350+ Scottish House Names: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Name

Are you on the hunt for Scottish House Names, infused with the enchanting spirit of Scotland? Look no further! In this captivating article, we’ll unlock the rich history and vibrant culture behind Scottish house names.

Unlike many other parts of the world, Scotland embraces a longstanding tradition of bestowing unique names upon individual homes, eschewing mundane numbered addresses. This delightful practice traces its roots back to clans and families, who could effortlessly locate their kin based on these distinctive house names. Through the ages, a tapestry of historic and cultural influences has woven together an array of captivating Scottish house name styles.

Prepare to be inspired as we present a collection of delightful name ideas, each brimming with that unmistakable Scottish charm. Give your cherished abode a touch of Scotland’s allure and create a home that truly stands out. Let’s dive in!

Best Scottish House Names

Scotland is full of beautiful historic homes, and the names that have been chosen to represent them are often equally as captivating. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional Scottish house name or something a bit more modern and unique, these ideas may provide some inspiration!

  • Heather Heights
  • Lochside Lodge
  • Glenview Manor
  • Thistle Cottage
  • Skye Haven
  • Braemar Estate
  • Caledonia House
  • Ben Nevis Nook
  • Stag’s Leap
  • Highland Home
  • Dunrobin Dwelling
  • Galloway Gardens
  • Isle View Villa
  • Stirling Retreat
  • Alba Acres
  • Bannockburn Manor
  • Celtic Cove
  • Bonnie Brae
  • Falkirk Farm
  • Cairngorm Cottage
  • Arran Abode
  • Ness Nest
  • Kelpie Keep
  • Shetland Shack
  • Edinburgh Estate
  • Wallace Wing
  • Tartan Terrace
  • Argyll Arms
  • Orkney Oasis
  • Perthshire Place
  • Lomond Lodge
  • Gaelic Grove
  • Hebridean Haven
  • Aberfeldy Acres
  • Mull Manor
  • Macbeth’s Mansion
  • Saltire Suite
  • Tay Terrace
  • Fife Farmhouse
  • Ayrshire Abode
  • Kilts & Thistles Cottage
  • Scone Castle
  • Scots Pine Place
  • Iona Inn
  • Dundee Den
  • Glasgow Gardens
  • Jura Junction
  • Lanark Lane
  • Kinross Keep
  • Moray Manor
  • Speyside Suite
  • Clansman Court
  • Dunfermline Dwelling
  • Burns Cottage
  • Whisky Barrel House
  • Borders Bungalow
  • Rosslyn Retreat
  • Inverness Inn
  • Eagle Eyrie
  • Firthview Farm
  • Eilean House

If you’d like your home to reflect its heritage in Scotland, why not choose something from one of the country’s old clans and families? Popular choices include:

  • Campbell
  • MacGregor
  • Bruce
  • Douglas
  • Stewart

For something more unique, try combining two Scottish words together to create an original name. Popular combinations might include:

  • Glendochart (glen + dochart)
  • Monaidh (monadh + aird)
  • Kinlochleven (kin + loch + leven)
  • Dunvegan (dun + veg + an)

If you’re looking for something truly unique, why not choose a phrase or words from one of Scotland’s traditional languages? Popular choices might include:

  • Beinn aghabhaidh (Gaelic for ‘mountain of promise’)
  • Taobh an iar (Gaelic for ‘by the sea side’)
  • Fàilte gu Alba (Scots Gaelic for ‘welcome to Scotland’)
  • An tìr a tha thu (Scots Gaelic for ‘the land you are in’)

To add an extra special touch to your home’s name, consider adding a Gaelic phrase or word. Popular choices might include:

  • Ceartas (Gaelic for ‘justice’)
  • Sàrachas (Gaelic for ‘blessing’)
  • Aite (Gaelic for ‘place’)
  • Slàinte mhath (Gaelic for ‘good health’)

Good Scottish House Names

Living in Scotland can be a unique experience. As such, give your home its own unique identity with a Scottish house name that reflects the culture and spirit of the country. We’ve compiled some of the best Scottish house name ideas to help you find that perfect moniker for your home. From traditional Gaelic names to modern-day monikers, here are some of our favorite Scottish house names:

  • Achnacarry
  • Balmoral
  • Dundonald
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Gleneagles
  • Hoy
  • Inverary
  • Kilchurn Castle
  • Loch Rannoch
  • Mourneview
  • Quiraing View
  • Scotia House
  • Thistle Cottage
  • Urquhart Manor
  • Vennachar Villa
  • Wallace Keep
  • Xanadu of the Highlands
  • Yarrow Yard
  • Zetland Zenith
  • Arran Abode
  • Ben Nevis Nook
  • Cairngorms Crest
  • Dunrobin Dwelling
  • Eilean Donan Escape
  • Forth Bridge Bungalow
  • Glenfinnan Grange
  • Highlands Haven
  • Isle of Skye Sanctuary
  • John O’Groats Gem
  • Kelpie’s Kingdom
  • Lomond Lodge
  • Mull Retreat
  • Mòr Mews
  • Auld Lang Syne Cottage
  • Tweed Terrace
  • Jacobite Junction
  • Forth Bridge House
  • Abernethy Acres
  • Oban Outlook
  • Pictish Place
  • Harris Haven
  • Selkirk Suite
  • Scott’s Landing
  • Culloden Court
  • Rannoch Retreat
  • St. Andrews Estate
  • Trossachs Terrace
  • Dunbar Den
  • Mary Queen of Scots Manor
  • Kintyre Keep
  • Ochil Outlook
  • Dee Valley Dwelling
  • Bruce’s Bungalow
  • Misty Isle Mansion
  • Celtic Cross Cottage
  • Braveheart House
  • Castlehill Court
  • Strathspey Suite
  • Skye’s Edge Estate
  • Islay Inn
  • Clan Gathering Place
  • Galloway Gatehouse
  • Uist Uplands
  • Ben Nevis Basecamp
  • Isle of Islay Retreat
  • Auld Reekie Residence
  • Highland Tranquility House

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Creative Names For a Scottish House

Scotland is known for its rich, unique culture and heritage. Whether you’re looking to give your house a distinctive Scottish name or just want to embody the spirit of Scotland in the title of your home, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some creative names for a Scottish house that will help you capture the essence of the country’s past and present.

  • The Scotsman
  • Highland Haven
  • Clan Home
  • The Thistle House
  • Auld Scot Inn
  • Black Watch Castle
  • Bonnie Braeside
  • Kilted Cottage
  • The Bruadair (Gaelic for ‘great place’)
  • Heather Haven
  • Fair Isle Place
  • Rob Roy’s Roost
  • Glengarry Manor
  • The Stag’s Lair
  • Drum Castle
  • Corrymuckloch House
  • Crannog Cottage (ancient Scottish dwellings)
  • The Selkie’s Secret (Selkies are mythical creatures in Scottish folklore)
  • Glen Echo Villa
  • The Pipers Den
  • Whisky Barrel House
  • Loch Lomond Lodge
  • Cairngorm Keep
  • St. Andrew’s Abode
  • The Haggis Hideaway
  • Tartan Tower
  • Dunroamin (meaning ‘do not roam’)
  • Caledonia Castle
  • The Macbeth Mansion
  • The Nessie Nest (after the legendary Loch Ness Monster)
  • The Gaelic Garrison
  • Skye Island Retreat (after the Isle of Skye)
  • Tam O’Shanter’s Tavern (from a famous Burns poem)
  • Saltire Sanctuary (the Saltire being Scotland’s national flag)
  • The Scot’s Pine Pad (after Scotland’s national tree)
  • Burns Bungalow (named after the renowned Scottish poet Robert Burns)
  • The Quaich Quarters (a quaich being a traditional Scottish drinking cup)
  • Elgin Estate
  • Sutherland Springs
  • Grampian Gardens
  • Buchanan Bungalow
  • Gaelic Glade
  • Ettrick Estate
  • Aberdeen Abode
  • Leith Landing
  • Thistlewood Cottage
  • Lochside Haven
  • Heather Hill Retreat
  • SkyeView Manor
  • Glenhaven Cottage
  • Misty Moors Lodge
  • Trossachs Tranquility
  • Bonnybrae Bungalow
  • Caledonia Cottage
  • Dunedin Dwelling
  • Highland Harmony House
  • Ayrshire Abode
  • Kilted Cottage

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Unique Scottish House Name Ideas

If you’re looking for a unique Scottish name to give your home a touch of heritage, look no further. Scotland is renowned for its distinctive culture and stunning landscape which can be reflected in the perfect house name. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Cairngorm Cabin
  • Loch Ness Lodge
  • Tartan Terrace
  • Ben Nevis Bliss
  • Loch Lomond Loft
  • Gaelic Glen Getaway
  • Bonnie Banks Cabin
  • Isle of Skye Sanctuary
  • Whisky Barrel House
  • Thistledown Retreat
  • Firth of Forth Cottage
  • Scottish Slopes Chalet
  • Edinburgh Estate
  • Braveheart Bungalow
  • Clan Castle Cottage
  • Stirling Stronghold
  • Highland Fling Haven
  • Selkirk Shire Shack
  • Celtic Charm Cottage
  • Lochaber Lodge
  • Glencoe Gateway
  • Auld Lang Syne House
  • Highland Heather Hideaway
  • Nessie’s Nest
  • Burns’ Bower
  • Hebrides Hideout
  • Ayrshire Meadows Manor
  • Ben Hope Cottage
  • Isle of Arran Retreat
  • Perthshire Pine Place
  • Glenfinnan Getaway

Traditional Gaelic Names

Gaelic is the native language of Scotland with names such as;

  • Càrn (rock)
  • Uachdar (height)
  • Bròn (sorrow)
  • Glas (grey/green)
  • Fionnlagh (fair hero)
  • Seònaidh (God’s gift).

Inspiration from Nature

Scotland is a country of beautiful nature-inspired names. From rivers to mountains, here are some ideas:

  • Abhainn (river)
  • Braigh (hill)
  • Camas (bay)
  • Corran (a small rocky point)
  • Druim (ridge/back)
  • Allt (stream).

Names Inspired by Local Heroes

Scotland is no stranger to heroes – from war heroes to inventors to writers. Here are some of the most famous figures in Scottish history:

  • Bruce (Robert the Bruce, King of Scots)
  • Burns (Robert Burns, poet)
  • Campbell (John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll)
  • Maxwell (James Clerk Maxwell, physicist)
  • Napier (John Napier, mathematician).

Folklore and Mythology

Scotland also has a rich culture of legends and stories. Take inspiration from some of the well-known figures:

  • Beira (Queen of Winter)
  • Clachan (The Blacksmith)
  • Gruagach (the guardian spirit)
  • Merlyn (King Arthur’s mentor)
  • Urisk (a Scottish faery).

Place Names and Locations

For a more classic feel, look to Scotland’s distinctive locales for house names:

  • Ardnamurchan (west coast peninsula)
  • Braemar (highland village)
  • Cairn o’ Mount (mountain pass)
  • Duart (castle on the Isle of Mull)
  • Gairloch (village in Wester Ross)
  • Loch Lomond (the largest lake in Britain)

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Cool Scottish House Names

A house name can say a lot about the people who live there, and Scotland has a rich history to draw from when it comes to creating something truly unique. From the mystical “Tara’s Grove” to the whimsical “Murdo’s Folly”, adding a distinctive Scottish touch to your house is easier than ever. Here are some of our favorite Scottish house name ideas to get you started:

  • Glenview – A nice combination of ‘glen’ and ‘view’, evoking the picturesque Scottish countryside.
  • The Bothy – This term is often used to refer to small, basic huts found in rural Scotland.
  • The Brig – Short for Brigadoon, this name refers to a mythical village that appears for one day every hundred years.
  • The Croft – Derived from an old Gaelic word, crofts were traditionally small plots of land used for farming.
  • The Bield – This is an old Scots word meaning ‘shelter’ or ‘refuge’ and was often used to denote a comfortable home.
  • The Wynd – A narrow alley or passageway, often found in Scotland’s medieval towns and cities.
  • Duncairn – Meaning ‘fort of the cairns’, this name is derived from the ancient burial mounds found across Scotland.
  • Glendornoch – A combination of ‘glen’ and ‘Dornoch’, referring to the lush glens of Dornoch in Sutherland.
  • Broomknowes – A name derived from the Scots word bromm, meaning “low-growing broom-like shrubs.”
  • Fasgadh – This is a term for a shelter or dwelling found on the Scottish highlands.
  • Lochwood Abbey
  • Clan MacBeth House
  • The Whiskey Still
  • Castle Craigmore
  • Glenbrae Manor
  • Thistlefield Keep
  • Brogar Lodge
  • Kilmarnock House
  • Cullacraig Castle
  • The Brig o’ Doon
  • Forrestburn Abbey
  • Skyehaven Manor
  • Fair Isle Cottage
  • Rowanhill Estate
  • Loch Lomond Retreat
  • Whisky Barrel Bungalow
  • Thistle Trail Cottage
  • Highland Homecoming Hideaway
  • Skye Sunrise Shack
  • Clan Crest Cottage
  • Lochaber Luxury Lodge

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Catchy Scottish House Names

Are you looking for some fun, creative house names to give your Scottish abode? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best Scottish house name ideas that will make your neighbors jealous. Take a look at our top picks:

  • The Bothy – This unique name is perfect for rural areas and can bring back memories of Scotland’s past.
  • Loch Lomond – Pay homage to Scotland’s most famous loch with this name. It’s perfect for a lakefront property!
  • Glencoe Manor – Named after the picturesque Glen, this option is sure to please you with its beautiful thought-provoking imagery.
  • The Lairdshouse – An appropriate one for those living in a grand estate, the name has a regal air to it that is sure to impress.
  • Kirkcroft Cottage – A great option for those who love their small home away from home.
  • Balmoral Castle – Another great name if you’re lucky enough to have a castle on your land.
  • Dunvegan Castle – Named after the grand fortress located in Skye, this name is sure to add sophistication to whatever abode you choose it for.
  • The Sheiling – Perfect for those wanting to evoke the spirit of Scotland’s past, this name will instill a sense of peace and harmony in any home.
  • Heather Hill – Inspired by Scotland’s vast moors, this option is perfect for bringing a little bit of the countryside to your home.
  • Caledonia – Named after the ancient Roman name for Scotland, this timeless and fitting name shows off your proud Scottish heritage.
  • Bonnie Braes Retreat
  • Skye Skyscape House
  • Lochside Luminary
  • Glenlivet Gateway
  • Highland Hopes Cottage
  • Cairngorms Cozy Corner
  • Loch Ness Luxe Lodge
  • Caledonian Castle
  • Ayrshire Artisan Abode
  • Hebridean Haven
  • Bannockburn Bower
  • Braveheart’s Blessing
  • Glencoe Glory Cottage
  • Nessie’s Nook
  • Isle of Iona Retreat
  • Tay Valley Villa
  • Highland Mist Manor
  • Luss Lochside Lodge
  • Trossachs Timber House

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Best Names For Scottish Houses

Choosing a name for your Scottish house can be a daunting task, but with some inspiration and creativity, you’ll soon have the perfect name. Here are some great ideas to get you started!

  • Thane’s Thatched Cottage
  • Kilt and Caber Cottage
  • Tweed Valley Villa
  • Loch Awe Cabin
  • Highland Heritage House
  • Loch Ness Legacy Lodge
  • Mull Island Manor
  • Skirl of the Pipes House
  • Trossachs Trail Cottage
  • Speyside Splendor
  • Highland Hamestead
  • Ross-shire Riverside Retreat
  • Firth of Clyde Cabin
  • Highland Games Getaway
  • Isle of Lewis Lodge
  • Celtic Cross Cottage
  • Whisky Trail Haven
  • Thistle and Tartan House
  • CairnGorm Cottage
  • Braemar Bliss
  • Skye Serenity Shack
  • Kilted Haven
  • Eilean Donan Dwelling
  • MacLeod Manor
  • Lomond Lakeside Lodge
  • Borderlands Bungalow
  • Glen Coe Cabin

Classic Names

Traditional Scottish names like:

  • McLaggen Manor
  • MacAlistair Castle
  • McTavish Keep
  • Campbell Cottage
  • Sutherland Hall
  • Fraser Retreat

Nature Names

If you want to pay homage to the natural beauty of Scotland, consider some nature-inspired names like:

  • Stonehaven Falls
  • Loch Glendara
  • River Glenmore
  • Skye Cove
  • Invercairn Glen
  • Highland Haven

Literary Names

Maybe you want to highlight Scotland’s rich literary heritage? Try some names inspired by famous authors and works like:

  • Macbeth Manor
  • Glengarry Glenross
  • Brideshead Place
  • Catriona Cottage
  • Treasure Island Retreat
  • A Day at the Loch.

Place Names

For a unique name that has special meaning, consider using the name of a Scottish place or landmark like:

  • Edinburgh House
  • Glencoe Place
  • Urquhart Tower
  • Isle of Skye
  • Loch Ness Retreat
  • Selkirk Manor.

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Scottish House Naming Tips

If you’re looking for a unique way to make your house stand out, consider imbuing it with a Scots-inspired moniker. Scotland has always been a fascinating region of the world, filled with intriguing and romantic stories, and giving your home an evocative Scottish name can capture all that mystery and beauty. Here are some helpful tips on how to find the perfect Scottish house name.

  1. Learn about Scotland’s History – The history of Scotland is rich and vibrant, from the ancient Celts who first occupied the land to its current union with England. You can find inspiration for a perfect Scottish house name in all these eras, whether you opt for a historical Celtic figure or an iconic British monarch.
  2. Incorporate Nature – Scotland is a land of breathtaking beauty, and you can honor some of its most stunning features like rolling hills, expansive lochs, and lush forests in your home’s name. Consider incorporating words like “loch,” “glen,” and “croft” into your house’s name to capture the natural beauty that has come to define Scotland.
  3. Use a Family Name – Many Scots families have their own unique and interesting last names that can serve as great house names. Names like “MacLaren” and “McKenzie” evoke the proud history of Scotland while also paying homage to your family’s heritage.
  4. Consider Regional Nicknames – Scotland is full of different regions, each with its own unique nicknames, from the “Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond” to the “Land of the Northern Lights.” Consider incorporating some of these regional monikers into your home’s name to give it a sense of local flair.
  5. Look for Inspiration in Gaelic – Scotland is known for its ancient language, and many Scot’s names have their origins in Gaelic. Consider looking for inspiration from traditional Gaelic words and phrases, as these can make a beautiful and unique house name.
  6. Research Famous Scottish Figures – Some of the greatest figures in history come from Scotland, from Robert Burns to William Wallace. Consider looking into some of these iconic figures for inspiration – you might even choose a house name that pays tribute to their incredible legacies.
  7. Take Time to Consider the Meaning – While a Scottish house name can look beautiful on paper, take some time to consider its meaning and how it reflects your home. Look into any potential cultural or historical significance that your chosen name may have – this will help ensure that your house has the perfect name for years to come.
  8. Find a Name That Fits Your Home’s Aesthetic – After you have decided on a name, consider how it fits with your home’s aesthetic. Will the name fit with any of your decor or landscaping elements? Does it complement the overall look and feel of your home? Find a house name that works well with your home’s unique style.

With these tips in mind, you are sure to find the perfect Scottish house name that fits your home and its history! So get out there and start researching – you might just find the perfect moniker for your home.


Choosing the perfect name for your Scottish house can be a daunting task, but with some creative inspiration and research, you’ll soon have a name that is truly unique. From classic clan names to nature-inspired monikers or references to famous authors, there are plenty of options out there for creating a beautiful and meaningful house name. So don’t be afraid to get creative, and start researching the rich history of Scotland to find the perfect name for your home.

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