Quasit Names: 480+ Catchy Names For Quasit

We have arrived again with a new fictional character to introduce it to you and suggest some names for it. So exactly what is this quasit? Quasit is shapechangers or tiny fiend (demon) or chaotic evil. The quasit has the ability to use its action to convert itself into a beast form that resembles a bat which has the speed of 10 ft. fly 40 ft.; a centipede which has the speed of 40 ft. and climbs 40 ft.; or a toad which has the speed 40 ft. and swims 40 ft.; else quasit will convert into its actual form. The statistics are the same in each form, but the speed factor change is the only notable thing.

Quasit possesses a magical resistance that has the advantage of saving throws against any spell or any magical power effect. Well, it has a damage resistance against cold, fire, lightning, piercing, bludgeoning and slashes from non-magical attacks. Poison is its damage immunity, and abyssal is the common language which it uses. It can sense the vision in the dark up to around 120 ft. with a passive perception of 10. The quasit also has the power of invisibility. It can suddenly go invisible, but when it attacks or uses Scare or its concentration breaks, it becomes visible again.

Quasit carries many types of equipment. When it changes shape, the equipment is not transferred or reversed, but the equipment can go invisible if the quasit becomes invisible too. As per their physical appearance, they are around 1 to 2 ft tall and weigh around eight lb. both of their hands and feet are slim and long, with claw-tipped nails. They also have tails that are covered with barbs, and their horns are spike-like. They are like tiny humanoid creatures who have green skin which is covered with warts and pustules. Few quasits also have wings that are similar to those of bats and had a similarity to imps.

Since you are here to search for some names for quasit, we will suggest a few. Naming is not that as it looks. You have to think a lot. Then only a word can fit a fictional character. Quasit is demons even though they are tiny, so their names have to be associated with demons. Their names should give a devilish vibe to their character. So a few lists of names are as follows:

Quasit Names

  • Songmeo
  • Anoth
  • Dolrixg
  • Jelvin
  • Muevin
  • Kungpao
  • Arnel
  • Ghoa
  • Maobink
  • Chigua
  • Arzanal
  • Samikki
  • Xiao
  • Sakkungi
  • Salmomos
  • Trargromath
  • Dannoth
  • Olmmath
  • Xec
  • Chibju
  • Drat
  • Grogark
  • Akiruz
  • Holaman
  • Xuntahlun
  • Hundei
  • Kakkasima
  • Tagun
  • Lilbai
  • Ubloc

Cool Quasit Names

  • Bientha
  • Orzan
  • Zazrallan
  • Zogdroxauth
  • Izegren
  • Poinki
  • Shuthuma
  • Ulguma
  • Baarmap
  • Labbu
  • Zaomi
  • Criuz
  • Vilvotheg
  • Umbe
  • Xikai
  • Gugguzech
  • Trinamar
  • Yenthai
  • Kyup
  • Jepnam
  • Goldok
  • Songrith
  • Jannuron
  • Mumjawa
  • Queshenki
  • Brizgoreng
  • Akheek
  • Kolja
  • Zoz
  • Hiabanhua

Creative Quasit Names

  • Qashiki
  • Gorrodon
  • Thostrolth
  • Ulgus
  • Roreuth
  • Kamna
  • Xakengi
  • Ukbin
  • Grakhus
  • Epnab
  • Nilbu
  • Thaejing
  • Tirraros
  • Oggirathi
  • Gurzadit
  • Washey
  • Wambeni
  • Niyachi
  • Chingogua
  • Uzithan
  • Thallmanon
  • Lekrur
  • Eshaw
  • Khambewnji
  • Uphot
  • Craip
  • Raulz

Amazing Quasit Names

  • Beyong
  • Kanoman
  • Xegthen
  • Xoenki
  • Mennas
  • Drogozon
  • Menechi
  • Chimao
  • Momcha
  • Tyignen
  • Innoraz
  • Sulranos
  • Opqem
  • Rup
  • Oljiqah
  • Shaonin
  • Airlur
  • Dribol
  • Lornurg
  • Garran
  • Banokaus
  • Junnan
  • Forgo
  • Fuenjish
  • Irr’in
  • Buchuda
  • Crut
  • Raglig
  • Zokaroth
  • Tarollog

Awesome Quasit Names

  • Morike
  • Arroron
  • Rimexol
  • Waki
  • Washekime
  • Xagmannotuh
  • Kogdregnal
  • Bonka
  • Qashime
  • Dukbaax
  • Roltius
  • Igbaam
  • Shigbuk
  • Mongbao
  • Kagguroch
  • Thistrag
  • Brakron
  • Thozgorad
  • Falroren
  • Gezirith
  • Brelvarid
  • Marqom
  • Vopqos
  • Queerbi
  • Crogfoc
  • Hakhal
  • Pholijas
  • Gekjem
  • Kugdrumuth
  • Onnexoni

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How To Name Your Fictional Character Called Quasit

Fictional characters are tough to be named as their names cannot be like humans. It has to be like humanoid creatures. Names are identities for fictional characters. It would help if you were precise about that. We have created a few lists of names for the character, quasit. While writing any novel or story or comic or play, one needs some good, creative names for their characters to hold their storyline in a strong manner. So here are some factors mentioned which will guide you while naming fictional characters:

Know The Genre Of Your Story

Genre is what your story is based upon. And considering the genre and story, the fictional characters are made up. Names are basic stuff required for a fictional character. So keep a watch on the thoughts of others, like how will they accept the names that you gave to your fictional character. Quasit is a war player; they are also demonic creatures, so their name should imply their characteristics. Genre must have a strong with the fictional character and then, in turn, with the name of that fictional character. Readers and the audience should feel that the stuff which you wrote can be relatable and interesting.

The Name Must Be Appropriate For The Age Of The Fictional Character

First, decide on the age of your fictional character. Age is a great factor for any name. Do not give names that are for adults to a child fictional character. And also, do not give adults the name which suits the children. This will bridge a gap between the connection of the fictional character and his age.

A name apt to age and characteristics will always be an area of attention of the audience. Names are identities for the fictional characters, so see that your story is fitted well by it. When your name is not apt with the age of the fictional character, readers and audience might fail to connect with them, or even might feel not interested in the characters.

The Name Must Not Be Too Hard To Spell

Hard to pronounce names makes a reader feel disinterested. If you want your reader to not be disinterested from the beginning of the story until the end, name your fictional characters accordingly. Also, every time one has to stumble on the name, he or she will feel a connection is lost in the story. And if someone has to read out and while that he or she fumbles on the name, it will not create an embarrassing situation but also lower their confidence. So it is best to stay safe and name them with something which can be pronounced easily.

The Easy Way Is To Choose Simple And Short And Names To Your Fictional Character

Short and straightforward names are always best for remembering a character. You won’t get confused with some other fictional character. Because they would not need to put much effort into remembering the character’s name, they would not need to rewind the pages to see which character was named what. People will be able to remember the quasit’s name even if the story is long and stretched.

Tough names will result in forgetting about the fictional character that is a quasit. The easier the name, the keener they will be to read to story or novel or comic or play or whatever it is. People like easy stuff as they do not have to waste much effort on it.

Have Fun While Picking Up The Right Name For Your Quasit

Names are a place of creativity and as you know creativity is always fun. So enjoy while giving names to your fictional characters. While naming make sure you are giving total importance to the fictional character that is quasit. Fiction is supposed to be fun so do not hold back your emotions while creating names, it will not suit the fictional character. Your characters are affected by your emotions.

So you do not need to be too serious while creating names otherwise it will be boring. Your fictional character should be lively so you need to give them joyful names. But in this case quasit are devilish characters, their names should depict their demonic nature.

Final Words

We are happy that you spent so much time going through our article. We are glad that we could provide you with some help by suggesting some lists of names. Always go easy peasy while naming any character. Do not stress yourself out, as it will reflect on your writing. Words are expressions of human emotions. Keep enjoying and having fun while naming them. Keep the factors explained above in mind to have an effective result.

Do not go overboard with any name. It will take away most of the attention which the fictional character actually deserves. And you would not want your fictional character to get the least attention. Finally, choose a name that you think will suit your fictional character the best. Go through the lists, take your time to decide, and do not rush; there is no hurry. It would help if you had an apt name and not something which is randomly given to your character. Focus on your story and genre.

We are sure your hard work will pay off. We wish the best for you and for your work. Please do share our write up if you liked reading it. We will be here again with our next articles, but for now, goodbye!

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