Rocket League Club Names: 542 Rocket League Names

New to the popular video game- rocket league? Are you wondering what to name your rocket league team? You do not have to struggle anymore. We have got you. In today’s article, we will guide you on how to name a tour rocket league team. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Rocket League is actually a game. It is a vehicular game in particular. This video game was first released in 2015 and was developed by Psyoinx. In this game, the players are needed to form clubs. These clubs are known as rocket league clubs. Each club can have a total of 20 members, including the creator of the club.

These clubs provide a chance for friends and teammates to play under a common name. They also provide features such as club banners and color combo settings. Under color combo settings, users are able to give a distinct color to make their club’s presence unique.

After the clubs are formed, there will be club matches. Two teams compete against each other in a private or public match, making the game even more thrilling.

Now that we know a bit more about clubs let us get started with how to name them. For that, you have to go through our suggested name list to get an idea of how the naming goes. After that, we also have a section where we provide our tips on naming rocket league clubs for further guidance. You will find the list of tips towards the end of the article. You have got this!

Rocket League Club Names

  • Comedy Can Break
  • Roll The Balls
  • Create Your Business
  • We Are Furious
  • Running In Blood
  • Call The Winners
  • Make You Fast
  • Hit The Game
  • 20 Innings Match
  • Family Bear Trackers
  • Kill n Heal
  • Shorter The Better
  • Call Us Scorpions
  • The Enchanting Crew
  • Make You Lost
  • Sure To Play
  • This Is Game
  • Begin The End
  • Founders Of Tactics
  • We Rule This
  • No Fun Gamers
  • Business Is Serious
  • Make You Squirm
  • Squishy n Missy
  • Lifting The Bar
  • Racing Is Life
  • Friends And Company
  • The Paper Cranes
  • Elegant Like Swans
  • Blue In High
  • Orange Is Love
  • Sponge Bob Squarepants
  • Teams Of Rogues
  • Kill The Heat
  • The Untamed Ones
  • Blue And Grey
  • Creepy But Cute
  • The Dad’s Squad
  • Kill This Love
  • Playing With Fire
  • How You Like That
  • Burning Up Team
  • Blood Sweat n Tears
  • Fake Love Sickness
  • The Music Makers
  • We Are Dope
  • First Time Playing

Unique Rocket League Club Names

  • We Are Supervitamins
  • The Rocket Lovers
  • The Blackspace People
  • You Are Blankspace
  • Look What You Made Me Do
  • Light Like Dynamite
  • Permission To Win
  • The Red Rangers
  • Fight For Our Way!
  • Sure To Lose
  • The Fast Rovers
  • Wizards And Oz
  • Exes And Oh’s
  • Levitate The Game
  • Make You Lose
  • Edging The Race
  • Like A River
  • Masters Of Sea
  • Riveters At Finest
  • The Potato Players
  • Sparkle And Glaze
  • Nevertheless! The Best
  • Crashlanding On You
  • Its Okay!To Lose
  • The Rocket Games
  • Blast And Past
  • Togetherness Of Family
  • A Never Wreck
  • Team Apple Pie
  • Make You Move
  • Sweet But Psycho
  • A Period On Your Career
  • The Jasmine Lovers
  • A Heart Attack
  • The Nuclear Winterclaps
  • Fight The Right Way
  • United Nations Team
  • Dirty But Fuzzy
  • The S.C.A.T Team
  • Hotshots In One
  • Make You Melt
  • Descendants Of Sun
  • Like A Boomerang
  • Hit You
  • The Asteroids
  • Fix It Break It
  • We Are Gladiators

Good Rocket League Club Names

  • Firewheels
  • Jokers
  • Crashing
  • Supernova
  • Turbogamers
  • Crazed
  • Frienzied
  • Friendzoned
  • Revival
  • Nitrosquad
  • Levelup
  • Enders
  • Hinged
  • Unstoppable
  • Unsatisfied
  • Allies
  • Carasol
  • Backingup
  • Weaklings
  • 20Octaves
  • All Kill
  • Streetrace
  • Fightlight
  • Legalonce
  • Electrolute
  • Escaprangers
  • Hades
  • Fast Wheels
  • Printing Mistake
  • Blueprints
  • Speed Boosters
  • We Are Famous
  • Utopian Concept
  • Wits Befalling
  • Madbad
  • Aterlliary
  • Thumphump
  • Dragon Balls
  • Deep Shit Mad
  • Moving Hole
  • Flying Quest
  • Launching Failure
  • Hourglass
  • Sandcastle
  • No More Dream

Rocket League Names

  • The Eclipse
  • Swimming Through Races
  • Swarm The Larve
  • Gaming Beaming
  • Lucky 20
  • G20 Esports
  • Make It Last
  • Bad Buddy Team
  • Here For Fun
  • Selfless Gamers
  • Alpha Team
  • Gorgeous Winners
  • Winners
  • Boost 300%
  • Wildcard Gamers
  • Avert The Track
  • The Deviators
  • Leftover Team
  • The Genesis
  • Counter- Cyclical Stratergy
  • Team Dignitaries
  • Looser And Messers
  • Sky High
  • Mortals At Play
  • The Grim Reapers
  • Summit20
  • Doom At Service
  • The End Game
  • Cosmic Players
  • 1Million
  • Legends At Work
  • At Cloud20
  • Peacock Lovers
  • Gamming Isfun
  • Pocketers
  • The Golden Core
  • Finish Off
  • Reasons To Worry
  • You Never Walk Alone
  • Ghost Generals
  • Exotic Demons
  • In Control Team
  • The Lejindary Team
  • Ready To Fight
  • The Importers

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Tips To Make A Perfect Rocket League Club Name

Still unsure on what to name your rocket league club? Do not worry, we are here for further guidance. Below we have provided a list of suggestions to help in naming your team. Hope it helps you get best results.

List of suggested tips for naming your rocket league club:

Find Names Based On Team Number

We all know rocket league clubs can have 20 members. You can use this number to your benefit and make names out of it. It makes your name unique and creative. By adding a suitable word along with the word 20, you can get the best results.

For example, you can name your team at “CODE20 Gamers” or “G20 Esports,” and so on.

Choose A Name Based On A Song OR Movie

Since the game in itself has nothing to do with the clubs, you can name your clubs on the basis of your favorite movie or song. You can also twist the words to make it more threatening and entertaining to your rival clubs.

Some of the best names for this will be “The Blankspace Team,” “Playing With Fire,” “Make It Last, “Blood Sweat N Tears,” and so on.

Create Names Based On The Colour Scheme Of Clubs

The Clubs can choose a color for themselves, so you can use this to your advantage and name your club based on the colors. Preferably they are blue and orange according to the game. So you can use this tip and make unique names for your clubs.

For example, you can name your club “Blue Heaven,” “Orange Marmalade,” and so on. So pick your color and get started with the naming.

Choose A Name With Your Team Message

You can use the most simple tactic and name your club on the basis of the message you are trying to relay. Such as it can be a threat without actually insulting someone. Like you can name your club As “Bring It On”, “Make Me Move”, “Try N See” and so on.

The message can also be a statement you guys want to make like something you jointly enjoy. Like “Jasmine Lovers,” “We Are Lethargic,” and so on.

Opt For Names Based On Team Members

You can also name your club based on your team members. For example, if your team primarily consists of family members, then go for the name “The Together Squad” or something like this. If your club only consists of your friends, then you can go for something funky like “Friendzoned.”

Families also enjoy the game very much, especially dads. So if your clubs consist of dads, you can name your team the “Dad Squad.”


We hope that you find this article helpful. We have tried our absolute best to provide the best advice. Now it is all up to you. Remember to consider all the tips given and then jot down a list of names you like. After thorough consideration and your club members, you can reach a conclusion regarding the name. You can do it!

If you liked this article, make sure to share it with your family, friends, and people facing the same problem. We would be glad if our article could be of help to people.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this article; it will help us create better works in the future. We hope you get the name you are looking for.

All the best!

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