175+ Best Italian Boy Names (With Meanings)

Italian Boy Names: Are you looking for some Italian Boy Names? Then you are in the right place because here you can easily find some different types of Italian Boy Names with meanings. You can also find some Italian Names For Baby Boy. Here we collect these names from different sources, that you can easily pick the best name from this list.

Naming your baby boy can be tricky stuff to manage out as there are thousands of fabulous names available there out. Hence, this creates a dilemma in parent’s minds. Even many parents lack knowledge about the meaning of names. Therefore, you need not worry more as we are here.

So we provide some names and names ideas these names will help you to pick a better and suitable for your a boy or a baby boy. You can easily pick a name from this list or you can also pick some ideas and suggestions from this article these ideas will help you to pick the right name. So Check out these Italian Boy Names List. So let’s dive into it.

Italian Boy Names With Meanings

Hence, without wasting any time will start listing the best names with their meanings available and suitable to your baby boys. For easy access, the names have been bifurcated based on the starting letter.

Italian Boy Names Starting with ‘A’

  • Alessandro– Alessandro presently due to its macho appearance is one of the most popular names around the globe. This name can be referred to as the Italian version of ‘Alexander’. The meaning of this name is ‘Defending man’ representing to be very strong and macho.  
  •  Adriano- The name Adriano describes a person from Hadria that is northern Italy. Additionally, the person is also of Spanish origin. Hence, this small name encloses great meanings inside it.
  • Angelo- This name means the messenger of god or an angel. This name has a holy and positive vibe in it. 
  • Alonzo- The name describes two qualities that are noble and always ready for battle. The name Alfonso describes about great noble and humble nature which your child should surely possess.
  • Amato- The name suggests a person who is always loved and as a parent who will not want their child to be loved by everyone.  
  • Armani- This name means a ‘freeman’. This name has a Persian origin. 
  • Antonio- The name Antonio describes a person who is outstanding, beyond praise. A fabulous name to choose from.  

Italian Names Starting with ‘B’

  • Bosco- Italian geographical name for somebody living or working in the woods. It is derived from the Late Latin boscus shrub. 
  • Brio- The name brio means “Vivacity and Zest”. This describes about a musical term releasing a great amount of energy.  
  • Baldo- The name describes a quality, which is “Bold”. Baldo is a German origin name used in the Italian system of naming.  
  • Baggio- The name in the Italian language means ‘Toad’.  

Italian Names For Boy Baby   Starting with ‘C’

  • Camillo- It is a subordinate of Latin Camillus, from a term which initially indicated a young people of honorable birth who helped at penances. 
  • Cedro- The name means a strong gift. Hence, every parent considers their child to be their strong gift given by god to them. Hence, it is one of the most taken names.
  • Cosimo- The name Cosimo describes about two qualities that are “decency” and “order”. Every harassed parent wishes that their child inculcates the quality of decency. 
  • Cantido- The name Cantido is one of the trending names around the globe. The meaning of the name is simple. The name means a “Song”. 
  • Callisto- The name means most beautiful and charming. It’s perfect for parents who think that their child is the most beautiful in the world. 
  • Ciro- The name suggests sun. The name describes that the child will have the quality of glowing and shining like a sun.

  Starting with ‘D’

  • Duran- The name describes about a person who is enduring and firm. In this fastidious world, the baby boy will definitely need to inculcate these qualities if not the name. 
  • Dario- The name simply means that the upholder of the good. If you provide this name to your child there are chances that he might bring and uphold all the good things in your life.
  • Daniele- The name simply means that God is my Judge. 
  • Dino- The name Dino can be referred to as a small sword.  

Starting with ‘E’

  • Elio- According to mythology, Elio is the name of the sun god or the sun was referred to as Elio. 
  • Edgardo- The name describes spear wealth or can be simply said as wealthy.
  • Edilberto- The name describes about a nobly bright quality. Every Parent needs their child to be bright in studies and sports. However, try keeping this name who knows that might help?
  • Ercole- Similar to Cedro, Ercole also means a gift from god. A child is always the best gift provided by God to the parents.  
  • Edmunda- The name describes a person who is their protector and the protector is wealthy and prosperous.
  • Enzo- However, it is established that the wife always rules the house on the contrary the boy name Enzo counters this situation. The name Enzo means the one who rules the house. 

Starting with ‘F’

  • Federico- The name Federico describes a person who is a great peaceful leader. Every father dreams that his baby boy has great leadership skills and for this kind of parent this name is perfectly suitable.  
  • Fabio- Fabio is a name that describes about a character that is totally noble. 
  • Fabrizio- The name Fabrizio tells us about a person who is a great craftsman. The parents who think their kind is greatly creative or will be can use this name. 
  • Flavio- This name Flavio describes a unique charter of boldness in a person. 
  • Fillipo- Italy has a great history with horses. Every war they fought needed horses and their equestrian. The name Fillipo means a friend of horses.  

Starting with ‘G’

  • Gabriele- This is a fabulous name that any parent can opt for. This name is in the topmost trending names around the world. The name Gabriele means God is my strength. The name has a holy essence indulged with great power in it.
  • Gian- From the famous cartoon character in Doremon, this name has gained popularity around the world. Gian’s meaning is not anything related to a giant or powerful person or not a bad singer obviously. But, the name means that God is gracious and it is one of the most beautiful meanings a name can have. 
  •  Giovanni- The name Giovanni also means that God is gracious. This name is one of the most charming names on the list with a great meaning.
  • Galileo- The name Galileo means a person who is from Galilee. Many might wonder what is Galilee? Hence for them, it is a region which is situated in northern Israel. Galilee is also considered the birthplace of Jesus according to the bible.  

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Starting with ‘L’  

  • Luca- The name sometimes feels feminine for newly born boys but it is still trending nowadays among boys around the globe. The meaning of this name is brighter than light.
  • Leonardo- Here’s the second name which is macho and spreads an essence that the man has a great lion’s heart. The name itself means brave or courageous as a lion.
  • Lazaro- The name Lazaro is a great name with an aesthetic meaning. The name describes that the mighty God is our one and only helper.
  • Lave: The name has a burning hot meaning hidden inside itself. The name Lave is referred to as burning rock or lava. 

Starting with ‘M’

  •  Mateo- This name has been trending in the top 1000 baby names in the USA. Mateo is a great name with a beautiful meaning hidden in itself. The name means the baby boy is a gift from god.
  •  Marco- The name spreads the essence of bravery around itself. The meaning of this name is warlike. According to Roman mythology, this name means the Roman god of war. 
  • Maximus- The name itself inculcates the word maximum. The name describes the person to be the greatest. The person who reaches his own maximum limits to reach greatness. 
  • Macario- The meaning of this name is Happy. This name is one of the dashing and charming names on the list.  

Starting With ‘N’ and ‘O’

  • Nino – The Meaning Of Nino is “God is Gracious”
  • Nicolo – Meaning is People of Victory
  • Orfeo – Greek Mythology Name
  • Otello – Meaning is Wealthy
  • Ottavio – Meaning: Eighth
  • Orlando – Meaning Of orlando is Famous land; Heroic

Starting With  ‘P’ and ‘R’

  • Paolo – Meaning of paolo Is Small
  • Pepe – It is a Spanish variation of the name ‘Joseph’
  • Patrizio – Meaning: Noble
  • Pietro – Italian Form of “Peter”, Rock
  • Primo – Meaning of primo is “First”
  • 80Piero – Piero in Old Latin means ‘stone’.
  • Rafael -Meaning: God has healed
  • Remo – Meaning of remo is ‘Unexplained’
  • Raul – It means ‘pack of wolves’.
  • Ricco -Meaning: Strong Ruler
  • Roberto – Italian Form of “Robert”, Wife Fame
  • Ricardo – It means a ‘powerful or mighty ruler.
  • Rocco – Meaning is “rest”
  • Russo – meaning ‘a red one’
  • Romeo – Pilgrim to Rome, Roman
  • Rinaldo – A holy name which means ‘one whose power is in his wisdom’
  • Rosario – Meaning is Rosary

Italian Names Starting With ‘S’ & ‘T’

  • Sergio – Almost every other Italian is named Sergio, which means ‘a servant’
  • Salvio – Meaning is Saved
  • Sal – Sal means ‘one who is a saviour’
  • Salvatore – Its mean Savior
  • Samuele – Meaning of samuele is “The Lord Listens”
  • Sandro – Meaning is “Defender of Man”
  • Stefano – Stefano means ‘crown’ or ‘he who wears a crown’.
  • Santino – Meaning is Little Saint
  • Sergio – Meaning: Attendant
  • Silvio – It means Wood; Forest
  • Stefano – Italian Form of “Stephen”, Garland; Crown
  • Tore – Tore means’ saviour’
  • Teodoro – Italian Form of “Theodore”; God Given
  • Tommaso – It is also a name in the Holy Book.
  • Tristano – Riot, Tumult
  • Tito – In Italian, Tito means ‘of the giant’

Other Names Ideas For Italian Baby Boy

  • Uberto -‘bright mind’
  • Ugo – Mind, Intellect
  • Urbano – ‘dwells in the city’
  • Ucello – bird
  • Valentino – Strength, Health
  • Vincenzo – Italian Form of “Vincent”, Conquer; Win
  • Vito – Vito means ‘life’
  • Zan – this name means ‘clown

Naming System 

Italy is a delightful nation that has enormously affected Western culture. From the lip-smacking Italian dishes to quality Italian-made products and designs Italy has always paved their path to the greatest. Italy always comprised a rich history, culture, and great craftsmanship.

The following information will help you to get the basic knowledge about the naming system in Italy. 

  • The first newborn is provided by its name after the granddad/mother.
  • The subsequent baby is given the name after the maternal granddad/mother. 
  • The third newborn is named after the dad adding “Junior” or “the “II”.
  • The fourth child derives its name from the paternal great grandfather.
  • And talking about the remaining youngsters, they can take the names of great uncles and aunts. 
  • In the event that the dad passed on before the introduction of his youngster, it was standard for it to accept the expired father’s name. 
  • And after that, the following kids could be named after the guardians, a most loved auntie or uncle, a holy person, or a perished relative.  

However, no one can neglect the exceptions in the naming theory of Italy. 

This was the list of a few amazing Italian baby boy’s names.

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Final Words

So, guys, We hope you find some Italian Boy Names from this article because here we provide some best collections of Italian  Names For Boy Baby With Meanings. If you find this article helpful then you can share it. If you have any suggestions or questions for us, Then you can comment below and let us know about your feedback also. Finally, Thank you for spending time with us, Cheers!