Charr Names (480+ Best and Creative Ideas)

There are so many wondrous creatures on earth, including these fictional characters. We may not know all of them, but it becomes very interesting when we get to know about them. So today, we are here to suggest some charr names but first, let us introduce you to who charr is. Charr is the inhibitor of the world of Tyria. They are a humanoid species of felines. Their common language is charr. Warrior, shaman, hunter, warden, a fireballer, tracker, and scout are the few character classes. Their racial capital is in Shiverpeak Mountains, and their racial leader is Khan-Ur. The organization in which they are is Warband and has an alignment with chaotic neutral. Charr always dominated the eastern side of the Shiverpeak Mountains because they were quite aggressive while fighting.

Then all the warbands decided not to lead the Khan-Ur. In the earlier times, the Tyrian gods used to bring humans to fight with that charr and even used to battle with the forgotten in the mountains of Blazeridge. Later, with the help of those gods, the humans arrived and pushed the charr out of Blazeridge. The land which they finally won came to be known as the Ascalon. But then the Khan-Ur’s death was massive as charr were now referred to as imperators and then settled in the High Legions- The Ash, Blood, Flame, and Iron. They found the fiery gods, the Shaman Caste, the first charr united as a group or race under those gods to fight against the humans. The other warbands also united under them to defeat humans. Bethea Havocbringer, charr, refused to be united under these gods, but she was executed as an example for others and as a sacrifice. This led to the banning of all-female charr from the warbands. The fiery gods now gave the charr the Cauldron of Cataclysm. This enabled the charr to attack the Great Northern Wall and assault the human race of Ascalon. Then the last Guild Wars was ended by a Ritual of Searing, causing crystal rain from the sky and shattering of the Great Northern Wall.

We understand naming can be difficult sometimes. That is why we have created some lists of best, unique, creative, amazing, and awesome names for charr. Since they are fictional and humanoid creatures, you cannot name them as humans. Their names must depict they are of different species. So here are the lists mentioned below:

Best Charr Names

  • Tintinus
  • Emberste
  • Gonde
  • Sebrap
  • Showana
  • Baro
  • Euloza
  • Fonker
  • Woodgem
  • Domeslayer
  • Conticut
  • Arvina
  • Biem
  • Kombala
  • Yemshem
  • Umbria
  • Dextia
  • Paesentius
  • Quatruss
  • Sandem
  • Kombawa
  • Lompehim
  • Tiemthena
  • Karusch
  • Embracina
  • Dexion
  • Acacia
  • Guangon
  • Petaisa
  • Hoomstone

Catchy Charr Names

  • Woddud
  • Munius
  • Rodturot
  • Silverscarp
  • Eltud
  • Mokfunna
  • Briema
  • Woodnower
  • Farfire
  • Taduduck
  • Vimozz
  • Hembenia
  • Gratidus
  • Gondkona
  • Auspex
  • Fierra
  • Qunslayer
  • Tertulus
  • Dakard
  • Sextilia
  • Grumio
  • Kurturrok
  • Dragonchamp
  • Paterna
  • Stumo
  • Imabowa
  • Havocreign
  • Hongar
  • Konkoon
  • Firebreaker

Creative Charr Names

  • Ranaf
  • Petasia
  • Quiriac
  • Octavianus
  • Sallustia
  • Aludnono
  • Chonjagja
  • Ciennar
  • Flavina
  • Eimazow
  • Decicania
  • Harrowclaw
  • Dawksoul
  • Vatusrow
  • Sparticus
  • Kitaram
  • Arata
  • Brunteo
  • Sealstroke
  • Gunjume
  • Hodgag
  • Malcusil
  • Fibidus
  • Kigoud
  • Anasolius
  • Wimaraf
  • Kambreneye
  • Prepyre
  • Salicspitter
  • Wimaf

Amazing Charr Names

  • Gombre
  • Frontinus
  • Scrapfur
  • Shadowmaster
  • Laurentia
  • Elakfaza
  • Dyttagam
  • Montanus
  • Rapidscape
  • Egnatalia
  • Nero
  • Clarusone
  • Aludark
  • Barkelus
  • Familiarus
  • Phulcina
  • Bluccium
  • Umsheco
  • Juanris
  • Helventus
  • Synnoda
  • Vaarar
  • Oempio
  • Soulinus
  • Warradelk
  • Ghosttogue
  • Himchawreve
  • Plavano
  • Iantewla
  • Ztarazu

Awesome Charr Names

  • Cencius
  • Ripanus
  • Wadinew
  • Legionbreaker
  • Gratian
  • Procolus
  • Fencien
  • Adjutor
  • Corandad
  • Swiftgunner
  • Sakturrala
  • Iuba
  • Chambei
  • Angelus
  • Kutog
  • Sicula
  • Menenbien
  • Dragoneye
  • Porteperrey
  • Gulok
  • Saddandu
  • Buccio
  • Aurmelia
  • Legionfang
  • Molog
  • Wedorg
  • Vuteo
  • Hantarrum
  • Cellsia
  • Secereli

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How To Name Your Fictional Character– Charr

Well, of course, it is easy to choose names and give them to your characters, but even choosing needs many areas to look upon. Various factors need attention while you are giving someone a name. Whether you are writing for a novel, comic or screenplay, the names of the fictional characters must maintain some originality.

The names should suit charr then only it will be best fitted for the story. So in order to name your fictional character, keep these factors in your mind:

The Name Of The Fictional Character Must Be Short And Simple

Charr is not very popular among all readers. Many people are not acquainted with who charr are. So short names will let the readers remember them more often. Short and simple names are always easy to remember by the readers and also by your friends. If you give them tough, long, twisted names to charr, people will not be able to remember their character. Simple names can be memorized easily. If the novel containing the history of the character is very long, then a short name is best for remembering the Charr.

Determine The Fictional Character’s Appearance And Traits

The name is an identity for the fictional character. So it must have some connection with the character’s traits and appearance. If the character is fierce-looking, brave, strong and aggressive, then the character’s name must also depict dominance and rage. If the fictional character is a nerd and sweet, the name should be soft and gentle for the humanoid, charr.

If some character is old fashioned, then a modern era name would not suit them. The name must match with the vibe of the character. The name should be something like when we read or listen instantly. We can visualize our fictional character.

The Genre Of The Story Must Match With The Fictional Character’s Name

There is a strong connection between the genre, the characters, and their names. On the basis of genres, fictional characters are made and so are their names. The story of charr is mostly related to wars and surviving so their names should also depict this. Of course they are humanoid species and cannot have names like humans. But the sole purpose here is that readers and audience should feel there is a connection between characters and the storyline. Their interest will break if they fail to establish the connection. First point out the traits, characteristics and main storyline incidents and then sit to decide what name will you give to your fictional character.

Always Go For Easy Pronouncing Names

Hard to pronounce names can make the readers and audience not much attentive. They might even skip the part of charr to avoid pronouncing that particular name in general. Readers might get distracted if they find the name hard to pronounce and difficult to read in one go. They might stop reading the novel or screenplay or might not recommend it to others. Stumbling can make the actors on stage feel unconfident, or if readers fumble, it might also make them look not so good at reading. Going for simpler options that are name is the best as it will avoid all kinds of confusion. The name should be easily visualized by the audience and should depict the features too.

Keep a Cool Head While You Are Giving Names

Often we tend to rush with our work, and whatever we are feeling at that time gets reflected in our writing. But we have to keep in mind that our moods should not influence the fictional character or their name.

The same happens with names too. Sit down, explore your creativity, think of the various ways in which your fictional character can be named. Keeping a cool mind will also help you to choose wisely from the list of names. You will be able to find the name that is apt for your fictional character and its storyline. You will be able to find the meaning of the name and able to associate it with the story. And also, when you do not rush or hurry, you will be able to recheck if the name already exists like it should not be the same as that of any famous fictional character or famous person.

Final Words

Choosing a character name for your story is a pressure-filled task. It is neither too tough nor too easy. You just need to be calm, jot down the points required for your fictional character, and then choose from the list or create something on your own. Try to give the best possible apt name to your fictional characters. You may also get opinions from others as it will let you know about what can be a reader or audience’s perception. We are so glad that you spent some of your precious time reading our article.

We are glad that we can extend our help to you. We have created lots of names for you so that you can use them for your reference for naming your Charr character which will stand out of the crowd. Even if you cannot create something on your own, you can freely choose from these lists. Would you please share if you found our article helpful? We would love to meet you again but for now bye bye and good luck.

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