Minotaur Names (450+ Unique and Creative Ideas)

Are you looking for a Minotaur name for your fictional character? Are you looking for a list of some amazing Minotaur names? Do you want to get some guidance on choosing one Minotaur name among hundreds of names for your fictional character? Okay. So here is the article for you. I hope this one helps you in all respect possible. So let’s get started.

First, let’s get to know some about Minotaur. According to Greek mythology, minotaurs are beasts or kind of monsters of Crete with their head of a but and body of human or in some cases head of a human and body of a bull. They were actually offsprings of Minos and Pasiphae. The story goes like once the Greek God of water, Poseidon, sent a bull for sacrifice to Minos. But instead of sacrificing the bull, Minos kept it alive. So Poseidon, out of anger Kader Pasiphae, fell in love with Minos, and their offspring became bull-like humans or human-like bulls. They were punished by the Greek God of water, Poseidon. They were trapped in a labyrinth by the Greek Minos, and the labyrinth was specially made for creatures like them by the Greek Daedalus. They were fed seven young men and seven maidens every six months. But in the end, they were killed by the Greek superhero, Theseus.

Once it was found that a son of Minos, Androgeos, was killed by the Athenians, so as a punishment to the Athenians, the Minos threatened to send seven young men and seven maidens to them to be the Minotaur’s meals. This should be sent every year( according to Greek mythology every ninth year). After two years of sending seven men and seven women, the 3rd year they decided to take some revenge. They sent the Greek super hero Theseus to kill them . Theseus was helped by the daughter of Minos, Ariadne, to kill them. He was successful in his quest, and they both escaped from there. This story is given in a modern-day story in Mary Renault’s novel, The King Must (1958).

Legend Minotaur was marked as tyrannical exactor in the Athenian drama who were given tribute of humans to feed on. Minos were the ones who were successfully warred against Athens and Megara to obtain redress after his son, Androgeos, was killed by Athenians. After persuading Daedalus to Sicily, king cocalus’s daughter killed Minos by pouring hot water on him while he was taking a bath. Minos after death became the judge of Hades.

Athenians tried to preserve the events as a hostile events. During conducting excavation in the area of Crete, Minos was considered to be a royal or a hight class dynasty or a title for all the priestly rulers of the Bronze age Or Minoan kinosso. But according to general history, Minos was marked as a powerful ruler who were very closely associated with religions and different types of rituals.

This was all about history. Now we are going to provide you with a. List of Minotaur names for your fictional character. Below written are cool Minotaur names, catchy Minotaur names, creative Minotaur names, awesome Minotaur names, latest Minotaur names, amazing Minotaur names, best Minotaur names, and many more for you to choose according to your needs and preferences. So here you go:

Cool Minotaur Names

  • Zanig
  • Khazel
  • Manren
  • Rintera
  • Zhavir
  • Salmal
  • Renpas
  • Halraja
  • Parasha
  • Gnarah
  • Zylpan
  • Kalmal
  • Vrateus
  • Demys
  • Silrash
  • Wennes
  • Mahrges
  • Tynver
  • Zylsis
  • Manver
  • Noga
  • Phanag
  • Baraja
  • Gnares
  • Nalfer
  • Zylteus
  • Rinnig
  • Wasien

Catchy Minotaur Names

  • Atos
  • Atugh
  • Atzgut
  • Bademilrn
  • Banumhu
  • Bilemoth
  • Bogan
  • Boron
  • Broide
  • Crakgu
  • Deson
  • Despho
  • Deswon
  • Dides
  • Digo
  • Dildan
  • Diod
  • Dion
  • Dios
  • Drakgu
  • Drarim
  • Dras
  • Egilth
  • Eiat
  • Bron
  • Broxia
  • Bubdakgan
  • Bubdakgu
  • Bubghu
  • Bargan

Amazing Minotaur Names

  • Berenicloe
  • Bidgujja
  • Eireno
  • Ekghar
  • Eknago
  • Enasim
  • Farim
  • Faros
  • Fides
  • Eudwildrim
  • Eumhu
  • Eurfu
  • Eurlan
  • Eusebia
  • Eusmea
  • Eusogu
  • Fozhbu
  • Frugut
  • Fukgila
  • Fuoroul
  • Eniketra
  • Eragor
  • Bilania
  • Hagabu
  • Hagnale
  • Hakgu
  • Hatz
  • Hedxepka
  • Heok
  • Heran
  • Hgan

D&D Minotaur Names

  • Kegugo
  • Kleos
  • Knarok
  • Knasche
  • Krigia
  • Kugath
  • Kugbu
  • Kughos
  • Bargan
  • Berenicloe
  • Bidgujja
  • Bilania
  • Bilemoth
  • Bogan
  • Boron
  • Broide
  • Bron
  • Broxia
  • Kugugu
  • Kupis
  • Kurgut
  • Kurimhu
  • Kuugha
  • Kyrrhbu
  • Knastra
  • Komgna
  • Korigno
  • Kostoloe
  • Altora
  • Altoth

Creative Minotaur Names

  • Andeme
  • Agomag
  • Agorikole
  • Agugh
  • Alcagno
  • Alis
  • Allia
  • Apgujja
  • Appos
  • Archemilug
  • Arfu
  • Argan
  • Arhbub
  • Badud
  • Badugo
  • Bagugo
  • Biaa
  • Biakgilug
  • Biavul
  • Bides
  • Bildag
  • Boguth
  • Bordud
  • Boria
  • Arlsme
  • Arlugu
  • Aronub
  • Asines
  • Asiocra
  • Alogha

Minotaur Names 5e

  • Aloghe
  • Althku
  • Altim
  • Ambadug
  • Anexan
  • Ankgit
  • Anthoxia
  • Antim
  • Bubdar
  • Bubfide
  • Bubnod
  • Chahgan
  • Ched
  • Chippok
  • Chosan
  • Chotios
  • Gnom
  • Chymia
  • Chyphildud
  • Clenkron
  • Clonod
  • Colius
  • Craton
  • Bulmoth
  • Bunike
  • Buomut
  • Buulra
  • Cabubdag
  • Cabulm
  • Caeuan

Best Minotaur Names

  • Dagog
  • Dagogu
  • Dagugmud
  • Darodoxan
  • Demato
  • Anaraikos
  • Anargu
  • Ebios
  • Eiafupho
  • Eiande
  • Eiaquug
  • Ekgher
  • Eumhra
  • Euphilug
  • Euphor
  • Eupisa
  • Eurl
  • Eusana
  • Eusebios
  • Eusquomat
  • Eutjja
  • Eutycha
  • Faghat
  • Elia
  • Enarho
  • Enkhar
  • Eratios
  • Ergarsebor
  • Ancra
  • Demistra

Unique Minotaur Names

  • Diades
  • Diochia
  • Dios
  • Dostar
  • Hanlamab
  • Hargh
  • Hatos
  • Hedbar
  • Hemia
  • Hemotino
  • Omenod
  • Omkug
  • Omra
  • Onabuome
  • Onoguk
  • Onos
  • Heodos
  • Hgantide
  • Kulgan
  • Kydile
  • Kydios
  • Lagutz
  • Lakukgh
  • Lamarmia
  • Nargul
  • Naspar
  • Neia
  • Nicheopia
  • Nicuktus
  • Lambrout
  • Lamgub
  • Laos
  • Hibub
  • Houthe
  • Hypan
  • Hytokrig
  • Igagdul
  • Iggugh

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How  To Choose a Minotaur Name

After having the list, you must be in a great dilemma to decide which one to choose and which one not to. You must be thinking about which one is going to be the best Minotaur name for a fictional character. We would recommend you to invest some time and effort in this job. This is because deciding the name is going to be your first step to give you character and identity. It will also have a huge effect on the future success and popularity of your fictional character.

Here are a few steps that are going to help you in your quest. If you follow these, your job of choosing a minotaur name will get easy. It will help you to make the right choice of Minotaur names will Br reduce to some search and a few basic steps. These steps are going to be very useful for you.

Listen To Gut Feelings

Your primary job is to get a clear picture in your mind of what type of an identity you want to give to your fictional character. This will help your heart decide a name for your fictional character, and we are sure it will be a good one. We are not saying to give up on logic and other criteria to choose a name, but Listening to heart is also important and helpful in making the right choice. It will give you satisfaction which will help you to take further better decisions.

Try To Know Your Character

Your next job is to understand your fictional character vividly. You should understand your characters’ in out well. You should know well about its strengths and weaknesses. You should also decide the past and a bit of its future so that the name has an effect on it too. You should also decide it’s parents or family name or if you want to give such information or titles. It would help if you also kept a brief description of what are its likes and dislikes. Keeping all the factors in your mind and the Minotaur names that you are going to choose, if it will affect these factors in the name, it will surely turn out to be a great match of name for your fictional character.

Try To Sound Good With The Name

Nowadays, there are thousands of similar fictional characters before you introduce your one. So it would be best if you tried your best to start your fictional path by giving a good name to start with a good impact on the viewers. This will help you create interest in the viewers and try to explore more about your character. Try to be as much creative as possible with the name. It would help if you chose a name that is stylish enough to catch the attention of people. The Minotaur name for your fictional character should be an extraordinary one to be attractive enough among all other fictional characters. It should strike viewers’ minds.

Try To Choose a Short Name

Besides being informative and stylish, you should also remember that the name should be a short one. You should choose a short and compact name because nowadays people tend to remember short names and not long names of two-three words.

Try To Know Your Readers

Very importantly, reader’s choices will play a vital role in deciding the name for your fictional character. You should survey your target group of readers to understand what they need and likes. Try to know about their comfort language; it will be helpful. Also, try to take reviews from them and decide the name because they are the ones who are going to decide your character’s future popularity.

Final Words

This article was especially for all those fictional character lovers and makers who try to explore and try new things with their characters. We hope you guys find it helpful.

If you find this article helpful and informative in regards to Minotaur names, please share it with all your friends and family members and others you think would benefit from reading this article.

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