Aasimar Names (480+ Best and Cool Ideas)

Are you looking for some super cool aasimar names all over the internet? Bingo! You have discovered the right place. We are here to provide you with some exceptional aasimar names that will not get out of your mind.

Aasimars are humans. They consist of significant celestial, or we can also say that other good blood of the outsiders in their body. They are very kind. They are not evil instead they are filled with kindness. They are gravitative towards faith or organizations which are associated with celestials. They look like humans except for some little physical traits which reveal their unusual heritage. They have a typical physical trait. Their hair shines like metal with jewel-toned eyes. They have lustrous skin. Some of them also have a glowing, golden halo.

Aasimar doesn’t have an independent society of their own. They adopt the social norms around them and try to work accordingly. Most of them find themselves drawn to those elements in the society that works for the injustice happening in the society. Due to this, sometimes they are trapped on the wrong side of the law. They are not always kind in some situations. They can also be cruel and cunning. This side of their personality comes out only when it is necessary. Aasimar is always found as a part of the good-aligned organization. Many other aasimars are part of secret societies which carry out crimes.

Aasimars are comfortable with human beings, but they don’t share a good relationship with half-elves creatures. They also have a less cordial relationship with half-orcs. Aasimars are adventurous frequently as they don’t get the homely feeling in human society. There are plentiful clerics, oracles, and paladins in their rank. The rare rank of aasimars is aasimar barbarians.

We know that finding an aasimar name that goes perfectly with their trait and nature is difficult. The whole naming process is a difficult job. It would help if you went for a perfect name for your character. We are here with some list of amazing, latest, cool and best assimars name that will lessen your job a little bit. We are also providing you some tips that we have listed down for you to create your own fantastic aasimar names that will be according to your choice and preference. If you want to go for your creative name, we are sure that these tips will come in handy.

So, what are we waiting for? let’s go through the list of names that we have listed down for you guys.

Cool Aasimar Names

  • Aiklam
  • Banwiniant
  • Weigar
  • Cokimar
  • Weigrar
  • Egwineel
  • Cilwin
  • Tynweivint
  • Errarail
  • Reagrel
  • Irint
  • Hino
  • Woldrema
  • Brirka
  • Loslasi
  • Droller
  • Vinare
  • Desrial
  • Vinvi
  • Imi
  • Ira
  • Inviale
  • Omar
  • Ojosoe
  • Olta

Catchy Aasimar Names

  • Omno
  • Phorke
  • Iggnet
  • Okladin
  • Nulunt
  • Zerwunant
  • Avim
  • Neggial
  • Voltial
  • Yggain
  • Ildro
  • Imazi
  • Lanme
  • Esla
  • Brisim
  • Thonmen
  • Mije
  • Dilvoze
  • Zaso
  • Osilma
  • Ido
  • Nale
  • Riodam
  • Phasola
  • Rhosra

Aasimar Last Names

  • Zoje
  • Oltozi
  • Waldre
  • Moldame
  • Miardal
  • Loso
  • Darsala
  • Eorde
  • Phoeda
  • Aldie
  • Dordelou
  • Himna
  • Hommana
  • Vimme
  • Laslah
  • Aslere
  • Heanlor
  • Ese
  • Viama
  • Brivena
  • Rhonli
  • Pivir
  • Nekravint
  • Eanram
  • Meggivor

Dnd Aasimar Names

  • Curwan
  • Rultin
  • Wugadin
  • Woltil
  • Rado
  • Vasih
  • Meanvil
  • Anme
  • Zirosal
  • Rhanlea
  • Thorieze
  • Banont
  • Ylidar
  • Cirival
  • Raldal
  • Arniam
  • Bykant
  • Asren
  • Isele
  • Tharsea
  • Amea
  • Eora
  • Irka
  • Pheltane
  • Ime

Creative Aasimar 5e Names

  • Drorka
  • Ove
  • Brarwil
  • Ovitin
  • Cogir
  • Unran
  • Eoldi
  • Rallase
  • Phinlo
  • Lislesa
  • Ilea
  • Thorde
  • Wiorea
  • Unim
  • Rydrun
  • Inre
  • Arkaze
  • Brolla
  • Ano
  • Hasiala
  • Dralli
  • Dioslo
  • Hajie
  • Niltola
  • Phonli

D&D Aasimar Names

  • Apollo
  • Zeus
  • Ares
  • Tethys
  • Athena
  • Helios
  • Selene
  • Cerebrus
  • Anguis
  • Irad
  • Hydra
  • Archangel
  • Haniel
  • Druk
  • George
  • Camdus
  • Chusi
  • Doryu
  • Azariel
  • Camael
  • Jophiel
  • Ryu
  • Oboth
  • Long
  • Rubo

Amazing Aasimar Names

  • Tamiel
  • Yang
  • Tatsuo
  • Ariah
  • Eran
  • Cronan
  • Arken
  • Davina
  • Cernan
  • Nira
  • Zaigan
  • Valeria
  • Alion
  • Debor
  • Beltin
  • Alder
  • Crultan
  • Cienrin
  • Boltol
  • Bunilir
  • Beltin
  • Holly
  • Ilen
  • Kelrar
  • Lado

Fallen Aasimar names

  • Ladrim
  • Iladar
  • Zildin
  • Evruter
  • Norlel
  • Akrim
  • Zydent
  • Ogger
  • Zailgar
  • Ondri
  • Orsima
  • Niasea
  • Tygrin
  • Yneim
  • Byggal
  • Odrant
  • Isrih
  • Iltila
  • Rerdi
  • Disia
  • Brane
  • Oromoe
  • Ziri
  • Bivrel
  • Tadim

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How To Name Your Aasimar Character

You are searching for some tips that will help you create your own authentic name, so to help to, we have listed down some tips that will come in handy for you.

So, without further waiting, let’s go through the points.

Selecting a Short As Well As a Catchy Name

Name is an integral part of each character, so one needs to give a name to their character, which fits perfectly with the character. We think when you are going for a name of a character, you must go for a name that is short and catchy. The short name has its advantage. When you select a short name, it is easy for your audience to remember it easily. Your audience must be your primary attention. In order to achieve the desired result at first, you need to impress your audience.

When the name of your character is short, it is obvious that they will easily remember the name of your character, but if the name is too big, then it can happen that your audience is forgetting the name of your character, and hence your character is not achieving the popularity that you wanted from it. At the same time, when your name is short, your name becomes catchy, so by giving a short name, you can create a catchy name as well.

Make Sure To Go For Unique Name

Name is interesting when they are unique. If you go with the flow then you will never be able to create a unique name that will be likeable in hearing. When you think differently, you can think of a name that will stand out from all the other names. If you don’t think differently, your name will be automatically basic, and people will not find it interesting. Giving the same name as all other existing aasimar may not be a good idea.

It can happen that people will think that you are copying somebody else’s idea. Thus people will avoid watching your character as well, as it can happen that people will be confused between your character and the other character. Giving a unique name to your character will make people more anxious to know your aasimar character.

Not To Go For Too Hard Names

In order to be unique, don’t forget that you must go for a name that is very easy to spell. People should not find your character’s name too hard to spell. If you give a hard name, then people will find it difficult, and it also can happen. They are avoiding your aasimar character. Some people spell it correctly when you go for tough names, but most of them spell it wrongly. People will not be able to find your character over the internet if the spell it wrongly, and it will be confusing as well. So, the best way to make a successful name is to go for easy ones. If you go for easy names, then people will be able to spell it correctly and also will be able to suggest it to their friends.

Do Some Study On Aasimar

When you are thinking about names of some characters, the first thing you need to do is go and search about their history. It is advisable by experts that you should do a detailed study of the character and know about the history and culture of the same. It would help if you gave a name from which people will understand that it is an aasimar name. Give some powerful humanly names that go with them. If you give some cold name, then it will be of no use.

Make Sure To Get Public Review

The public is an important part of your character will gain popularity when the public approves it. You can seek their help when you are finding it difficult to choose between two names. Social media is a great platform to receive public reviews. There, you will get many new faces that will help you choose a perfect name for your character. You can ask them questions like what they think about the name you have chosen for your character or what rating they will give for the name you have chosen. You must always be ready to get some good as well as some bad feedback.

Final Words

That was all the information that we could provide you about Aasimar and their history in the past culture. We hope that it turned out to be helpful for you. You can take help from those lists to select a name or else can refer to those tips to create a name according to your choice.

If you liked this article, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family who are interested in Aasimars. We will again meet you with some exciting topics. Till then, goodbye.

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