Vampire Clan Names: 334 Cool & Catchy Names For Vampire Clan

Hi, are you looking for a suitable name for your newly formed vampire clan? Don’t worry. Here in the below-given list, you will find hundreds of suitable and perfect names for your vampire clan. However, before you start your journey to select a name, you should spend some time to know what a vampire actually is. If you know all the myths, information, and history of them, you will be able to select the perfect name for your clan.

According to various folklore, vampires are a type of creature that drinks blood to survive. According to European folk tales a vampire often visits their loved ones and kill people who live in the neighborhood. Overall they are known as dark creatures who don’t like to go in the sunlight. The word vampire was first introduced in English in 1732, where they were accused of starting an epidemic. The belief in vampirism has existed for a very long time, and the word vampire is found in almost every folklore of the world.

There are several TV shows, movies, and series where Hollywood actors and actresses have portrayed vampires characters in both positive and negative roles. But it is claimed that people’s attraction towards vampires has come from a Western culture where vampires have been portrayed for a long time. The Vampire clan is a group of vampires who share the same blood bond and have come from the same ancestors and heritage.

According to various flip folklore, it is said that only a vampire can create another. According to the vampire Bible, it is claimed that the first vampire was a human being named Ambrogio. According to the same book, it is said that because of some blessings and curses, he became the first vampire in history. The sophisticated vampire that came from modern fiction was born around 1819 when the book named ‘the vampire’ was published by an English writer John Polidori. The story was very successful, and it inspired many others to create the same story with charismatic vampires.

Now that you know all the basic information about vampires, feel free to start looking for a perfect name for your clan. This history and the background of the vampires will help you to understand them better, and you will be able to select the perfect name from the below-given list.

Vampire Clan Names

  • The Anti-Warriors
  • Oxygen Leeches
  • Sepulcher Risers
  • Spanish Vanilla
  • Insidious Magnetism
  • Plasma Shadow
  • Preeminent Negative Saints
  • Therefore Vein
  • Poisonous Tusks
  • Gore Shroud
  • Night Wanderers
  • Brunet Raiders.
  • Those Stock Suckers
  • Devil’s Car
  • Undead Army
  • Descent Archers
  • Phoenixlike Lurkers
  • Kingdom Of The Dead
  • Not Living Anymore Army
  • Mystic Water Falls
  • Twilight Country
  • Hell’s Seekers
  • Misery Concupiscence
  • Obscure Graveclothes
  • The Amazing Dark Sky

Best Vampire Clan Names

  • Heaven’s Descendants
  • Binary Columns
  • Night Flyers
  • Mark Of Valerious
  • Support Country
  • Bloodsucking Beasts
  • Particular Ashes
  • Clans Of Valek
  • Dissolution Aspiration
  • Team Rockula
  • Group Under Claudius
  • Dark Dead Army
  • Death Hill And Field
  • Team Vampire Vincent
  • Dusk’s Region Of Vampire
  • Blood Vigilantes Vampires
  • Group Of Hemlock Lover
  • Hemoglobin Thirsty Team
  • Mistreated Transportations
  • Resuscitated Vampires
  • Gregorio And Others

Cool Vampire Clan Names

  • The Sharp Teeth Dynasty
  • Soulless Monsters
  • Winning Sinners Company
  • Blood Lover Rooster
  • Group Of Sun Haters
  • Difficulty Ballooning
  • Serum Sucker’s Team
  • Remarkably Begun
  • Cold-Blooded Killer
  • Heaven’s Trademarks
  • Essences At Pale
  • Dark Amen
  • Team Of Edmundo
  • Everlasting Myriad
  • Demonic Wings
  • Group Of Edoardo
  • Spectral Molds
  • Vamps Of Eliodoro
  • Temporal Antagonists
  • Sons Of Dracula
  • Possessed Flyers
  • Advantage Combination
  • Comedown Refugees
  • Bloodstained Joy
  • Carcass Cooperative
  • Moonshine Lurkers
  • Purgatory’s Heaven Of Blood
  • Fashionable Ancestries
  • The Teeth Bite Gang

Cool Vampire Clan Names

  • Mummery Of Darkness
  • Stephanos Of Vamps
  • Behind The Patients
  • Nighter Crawlers
  • Palace Vania
  • Never-Ceasing Outlaws
  • Tender Lifebloods
  • Horror Fighters
  • Adumbration Crawlers
  • Bite Mark
  • Parentage Lineage
  • Midnight Army Of Biters
  • Wander The Eventide
  • Devil’s House Of Blood
  • Affliction Present
  • Stygian Darknesses
  • Supernatural Items
  • Prince Of Darkness
  • The Murderers Squad Of Midnight
  • Grey And Dark Omen
  • My Never-Ending Team
  • Possessed Formations
  • Gloom Flyers
  • Insensitive Monstrosities
  • Animate Extract
  • Night Stalkers
  • Bloodlust And Blood Lovers
  • Crash Cadaver
  • Night Projection Aways
  • The Last Undead
  • Rule Of The Infernal
  • Dedicated Murderers
  • Adjournment Warning
  • Mausoleum Sycophants

Funny Vampire Clan Names

  • Entire Killers Group
  • Never-Ending Hydrae
  • Constant Emptiness
  • The Worst Undead
  • Ill-Disposed Team
  • Mega Bite Clan
  • Prince Of Transylvania Line
  • Purgatory’s Spicy Clan
  • Lucifer’s Illegal Friends
  • Affliction Capability
  • Killer In The Flight
  • Stinging Family
  • Bite-Sized Tribe
  • Detrimental Magnetism
  • Offspring Of Bloody Vampires
  • Soul Of a Darkness
  • Killer Of The Midow
  • Arnoldo, The Dog Hunter
  • Blood Concupiscence
  • Sarcophagus Fam
  • From The Grave
  • Hidden Criminals
  • Inundated Stirring
  • Blood Pursuers
  • Bravery In The Gore
  • Undead Cattle
  • Evening Revelation
  • Vampire Cafe Sight
  • .Oh La La!
  • Spanish Leaves
  • These Monument Trio

Vampire Guild Names

  • Property Of Immortals
  • Mystic Night Lovers
  • Property Of The Cursed
  • Ferocious Bank.
  • Italian House Of Vamps
  • English Clan Of Vampire
  • Castle Princess
  • Valley Of Deceased
  • The Stock Of Hungry People
  • The Killer Is On The Move
  • Be Aware Of The Vamps
  • Paling Estate
  • None Alive
  • The Weird Clan
  • Unpropitious Adumbrations
  • Princess Of Darkness
  • Sharp And Strong
  • Art Of Vampires
  • What’s Up Vamps
  • Vampire’s Dentists
  • House Of Cold Blood
  • Island Of Vampires

Vampire Kingdom Names

  • Particular Ashes
  • Night Splint Aways
  • Medieval Society
  • Descent Confreres
  • Group Of Gabrielle
  • Purgatory’s Mark
  • Ancestry Stepsisters
  • The Fang Kingdom
  • Kingdom Of Lost Principles
  • Russia Clan Of Vlad
  • Undeparted Phantoms
  • Bite Of The Blood Lover
  • Midday And Desire
  • Keep You Cold
  • Chasm Appetite
  • Decease Coven
  • Black Friday Group
  • Paradise Of The Shroud
  • Passing Scoundrels

Unique Vampire Clan Names

  • Mistreated Monsters
  • Serum Battalion
  • Black Moores
  • Rulers Of Unfound Souls
  • Kingdom Of The Black Army
  • Outstanding Bites
  • Team Transylvania
  • Decay Rudenesses
  • Stock Elixir
  • Battle Of The Detachment
  • Cayor Realm Of Wickedness
  • Clan Of Insomniacs
  • Maximum Danger
  • Line Relations
  • Fantastic Confidants
  • Nighttime Haulings
  • Similar Iconoclasts
  • Deadline Of Flight Clan
  • Nighters And Dead Army

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How To Select a Name For Your Vampire Clan

Ask For Suggestions

A group or clan consists of a number of vampires. That is why it is important to ask for suggestions. While selecting a name, try to include others in the ask them to give their feedback. It will help them to feel important in the group. It will also give you a golden opportunity to get several options from where you will be able to select the most beautiful name for your group.

However, if you find it had your confusing feel free to take help from other members of your group. If you are confused between two or more than two names feel free to conduct a vote where other members will vote for their favorite name. An individual member shouldn’t alter the name selection process, and everyone should have equal importance in the process.

Pick a Meaningful Name

Everyone wants a unique name for their group. However, while selecting a unique name, you should keep in mind that the name of your group should be meaningful because it will represent both you and your team members. That is why try to select a meaningful name for your group. A name with an inner meaning is able to attract more people as it sounds more reliable. You can always express the motto of your team through the name.

Keep It Simple, But Powerful

The name of your clan should be simple because simple and ordinary names never fail to attract people. If you select a simple name for your clan, it will be easier for others to remember and pronounce the name of your group. Also, make a the name a little dangerous because it is involved with vampires.

However, if you want, you can select a longer name that includes three or four words. You can also keep the word ‘group’ or ‘clan’ in the name of your vampire team. Keeping a complicated name will make your clan unfamiliar with the audience, where a simple and short name will help them to understand your team much better.

Final Words

While choosing a name for your vampire clan, the most important instruction is to use your creativity and imagination. If you want a unique name for your group, you have to think out of the box. If you take help from others, it will be easier for you to select a name. Also, you have to remember that the name you are selecting right now is not the final name and if you want, you can clean it anytime. Highway before changing the name of your group, take suggestions from others and ask them how they feel about the second thought.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with others to explore the world of vampire clans. Help them to find a suitable name for their vampire clans!

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