • The Banshee
  • Finias 
  • Liam
  • Boyne 
  • Lá Fhéile Pádraig (Irish for St. Patrick’s Day) 
  • Mór Mhac Uisnigh (Irish Giant MacEnesse) 
  • Aoife of the Fair Hair 

Cool Irish Boat Names

Irish boat names can state your love for the Emerald Isle. Many fun ways to name your vessel exist, from traditional Irish Gaelic to contemporary expressions. Here are some of our favorite cool Irish boat names: 

  • The Finbarr – A classic name inspired by one of Ireland’s patron saints, St. Finbarr. 
  • Mo Chara – A phrase meaning “my friend” in Gaelic, perfect for a vessel you’ll share with your family and friends. 
  • Shamrock – Celebrate Ireland’s national flower with this fun name! 
  • Brídín Beag – A sweet Irish phrase that translates to “little boat,” an homage to the size of your vessel.
  • Póg Mo Thóin – A more humorous phrase meaning “kiss my butt” in Gaelic, perfect for a sailboat or speed boat! 
  • Áirneag – Derived from the word for “pearl,” it might be used as an alternate name for a precious ship to you. 
  • Tir Na Nog – The mythical land of eternal youth, a beautiful reminder that your boat is an escape from the mundane.
  • Arcachon – Named for the coastal Irish city of Achill Island, it’s a perfect name for a vessel that will be used near its namesake. 
  • Gaelic Fury – Not just a great name for a boat, but also a great band name! 
  • Blue Shillelagh – A fun and playful homage to the traditional Irish walking stick. 

Cute Irish Boat Names

Boat naming is an ancient practice, and Ireland has a long maritime history. With that in mind, there are plenty of cute Irish boat names to choose from! Whether you’re looking for something classic or unique, here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Liafail (or Stone of Destiny): This name refers to the ancient coronation stone of the High Kings of Ireland. 
  • The Banshee: This mythical creature is said to be heard wailing in ancient Irish folklore. 
  • Sea Witch: A nod to the classic Celtic tales of brave sailors and powerful witches. 
  • Brigid’s Blessing: Named after one of the most beloved goddesses in Irish mythology, this boat name will ensure safe travels and good fortune. 
  • Shamrock: A classic Irish symbol, this name evokes the spirit of luck and good tidings. 
  • Dún Séaghdha (Fort of Peace): This is an old Irish phrase for a haven or refuge. 
  • The Finnegan: A playful nod to the famous Irish ballad of the same name. 
  • Droimeann (Thunderer): A nod to the Celtic god of thunder and storms. 
  • Luighseach (Bright One): Named after a goddess from Irish folklore who brought light into the world. 

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Funny Irish Boat Names

Regarding naming boats, the Irish have a knack for creating funny and pun-filled monikers. From “The Little Port’ O’ Call” to “The Big Paddy Wagon,” there is no shortage of hilarious boat names on the Emerald Isle. Here are some of the most creative and comical Irish boat names you’ll find: 

  • The Big Paddy Wagon: You can’t go wrong with this name for the boat that’s always on the go. 
  • Sea Yer Now: This clever play on words is perfect for a boat that loves fishing. 
  • Coast Busters: This one works well for those who love an adventure out on the sea. 
  • Sea the Difference: This name is ideal for those who like to stand out. 
  • Whiskey Galore: An homage to the famous novel, this boat name always gets a smile! 
  • The Little Port’ O’ Call: An excellent pick for the boat constantly taking people from one place to another. 
  • For Sailing’s Sake: Perfect for the sailors in your life who continuously strive to make their voyage successful. 
  • Finnegan’s Float: A classic Irish name that will bring anyone who hears it a smile. 

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Unique Irish Names For a Boat

Gaelic culture is rich in tradition and symbolism, extending to boat naming. For centuries Irish people have used unique names to bless their vessels and protect them from harm on the open sea. Here are some of the more unique & traditional Gaelic names for boats! 

  • Anam Cara: A fitting name that translates as “soul mate,” perfect for a boat that will be shared between two people. 
  • Banríon: A powerful and regal name meaning “queen” in Irish. 
  • Bád Mór: Meaning “large boat” in Gaelic, this is an excellent name to show off the size of your vessel. 
  • Bean an Tí: Translating to “woman of the house,” this name suggests a strong sense of protection and home. 
  • Cara Croí: A loving name that translates as “dear heart” in Irish. 
  • Céadsearc: An inspiring name meaning “first love,” perfect for those with a special connection with the sea. 
  • Cú Chulainn: A bold name referencing an Irish hero, making it ideal for a vessel that may face danger on the open waters. 
  • Fuilteach: Meaning “vigorous and full of energy” in Gaelic, a great name to encourage speed and agility on the waves. 
  • Laoch: Meaning “hero” in Irish, this is an appropriate name for a boat that refuses to be beaten by winds or waves. 
  • Lios Dubh: A poetic name that translates as “black fort,” perfect for invoking strength and protection for your vessel. 
  • Rí ar an Mara: A regal name that translates to “king of the sea”; this is a suitable name for any vessel. 
  • Tréigthe: Meaning “abandoned” in Gaelic, this could be a good name for when you want to give your boat a second chance.

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Creative Irish Boat Names

When choosing an elegant name for your boat, Irish names are timeless classics. To help you get inspired when naming your vessel, we’ve put together a list of famous Irish boat names and their meanings:

  • Tara is the most recognized name in Ireland, meaning “elevation or hill.”
  • Lir – It means “The Sea God.”
  • Cliodhna – This is an Irish name meaning “beauty.”
  • Ailill – Ailill was a king of the Tuatha De Danann; it translates to “wise one.” 
  • Aoife – This name translates to “beautiful.”
  • Aoibheann – It means “fair and gentle.” 
  • Blathnaid – The literal translation of this Gaelic name is “little flower.”
  • Caoimhe – This translates to “gentle or kind.”
  • Dearbhla – This is an Irish name that means “true.”
  • Eibhlín – This name means “a beautiful bright one.” 

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Best Irish Name Ideas For a Boat

The Irish have a long-standing relationship with the ocean, and it’s no surprise why. Boats are part of their culture, history, and identity. So if you’re looking for inspiration when naming your boat, consider these traditional Irish names that would be perfect for any nautical vessel! 

  • Aoife – meaning “beautiful.”
  • Bláthnaid – meaning “little flower.”
  • Daire – meaning “wealthy and prosperous.” 
  • Eoghan – meaning “born of the yew tree.” 
  • Fearghus – meaning “manly strength.” 
  • Grainne – meaning “love.”
  • Íde – meaning “thirst.” 
  • Maeve – meaning “intoxicating.” 
  • Nessa – derived from the Irish goddess of fertility, war, and wisdom 
  • Oisin – meaning “little deer.” 

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Badass Irish Names For A Boat

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your boat, look no further than Irish boat names. Ireland has had its fair share of maritime adventures and vessels as a naval nation. And along with that have come some genuinely badass Irish boat names! Here are just a few examples: 

  • Shamrock is an obvious choice for any ship sailing the Irish seas. 
  • Banshee – Inspired by the mythical creature of Irish folklore, this name will surely give your boat a spooky and mysterious aura. 
  • Claddagh – Named after the traditional Irish ring, Claddagh means ‘love, loyalty and friendship’ – the perfect name to bestow on your boat. 
  • Connemara – A beautiful area in the west of Ireland, this is an excellent choice for those wanting to celebrate their Irish heritage. 
  • Finnegan – The perfect name for an adventurous sailing vessel! 
  • Guinness – What better way to show your love of the ‘black stuff’ than to name your boat after Ireland’s most famous export? 
  • Leprechaun – A mischievous spirit from Irish folklore, this is an excellent choice for those who like having fun on the open seas. 

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How To Choose Your Boat Name 

Choosing the perfect boat name can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry; I have some tips to help! First, think about what makes your boat unique. Is it small and nimble or big and powerful? Do you use it for fishing or pleasure? Considering these characteristics will narrow down your options. 

Next, brainstorm some themes that reflect your boat and its purpose. You could go for an Irish cultural theme with Gaelic words or embrace the sea with names like Tempest or Poseidon. Nature-inspired names like Willow or Ocean are also great options. 

To get more ideas, research popular boat names within your chosen theme. This will give you a better sense of what works and doesn’t. 

Remember to ask your friends and family for their input too! They might come up with excellent suggestions you have yet to think of. 

Once you’ve done all the research and brainstorming, trust your gut and pick the name that stands out to you the most. This name will become your boat’s identity, so make sure it’s one you truly love! 

Remember, there’s no wrong choice when naming your boat. Whether you use a classic Gaelic word or something unique, make sure it reflects you and your boat.


Naming your boat can be daunting, but with these tips, you can easily find the perfect Irish name for your vessel. Consider your boat’s characteristics, think of themes that reflect it and its purpose, research popular names in that theme, get input from friends and family, and finally, pick out the best one. With this guide, you can find a name that fits your vessel perfectly! 

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