264 Vampire Last Names

Shows like “The Vampire Diaries”, “Twilight”, and the famous animated movie “Hotel Transylvania” has hyped up the concept of vampires. Many people all around you, USA and UK, love to dress up as vampires during Halloween.

In some tales, vampires are known to be supernatural beings who, after their death, used to suck out the blood of other humans. In other stories, vampires are defined to be human corpses that return from their grave to harm (rather suck the blood out of) the people they hated.

People nowadays are so obsessed with the concept of vampires that stories are heard that people even drink somebody else’s blood to prove that they are indeed a vampire. Tattoos of vampires recently arose in the trends as well.

The concept of vampire was first created Bram Stoker in his famous novel “Dracula” which was released in the year 1897. There, he had named his vampire as the count Dracula. Back in those days, the novel failed to attain success but later, the novel broke world records. Besides that, folklore says that vampires originated in the 17th and 18th centuries in England and Germany.

Hundreds and thousands of research have been made regarding whether vampires exist or not. Some say that yes, it does, while the others absolutely reject the fact. Who knows, maybe vampires are not visible to the human eyes- just like the movie Harry Potter claimed that muggle-borns can’t see the Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.

Are you planning to dress up as a vampire this Halloween? Or do you have some mischief in your mind and want to scare some of your friends? Whatever the reason may be, in this article, we have generated some of the awesome and unique last names of vampires.

For a vampire, it is very important to create a classy and unique last name. Go through the name list created below and choose the perfect name for your vampire. Wait! There’s more to this article. We have also created some helpful tips for you so that you can come up with the perfect last name for your vampire. Have a glass of juice (or blood) and start reading this article.

Vampire Last Names

  • Sienna
  • Cayeldra
  • Sainaaz
  • Minerva
  • Zygrath
  • Xylio
  • Somerhalder
  • Hale
  • Black
  • Edwardo
  • Saviz
  • Zakrem
  • Potter
  • Orpheus
  • Fionna
  • Sienna
  • Yieterro
  • Vodrak
  • Grahamme
  • Lestart
  • Drusilla
  • Crisilla
  • Mandarin
  • Roosevelt
  • Grahamme
  • Marthollo
  • Damienne
  • Compton
  • Plaole
  • Vuyella
  • Sophia
  • Calisle
  • Sumos
  • Foy
  • Newtown
  • Paola
  • Paolo
  • Edwardson
  • Falesi
  • Khaleesi
  • Adrianna
  • Julienne
  • Trodek
  • Blood Chaser
  • Blood Love

Cool Vampire Last Names

  • Cullen
  • Etiyesmus
  • Graham
  • Salvatore
  • Forbes
  • Bentham
  • Donovaz
  • Roerig
  • Cranberra
  • Swans
  • Adrienne
  • Crompton
  • Plosgowitz
  • Amian
  • Soyello
  • Bathory
  • Chronicler
  • Allison
  • Eilif
  • Asgarez
  • Seprek
  • Masda
  • Syrek
  • Edwardo
  • Stephanos
  • Savaria
  • Zalerio
  • Zaleria
  • Graphhiti
  • Ezdem
  • Carlisle
  • Eme
  • Rui
  • Zeldra
  • Helen
  • Zairak
  • Silas
  • Silac
  • Bekham
  • Welch
  • Drahemi
  • Yuki
  • Songrea
  • Suphez
  • Balari
  • Fayez

Unique Vampire Last Names

  • Diabolo
  • Eldorio
  • Dobrev
  • Febriaz
  • Stark
  • Rodanthe
  • Emmanuelle
  • Nezera
  • Wilhelms
  • Sphiks
  • Vaizem
  • Grahamme
  • Rahalek
  • Callidora
  • Zyone
  • Sontruro
  • Rahemi
  • Gwendoline
  • Constantia
  • Emperor
  • The Count
  • The Countess
  • Kojokaru
  • Mountaineu
  • Muzan
  • Bluffy
  • Zylan
  • Dilemi
  • Blood Sucker
  • Bloodress
  • Lewis
  • Santiago
  • Emmet
  • James
  • Esra
  • Rahil
  • Albatroz
  • Avicii
  • Lahama
  • Shinobu
  • Kamado
  • Blood
  • Red Ultra
  • Empress Red
  • Zalema

Best Vampire Last Names

  • Clemente
  • Sui
  • Serafina
  • Kora
  • King
  • Gilbert
  • Gobara
  • Amare
  • Selvatroz
  • Vuron
  • Browns
  • Akeldama
  • Salvatroz
  • Empress
  • Draculana
  • Zewis
  • Tantiago
  • Esme
  • Zalia
  • Aster
  • Deadulus
  • Shadow Hunter
  • Blood Drinker
  • Emerald
  • Ruby Pines
  • Stephania
  • Stephanos
  • Black
  • Zaifu
  • Lorraine
  • Diker
  • Vorrigan
  • Soygen
  • Zolemi
  • Isola
  • Isabella
  • Desican
  • The Grumps
  • Blood Hunter
  • Esremi
  • Sophirek
  • Red Man
  • Careldra
  • Cullaman
  • Newton

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How To Create A Last Name For A Vampire

Make A List

We understand that you might be highly excited to choose a name for a fictional character as popular as the vampire. But nothing great comes out when you are in a rush. Therefore, calm down, take a pen and paper, and read the name list given in this article first. Then jot down the names that you prefer on paper in the form of a list.

Making a list is essential and essential because it will later help you eliminate the names that you don’t like (through hit and trial).

Here’s a tip- don’t jot down all the names that you prefer in that list. For example, if we measure through percentage, let’s say that you like a name for 55% and you like another name for 70%. Then, go for the latter name and put it on the list.

Give Names Based On Vampire Movies

The Twilight series, The Vampire Diaries series, or famous movies such as Vampires (released in the year 1998) or Thirst (released in the year 2009), are some of the top-rated movies which feature a vampire- be it a male or a female.

These are just a few names. We advise you to research the most demanded and famous vampire movies. Take note of the fact that you must create a name (based on such movies) in the English language (considering that English is a universal language and is understood by everyone. If you choose the last name for your vampire based on a colloquial language, high chances are that not many people will understand it.) Therefore, the movies that you choose should be in the English language as well. Otherwise, you shall fail to make a proper connection between your vampire and the last name of it.

Read on the name list to find out some names which are based on popular vampire movies- in the English language.

Note- if your locality is more comfortable in speaking any other language such as Mexican, Spanish, or French, then, in that case, we advise you to create a name based on such language only.

You Can Give Humanistic Surnames

After all, vampires used to be human at some point in time. Therefore, we believe it is not wrong to create a last name for your vampire, which sounds a little humane. You can always take surnames which we humans use.

One such great example will be “Cullen”. If you know English surnames, you might know that the surname Cullen is widely used in the USA or UK. Also, if you are an avid vampire fan and have watched the series Twilight, you must know that the vampire clan in that movie had the surname Cullen. So, you see, you can create the last name of vampires based on the surnames of humans.

The Last Name Should Match With The Characteristics Of The Vampire

For the last name of your vampire, taking note of this tip becomes very important. The last name for your vampire must have a proper relationship with a vampire. And you cannot create that strong relationship if the name does not match your vampire’s notable characteristic. Does your vampire look fearsome? When does it go hunting? What is the skin colour of your vampire? You can ask yourself questions like these and make a list of the important characteristics that your vampire has. After that, generate a name based on such features.

Don’t know what characteristics to put in your vampire? Well then, we advise you to read some books or watch some famous movies which portray a vampire.

Give Meaningful Names

Just because your vampire is a fictional and mythical creature, that does not mean you can allot a nonsensical last name to it. The last name that you are creating for your vampire must have a proper meaning.

For example, you can create a last name for your vampire such as- “Compton” (means true blood), “Allison” (means nobility),” Eilif” (means immortal) and so on.


Now that you have read this article, we hope that you are confident enough to create a last name for your vampire.

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